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Ethiopian Empire Heritage Museum The most incredible gift we can give to our Ethiopian(All Black People) Families of Diaspora is the chance to discover a key aspect of who they are.

Our Vision Redeemed families, communities, and societies worldwide through The Black Peoples Of The World Divine Heritage. Our passion for what we do is driven by our foundational values: We believe that all people are of infinite value, regardless of age, developments, appearance or ability. We believe sex is given by The Spirit Of Creation as an expression of love to be shared and enjoyed exclusively between a husband and wife. We believe that marriage is the foundation of family life, and that The Spirit Of Creation design for marriage is a relationship where both husband and wife are committed to loving and caring for one another for a lifetime. Justice-We believe that Ethiopians have a responsibility to promote truth and social policy that improves the strength and health of the family, as The Spirit Of Creation designed. We believe children are a gift from The Most High and The Ancient Ancestors of the black peoples of the world, and thrive best in a home where both mother and father are committed to raising them with love, intention, and care. And we believe that parents should aspire to model for their children how to humbly follow the teachings and spirit of MAAT & KRST(Christ) Consiouness at home & the community.

Mission: Our purpose of life is to know and glorify Our Ancient Ethiopian Heritage through an authentic relationship with Ethiopians in Ethiopia & Ethiopians Of Diaspora. This purpose is lived out first within our own families then extended, in love, to an increasingly broken world that desperately needed.Through our radio broadcasts, websites, simulcasts, conferences, interactive forums, magazines, books, counseling and much more, The Ethiopian World Federation equips parents, children and spouses to thrive in an ever-changing, ever-more-complicated world.

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Happy EMANCIPATION Day my Jamaican and Rastafarian Family. August 1st is the Day Jamaica and other Caribbean countries c...
Jamaica’s high court rules school can ban dreadlocks

Happy EMANCIPATION Day my Jamaican and Rastafarian Family. August 1st is the Day Jamaica and other Caribbean countries celebrate Freedom from Slavery. On the eve of Emancipation Day this is how the Jamaica Supreme Court and THEREFORE the government, shows it is still a white, Slave-Owner state. That is why I am totally opposed to these White/Slave-owned Caribbean countries that enacted Slave laws to oppress and murder Black people, seeking REPARATIONS for the same descendants of kidnapped and enslaved Ethiopians/Africans they dehumanized. You can help the children of slaves bring their demands to the World - you cannot speak for the people! Probably one exceptional government in the Caribbean is St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The case touched on issues of identity and one of the most recognizable symbols of Jamaica’s Rastafarian heritage.

Photos from Ethiopian Empire Heritage Museum's post

Photos from Ethiopian Empire Heritage Museum's post

Ancient Nyahbinghi Warrior and Priestess.

Ancient Nyahbinghi Warrior and Priestess.

A remarkable photo find: Muhumuza, a rebel leader and priestess, arrested by the Germans in 1908 and the British in 1911. She spent the last few decades of her life interned in Kampala, supported by four servants and selling her cows' milk. The colonisers feared her influence and spirit medium fame, so she was never allowed to return to the southwest of Uganda. But that didn't stop her from secretly initiating many visitors into the rituals of Nyabingi, the traditional goddess of fertility.


This photo has created much interest, so let us share more info from our research for Gorilla Highlands on the iPad...

Muhumuza, born c. 1870, was a wife of King Rwabugiri of Rwanda. On his death she believed her son to be the rightful heir. She led a coalition against the German-backed young king, Musinga, but was captured by them in 1908; they interned her in Bukoba until 1911 when she was either released or escaped.

She was a Nyabingi medium who instructed her followers to search for the sacred drum, Kalinga. She claimed that when it was found her son would become king and all her followers would receive cows from underground. She predicted that bullets would turn to water.

She was later described as:
"By dint of years of training, she has acquired a high falsetto voice and professes inability to walk normally, her method of position being on tip-toe in a crouching position with the aid of two sticks. The chiefs with scarcely an exception trembled whenever her look was directed towards them."

When she established her headquarters at Ikumba near Kabale, the English saw this as an insult and a threat; they attacked her camp in 1911 and, after a six-hour battle, defeated her forces and captured her after she was wounded in the foot.

The arrest caused complications because the area had not yet been formally incorporated into the Uganda Protectorate therefore the Kigezi administration had no power to try her. The Governor ordered her to be interned in Kampala where she remained until she died in 1945.

UPDATE 2: We have written more about Nyabingi:

UPDATE 3: Seeing how much Muhumuza means to so many, we felt it would be nice to include her in the latest version of the Gorilla Highlands promo video. It's some seconds only, but a tribute nevertheless:

UPDATE 4: An expanded story and picture:

Gorilla Highlands project:

Photo from E. M. Jack's "On the Congo Frontier" published in 1914, available in the library of the Uganda Society.

» Haiti becomes part of the African Union » BBNOMICS
» Haiti becomes part of the African Union » BBNOMICS

» Haiti becomes part of the African Union » BBNOMICS

Posted on May 10, 2016 By Staff With 10 comments Haiti becomes part of the African Union Haitian Ambassador to South Africa, Jacques Junior Baril says Haiti finally being part of the African Union (AU) is a place that the country earned as they paved way to other African countries to be free today.....

NBC News

Big lesson on the status of the Black Family in Amerikkka. Kanye might benefit from this.

"It's a cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his bootstraps.

And many Negroes, by the thousands and millions, have been left bootless … as the result of a society that deliberately made his color a stigma...”

We have restored 26 minutes of video from this 1967 NBC News interview with MLK, where he discussed a "new phase" of the civil rights struggle 11 months before the assassination. #MLK

Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rul...
Satanist opens city council meeting, and, well, just watch

Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Ephesians 6:12 speaks of “spiritual wickedness in high places.” Please notice carefully that the Bible says our battle is against wickedness in high places. That means our battle is against all Anti- CHRIST demonstrations

David Suhor from the Satanic Temple delivered a unique invocation after several minutes of protester disruption at a Pensacola City Council meeting on July 14.

Atlanta Black Star
Atlanta Black Star

Atlanta Black Star

He was reportedly sold into slavery following the fall of Abysinnian Bengal, an African kingdom ruled by Ethiopians.

The Minoan civilisation arose on the Mediterranean island of Crete in approximately the 27th century BC and flourished f...
The Palace of Knossos: The place where legends were born - Abandoned Spaces

The Minoan civilisation arose on the Mediterranean island of Crete in approximately the 27th century BC and flourished for 12 centuries until the 15th century BC.

But the culture was lost until British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans unearthed its remains on Crete in 1900, where he found vestiges of a civilisation he believed was formed by refugees from northern Egypt.

Modern archaeologists have cast doubt on that version of events, and now DNA tests of Minoan remains suggests they were descended from ancient farmers who settled the islands thousands of years earlier.

Evans set to work on Crete in 1900 with a team of archaeologists soon after the island was liberated from the yoke of the Ottoman empire, almost immediately unearthing a great palace.

He named the civilisation he discovered after the legendary Greek king Minos and, based on likenesses between Minoan artifacts and those from Egypt and Libya, proposed that its founders migrated into the area from North Africa.

The Palace of Knossos is the largest and most impressive remnant of the Minoan civilization. This ancient civilization thrived on Crete 2000 years B.C. and planted the seeds for the later classical culture in Greece and throughout the Mediterranean. The roots of the Western culture lie here. The rem...

Kush*te-Kemetic Spiritual Science ኩሽኸመት መንፈሳዊ ትንታኔ

Kush*te-Kemetic Spiritual Science ኩሽኸመት መንፈሳዊ ትንታኔ

The origins of Kemet do not come from just one part of Africa. Kemet's origins come from various regions of Africa. I will explain how and why:

1. The first population to settle Kemet came from Central Africa's Great Lakes region. They moved up the Nile following the wildlife and rich fruit trees.

2. The original reason Kemet became so populated by Africans is because it is the only landbridge Africa had with another continent. During the early era of the Neanderthal who dominated Eurasia, human beings did not leave Africa because of the Neanderthal who was much savagely stronger and much more populous than homosapiens. Thus, Kemet served as a protective boundary to prevent the savage Neanderthals from entering Africa. This is the reason Kemet was a major center of human gathering since the dawn of homosapiens.

3. The desertification of the Sahara (which was the most populous region of the world at the time) led to many Africans moving east to the rich Nile Valley. The desertification of the Nubian Desert (the desert east of the Nile) and the horn of Africa also lead to many moving into the Nile Valley.

In short, Kemet's origins are from all of Africa, not just one region of Africa.
Emperor Haile Selassie I's grandson (H.I.H Ermias Sahle Selassie) receives warm welcome in Jamaica on the 50th anniversary of H.I.M.'s visit April 21, 1966!

Jamaicans, and to be more specific, “The Rasta Community” were elated on Thursday when the grandson (H.I.H Ermias Sahle Selassie) of the “Messiah” Haile Sellasie graced the island with his presence, marking the 50th anniversary [...]

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

ECADF Ethiopian News
ECADF Ethiopian News

ECADF Ethiopian News

”My definition of land grabbing is when transnational companies seize public lands in developemnt countries without permission from local communities and without compensation. In Ethiopia this land grabbing is also done by force. People do not voluntarily move from their homes.”

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

The Holy Scriptures are one of the two great foundations of the faith and here is what our church holds and teaches conc...

The Holy Scriptures are one of the two great foundations of the faith and here is what our church holds and teaches concerning it. The word of God is not contained in the Bible alone, it is to be found in tradition as well. The Sacred Scriptures are the written word of God who is the author of the Old and New Testaments containing nothing but perfect truth in faith and morals. But God’s word is not contained only in them, there is an unwritten word of God also, which we call apostolic tradition. We receive the one and other with equal veneration.-

Caspar the Black King of Germany (Moorish Man)

Caspar the Black King of Germany (Moorish Man)

Saint Valentine was A ETHIOPIAN Christian martyr who lived in the Tunisia Roman province of Africa.  According to the of...

Saint Valentine was A ETHIOPIAN Christian martyr who lived in the Tunisia Roman province of Africa. According to the official biography of the Diocese of Terni, Bishop Valentine was born and lived in Interamna and was imprisoned and tortured in Rome on February 14, 273, while on a temporary stay there. His body was buried in a hurry at a nearby cemetery and a few nights later his disciples came and carried him home.

Τhe Roman Martyrology, the Catholic Church’s official list of recognized saints, for February 14 gives only one Saint Valentine; a martyr who died on the Via Flaminia.

The name “Valentine”, derived from valens (worthy, strong, powerful), was popular in Late Antiquity.


Vicente GuerreroVicente Guerrero, Mexico's first black president, was his nation's Lincoln. In 1829 he issued Mexico's s...

Vicente Guerrero
Vicente Guerrero, Mexico's first black president, was his nation's Lincoln. In 1829 he issued Mexico's slavery abolition decree (which led a few years later to Texas slave holders taking Texas out of Mexico).

Photos from Ethiopian Empire Heritage Museum's post

Photos from Ethiopian Empire Heritage Museum's post

Ashra Kwesi

Ashra Kwesi

We have just returned from conducting a great December/January tour to Ethiopia. Brochures, pricing and details for 2017 will be available this spring. Expected dates are December 28, 2017 - January 8, 2018. Information will be posted once arrangements are finalized.



True knowledge comes in various packages. Listen!

Underground American Aborigine

Underground American Aborigine

Virginia passed two acts in November of 1682 that joined Native Americans and Africans into one racial category "negroes and other slaves."

And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid that all servants except Turkes and *Moores, whilest in amity with his majesty which from and after publication of this act shall be brought or imported into this country, either by sea or land, whether Negroes, *Moors, Mollattoes or Indians, who and whose parentage and native country are not christian at the time of their first purchase of such servant by some christian, although afterwards, and before such their importation and bringing into this country, they shall be converted to the christian faith; and all Indians which shall hereafter be sold by our neighbouring Indians, or any other trafiqueing with us as for slaves are hereby adjudged, deemed and taken to be slaves to all intents and purposes, any law, usage or custome to the countrary notwithstanding

The Statutes at Large, Vol. 2: Being a Collection of All the Laws of Virginia, from the First Session of the Legislature, in the Year 1619; Published ... Passed on the Fifth Day of February, 1808
By William Waller Hening

Dark skin natives indigenous to the Western Hemisphere(aka Indians) were reclassified during the 17 and 1800's as Negroes and Coloreds.

Certain dark skin natives, indigenous to the Western Hemisphere(aka Indians) we're given an ultimatum, "Go to Oklahoma and be an Indian on the reservation, or stay where you're at and be reclassified as a Negro or Colored".

Most dark skin natives indigenous to the Western Hemisphere(aka Indians) who were be classified as Negro or Colored, during the 17 and 1800's, have found themselves in the 20th and 21st century, again reclassified as Black Americans and African-Americans

It appears there is a distinction between the word 'Moores'(???) and 'Moors'(a dark skinned person i.e. moorish i.e. blackamoor i.e. muurs)???
(No etymology recorded for the specific spelling of 'Moores..')'

visible shared physical characteristics between both 'Native Americans' and Africans(i.e. skin color, facial features, hair types) especially among the midwest, eastern, southern tribes and Mesoamerica

*Legal Implication
Note: the terms Negro and Colored is synonymous with "Indian" and binds you to the land of America in historical record & legal precedent. Removing these terms from federal law evidence for 'legal' compensation in commerce(remedy), and your connection to this land, leaving it "abandoned"...

Eliminating the connections between 'Negro', 'Native American' and 'African'....
Obama signs bill eliminating 'Negro,' 'Oriental' from federal laws


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