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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

"Birdseye View, showing Massanutten Mountain, Woodstock, Va."

1913 postcard by an unknown printer.

Image was taken from the area of what is now W. Court Street.

Herb Parker #Postcard Collection,

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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

We're back!

The Shenandoah Room and Truban Archives will be reopening to researchers by appointment starting Monday, October 26th!

Call Archivist Zachary Hottel at (540)984-8200 to reserve your appointment.

The collections are still closed to walk in researchers at this time. For other guidelines visit

Information on accessing the full library collection at our Edinburg site or other branches is available at

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NOW AVAILABLE!  THE 2021 SHENANDOAH COUNTY                  HISTORIC BARNS CALENDAR14 gorgeous 8.5” x 11” photos of thes...


14 gorgeous 8.5” x 11” photos of these agri-heritage icons.


Purchase at the Historic Courthouse Museum, Woodstock,
Fridays and Saturdays, 11a.m.-4p.m.
Also, at the Shenandoah Valley Cultural Heritage Museum, in the Edinburg Mill, daily.

A keepsake bargain at $10, $12 for mail orders,
to: SCHS, PO Box 506, Edinburg, VA 22824

See details about the Historic Barns Program at
Phone (540) 459-1795

Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

THROWBACK to this 1985 snapshot showing the building at the intersection of W. Court Street and S. Commerce Street in Woodstock being demolished.

The building was constructed as a warehouse sometime between 1885 & 1899. Today the site is home to a parking lot.

📷George W. Smith Collection,

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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

"A Portion of Rockdale Lime Co's Quarry"

This 1909 postcard shows the Rockdale Lime Company's Quarry in Toms Brook Virginia.

In operation for almost 100 years until closing in the 1980s, this quarry was the town's largest employer and the namesake of the area's Rockdale Limestone which is still quarried in various locations.

📷Herb Parker Collection,

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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

THROWBACK to this October 30, 1969 photograph showing the Hall of Valor under construction taken by local photographer William Hoyle Garber.

Located on the New Market Battlefield, the Hall of Valor is currently home to the Virginia Museum of the Civil War at New Market Battlefield.

📷Hoyle Garber Collection,

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"Mt. Hebron, U.B. Church"

This 1916 postcard shows what is now Mt. Hebron United Methodist Church located northwest of Toms Brook Virginia.

The church building, whose original section dates to around 1846, is one of many historic churches in Shenandoah County.

More information on this congregation at

📷Herb Parker Postcard Collection

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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

THROWBACK to this ca. 1892 portrait photograph showing Laura Catherine Pence Funkhouser.

Laura (1872-1949) lived in the Pleasant Valley community west of Mt. Jackson. She is listed as a housekeeper and her husband a farmer in census records.

This image was produced by William Dead of Harrisonburg VA.

Learn more at

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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

Six men pose with two early automobiles in Strasburg Virginia.

Four of the men in this undated photographic postcard have been identified as H.C. Borden, George Guthridge, Lewis Armel, and Alonzo Stickley.

Share the names of the others or anything else you know about this image via the comments.

📷Herb Parker Postcard Collection

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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

As COVID-19 continues to impact our community, we invite you to complete part 2 of our community impact survey.

Help us understand the role this virus is playing in your life, especially in the last 6 months, by taking a brief survey (approximately 5 minutes) at

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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

Just in time for fall, here is an 1896 advertisement from T.B. Richey for among other things, "Cloaks & Capes" for cool weather.

Richey operated a general store on Main Street in Woodstock from around 1890 until 1898 when he secretly left his family vacation to run away with a younger woman.

What items would you need from his store?

📷Valley Business Collection,

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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library


Do you love taking pictures?
Been an amateur or professional photographer?
Enjoy documenting our county?

Then we need your help.

The Truban Archives is searching for individuals who are willing to partner with us in our effort to collect contemporary photographs and digital images documenting our community.

Participants should be willing to donate copies of your images to the archives with the understanding they will be made part of our public collections.

Contact Archivist Zachary Hottel at [email protected] with any questions or to participate.

Women's Suffrage in Shenandoah County

Shenandoah County Library Archivist Zachary Hottel will discuss the local women who received the right to vote in 1920, local efforts to promote Women's Suffrage, and the community's response.

Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

"Strasburg, VA., Looking South West"

This 1910 postcard shows the Town of Strasburg Virginia in the early part of the 20th century. Taken from the area of what is now Bowman Mill Road, several distinctive landmarks including what is now the Strasburg Museum, several churches, and other surviving buildings can be seen.

📷Herb Parker Collection, #local #history #archives #traveltuesday #Strasburg #Virginia #VA #postcard

Tomorrow at 7:00PM Archivist Zachary Hottel will conduct a virtual program on Shenandoah County Women and the Suffrage M...

Tomorrow at 7:00PM Archivist Zachary Hottel will conduct a virtual program on Shenandoah County Women and the Suffrage Movement.

Visit for more information and to get your meeting link.

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1 week from today!Our event celebrating the centennial of the 19th amendment granting women's suffrage will feature Coun...

1 week from today!

Our event celebrating the centennial of the 19th amendment granting women's suffrage will feature County Library's Archivist Zachary Hottel who will discuss the Women's Suffrage movement and the first women voters from a local perspective.

Join us via Zoom (email or message us for the link) or Facebook Live at 7:00PM, Tuesday September 29th.

More info at

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Constitution Day - on September 17, 2020, the 233rd anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution was celebrated in a ceremony conducted by the Narrow Passage Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The ceremony included the ringing of the bell (installed in 1809) atop the 1795 Historic Shenandoah County Courthouse.

The 12 states in attendance (Rhode Island being absent) at the Constitutional Convention signed the document on September 17, 1787. The Constitution was adopted upon its ratification by New Hampshire, the ninth state to do so, on June 21, 1788. Virginia's ratification occurred on June 25, 1788.

Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

THROWBACK to this picture showing the congregation of St. Peters Lutheran Church posing in from of the church building in Toms Brook.

While this image is undated, it was most likely taken in the early part of the 20th century, not long after the current church was constructed in 1905.

None of the individuals in this picture are identified. Do you know any of them?

📷Mackenzie Grimes Collection,

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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

"Painters Cove, Cedar Creek Battlefields, near Strasburg, Va."

This early 20th century postcard was produced and sold by C.K. Kneisley, a druggist in Strasburg Virginia.

It features a picture of this unique rock formation along Cedar Creek which forms the boundary between Shenandoah and Frederick Counties.

📷Herb Parker Postcard Collection,

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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

#THROWBACK to September 10, 2000 when our current library building was dedicated!

Learn more about what the library looked like when it first opened at

📷Shenandoah County Library System Collection

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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

This 1909 postcard shows the 1833 church building used by the Smith Creek Baptist Church of New Market.

Constructed beside Smith Creek on what is now Seminary Lane, this structure would serve the church until a new building was built on what is now Congress Street in 1902. The older church would be demolished in 1918.

📷Herb Parker Postcard Collection,

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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

THROWBACK to this crowd watching an event from the Midway of the Shenandoah County Fair.

This image was published in the 1940 Fair Premium Book, so it would have been taken during the previous year's event or earlier.

While the 2020 fair has been cancelled, you can still learn about the Fair's history at

📷Shenandoah County Fair Digital Collection,

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Courthouse Bell Ringing to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the end of WWII

In 20 minutes we will be ringing the Shenandoah County Historic Courthouse  bell to commemorate the 75th anniversary of ...

In 20 minutes we will be ringing the Shenandoah County Historic Courthouse bell to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII.

9:08AM September 2 marks the exact time when the surrender documents were signed in Tokyo Bay and is celebrated as VJ Day in the US.

Won't you join is in our remembrance?

Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

"Mt. Top Haven"

Located on US Highway 211 at the top of the Massanutten Mountain, Mt. Top Haven was a tourist camp and restaurant during the mid part of the 20th century.

The main building still stands near the Shenandoah County/Page County line.

📷Herb Parker Postcard Collection,

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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

#THROWBACK to "The Record" which was published in March 1912 by the Woodstock Charge of the Reformed Church.

This periodical contains information on the congregation's finances, Ladies Aid Society, Sunday School, and other activities.

The Truban Archives contains six months worth of this publication from 1912.

📷Margaret Hoffman Collection,

#TBT #ShenCo #Local #History #Archives #Woodstock #VA #Church

Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

Don't you love that view?

Undated photographic postcard showing Sky Chalet and a gorgeous view from atop Supinlick Ridge in the Basye Community.

📷Herb Parker Collection,

#Local #History #Archives #TravelTuesday #ShenandoahCounty #bryce #mountains #valley #landscape #AAA #View #Basye #Postcard

Shenandoah County 250th Commemoration

Shenandoah County 250th Commemoration

We are happy to announce "Honoring Our Past-Inspiring Our Future" was selected as the theme of our county's 250th anniversary commemoration by an overwhelming majority!

Thanks to everyone who voted and like this page for more information on the commemoration!

#ShenCo #ShenCo250

Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

THROWBACK to Moyers Motor Company in New Market Virginia.

Shown here in a 1948 William Hoyle Garber Photograph, Moyers' was a Ford dealership, garage, Esso Service Station, and General Electric Appliance Dealer.

📷Shenandoah County Photograph Collection,

#Throwback #tbt #throwbackthursday #Ford #Dealership #car #automobile #classiccars #newmarket #va #newmarketva #local #history #archives #cars #esso #GE

Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

Postcard showing Red Banks along the Shenandoah River in 1920.

Located adjacent to US Route 11, Red Banks is located approximately 4 miles south of Edinburg and 3 miles north of Mt. Jackson VA. It is home to several historic structures, beautiful views, and sprawling farms.

Originally the location of a river ford, a bridge now spans the North Fork here and the area is a popular launch/recovery point for those "floating" the Shenandoah River.

📷Herb Parker Postcard Collection,

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Shenandoah County 250th Commemoration

Shenandoah County 250th Commemoration

The clock is ticking.

Deadline to vote for the county's 250th commemoration tagline is this Wednesday.

Comment on this post to let your voice be heard and be sure to like our page so you'll know what the winner is when it is announced.

#ShenandoahCounty #ShenCo #Vote

Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

#THROWBACK to this invoice issued to the Town of Edinburg from H.A. Whissen & Bros. for $5.35 of product.

Whissen & Bro. operated the Whissen Mill along Stony Creek in Edinburg. The mill stood for almost 100 years just east of downtown and produced flour, meal, feed, and other products.

📷Saum Collection,

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Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

Residence of J.F. Holtzman, Edinburg Virginia, 1907.

This structure was constructed by Joseph F. Holtzman, a hotel operator, in 1891 and still stands on Picadilly Street.

CameraHerb Parker Postcard Collection,

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Help the Shenandoah County Sestercentennial Committee decide what the best tag line for the upcoming 250th anniversary o...

Help the Shenandoah County Sestercentennial Committee decide what the best tag line for the upcoming 250th anniversary of our county's founding should be

And if you haven't yet, be sure to like their page.

Help us make up our minds.

Which tag line do you think we should use for the Shenandoah County 250th commemoration?

Comment with your answer

Shenandoah County Library

Shenandoah County Library

THROWBACK to this undated postcard showing "The Shrine of the Transfiguration" at Orkney Springs.

The shrine was dedicated 95 years ago today and has been a part of the historic Orkney Spring community ever since

📷Herb Parker Postcard Collection,

#TBT #Local #History #Archives #Throwback #Postcard #OTD #ShrineMont #OrkneySprings


103 N Main St
Woodstock, VA


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Around 1748 our family William Roden with his sons settled on the Shenandoah River and had land at Powell’s Fort Run above Mad Lick Branch and 150 acres on the east side in the loop of north fork. Does anyone know what towns there were at this time. I’m trying to find any information about them.
We found this gravestone in our yard. It says INFANT, Dau. Of (some name), May R. Myers, Born Mar. 13, 19 - - We are leaving it there, in the final resting place. I wonder who lived here in the early 1900’s, our house was built in 1980’s. We live on Supinlick Ridge rd. Mount Jackson
Hello. I’m looking for anyone who might be related to the Roden Rhoden family who were here in the 1760’s . They left and migrated to South Carolina.
A bit of information that might be of interest from the Martinsburg (WV) Journal, of May 28, 1942, related to the Hotel Woodstock during the 1920s and 1930s. Obituary of George Elliot McCormick George Elliot McCormick, 61, of 192 South Louden (sic) Street, Winchester, VA., died at Winchester Hospital Wednesday evening at 5 o’clock where he had been a patient for the past 17 days. Death was due to a perforated ulcer and complications. The deceased was a son of the late Elliott and Elizabeth Scott McCormick and was born in Fayette County, Pa. Twenty years ago he purchased and operated Hotel Woodstock, Woodstock, Va. Until six years ago when he located in Winchester, and operated the Palace Hotel. He also assisted in the funeral business of his son, the late H.E. McCormick, of Inwood. He was a member of the Church of Christ, Equality Lodge No. 44, A.F. and A.M. Martinsburg, Lebanon Chapter, R.A.M. Palestine Commandery, Knights of Pythias; and Shrine Club. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Ruth McCormick, brothers Jessie, Brownsville, Pa., E.S. Pittsburgh, Pa.; and three grandchildren. The body will lie in state at the Weimer Funeral home here until 7:30 tonight when it will be removed to the Palace Hotel in Winchester. Friday, the remains will be taken to the McCormick Funeral Home, Inwood, where services will be conducted at 2:30 Saturday afternoon. Graveside rites will be conducted by members of the Masonic Fraternity. Interment will be made in the Presbyterian Cemetery, Gerrardstown (WV).
I found this brown wrapping paper lining a dresser drawer in my great-grandparents, (the Whetzels) house (Mauertown, rural around Edinburg) many years ago. My grandmother married and moved to Winchester 1920. She always said she was from Lantz Mills. does anyone have info about this store, location, etc. I love the barter system advertised.
Do you have a photo of "Red Banks", home of the Allen family ? They owned that home at one time. Also they are some of my kin people. My grandmother's maiden name was Allen.
Could someone tell me if the portion of Rt 11 near Mauzey 12558 N Valley Pike is in Shenandoah Co?
I wonder if anyone could help me. I am trying to find someone to talk to about an abandoned historic house.
Does anyone in this group have access to "1798-1824 The Mill Creek Baptist Church Minutes"? I do not know if John Koonts recorded births and baptisms. I am looking to prove Susannah Beaver [email protected] is the child of David and Anna Stickler Beaver. Your help would be appreciated.
Sincerely regret that there is not an adequate cellphone signal (network or WiFi) for FB Live video from the downstairs meeting room at our venue for our Heritage Day program presentations - the Mt. Jackson Town Hall.
My family the Wroughton’s, Roden’s lived in the Shenandoah Valley. Is anyone else working on this family?
A peak back in time in Shenandoah County, Virginia 114 years ago. December 1904 entries in Martha Florence "Mattie" Bushong Good's diary. Mattie was the widow of Timothy Isaac Good and daughter of Anderson Bushong and Delilah Bowen and granddaughter of Jacob Bushong and Sarah "Sallie" Strickler of New Market, Virginia. We. Nov 30 - Clear. Right nice day. Dr. Moorhead and Hinkle came. Papa isn't any better. Uncle and Mr. Zirkle attended the Neff sale. Mr. Jacob Miller was buried today. Jake was here a little while this morning. Little John Bushong is right sick with measles. Jakes hands hauled us a nice load of wood yesterday. Th. Dec 1 – Clear. Jake was here a little while. Windy much colder. Warshed. Will Lemmy staid with us last night. They hauled us 2 more loads of wood. Mr. Garber came. Fr. Dec 2 – Cloudy and Rain. Mary and I went to town. Aunt Rillie and Uncle Jake Hupp and Mr. Garber came. Sadie and little niece was here also. Raining this evening. Sa. Dec 3 - Rain. Rain and sleet. Rained until between ten and eleven last night. Nice rain. Jake staid with us half the night. Uncle went to depo. Su. Dec 4 - Cloudy. Gloomy. Papa is much worse. Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Guard, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Shaffer, Mrs. Frank Good and Miss Mandy Fail came this afternoon. Mo. Dec 5 - Rain. Very bad. Rained and sleeted all day. Mr. and Mrs. Garber staid with us last night. Papa is sinking very fast. Papa passed away with out a struggle ten minutes past eleven o'clock. Tu. Dec 6 - Clear. Beautiful morning. Very icey. Mr. Edgar Zirkle, Milt Tussing and Otis, these laid Papa out last night. Mr. and Mrs. Garber, Mrs. Miller, Frank and Kate Hupp, Kellie and Will's girls and Jake and Emma was here. We. Dec 7 - Clear. Cold and blustry. Papa was buried today. We left here at eleven o'clock. Services by Brother John P. Zigler. Very good sermon. Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Casper Burkholder staid here while we went to church. Th. Dec 8 - Clear. Some warmer and windy. Mary and Mamma warshed. Uncle went to town this morning. Mrs. Joe Hupp came this evening and wanted the eggs. She was paying thirty cents. Fr. Dec 9 - Cloudy. Very damp. Looks like snow weather. Uncle and Mary went to town this morning. Uncle went to Quicksburg after coal. Mrs. Abram Burkholder was buried today. Sa. Dec 10 - Snow. Commenced snowing last night and snowed nearly all day. The snow is about four inches deep. Very cold this evening. Su. Dec 11 - Clear. Last night was very cold. This morning it was six above zero. Turned warmer today. Tonight isn't near so cold as last night. Uncle Michael Good died at two o'clock. Mo. Dec 12 - Cloudy, Snow and then Clear. Arnett and Uncle hauled fodder. One load. Mary blackened coal stove and we put it up this afternoon. Put the bed back in bedroom. We are going to sleep there tonight. Tu. Dec 13 - Cloudy and then Clear. Cold. Uncle Frank, Mamma and Mary went to Uncle M. J. Good's funeral. Carson Miller preached. Uncle and Mary went to town. Mrs. Miller came for some corn. Mr. Jim Nisewander and son came for five turkeys. We. Dec 14 - Clear. Very cold last night. I cut out Evla an apron. Arnett and Uncle sawed wood this afternoon. Frank and Kate Hupp came after jacket. Frank Combs came after five turkey hens. Th. Dec 15 - Snow and then Cloudy. Frank and Maud Shaffer stopped in this morning to tell us we could get a turkey. Mr. Philip Frederick came for fodder. Mary and I went to town this afternoon. Fr. Dec 16 - Clear. Warmer. Uncle Frank helped Sam Kipps to take the turkeys to town. Lee Titler bought them at 15 cents cash. Mary and I went to town this evening. Mr. Lewis N. Zirkle came for his money. Sa. Dec 17 - Snow. Snowed nearly all day. One of Mr. George Shaffer's boys of Quicksburg brought beef. We bought 58 cents worth. Arnett brought meat. Uncle taken Mrs. Miller corn. Su. Dec 18 - Clear. Much warmer. Snow melted some. Mrs. Miller was here this afternoon. Mary staid over at Millers last night. Fine sleighing on the Pike now. Right nice day not so very cold. Mo. Dec 19 - Cloudy most all day. Mr. White Strickler, Arnett and Jake helped us butcher. We got along fine. Killed 3 nice hogs and got through until three o'clock. Will Lemmy came after Kellie's turkeys. Tu. Dec 20 - Clear and then Heavy Wind. Cold and windy. Mr. Perry Shaffer brought us a turkey and ate dinner with us. I went over to Mrs. Millers and taken her some meat. Mary went to Burkholders. Grandpap Good stopped in on his way from town. We. Dec 21 - Clear. Some warmer. Mrs. Burkholder came this morning after some milk. Uncle Frank went up to the Plains Mill after flour. He taken some corn and exchanged for meal. Th. Dec 22 - Clear. Real pretty day much warmer. Uncle hauled Mr. Rice some fodder. Mary, Evla and I spent the day at Grandpa Good. Salted the meat away. Fr. Dec 23 - Clear. Nice day. Snow went very fast. Uncle helped brother Jake butcher. He also fixed a pen to hold straw. Canned sausages. Cleaned phone. Sa. Dec 24 - Cloudy and Rain. Yesterday morning the ground was covered with snow.This evening it is all gone. Very cloudy this morning. Commenced raining about noon. Rained fast until between six and seven. We baked our cakes and fried doughnuts. Mr. John Garber came for the turkey we gave him. Su. Dec 25 - Rain. Very gloomy. Rained and sleeted all day. We did not go to church and did not have any company. They celebrated Aunt Phoebe Myers 91 birthday up at Cousin Joe Myers. We did not get to go. Mo. Dec 26 - Heavy winds. Very foggy all day and icey. The fog was so thick you could scarcely see to the Pike in the evening. Raining tonight. Tu. Dec 27 - Cloudy. Real pretty this morning. Everything loaded with ice and the ground so slick you could scarcely stand on your feet. Very windy this evening. Uncle went down to Jakes and got 4 pigs. Aunt Bettie went to Jakes to stay till Emma gets back from over the mountain. We. Dec 28 - Clear. Warm this morning early. Kept getting colder all day. Real cold tonight. The wind blew all night and all day and is still blowing hard. Uncle and I went to town yesterday. Harve Lutholts staid with us last night. Mary went down to Jakes to stay all night. Th. Dec 29 - Clear. Cold and windy. Uncle Frank hauled manure and straw. Kellie, Sallie and Lizzie Bushong spent the afternoon with us. The girls balled taffy. Aunt Rillie and Luther Hupp came this evening. Fr. Dec 30 - Clear. Aunt Rillie and Luther staid until this afternoon. Uncle and I went to town after my overcoat. I had the camel overcoat to change. Sa. Dec 31 - Clear. Real pretty some windy but not cold. We ate our Christmas dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Garber and family, Grandpap, Sayler and Casper Good and Lula, Florence, Eugene Good, Jake Bushong and his two girls was here for dinner. Written by Mattie Bushong Good and transcribed 114 years later by Gloria Neiger Bushong.