Save Hythe Pier & Ferry

Save Hythe Pier & Ferry Save Hythe Pier and in so doing also save the Historic Train and vital Ferry link between Hythe and Southampton. As part of the "Hythe Pier Heriatge Association" our primary aim to to immediately secure the future of the pier which is currently under threat.

Without the pier there will be no ferry which will have a knock on effect on A326 traffic, local polution, commuting, tourism and shopping. Everyone needs to help Save Hythe Pier.

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

A Christmas Update
Well here we are on Christmas eve, I do hope you will all enjoy a break from everyday life and celebrate with family and friends. Whilst I don’t want to distract or disturb you I thought this might be a good moment to update you on where we are and what has been happening with the community project.
We are certainly ending the year on a high note with great support from the community and real progress with our plans. This will provide us with a great platform to start the new year and make the 2020’s a decade of action.
Earlier in the autumn you may recall that we had decided to rethink our plans to take outright ownership of the pier from Blue Funnel. Well I can now confirm that we have settled on an alternative plan to take a 999 year leasehold interest in the pier and associated structures. This has now been agreed in principle with Blue Funnel and our respective Solicitors are now preparing the contract. We expect this to be ready for signature early in the new year.
Alongside this we will establish a rolling commercial trading and operational agreement with Blue Funnel that sets out the terms and conditions to provide for the continuation of the Hythe ferry operation from the pier.
Of course we must not forget the ‘Heart Beat of Hythe’, the clickety clack of the Hythe Pier railway is perhaps one of the most recognisable sounds that echos across the village as it makes its way up and down the length of the pier come rain or shine.
To ensure that this piece of our heritage and history is protected and preserved I can confirm that Hythe Pier Heritage Association will take outright ownership of the train from Blue Funnel early in the new year. A legal Deed of gift is being prepared for signature. Blue Funnel will then lease the train back from us and continue to operate and maintain the operation. We can then begin the much needed and long awaited restoration works beginning with the existing carriage that is currently laid up in the pier workshop.
As we have said throughout this campaign this is a community project and over the last three years we have received great support and interest from so many of you, together with local businesses and community organisations, the Parish Council, District and some larger corporations. We are truly grateful for all the help and support we have had. Looking ahead we have now had an offer of support from the new ‘Men’s Shed’, which is being set up by our very own Allan Fairhead. We look forward to their help working with us next year.
My own personal highlight this year was the opportunity I had to take part in the sponsored cycle ride around the Isle of Wight organised by the amazing Cyclocruz group based at the Lord Nelson. Over the weekend of the 6th and 7th of July around 80 of us made the trip and in the process raised over £8300 which is an amazing sum. Putting this together with the funds we raised just a few weeks later at our one day music festival ‘Rock the Pier’ we have been able to appoint lead designers ‘The Goddard Partnership’ who will be preparing the outline design proposals for the restoration and redevelopment of the pier. We plan to hold a public consultation in the spring to share these plans with you before finalising the scheme and completing our business plan and making applications to secure the capital funding we will need to deliver the project.
There is of course still a very long way to go and much work to do but in my journey through life I have learned some very important lessons. If you believe in something, if you care about something then don’t give up!
So if you care about the future of the pier, train and ferry and you share our vision for a new sustainable future where we work together through the Hythe Pier Heritage Association, the new community business that has been established to deliver this project for and on behalf of the community then join us and help make it happen.
Together We can
I wish you all a very happy Christmas
Peter King
Hythe Pier heritage Association

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Thank you once again to Mark Blondel for inviting HPHA to hold a pop up cafe in St John's Hall yesterday for his record fair. It was a fairly quiet event due to the torrential rain and low temperatures, however bacon butties, cakes and cuppas always go down well with friends and thanks to our wonderful volunteers Mary King Ann Fairhead Christine Galpin Jackie Vokes and Susan Alexander another £36.50 was raised.
This year's total from all the Record Fair pop up cafés is £264.34. Thank you!
Next Record Fair will be in March 2020.

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Events coming up that we need help for please:
- Sat 9th Nov HPHA Café at Record Fair in St John’s Hall, ~9.30 – 2pm. Mary King is leading this, but she can't do it all on her own - who would like to help making drinks/clearing up/serving bacon butties! Please contact Mary directly to offer/arrange timings.

- Sat 30th November 10am - 4pm – Hythe Mistletoe Fayre. Stalls at entrance to Pier and helping Father Christmas and his elf make their way to the grotto in the library. (Clive Foster Jackie O'field)
Help needed:
1. White elephant stall (over the next month we need someone to sort through all the donated car boot items HPHA has and select those to sell, then people to man the stall through the day).
2. Tombola - Mary King is leading this, but if you'd like to help man the stall, that would be lovely.
3. Merchandise - helping man stall.
4. Santa's Grotto 1.30 - 4pm - helper to give out sweets in grotto, helper to collect donations as families leave the grotto in the library.

- Sunday 15th December 10am - 4pm. Tesco Dibden Bucket Collection. 2 or 3 people for each 2 hour shift. Also....any small singing groups or busking performers like to come and play and entertain shoppers whilst we're there? Katie-Ann Miles Music Steve Dodgson

Thank you - together we can!

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Great article about Cyclocruze supporting HPHA in the Lymington Times last week - £8331.22 raised. Thank you!


Just a quick note to confirm that we will be closing this page at the end of October 2019. Please like and follow our page Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA for all the latest information and updates about our activities and the project to save Hythe Pier. alternatively email us on [email protected]

many thanks

Peter King

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Thank you to everyone who popped in to the HPHA café at St John's Hall on Saturday as part of the Record Fair (thank you Mark Blondel for inviting us again!). The bacon butties and cakes went down well and another £64.50 was raised. Thanks to Mary King and all her helpers for sorting out and manning the café.

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Car boot sales - would anyone like to go to one on behalf of HPHA and sell some of our donations? Caz and Scott Flood have already raised £214.75 this year and say there are plenty of donated items all boxed up neatly if anyone else would like to have a fun Sunday morning selling! Please let us know.

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

HPHA Grand Draw prizes have been delivered this week to lots of happy winners. Just one more to do - 'Mick', we've left you 2 answerphone messages so please get in touch if you'd like your prize! The 'unknown' winner 'Bill/Phil/Pickney' who didn't leave contact details has been FOUND! Turns out it is our very own Peter King, who has TERRIBLE handwriting! Peter won 2 adult tickets to Paultons Park and will be contacting The Handy Trust to donate them to someone who will really enjoy them. Thank you to General Estates Park Homes for sponsoring the HPHA Grand Summer Draw and all our generous prize donors. The draw raised over £3000 at this year's Rock The Pier. Thank you Brittany Ferries Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa Daisybank Cottage Boutique Bed and Breakfast Steamship Shieldhall The Montagu Arms Hotel Longdown Activity Farm Swanage Railway J. Collins & Son Jewellers Waterside Tours Tesco Hythe 2695 Community Grove Gardens (Hythe) Ltd. Seashells Bar & Restaurant Jane Bidwell Flowers Be-Be's Cafe Dawkins & Lodge Opticians Ebenezers Beaulieu, National Motor Museum Hythe Moviola Cinema Amalfi Restaurant, Hythe, Sout Jack n Grill Bell Furnishing Hythe Photographic & Electrical Allan Fairhead Bob K

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Well it's almost a week since you Rocked the Pier with us, what an amazing day it was, together we raised £7000 and had so much fun, so here is a quick note and a few pictures, enjoy the memories.

Hythe Pier Rocks
I cannot recall the last time that I saw quite so many people on and around Hythe Pier. Last Saturday will certainly be a day that I will remember for a long time to come. Rock The Pier 2019 seemed to excite and enthuse you all and you turned out in force to show your support for our project to protect and preserve, restore and redevelop Hythe Pier for public benefit.
I thought the music was great with a real mix of styles that seemed to combine and create a vibrant, dynamic and wholly entertaining show. Your appreciation and support made a real difference and the atmosphere around the main stage area was amazing.
Of course, those of you who ventured down to the pier head were able to enjoy refreshments in the Waiting Room, where our pop-up café was once again proving popular and more great music with musicians entertaining visitors and ferry users alike. I think we proved that the pier can once again become a destination and a place that can provide a vibrant community facility.
I know you will appreciate that planning and organising an event of this scale takes a lot of hard work so I make no apology for saying a very big thankyou to everyone who worked so hard to create what really was an outstanding day. I also want to thank Blue Funnel Ferries for working with us to make sure the event and all the activities on the day could proceed without any disruption to the ferry service, the pier and ferry are now and always will be intrinsically linked and dependent upon
each other so it is really important that we continue to collaborate and work together to create a new sustainable future, something I am sure you agree, we all want to see.
I know you will also understand that these events cost money to stage, even though all of the musicians gave their time freely to perform for you, the cost to provide the infrastructure, the safety arrangements, the stage and sound systems, the first aid cover and publicity all add up. We are really proud that we had local organisations supporting us this year helping to offset these costs, so
to the Waterside Network Group, to Maples Guest House, to ExxonMobil, and to General Estates, who sponsored different aspects of our event I would like to say how much we appreciate your support and hope that we can build a long term relationship that is good for us all.
What really struck me about the event on Saturday was the overwhelming sense of community spirit that seemed to shine through, it was great to see and hear so much goodwill and positivity. It reminded me of one truth, that when we all work together we can achieve so much more.
This event proved to be our most successful to date and through your generosity we have raised around £7,000 which will help to fund the next phase of the design development work. More than that though together we are putting the pier back at the heart of this community which is where it belongs.

The future of Hythe Pier is dependent upon the support of this community, we want to
create a vibrant facility with new amenities for everyone to enjoy. There is a great deal of work to be done.

Our purpose is to Save Hythe Pier, to protect it, to preserve it, to restore and redevelop it for public benefit.

Together We Can

On behalf of everyone involved with Hythe Pier Heritage Association I offer our thanks for your continued support.

Peter King, Hythe Pier Heritage Association

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Thank you to the residents at Homeborough House in Hythe who held a Raffle in aid of Hythe Pier Heritage Association and raised an amazing £176. We're also glad to hear that Ann Mumford will be enjoying an HPHA Grand Draw prize with her friend Chris who was a winner in the draw held at Rock The Pier - they will be going to The Montagu Arms Hotel for Afternoon Tea, which was very generously donated to HPHA. Mary King (who worked tirelessly before Rock The Pier to source the amazing Grand Draw prizes) presented the voucher to Ann. Thank you everyone.

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA
Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

After the fun of Rock The Pier yesterday, today has been spent clearing up and counting up! We hope you are enjoying all the wonderful photos and videos that are being posted (mostly on Hythe Pier And Train Action Group)….we'll be posting some of the best shortly and announcing the amount raised. If you weren't able to come along yesterday or would like to boost our fundraising from Rock The Pier, please do donate online (and Gift Aid your donation if you are a UK tax payer). Thank you.

One week to go until Rock The Pier  2019 Next Saturday, 27th July, Rock the Pier returns to Hythe for a great day of mus...

One week to go until Rock The Pier 2019

Next Saturday, 27th July, Rock the Pier returns to Hythe for a great day of music and fun for all. There will also be an arts and collectibles market in the village so come and join us

Returning for another year are the amazing Trav Cats,who will be playing at the Pier Entrance stage between 1.45 and 2.45. Then between 3.15 and 4.15 on the same stage, we are pleased to announce the exciting 10 piece Southampton based band , The Soulcatchers playing Motown and soul classics. Returning again to end our event at the Pier Entrance are Wire-JD from 4.30 . Music continues in The Lord Nelson with Jarmin from 5.45 with Wire- JD at 7.30 and China Lake will close the event ends.

The event is free to attend but we are asking everyone to make a donation towards our fundraising campaign. Collection buckets will be available both on the Pier throughout the day as well as in The Lord Nelson in the evening. Please give generously!

So if you care about the future of Hythe Pier and you want to make a difference then join us next Saturday and let's Rock The Pier

Together We Can

HELP please! We need LOTS of help at Rock The Pier this year, to ensure it is even better than last year. If you can off...

HELP please! We need LOTS of help at Rock The Pier this year, to ensure it is even better than last year. If you can offer just an hour of your time, that would be can help whilst enjoying the music (bucket collecting). Here are the roles we need to fill, and suggested timings. Thank you!
Hythe End of Pier:
Crowd Control Marshalls to keep eye on vehicle movements& on road by pier entrance/bus stop
- 10 – 12.30pm: 1 needed
- 12.30-3pm: 2 needed
- 3-5.30pm: 2 needed
1 ‘Welcome’ person to sign in volunteers, direct enquiries.
- 10 – 12.30pm: 1 needed
- 12.30-3pm: 1 needed
- 3-5.30pm: 1 needed
Bucket Collectors (mingling with crowd, giving out inflatable guitars for donations)
o Main Stage
10-12:30 3 needed
12-2: 2 needed
2-4: 3 needed
4-5.30: 2 needed
o Hythe Village (Summer Market – telling all re Rock The Pier)
- 10-12: 1 needed
- 12-2: 1 needed
- 4-5.30: 2 needed
Grand Summer Draw stall:
o 1-2.30pm: 1 needed
Candy Floss:
o 10 – 1pm: 1 needed
o 1-2.30pm: 2 needed
o 2:30 – 5:30pm: 1 needed
Merchandise/T shirts/Book pre orders stall:
o 1-2.30pm: 1 needed
Stall holder support (bringing drinks, checking ok, swapping in for loo breaks etc):
o 10 – 1pm: 1 needed
o 1-2.30pm: 1 needed
o 2:30 – 5:30pm: 1 needed
Ferry End of Pier:
Crowd Control Marshalls:
o 12.30-3pm: 1 needed
Bucket Collectors Pier Head Stage
10-12: 2 needed
12-2: 1 needed
2-4: 2 needed
4-5.30: 1 needed
Videoing the event - whoever can help with this/editing afterwards too!
Facebook posters through the day: 2 needed.
Thank you to those who have already offered help, timings and details will be confirmed a few days before the event.

"Rock the Pier" t-shirts and raffle tickets one sale at the Hythe Market this Tuesday (y)

"Rock the Pier" t-shirts and raffle tickets one sale at the Hythe Market this Tuesday (y)

For the next 3 weeks come and visit the HPHA stall at Hythe market. There you will be able to find out more about the upcoming music event and purchase some Grand Draw tickets. This year we have some amazing prizes to be won, among them a £200 Brittany Ferries travel voucher, 2 Spa Day vouchers for Senspa at Carey’s Manor Hotel, tickets for Paulton’s Park and many more.

As well as this, we will also be selling and taking orders for our special Rock the Pier T-Shirts. These are a must have item if you are planning to come down and join in the fun on 27th and at only £15 they are an absolute bargain! They can also be purchased via our website later this week.

Rock The Pier 2019 is sponsored by Waterside Network Group, ExxonMobil, General Estates Park Homes and The Maples Guesthouse.

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Hythe Pier Heritage Association - HPHA

Thank you to all the Cyclocruze sponsors who are helping them support HPHA this weekend.


Hythe Pier
SO45 6AG


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Our Story

In February 2018 our application to register as a Community Benefits Society with the Financial Conduct Authority was approved and so we are now an official legal incorporated organisation - The Hythe Pier Heritage Association. This is a breakthrough for us and will allow us to move forward with the next phase in the campaign and the project to save Hythe Pier.

During 2018 we will continue to work with Blue Funnel and one of our objectives will be to carry out a facelift to the pier entrance. This will make a real difference to this area and be of benefit to the community.

All in all these are exciting times for everyone involved in this community initiative. We will now be able to start work preparing grant applications for funding to carry out detailed design development work for the project to restore and redevelop the pier, the buildings, and its famous railway.

Of course, we don’t have time to rest on our laurels, there is much work to be done as we have also agreed in principle a timeline for the commencement of the project to begin April 2019.

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Please all, donate to this cause......
I expect that this is old news so excuse me if it is - up to you if you turn down the sound but you get used to it and the background shots are worth watching. "Ode to Peggy Christie"
I am now in possession of copies of my 3rd Edition book, HYTHE PIER AND FERRY. I will distribute to those who have pre-ordered as arranged. I have secured additional copies if anyone else is interested. Please PM me or leave a comment here. Publishers price £16.95.
Cakes and refreshments by the save Hythe pier ladies yum yum
Keep saying I would like a season ticket to walk the pier every day. It is two thousand plus steps to walk up the pier and back. Do it five times and that's your 10k for the day....and what scenery!
ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE CHARITY QUIZ AT SEASHELLS THIS EVENING (in aid of Hythe Pier Heritage Association) Teams reserved, and team sizes, are.... Rex Hunts 4 Cunning S 6 Day Tripper 6 Ferry Nuff 6 Latecomers 6 Let's Google It 6 Mad Jacks 6 Nikki Hawkins 6 Serial Quizzers 6 Occasional Table 6 Bravehearts 4 Fair Views 4 Forget Together 4 Hotspur IV 4 HPHA 4 Marchwood Afterthoughts 4 Nelson Irregulars 4 Pathfinders 4 Rex Hunts 4 Wayward Dredgers 4 No more spaces available, sorry. Please arrive for 7.30pm and locate your table (they will be labeled with your team name) Quiz begins at 8.00pm Buffet provided by Seashells (price included in your ticket) There will be vegetarian options included in the buffet. Finish circa 10.15pm Any questions please contact me privately. Many thanks
Saturday is a fantastic opportunity to walk the Pier and maybe share a train with Father Christmas!
CHARITY QUIZ – HYTHE PIER HERITAGE ASSOCIATION Presented by David and Jan Morris All proceeds to be donated to Hythe Pier Heritage Association Date MONDAY 21st JANUARY 2019 Time 8.00pm Please endeavour to arrive by 7 .40pm Venue Seashells Restaurant and Bar, Hythe THE RESTAURANT WILL BE CLOSED FOR THE EVENING OTHER THAN THOSE PARTICIPATING: OUR ENORMOUS THANKS TO THE MANAGEMENT OF SEASHELLS FOR THEIR GENEROSITY. THANKS TO STEVE Steve Webster FOR PROVIDING THE AUDIO EQUIPMENT TICKET PRICES INCLUDE A BUFFET SUPPLIED BY THE RESTAURANT There will be a raffle (not too long!!) and at least one football card. TABLES OF UP TO 6 PARTICIPANTS: £30.00 TABLES OF UP TO 4 PARTICIPANTS: £20.00 There are limited places available and they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * TO RESERVE TABLES: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * You MUST contact Ashleigh Mutimear in one of the following ways :- • CALL ASHLEIGH Ashleigh Mutimear on 07584 – 035543 • TEXT HER • Email her at [email protected] with “CHARITY QUIZ” in the subject line In all cases quote - Team Name - Contact name and contact number - Size of table required - 4 or 6 (if available). There are no other methods of reserving tables. Please do not add reservation requests as comments on this post – they will not be noted. Once reserved and confirmed please put payment of cash or cheque (Hythe Pier Heritage Association) into an envelope, with team name and contact name/number written on the front, and pay me in person or take to Morris Dibben in Hythe (next to Lord Nelson) and hand it in for the attention of MRS JANET MORRIS (Hythe & Waterside Glamorous Assistant) TABLES MUST BE RESERVED AND PAID FOR BY SATURDAY 12th JANUARY (BUT ARE LIKELY TO BE TAKEN WELL BEFORE THAT). The picture attached to this announcement is a clue to one of the answers, somewhere in the quiz, so note it well!! Thank you all!!!
I'm stealing Hythe Pier bit by bit. I have a cunning plan. last year it was a hook from a carriage and a bolt from the track. This year a piece of plank and a wheel bearing from a loco hmmm, wonder how long it will take ? I made a suitable donation for these pieces from the scrap bin :) great day made possible by wonderful volunteers
A few pictures from this morning
A few pictures from this morning
What a difference a day makes. Here’s Ventura creeping past the Hythe pier through fog at 6 o’clock this morning.