Diodes’ May Day Ball - A Work in Process

Diodes’ May Day Ball - A Work in Process This page will be used to discuss how the DIODES group will put on our Steampunk Ball -> DIODES' May Day Ball We will need ideas for fund raisers, decorations, and special events during the night.

The title is still adjustable but need to have it set by mid January. This will definitely be a Ball where there will be waltzing, shotishing, and Virginia reeling among others. Perhaps some flat-out club dancing to end the evening? All ideas are welcome to help make this event a Rousing Success! If you wish to help organize or work this event, please send a note to Robert W. Schug.

Operating as usual


I got the following email the other day regarding my Steampunk May Day Ball ( http://tinyurlcom/MayDayBall ). So excited!

"Hi, Robert,
I'm the executive editor of Sheer Dance, a nonprofit, volunteer-run magazine centered around ballroom dance in the Twin Cities. I learned of the upcoming Steampunk May Day Ball from John Wright, and it sounds wonderful and fascinating. Sheer Dance would love to cover the event in the June issue. I'm hoping to arrange press access for two of our correspondents, Libby Ryan and Savanna Moen, for the ball.

In exchange for admission, Libby will write an article about the event, including interviews with anyone you'd like to put in contact with her, and Savanna will take beautiful photos to showcase the variety and intrigue of the ball.

Sheer Dance will also place a complimentary full-page ad of your choice in the magazine. (Ad specs: 7.5" x 10", PNG/JPG/PDF - we print at 300dpi.)"

Great news! Author Henry L. Walton, a.k.a. Thaddeaus Shockpocket  , will be on-hand during the Steampunk May Day Ball ( ...

Great news! Author Henry L. Walton, a.k.a. Thaddeaus Shockpocket , will be on-hand during the Steampunk May Day Ball ( http://tinyurl.com/maydayball ) signings copies of his young adult book, The Journals of Thaddeaus Shockpocket - Albion 77 (Volume 1). He will be signing from 7-8 and again from 9-9:30. I can’t wait!

The Journals of Thaddeaus Shockpocket
Turn of the century English inventor and explorer, Thaddeaus Shockpocket, is having another bad day. It seems like only yesterday his ten year old son, Sherlock, was carried off into the Amazon jungle by local natives after Thaddeaus accidentally presented the boy as a gift to the village chief. And now it is happening again. He stands helplessly watching as his wife Katherine disappears into the sky in the family airship, ALBION 77, after he accidentally pumped too much helium into the balloon.
Another Shockpocket has been lost in the pursuit of science and one thought bursts into Thaddeaus’ head, pushing out all others as he watches the pinpoint balloon vanish into the distance,
“It’s four o’clock. I hope Tweak put the kettle on. In need a nice cup of tea.”
And then a second though. “We really must go and find Sherlock”
And then a third, “I hope Katherine lands. Soon. And somewhere nice. What an adventure she will have. If only she doesn’t crash first.”
Yes, it is just another day in the Shockpocket family. But this day leads to unexpected discovery and adventure as Thaddeaus and his twelve year old daughter Tweak wait for the word from Katherine, invent several new devices to change the world, and search for Sherlock in the deepest, darkest corners of Brazil.

• Finalist 2014 Steampunk Chronicle Readers Awards,
• Best Young Adult Steampunk fiction,
• Best Children's Steampunk Fiction,
• Top Ten Rated Amazon Book in YA Steampunk ebook category.

• “The Journals of Thaddeaus Shockpocket is a rip-roaring adventure for young readers” - Leslie Orton, The Aether Review of Books.
• “The story is delightful. The style has a real swagger to it much in the way of storytelling in the pulp Victorian voice.” - Emilie Bush, The Steampunk Chronicle.


Special thanks to Jack Brennan and Mary Rohe for a great deal of help with the Kiosk of Dubious Curiosities for the Steampunk May Day Ball. Now are you curious?


So recently, I can’t remember exactly when, Steven, Sarah and I met with the Caterer. Of the 8 items on the buffet, 6 are gluten free or have a gluten free option, half are vegetarian or have a vegetarian option. Also, of the 3 dessert items, 1 is dairy free, and 2 are gluten free. Going to be some great nummies there!

Also, I have gotten a better URL for the event that is easier to remember: www rel="nofollow,noopener" target="_blank" rel="nofollow,noopener" href="://tinyurl.com/maydayball" rel="nofollow,noopener" target="_blank">://tinyurl.com/maydayball

Don’t forget to buy your tickets before Saturday, April 26. After that the prices raise to $35.


YES! We have our Venue for the DIODES Steampunk May Day Ball! We will be at the Triune Masonic Lodge at 1898 Iglehart Ave, in St Paul. It has a dining room on the lower level and a huge room with a wooden floor and a stage above. Sadly the upper room is not handicap accessible. We made a Gentlemen's Agreement, shook on it and he's drawing up the contract! It will also have a Children's room, and 2 quiet rooms upstairs, 2 billiards tables downstairs too.


DIODES Ball Announcement:
Unfortunately, we are going to have to wait to have the ball at a later date and at a different facility.

Even though I’ve been talking to representatives of the MN Transportation Museum for months now, they don’t seem to feel the need to have us there or our revenues in their coffers. I have been very leery about using them lately because of repeatedly being blown off, or answers to direct questions that are later completely contradicted. With that in mind, I have had numerous conversations with people I trust lately and we decided to go ahead and sign a contract for the Museum.

I have called twice to the exact person who I am told is a Co-Manager of the facility and also the person who signs the contracts. I directly said, “We want to sign a contract. Please call me.” Even though she has my cell number, I left it just in case. Those phone calls have been completely unanswered.

At this point, we are canceling the May 17 event at the MN Transportation Museum. We are going to be looking for a different facility, perhaps in the fall.

I’m dreadfully sorry for this.


Planning Meeting - For the week between Christmas and New Years, Which time would work best for a meeting?

Fri, Dec 27 evening
Sat, Dec 28 afternoon or evening
Sun, Dec 29 afternoon or evening


Ideas which were discussed to make our Ball a Success:

Appetizer buffet to run until about 9 p.m. when it is cleared.
Dessert buffet (single pass?) starts at 9:30 p.m. with entertainment of:
1. Mummer’s Play
2. Ghost Stories
3. …

Dealers’ area:
1. Clothes
2. Games
3. …

Classes in side areas to teach: the process of Tea, Dance, Games…

Demos from:
1. Bakken Museum? www.thebakken.org
2. The Hack Factory? www.tcmaker.org ?
3. …

I will arrange for projectors to run all night:
1. Old silent, movies that have a Steampunk theme?
2. One on the ceiling showing the constellations of Gemini and pics of the Dioscuri (our Twin City, Steampunk mascots, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castor_and_Pollux)
3. Possibly one to greet people as they come in with the DIODES’ flag “billowing” in the breeze?
4. Other possibilities?


Saint Paul, MN


(651) 336-6247


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