Some Family History and Pictures

Some Family History and Pictures A little history of our ancestors and where we were starting in the late 40s


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Great times. None of the problems we face today

Great times. None of the problems we face today

My grandmother and grandfather that basically raised me. Loved them dearly.

My grandmother and grandfather that basically raised me. Loved them dearly.


In 1947 my grandfather Mr. George Perry purchased the Ziegler farm at auction. He paid $9000.00 for 98+ acres – the barn full of hay and grain and several pieces of farm equipment. In March of that year we moved from Louisa county to our new home.
The farm was located between Mt. Herman Church and Belmont elementary school.
At that time I was in 4th grade.
Belmont Elementary School was in two buildings located on probably 3 acres of land. The driveway and parking lot was dirt and gravel.The primary building was wooden covered with asphalt shingles with a red brick motif. It housed the 1st and 7th grade classes, library and cafeteria/auditorium as well as the principals office. The auditorium had bench seating that was moved to accommodate tables for school lunch.
The second building was of clapboard painted gray and housed the 2nd through 6th grade classes.
Each classroom had a clothes closet and room for wood storage.
The class rooms were heated by wood burning stoves – stoves built from 55 gallon steel barrels. Students were expected to participate in bringing in firewood during recess. During the coldest days in winter students were allowed to pull their desks in a circle around the stove for warmth. Mrs Hall, who ran the cafeteria, prepared the school lunches on a woodburning Home Comfort kitchen stove. Water for cooking and dish washing was carried by hand.
There was no running water so students drank from a common waterbucket and dipper. Water was obtained by a hand pump from a hand dug well lined with slate.
Students used outdoor toilets – boys at the far end of the property and the girls at the right rear. Wash basins or toilet paper were an unknown. A favorite prank of the boys was to sneak along the honeysuckle covered fence and throw rocks at the girls toilet during recess or yell loudly as the girls entered– that was until they were caught and severely punished. Use of the paddle as a disciplinary measure was not out of the question.
The baseball field had the odd feature of the left field player had to be warned by the 2nd baseman when a ball was hit in his direction since he was below the brow of the hill and couldn’t see the batter.
The teachers were: 1st and 2nd grade – Mrs Burrus, 3rd grade- Mrs. Biscoe, 4th grade – Mrs Towsey, 5th and 6th grade – Mrs. Mason and 7th grade Mrs. Susie Swift who was also Principal. Mrs. Mason’ husband Mr. Luther Mason was also a member of the school board. All of these teachers were wives of local farmers. They were neighbors ( if you call several miles separation as neighbors ) and friends.
Two buses served the school – Mr. Payne whose route included down to Jones Store and back to school and then to Wingfields store and around by Mt Herman church and back to school. His afternoon route started at 2:30 – 30 mins. prior to the end of the school day so he could make both runs and return students home at a reasonable hour. Some of the students at the Jones Store end of the route had to walk more than two mile to the bus stop – leaving home as early as 6 am to arrive at the bus stop on time.
Mr. Sanders drove the bus serving the route from Margo thru Paytes and then to Belmont. He also served as school librarian.
In 1949 or 50 running water was installed in the school – no baathrooms or sinks but water fountains outside and water to the cafeteria.
The school also served as a community center with social events, PTA meetings, plays and shows such as magician acts, country music shows, voting precinct etc..
Not the most modern but would not trade it for the best I have seen today.


Woodbridge, VA



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