Museums in Red Wing, MN

Find museums in Red Wing, MN. Listings include CAF Red Tail Squadron, Goodhue County Historical Society, Red Wing Collectors Society, Inc., Pottery Museum of Red Wing, Red Wing Marine Museum and Aliveo Military Museum. Click on each in the list below the map for more information.

  • 03/30/20
    L is for Lamps. Red Wing started making lamps in the 1920s. In 1933 they opened Red Wing Lamp Division in Chicago. Lamp making on a large scale ended after WWII. #MNMuseumAlphabet #PMRW #RWCollectors
    > Pottery Museum of Red Wing
  • 03/29/20
    K is for Kogan. Red Wing Potteries hired Belle Kogan, a well-known industrial designer based in New York, to develop some lines of pottery for them. Terra-Craft, a series of bowls and vases, came out ...
    > Pottery Museum of Red Wing
  • 03/28/20
    J is for Jolly Jar. Introduced in 1960 as part of a line of "Giftware and Novelty Items,", jolly jars came in 3 sizes and 3 patterns, Mosaic, Sweet Shop, and Sierra. This is Sweet Shop. They were for ...
    > Pottery Museum of Red Wing
  • 03/27/20
    A sign of spring on this lovely morning. I is for Iris. This dinnerware pattern was one of the patterns in the Concord shape, which came out in 1941. #MNMuseumAlphabet #PMRW #RWCollectors
    > Pottery Museum of Red Wing
  • 03/26/20
    H is for Hamm's. These items were produced in the late 1950s. The popcorn set (one of which is in the photo) were given as Christmas presents to distributors and company executives, among others. The ...
    > Pottery Museum of Red Wing
  • 03/25/20
    Governor Walz issued "Stay Home, Minnesota," the shelter in place order today. It will begin on Friday night and last 2 weeks. Public gathering spaces, including museums, are closed until May 1. Nancy...
    > Pottery Museum of Red Wing