Whitewright Museum

Whitewright Museum Housed in an authentic turn of the century home, the museum is accurately filled with period furniture, memorabilia, photos, an old school room and lots of local history.

Mr. Bradford
Mr. Bradford

Mr. Bradford

Written on photo: built by Mr. Bradford Pres. Planters Natl' Bank R. Pennington Gillespie J.E. Morgan May Badgett 1945 Talley 1976 Cliff Emerson

Whitewright Public Library
Whitewright Public Library

Whitewright Public Library

In 1969, the Whitewright Friday Literary Club (now Friday Women's Club of Whitewright) conducted a tour of local homes. We have those photos in our archives, but would like the public to help identify and/or update info.

Click the link to see the details we have on this home. You can comment there or here to add information such as previous homeowners, date built, current address, or block number if the house no longer exists.

The plan is to get these homes organized on our web site with as much information as we can provide. Thanks for your help!



Whitewright Public Library
Whitewright Public Library

Whitewright Public Library

"If time at home has you missing life in the stacks or sifting through old papers in search of pieces of the past, fear not: You can do the same thing online. Slews of institutions are in the market for armchair archivists—volunteers who can generate knowledge by clicking through digitized resources, deciphering handwriting, tagging photos, and more."



Special thanks to Debbie Barnes Reiter for volunteering at the Whitewright Museum today. Finally got Christmas decorations down. Hopefully we will be having another special event coming soon. Anyone interested in volunteering please speak up.
We need another cleaning day again soon. If we can move stuff to storage we can have more space for more historical displays.


Who can volunteer next week on Monday, Tuesday, or Wed for a couple of hours to help take down Christmas decorations and displays at the Museum? Probably from about 10:30am-12 noon.

Presley Bowen drew  Manda Palmer's name for the winner of the Whitewright Museum's giant Christmas Stocking contest.

Presley Bowen drew Manda Palmer's name for the winner of the Whitewright Museum's giant Christmas Stocking contest.

The museum has received a $500 donation from the Old Settlers Association of Grayson County. June Gail Purdom is the Pre...

The museum has received a $500 donation from the Old Settlers Association of Grayson County. June Gail Purdom is the President of the museum board.

Great opportunity for those interested in local history.

Great opportunity for those interested in local history.

Need old fashioned ornaments and decorations for Museum for Sat. Dec. 7th. After the Christmas parade the Chamber of Com...

Need old fashioned ornaments and decorations for Museum for Sat. Dec. 7th. After the Christmas parade the Chamber of Commerce is hosting a meet Santa. You will have opportunity to take photos with Santa at the Museum. Free candy canes and drawing for large Christmas stocking provided by Museum . Cookies and treats provided by Chamber. Mark you calendars.


We have started decorating for Christmas at the Museum. The Chamber of Commerce will be inviting kids to come right after the Christmas Parade, Dec. 7th, to drop by the Museum to meet Santa. We need old fashioned tree ornaments, old toys, and decorations to decorate. They can be loaned (make sure to mark with name ) or donated. The Museum will have a drawing for giant Christmas stocking filled with treats & toys. There will be free candy canes for all kids. The Chamber will be providing refreshments. Contact June Gail Purdom at 903-815-1569, Barbara Hughes 903- 815-0549, or Jeanette Bowen 993-821-9761 to drop off items.

Veteran's Event at the Museum tomorrow. Honoring those who have given their lives, those who have served, and those who ...

Veteran's Event at the Museum tomorrow. Honoring those who have given their lives, those who have served, and those who are currently serving. Starts at 11
Program at 11:30 am. Displays 11am-2pm. If you are from Whitewright or have family or friends you would like to add to display please do so. Someone will be at Museum at 10am.


Thanks to the Museum & Historical Team Members & Chamber of Commerce members, plus other community volunteers for a great job this morning. We accomplished a lot in cleaning and reorganizing. We are ready to start displays for next weekend's Veteran's event after the parade.

Please help us clean, reorganize, and move some displays on Sat. Oct. 26th from 10 am-2pm. We can really use the help. W...

Please help us clean, reorganize, and move some displays on Sat. Oct. 26th from 10 am-2pm. We can really use the help. We have some heavy display cases to move and could use some strong muscles. We have some easy but needed cleaning to do too. So something for everyone. Let's knock this out so we can be ready for our Nov 2nd Veteran's Celebration.

Whitewright Museum's cover photo

Whitewright Museum's cover photo


Saturday, October 26th, 10am-2pm, we are having a workday at the Whitewright Museum. We need volunteers to help reorganize, move items, clean, and work on displays.


We are looking for an old wooden ice box or real old refrigerator for kitchen in the museum. We would love to have one with a known history to a family from Whitewright to share. If you have one, or know someone who does , would you consider donating or loaning it to the museum? Also we are looking for old butter churn. We are always looking for items linked to history of Whitewright. Consider looking to see if you have anything you would like to share. We will be decorating for Christmas soon. Old children's toys and decorations from Whitewright families would really add so much to displays. Special events & holiday events information will be announced soon.


Whitewright Museum & Historical Society met yesterday, Oct. 2, to plan an event on Nov. 2nd, from 11 am-2 pm, to honor Whitewright
Veterans, past and present. After the Veteran's Parade the museum will be open. There will displays on local veteran's. Anyone wanting to loan items for display like medals, photos, and information on family members needs to deliver to library before Nov. 2nd. Since museum is not open regular hours we will be posting phone numbers soon to committee members to meet and open museum to receive items. More details will be posted soon.
Saturday, Oct. 26th, from 10-2, we are scheduling a work day to clean, reorganize, and work on the museum displays. Volunteers are needed to help. Lots of upcoming changes and events are in the works. Follow us on this page. Share this page with friends.


Museum Porch has some places Rotting out on the Porch- City has it roped off for Now. Working on getting it fixed by Sept 28) All School Reunion) Just wanted everyone to know why it is Roped Off _Got a new Museum Board & this is going to be an exciting Year for the Museum. Plans will be announced Soon! Hope Everyone will Support All that the Museum is Planning! Watch for the Events- Coming Soon!

Whitewright Public Library

Whitewright Public Library

This is the 1925 Whitewright High School football team. It was Rangers back then, not Tigers, for a bit of trivia.

David Crouch is looking to get the names for those in the photo, but our archive of the Whitewright Sun doesn't include any photos of the team. The best we could find were names, but only last names (though we know the first player's full name from other sources): Swede McMurrry (captain/center), Keeling (tackle), Craig (guard), Bailey (full-back), Coffman (halfback), Montgomery (tackle), Bradley (quarterback), Binion (guard), Bennett (end), Nicholson (guard and tackle), Spindle (end), and Lackey (halfback).

That number doesn't match the number of players in the photo, but it's a start. The Bell didn't begin printing until the 1940s, so there's no help there. Anyone recognize faces or names to help us fill in the blanks?


If You haven’t visited The Whitewright Museum. What are You waiting FOR? Call 903-815-1569 for an appointment!

Whitewright Public Library

Whitewright Public Library

The Whitewright Public Library is pleased to announce the Tocker Foundation has funded a $15,600 grant to digitize the Whitewright Sun. The project is co-sponsored by the Whitewright Museum and The Whitewright Sun.

Once complete, the newspaper will be available at no cost online at The Portal to Texas History, located at texashistory.unt.edu. Once all the archives are online on the Portal, web visitors can search through keywords, newspaper titles, publication date or collections.

The Tocker Foundation provides a variety of grants for libraries in rural Texas communities with a population smaller than 12,000. The newspaper digitization project partners with the Portal to Texas History and the University of North Texas. The grant provides funds to digitize the newspaper up to 1965, and UNT will pick up the cost to digitize newspapers after that date.

This project will take some time to finish, but it will preserve over 100 years of Whitewright history, and make it freely accessible to the public.

Newspaper articles from after the 1911 fire.#ThowbackThursdayhttp://www.gendisasters.com/texas/7926/whitewright-tx-fire-...
Whitewright, TX Fire In Business District, June 1911 | GenDisasters ... Genealogy in Tragedy, Disasters, Fires, Floods

Newspaper articles from after the 1911 fire.



Whitewright, Tex., June 12. -- After the biggest fire this town has ever experienced, wire service to outside points was restored about midnight. Forty-three business houses were destryoed, twenty-seven residences were consumed and many others damaged as the result of a blaze that started today from...

Whitewright Public Library

Whitewright Public Library

The Whitewright Sun gave the library a box of old photos that we're adding to our archive. Most have very little info, so we're not even sure if they're all from the Whitewright area.

Does anyone recognize this public school built in 1901? We have this shot, plus a few others we can tell were taken there, but we have no idea where it was.

For 75 years, approximately 150,000 orphaned,abandoned, homeless children and a few poor familieswere brought to the Sou...
Anna Miller Bassett | National Orphan Train Complex

For 75 years, approximately 150,000 orphaned,
abandoned, homeless children and a few poor families
were brought to the South and Midwest in hopes of finding
a fresh start. This era from 1854 to 1929 was known as
the Orphans Train Era.

In 1918 and again in 1920, an orphan train stopped in Whitewright, bringing children ready for adoption and eager for a new life. Read more about Orphan Train rider Anna Miller Bassett.



Those were the days when Whitewright had seven grocers, two cotton gins, three drug stores, two banks and two train depots - the Katy and the Cotton Belt. "When

Whitewright Elementary School

Whitewright Elementary School

3rd Grade went to the Historical Museum of Whitewright to finish our Unit learning about Communities.
What an awesome learning experience!


Fall time Coming- cooler weather. Nice time to Visit Your Whitewright Museum!


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Please send a message if you'd like to schedule a visit.

Whitewright Museum's cover photo

Whitewright Museum's cover photo

Museum Pictures

Museum Pictures

Whitewright Museum

Whitewright Museum


202 S Bond Street
Whitewright, TX


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Love the museum and wish more people would visit. Yes, it's by appointment, but just call me or June Gail. Louisa Martin