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We love animation, film, and contemporary art, and we specialize in proprietary projects with contemporary artists, and original and limited edition OFFICIAL art from all the major film studios--we have exclusive art from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and all the Disney features.

We also interview artists and filmmakers about their art and craft and their careers, to both inspire and promote those who are dedicated to a life in art--whatever form it may take. As Cinema Siren, we especially focus on women and diversity in film, but we also love superheroes and blockbusters (when they're good or fun or both!) Check out our interviews and ask us about art commissions. Many of the pieces we create for our collectors go on to be sell-out limited edition images!


We have some amazing originals by John Alvin we just got in the gallery. Full color art by him from #StarWars, #LordoftheRings and #BladeRunner. Come see them in person... because you know you are a fan :)


did we put Jessica in the middle of the princesses? YES. She is Princess of the Power Stare. All of these are limited editions by William Silvers, and we also have some of these as originals. #JessicaRabbit #Belle #Ariel #Jasmine #Cinderella #DisneyFineArt #PrincessPower Who is your favorite princess?


For folks who are checking out #AwesomeCon stop by the gallery sometime. We’ve been here 25 years selling exclusive art by the artists who worked on the movies you love.

For example, we just got art from #LordoftheRings by #JohnAlvin. He also created the movie poster for the original #BladeRunner and #ET. We have art from those movies as well. AND we are the only gallery in the DC area to carry the official art of #AlexRoss & #JimLee. Also check out our website at! #AwesomeCon2018 #StarWars #Disney #HarryPotter #FilmArtbytheFilmmakers #geekart #marvel #DCComics #JLA #DoctorStrange #WonderWoman


Come see some great John Alvin originals this week and weekend—we aren’t open Easter Sunday, but we are celebrating Spring and the blossoming of optimism and newness this Saturday, so stop by!! #JohnAlvin #StarWars #Willow #TimBurton #Batman #LordoftheRings #StarTrek #Pinocchio #BeautyandtheBeast


This weekend, in honor of the courageous teenagers (and the many wonderful teachers) who are standing up for change, we will be donating a percentage of sales at Artinsights to Every Town For Gun Safety or the Alzheimer's Association, whichever our clients choose.

So if you’ve never come by, haven’t come for a while, or want to see the CRAZY AWESOME Star Wars, Harry Potter, & Disney art we have, or have some framing to do, come by after 3pm on Saturday or Sunday 12-6 if you want to see Leslie,

Or visit Michael Barry (KING OF FRAMING!) between 10-3 on Saturday.

We will donate part of the sale to a worthy cause that will, in one way or another, help bring more clarity to our future 💜💕. COME SEE US—and have a great weekend!

Post a gif below to let us know who your favorite courageous character in film or animation is:
(I’ll start)


This is a wonderful series! Check out the storyboards from Oscar-winner Coco—

ps: you can commission art by several of the artists who actually worked on the movie: Manny Hernandez, and Daniel Arriaga. Let us know if you’re interested!

Put your hands together for Coco Script-To-Screen!


Yup. Star Wars history, currently in our gallery. #JohnAlvin #ReturnoftheJedi #StarWars #FilmHistory

UNCOVERED!: an early comp when Return was still called Revenge of the Jedi! This was created by John Alvin and ultimately was painted as the advance by an artist named Tim Reamer. It’s always so exciting to find some more of his art that was and is part of Star Wars history!
Legendary Animator & Oscar-Nominee Glen Keane on Teaming up With Kobe Bryant, his Disney Past & More—Part I - The Credits

Many of you know I (co-owner Leslie Combemale) also write about film. Well, now I'm writing for the MPAA site TheCredits, and I'm incredibly honored to be in such great company. As exampled by my pal Susan, who wrote about Glen Keane in this great article: (have you seen his recent shorts? they are sublime!)

Glen Keane is not just a living legend. He’s a Disney Legend (yes, that is an official title). He worked for the studio that Mickey Mouse built starting in the…


There is a wonderful series showing the script and its translation. ENJOY!!

Craving a little fresh, clear, well-seasoned perspective? Feast your eyes on the Ratatouille screenplay.


There's a new release today of Peanuts art! It's the 50th anniversary of He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown-which came out in 1968. And how cute is this??? And there's an actual cafe in Paris called Le Mabillon in St. Germain that's been there since before 68! The piece is $1250 in pre-order, and there are only 68 in the edition, so let us know ASAP if you're wanting it!

Here is the cartoon for those who want to check it out:

and here is the link to buy the art!:
Justice League ALLIANCE limited edition giclee on canvas by Alex Ross

The folks at Alex Ross Art just released a piece only available through fine art galleries. It's a great Justice League piece called Alliance, and you can buy it from us, but there are only 25 in the edition, so now's the Bat-time, and this is the Bat-channel! #JusticeLeague #AlexRoss #Alliance

Justice League: Alliance by Alex Ross is ONLY available through official galleries. Order your piece ASAP since with only 25, it's going to sell out!


In honor of the anniversary of "BE MY VALENTINE, CHARLIE BROWN", we announce we have some amazing sold out limited editions from the MOST classic Peanuts cartoons, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Christmas specials.

These work-intensive pieces were hand-painted, with special airbrush touches and lots of extra elements, and were only released in editions of 65 and 66. The link to the images goes to our page for Peanuts director Larry Leichliter, who brought many of the most classic cartoon specials to fans. Check them out and buy them here, and know we have only one of each! SNOOPY LOVERS UNITE!!


I'm posting this here before I go anywhere else as a special thank you for following the gallery on Facebook--I discovered I have one of the Christmas Peanuts limited editions they released that is NUTS in it's work, detail, and inclusion of characters and scenes of the classic cartoon.

These sold out immediately, so apologies if I was meant to offer it up to you, but now is the time! it's 30 inches long and took weeks for each to be hand-painted. The piece is $5600 unframed. Please PM me if you're interested. Thanks!!
Announcing art by Star Wars & Disney concept artist William Silvers!

Hey! We have a new newsletter! I'm adding the art of William Silvers as fast as possible to our site, but come check it out in person this weekend! We also have a popup on Sunday with Scrawl Books called "Movie Mania: Ode to the Oscars" where we'll have folks with cool books from Coco, Blade Runner, Black Panther, The Darkest Hour, and more!

It might be cold outside, but it's heating up at ArtInsights!


Join us for Small Business Support Sundays this Sunday where we are partnering with Scrawl Books in our gallery--YOU LOVE DC? we have you covered!! 12-5pm.
Spotlight on Studio Art: IN HONOR OF THE LAST JEDI, a look at STAR WARS ART (and a review of the great new film!) - Artinsights Film Art Gallery

We wrote about The Art of Star Wars and included my Cinema Siren review on the latest "Spotlight on Studio Art"...also, there's a new original Roger Kastel on there. (OMG! You mean the guy who made the Empire Strikes Back poster? YES!)

Some great art, explained just a bit, and a spoiler-free review? Yes'm! #MaytheForceBeWithYou

Many of you know I’m also a film critic. I got to see the great new Star Wars release on Monday, and there’s a review on our sister site, Cinema Siren. But for all you fans who want to read it who DON’T go on there regularly, it’s at the bottom of this article. *it’s …

Studio Art - Artinsights Film Art Gallery

We've been writing about the art in the gallery on the Studio Art section of our ArtInsights blog. Today I talked about the red hot minute Disney was willing to sell storybook art from Disney Publishing. I've also written about Alex Ross, John Alvin, and Harry Potter production designer Stuart Craig...Check out the latest posts here: (and don't forget to shop for special, unusual awesome gifts on our site!)

Spotlight on Studio Art: The Queen Transforms Disney Publishing Original Disney Storybook Art Illustration By Leslie Combemale | December 10, 2017 I wanted to tell collectors about one of the rare times we could buy Disney storybook art directly from Disney. Quite a few years ago, around the time Di...
Spotlight on Studio Art: The Art of Alex Ross, at ArtInsights and on video, his career, his art, his inspiration

Did you know there are a bunch of new videos of Alex Ross being interviewed? On the new Spotlight on Studio Art blog on our ArtInsights website, I wrote an article on Alex Ross, his art, his inspiration, and included a bunch of videos. Check it out!
Spotlight on Studio Art: The Harry Potter Concept Art by Production Designer Stuart Craig

Here's what's happening: I just wrote a thing about Harry Potter art. and I included an interview I did with production designer Stuart Craig some years ago. Check that out, if you're a fan:

Also: Many of you know I (Leslie) am a film critic as well as a gallery owner. The critics group I belong to, WAFCA, just nominated entries for their awards. Here's the list, in case you're looking for great movies to go see during the holidays.

Read our nomimations here:

We'll be announcing our winners soon. I am SO PROUD Mudbound got so many nominations. It's a great, woman-led film.

Stuart Craig is the Harry Potter film series production designer. ArtInsights has the art released for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. We talk about it & him:
Spotlight on Studio Art: FOUND! Gremlins Teaser Trailer Storyboards by John Alvin

We found the coolest John Alvin #GREMLINS art and did some research on it--I wrote the latest "Spotlight on Studio Art" on it on our website, and here it is! It really shows the difference in film illustration then (1984) and now. 17 complete paintings created as storyboards for the teaser trailer. The set is for sale, and can be bought on the website--but we sincerely hope whoever falls in love with it keeps it together! (because obviousy!)

Annnnd THIS is when I love my job. :)

Spotlight on Studio Art: FOUND! Gremlins Teaser Trailer Storyboards by John Alvin-read about these 17 great images used to make the Gremlins teaser trailer!


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