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Kankakee Motor Speedway
Illinois Stock Car Hall Of Fame Night

Mark Your Calendars for Friday June 25th 2021. We are celebrating and honoring the 2 Kankakee Veterans Kenny Kuehn & "Skippy" Michaels who will be Inducted into the Hall Of Fame August 21, 2021.

Kankakee has many Champions who have already been inducted into the Illinois Stock Car Hall Of Fame.

Visit our Booth for Autographs, Bench Racing and the unveiling of our NEW Hall Of Fame Show Car. Front Gate opens 530 pm. Races 730 pm. Thanks Art.

Kankakee Motor SpeedwayIllinois Stock Car Hall Of Fame NightMark Your Calendars for Friday June 25th 2021. We are celebr...

Kankakee Motor Speedway
Illinois Stock Car Hall Of Fame Night

Mark Your Calendars for Friday June 25th 2021. We are celebrating and honoring the 2 Kankakee Veterans Kenny Kuehn & "Skippy" Michaels who will be Inducted into the Hall Of Fame August 21, 2021.

Kankakee has many Champions who have already been inducted into the Illinois Stock Car Hall Of Fame.

Visit our Booth for Autographs, Bench Racing and the unveiling of our NEW Hall Of Fame Show Car. Front Gate opens 530 pm. Races 730 pm. Thanks Art.

Kankakee Motor Speedway
Illinois Stock Car Hall Of Fame Night

Mark Your Calendars for Friday June 25th 2021. We are celebrating and honoring the 2 Kankakee Veterans Kenny Kuehn & "Skippy" Michaels who will be Inducted into the Hall Of Fame August 21, 2021.

Kankakee has many Champions who have already been inducted into the Illinois Stock Car Hall Of Fame.

Visit our Booth for Autographs, Bench Racing and the unveiling of our NEW Hall Of Fame Show Car. Front Gate opens 530 pm. Races 730 pm. Thanks Art.

Frank Shickel MemoriesI am sad to report we have lost 2014 Hall Of Fame Inductee Frank Shickel. His career spanned over ...

Frank Shickel Memories

I am sad to report we have lost 2014 Hall Of Fame Inductee Frank Shickel. His career spanned over 5 decades. I personally have fond memories of racing with Frank thru the years. Frank was one of the cleanest drivers out there. When he was behind you he would pass you fair & square you, never had to worry about him body slamming or booting you out of the way to Win or gain a position ! Frank was a 3- time Champion at Fairbury Speedway. He was a Champion on & off the Race Track. I have always been honored to call him my competitor and Friend. He was so Humble and his Warm Smile would always brighten your Day ! Frank & Family and crew always enjoyed attending the Daytona Beach Races each Feb. One year my Dad and I were at the Daytona Flea market and at the other end of this city block long Building, I saw about 10 Racing Team Orange Jackets. I bet my Dad Dinner that when we get to the other end it was Frank & Family ! My Dad said no way, That was the Best Free Fish dinner I had all week LOL. a few years later we just concluded Qualifying for the Santa Fe NCTC 200 and my Dad says . We have to go say Hi to Frank , I said where is his car pitted and Dad says no, He's in a Wheel chair at the Start Finish line. When I came around the Front grandstand, There he was already covered in Santa Fe dirt with both Legs Elevated and in Casts. The minute he saw me I received his FRANK SMILE. The Bloomington Flash wasn't gonna miss a race, He was all dressed up in Orange too. Frank's Legacy will always be known for his Family Short Track Racing Traditions ! How many drivers do you know that can say He raced with his Sons & Granddaughter ? truly a record ! I'm sure going to miss him at our next Stock Car Festival. He never missed one since 2014. Rest in peace my friend we will never forget you #95 ! Your friend Always Art "Fireball"Fehrman

MIKE TERRAFINO 2016 Illinois Stock Car Hall Of Fame Inductee MemoriesI am sad to report we have lost Hall of Fame legend...

MIKE TERRAFINO 2016 Illinois Stock Car Hall Of Fame Inductee Memories

I am sad to report we have lost Hall of Fame legend Mike Terrafino. As this news soaked in I was looking thru 2016 pictures and each picture made me smile ! I knew Hall Of Fame board member Stan Kalwasinski would prepare Mike's career, so I decided I wanted to share pictures and few Stories that not only touched the fans but me personally. It was a true Honor for me when I was introduced to Mike about 25 years ago at Stan & Tommy Turtles Memorabilia Show in Peotone, IL. I had read stories about Mike before I even had a Drivers License when I was growing up. In Midwest Racing news ,His cars won every major event at O'Hare Stadium, Soldier Field & Rockford Speedway ! If that wasn't enough I Saw Articles in major Magazines in 1964 Holman & Moody (Ford Motor Co) Sent Mike a Car, Engines & Parts to Race, He didn't disappoint them, right out of the box he delivered top 5 with "Whitey Gerken his Driver at Milwaukee Fairgrounds. Then in 1966 General Motors Flew there Top Engineer from Detroit to Knickey Chevy in Chicago to Witness History in the making. Mike installed a Big Block into the very first Camaro. This later went into production. In the racing World when Ford & Chevy are depending on you, Wow ! That gets your attention ! Fast forward 25 years to 2016 , Mike Terrafino Car Owner was Voted by Drivers Fans, Car owners & Fans into the Hall Of Fame. I was excited to call Mike for the process of his Induction, Collecting Trophies, Reception at Museum, Dinner Ceremony, Terrafino Night at Rockford Speedway & Our annual Stock Car Festival & Legend Parade. The first thing that happened Mike was so Humble, All he talked about was his Family ! He said my Sons will let you in the house I'm taking my wife to Florida. You can take all the trophies except one. See you in a few weeks at the Museum ! Pat & I built Mike's well deserved Display with all his Major Wins. Including his driving suit that he wore when he won his last Feature at Rockford Speedway Jun 25th 1967 it hangs proudly ! The best was yet to come. The Terrafino Family set a record that still stands today .they all wore Team Terrafino Shirts with # 22 on the Front and Mike's driver Picture from Soldier Field on the Back. It was by far a Kodak moment. again Mike was so Humble & proud of his Family ! That Night after dinner When Mike was introduced not once did he talk about his Wins, He talked about his wife & Family . He then Made a special Presentation in appreciation to Stan , a Soldier Field Trophy Dash Win that him and Whitey Gerken had won together ! It was one of his treasured Wins ! Next on the schedule was Terrafino night at Rockford Speedway. Pre race we had a lot of fun at the Hall of Fame Booth. The entire Terrafino family was there and many former Crew members exchanging stories. Rockford Speedway Owner Jody Deery Welcomed Mike to the festivities ! It was a packed house , Just before Mike was to be Introduced Diane (Mike's daughter)& I coached him, he was having trouble pronouncing the promoter Greg McKarns last name after about 5 times I said That's good enough, The perfectionist that he was ,He wanted to Thank him and it be perfect . he did it 3 more times as we laughed so hard , He Delivered a perfect Thanks , You are The man Mike !! Well it didn't end there as we Walked off the Track Mike Says ,ya know I always enjoyed receiving the Checkered Flag here but I always Dreamed of standing up there and Waving The Green Flag to 30 Late Models. Well, We made it Happen Mike's Sons helped me get that Legend up those Tiny Steps and he Waved that Green Flag to The Field !! Funny part was as the last car went past him the Wind from those cars Blew his Hat off & Then We had a hell of a time Getting That Man back on the Ground LOL. It was night that makes me Smile tonight . The next event on our Schedule ,The Hall Of Fame Festival in Aug 2016. It was a wonderful Afternoon of Bench racing! It was Time for Our Lefthander Parade, The Grand Marshalls always leads the Parade in Dan Colyers Convertible, The parade included Mikes Grandson's Mid Am race car. Mike was so Humble He wouldn't get in the Car, He said I don't deserve that Honor, so I went and got Pat & She escorted Mike to the car, I knew he wouldn't tell her no ! LOL Well One of My Favorite Pictures of 2016 ! Wayne Lensing, Mike & "Tiger" Tom Pistone Waving to the Fans , they had a Ball. Great Memories for Sure !Thru the years Mike and I have became good friends. He was there for me at my Dad's Funeral Dec 8th 2016, it's ironic that we lost him Dec 11th a few days after Dad's date and every Christmas He always calls to see how myself & family is , Mike thanks for the Memories, You & Your Family are the Best ! Your Friend Always Art Fehrman
Note: Enjoy Stan Kalwasinskis Article & Pictures. Remembering Mike Terrafino at Enjoy all of Mike's pictures I labeled each one

Remembering Sandy SlagerRecently Santa Fe Speedway Late Model Driver & Car Owner Sandy Slager passed away.  I am deeply ...

Remembering Sandy Slager

Recently Santa Fe Speedway Late Model Driver & Car Owner Sandy Slager passed away. I am deeply saddened by this news! I drove Sandy’s Late Model 4 different times thru my career, 1977, 80, 84, 2004 - 05. He was one of the most respected competitors in the pit area & he was always there to have a good time. Sandy was more than a car owner to me, we were family. In 1977 he revived my driving career. The week before the season opened I had an emergency Appendectomy and was replaced in my regular ride. When I was medically cleared to return in mid June there were no rides available, lucky for me, Sandy took delivery of his brand new Gene Richards Camaro, It even had his name already lettered on it. It had never been driven by Sandy. I was walking around the pits and Sandy & his brother Hank hired me. Our friendship began and led to us being lifelong friends.

We had so much fun together, experiencing the Thrill of victory & Agony of defeat along the way. Thru all those Checkered Flags ,even the nights we were tore up, Sandy would give me that Slager smile and would say “we’ll get it fixed “Red”. Thru my Career everybody called me “Fireball” but to Sandy I was just “Red”. There are so many memorable Moments of us together, even when I moved on to other teams. I’ll never forget in 1978 we broke on Friday night and we were out for the NCTC 200 weekend. I was a last minute replacement in Larry Jackson’s Camaro & finished 2nd in the 200 Lapper. When I came off the Podium the first one there Congratulating and hugging me was Sandy. That hug meant more to me than all the money I made ! Thru the years Sandy’s Black # 19 cars were always nice looking. He spent a lot of time maintaining them. It was my Honor to be part of the Team when he won Best Appearing Late Model & then a few years later Best Appearing Pit Crew. Speaking of the Crew, Sandy & those guys always had my back.

In the 80’s there was a Rookie who Dumped me in the infield 2 features in a row. The next race Sandy said “If that Blue car even touches you, you better make sure he doesn’t finish the race or don’t come back to the pit area”. LOL. We laughed. On the 2nd lap of the Feature that Blue car spun me into the infield. I came out and was idling down the Front Straightaway waiting for him when the Red flag came out. Somebody else beat me to it and violently wrecked that rookie, with the Race stopped, I climbed out and I look over and the fight was on. It was the Black #19 Shirts against the Blue #57 Shirts. That Rookie never fooled with us again during a race! Thru the Years one comical memory, it wasn’t often we had a motor problem but when we did Sandy would say he would have it ready for tomorrow night Red. I’ll dig out Ole Milky and we’ll swap out the heads. During the winter Hank found this old Short block on his Farm in the Milk house Barn. It became old Reliable and Sandy & crew would revive it so we wouldn’t miss a night of Santa Fe Points, this went on for several years. They even installed a Santa Fe Sportsman motor for one night so we wouldn’t lose any Points.

In 1980 I was in-between rides, Sandy had 2 cars a Blue Howe car & Jimmy Kamper built him a Black Howe car. I drove the Blue car one night and I wasn’t fast enough to get out of my own way, that thing had a mind of its own. We regrouped and I drove the new Howe car on the next ½ show, during the 50 lap race the Throttle Stuck, I wrecked into the infield. I will be always thankful for Jimmy Pohlman & Tony Zartler who pulled me out of that car & Sandy smiled, hugged me and said we’ll rebuild the car for the NCTC weekend. Red, your Driving the Black Howe car Sat night for the Qualifiers. I won the Fast heat, & followed that up 4th in the Feature. If we didn’t have an overheating problem during the 200 on Sunday we would have certainly been in the top 5. Through it all we had memorable weekends and a lot of laughs & plenty of Beer after the races. Sandy was a genuine nice guy, I never really saw him mad. I had a couple of horrific wrecks at Santa Fe ½ Mile & Crown Pt. IN. the car was pretty much totaled but he made me feel good ,he was just glad I was okay and as always said “I’ll fix it “Red”. One year I was driving for another team and Sandy’s driver wasn’t racing very well so he had Skippy Michaels test drive the car one night and Skippy won the 2nd heat from the back. I walked over to congratulate Skippy & Sandy says what do you think we should change? Skippy said “I think you should leave it alone” Sandy says come on we gotta change something. Skippy said “well then change the driver tomorrow night”. We all busted out laughing & that Slager Smile was priceless.

Santa Fe Regulars had their favorite Parking Spaces in the pit area. Sandy always parked his Truck & Trailer against the Back exit gate. One night one of the guards locked the Gate and Sandy unrolled his torch and cut the lock & chain off when the lights were turned off. There were alcoholic beverages connected with that one! I never laughed so hard in my life the whole backside of the pits lit up when he fired up that Torch!

In the 80’s it was a Family affair every Sat night at Santa Fe, Sandy’s 2 son’s Butch & Garrett started their Racing careers in the Sportsman division. We all parked together & every weekend Win or lose Sandy was always Smiling. After the races the rest of our families came down to the pit area and we partied till they turn the lights out. In later years Butch & Garrett drove for their Dad in Late Models too. I clearly remember the nights that they both carried the Checkered Flag for their Dad. Each time I walked over to Sandy he was beaming with pride & it was fun celebrating with him as I had watched those two guys grow up around racing. I was still part of the Family even though I was on another team on those nights.

The Door off of Sandy’s original 1977 Camaro is on display at Joe’s Garage Museum in Towanda, IL. Near (Bloomington) 306 E. Jackson St. Towanda,IL. 61776. It is a nice tribute to the Slager Racing Legacy. This past March I was up from Florida & heard Sandy wasn’t doing too good, I stopped by his house and we had about 45 minutes together. It was great seeing him and we relived all the Fun we had as a team! Just 2 ole friends Reliving Checkered Flags. RIP Buddy
Thanks for the Memories Sandy Your friend always “Fireball”

Remembering Erik JohnsonI am sad to report we have lost 2016 Inductee Erik Johnson, He was a true pioneer of Chicagoland...

Remembering Erik Johnson

I am sad to report we have lost 2016 Inductee Erik Johnson, He was a true pioneer of Chicagoland Short Track Racing ! I have fond memories as a young boy growing up at Mance Park Speedway cheering for Martinelli Bros owned Chopped down 49 chevy # 8 Modified. I always thought it was Cool, there were no other cars like it and Erik won a lot of races in it. I found out years later that my buddy "Whitey" Harris actually bought that car, & used it to start his driving career. I remember My Dad & I (who was the Flagman at Mance Park) We went to O'Hare Stadium for a couple nights, Dad replaced Art Kelly because he was on Vacation and both Nights it was a thrill for me to see Erik Clean house with his Martinelli Red & White Convertible. I had never seen Convertible racing before before ! I would often read in Midwest Racing news about Erik winning where ever he raced in Northern Illinois . In the mid 80's I was at Stan Kalwasinski's Yearly Memorabilia show, on Halsted St . My Dad was so excited, he brings Erik to me and says ,Do you know who this is ? I said no, Erik opens his wallet and shows me this crumpled photo of the #8 Modified , I said: Hell Yes , It's Erik Johnson , It was so cool hadn't seen him in almost 30 yrs. My Dad was so proud to tell Erik I was driving Late Models at Santa Fe every Sat & Sunday. Fast forward another 30 years. In 2016 when the Hall Of Fame Members votes were counted & Erik Made it in ! I was Happy that meant I would see him again , Living in Nevada , he couldn't attend but I did get to congratulate him by Phone, His Family accepted the award and his Step-Son Scott Simpson donated many personal Racing Items, Trophies and including his O'Hare Stadium Championship yearly Pit pass for Erik's Display ! Erik Johnson's Display is one of the most Popular at the Historic Auto Attractions Museum Roscoe, IL. In Closing Great Memories of all the races that I personally saw Erik win and the Smile on my Dad's face when I told him Erik Johnson would be inducted into the 2016 Hall of Fame ! RIP Erik Your friend Art Fehrman Pictured : Erik 2016 & his Induction poster , Mance Pk. #8 Modified, Mance Pk. Coupe Win, Santa Fe Speedway Win Note No Tee Shirt, 1968 Championship Yearly Pit Pass Award


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Illinois Stock Car Hall of Fame Art Fehrman Here's the 130 Slides from the Induction Ceremony. Please Enjoy. Slide Design by Misfit Productions Photos provided by Illinois Stock Car Hall of Fame
Leroy Roberts Services—The Elms Funeral Home 7600 Grand Ave Elmwood Park
Trying to get more history on Don waldvogel just wondering on his racing was he a ledgend?
Can't make it to Macon Speedway for tonight's racing program? Can't get off work quick enough to make it to the race track? Looking for great racing action to watch? Tune in to the Macon Speedway LIVE PPV broadcast of tonight's MOWA 410 Winged Sprint Cars + Full Racing Program and 2020 Illinois Stock Car Hall of Fame Celebration for Butch Garner, part of the excitement of our 75th season. Six divisions will race to drop the green flag at Macon. Built FORD Tough Midwest Open Wheel Association Delivered By Morrow Brothers Ford, Inc. 410 Winged Sprint Cars, DIRTcar Racing UMP Pro Crate Late Models, DIRTcar UMP Pro Modifieds (BMods), Archers Alley​ DIRTcar UMP Street Stocks, DIRTcar UMP Hornets, and 600cc Winged Outlaw Micro Sprints presented by Bailey Chassis Company are on the card Don't miss out on racing at Macon this year just because you cannot be here! Cost is $15 to see the whole night of racing shot by 20+ year motorsports videograpy veteran, Muddboss Video​ cameraman Chuck Flynn on your smart phone, tablet, computer, etc. Go to or check out and click on the Macon Speedway LIVE icon or go to sign up. Broadcast will start at approximately 6:30 PM Central Time.
IT IS RACE DAY AT MACON SPEEDWAY! The Built Ford Tough MOWA Sprint Cars presented by Morrow Brothers cap off a doubleheader opening weekend tonight at Macon Speedway. The wicked fast sprints will be joined by 5 of Macon’s regular divisions. The MOWA Sprints have had a delayed start this season due to COVID-19, not racing their opener until last night at Lincoln Speedway won by Helena, California driver Rico Abreu, followed by the Macon event tonight. The sprints typically make one appearance a year at the 1/5-mile high banked dirt track. Terry Babb, of Decatur, IL, claimed the win during the series 2019 visit at the track. Another highlight of the evening will be the special appearance by 2020 Illinois Stock Car Hall of Fame driver, Butch Garner. The 3-time track champion will be at the Hall of Fame booth for autographs and story sharing. Butch was the first winner of the famous Herald & Review 100 in 1981. Garner will be honored trackside after opening ceremonies. Full Race Program Information: Saturday, July 18 MOWA 410 Winged Sprint Cars + Full Show 2020 Butch Garner Illinois Stock Car Hall of Fame Celebration Divisions: *Built Ford Tough Midwest Open Wheel Association Delivered By Morrow Brothers Ford, Inc. 410 Winged Sprints *DIRTcar Racing Pro Late Models *DIRTcar Pro Modifieds *Archers Alley DIRTcar Street Stocks *DIRTcar Hornets *600cc Winged Outlaw Micros By Bailey Chassis Company Times: Pits: 3:00 Stands: 5:00 Local Pill Draw Ends: 5:45 Hot laps: 6:00 Racing: 7:00 Grandstand Pricing: Adults – $18 Children 11 & Under – Free Pit passes and tickets will be sold at the gate on race day. Live PPV About Macon Speedway: For more information, follow Macon Speedway online at, on Facebook ( and Twitter (@maconspeedway). It’s easy to join the Macon Speedway text service. Fans can text MSFANS to 74574 to receive fan information. Drivers text MSDRIVERS to 74574 to receive driver information. Message and data rates apply. Updates are also available by calling Macon Speedway at 217-764-3000. Macon Speedway is located nine miles south of Decatur on U.S. 51, then 0.6 miles west on Andrews Street and south to 205 N. Wiles. Macon Speedway hosts racing every Saturday night, plus many weeknight specials. Macon Speedway is a proud member of the Contingency Connection's $150,000 Racer Rewards Program.
Some of the highlights from the Illinois Stock Car Hall of Fame day!
The 1992 ARCA Supercar Series book is finally here! Roughly two years in the making, this almost 266 page, 1300+ photo full color, spiral bound (for easy study and research) publication looks back at one of the greatest #ARCARacing campaigns in history! Two ARCA races were contested in Illinois that season (both on the Fairgrounds diets in Sprinhfield and DuQuoin) and 1992 #ARCA Champion Bobby #Bowsher, who eventually took the title in his #Ford over #Chrysler driver Bob #Keselowski, does the Introduction for this publication and not only shares some behind the scenes stories but humorous ones as well! Written by Award Winning journalist and #NMPA Member Kevin Schwarze, it is told in a "lap by lap" format, including key interviews and comments from the major players in just about every event. As well, the pictures are crisp and are shot in a candid, "photojounalist" style which gives you the feeling as if you're right there, seeing and hearing the action first hand! But, victory lane, on track action (which some paint schemes not having been seen since 1992!), pit stops and even wrecks are also captured in these pages by the best photographers in the world! Friendly disagreements can be settled here over who sponsored whom and who owned what and drove for which owner. And not only are the top ten in driver points updated following each event here, but so are owners points! But, the contingency and special awards standings are also presented in this book. So rest assured, stats thought long ago lost are right here in these pages! Still, it doesn't stop there! Race shops visited are Bob and Ron Keselowski's, the Gary Hawes team, Charlie Newby's place and Wayne Dellinger's! These folks kindly granted us full access at that time so you can see what it was like with 1992 technology! Jack Bowsher, Jr., there for just about the entire season and present for some of motor racing's most memorable moments, said this recently: "Kevin, you're the man! Nobody appreciates all you have done more than preserved a lot of racing history! If not for you alot of memories would just fade out and die!" Ordering is easy! You can use your credit card, PayPal or check/money order! For any order, if you prefer or are able, please use the provided form either by PDF or print it and send it to us at the address below. If paying by credit card, you can include it on that form, write it on a separate form, call at 248-688-1234 or you can email it to us at [email protected] or by messaging us here (and no we do NOT save credit card information so your accounts should be safe thru our use of Square). If you utilize the last method of check or money order, please mail payment payable to: HIE Publishing PO Box 4572 Troy, MI 48099-4572 If you prefer the book in E-format, please email us and we will present the shipping method to you. The cost is only $24.95 plus 4.95 S/H (but we'll waive the $4.95 fee if ordered before October 1st, 2019). Thank you for your interest in this one of a kind piece of racing history! And everyone here at HIE Publishing thanks you in advance for your book order! More information can be seen at the HIE Publishing page on Facebook and on Twitter at @HIEPublishing. (This publication is NOT a product of the Automobile Racing Club of America...or "ARCA". HIE Publishing is a privately owned entity and claims and reserves the rights afforded to it as a member of the press under the Bill of Rights of the United States of America, as well as reserving all rights under Biblical Law concerning protections and freedoms).
Is Ken Finley in the hall of fame?
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Photos from the Illinois Stock Car Hall of Fame Induction Banquet are now available at
Shirt made for John Connolly Illinois Stock Car Hall of Fame induction.