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Asymmetrik Gallery Art gallery ASYMETRIK Gallery houses some of today’s most powerful voices in contemporary culture.

Its singular and anthropological approach is reflected through a dialogue with popular culture, fashion, urban street culture, nature, and its humanity. ASYMETRIK’s portfolio reflects its pluralistic vision by presenting established artists who have shown amongst such iconic institutions as the New York Metropolitan Museum, MoMA, the Rome Museum of Contemporary Art, and La Maison Européenne de la Photographie. All inquiries, please contact [email protected]


Check out Christophe von Hohenberg's solo show at Art New York at Pier 94. Congratulations, Chrissy!!


Beauties at record breaking prices.

Witness the historic moment when the hammer fell on the 59.60 carat CTF Pink Star diamond as it sold for US$71.2m (HK$553m) establishing a new World Auction Record for Any Diamond or Jewel and Auction Record for Any Work Sold in Asia!


Congratulations on Christophe von Hohenberg's successful solo exhibition! Link for ABC TV coverage for the exhibition.

Photographer Christophe von Hohenberg previews his upcoming exhibit at Alfstad& Contemporary gallery. Check out the Suncoast premiere of these Warhol photos!


Solo show: Christophe von Hohenberg "Remembering Warhol" March 3 - April 1 at Alfstad& Contemporary


Crystal Cave Sparkles with Miraculous Brightness

ASYMMETRIK Galley is pleased to present "Crystal Cave",
a solo exhibition of works by Tang-Wei Hsu.

After the Nature's Wonderland on display in 2013, Tang-Wei Hsu, a renowned international artist, continues breaking new ground on his endeavors in New York. His work has been featured in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Denmark, Australia, many cities in the USA, among others. Hsu's large-scale stainless steel sculptures and the plane drawings of creatures (organic patterns) composed in white and black lines and seen as his individual signature, have gradually brought him worldwide acclaim.

Crystal Cave is part of a residency program Tang-Wei Hsu participates in, presented by ASYMMETRIK Gallery. Through in-site creation, the artist intends to show us a crystal-like visual illusion drawn on his imaginative combinations of pressure, temperature and time emanating from the crystal cave. By so doing, interesting aura and visual power formed within and outside the works foster a rich sensorial interaction with the viewers.

For this exhibition, Hsu also produces a series of paintings entitled Invisible Mountain. The artist creates scenic settings resembling natural environments, and further draws a number of entomo-creatures with mechanical details shuttling in the scenes. His unique style and deliberate visual disposition make the Invisible Mountain look like some unknown kingdom in the real cosmos; moreover, the artist’s imagination apparently becomes truer because of compact spatial composition. “The artist let them steadily lie on a realistic ‘relay space’ which seems to neither come nor leave. They are just as unrestrained fantasies emerged out of imagination overstepping reality,“ describes Sheng-Hung Wang (art critic).

If plane works (either drawings or paintings) as a whole are a blueprint of Tang-Wei Hsu’s dream world, sculptures may no doubt be regarded as his practice of 3-dimensional shaping. Hsu makes a big effort to bring planets seemingly from the outer space or sculptures of outlandish flowers and plants into the public space of real life. In this exhibition, the Animal Scales is a series of sculptures, which can be seen as carefully hatched crystals; that is because it was hard to anticipate what the works would be like in time during the process of creation. Apart from organic black lines and candy-like colors, the artist specially retains the characteristic of mirror stainless steel on parts of the surface, so that the works can reflect the fluidity formed between the viewers themselves and the exhibit space. Providing that the small model of Pocono Bud on display is outlandish flowers with Hsu’s attentive care, the small Flowers floating in the space are as adorable as accidentally falling wildflowers and sprawling weeds with exuberant vitality.

By the concept of dynamics, Tang-Wei Hsu will proceed to work in site for a series of long black-and-white paintings: Invisible Mountain. In addition, there are five drawings of late, apart from several multi-component sculptures installed in the gallery. Ultimately, we want to present the joy and relevance related to the mutual transformation between Hsu’s plane works and 3-dimentional sculptures.

Tang-Wei Hsu’s Solo Exhibition: Crystal Cave
Date: August 10-26, 2016 (Mon-Sat 12-6pm)
Late summer party: August 25 (Thu 7-9pm)
Location: ASYMMETRIK Gallery
314 W 52nd Street, #1, New York, NY 10019


Asymmetrik Gallery's cover photo


It's hard to describe the immense power and calmness from being in front of a Ran Ortner. The show ends this Saturday (2/20) at Robert Miller. Sale/inquiry: [email protected]


The one and only- RAN ORTNER, ocean waves, oil on canvas.


「海岸雕塑展」"Sculpture By The Sea" by Tang-Wei Hsu in Denmark


Celebrate this holiday season with one of kind Helmut Newton vintage silver gelatin print (sold together with its transparency as a set)
"Charlotte Rampling" by Helmut Newton, silver gelatin, 16"x20", with its original 35mm transparency.


Last day in Miami. Element no. 5 by Ran Ortner, by appointment only- +1.646.251.0179.


ASYMMETRIK Gallery in Art Basel - Miami Beach, Dec 1-7. By appointment only - +1.646.251.0179 [email protected]

Helmut Newton
"Toppless in Cannes"
Silver gelatin


HELMUT NEWTON (1920 - 2004)
The Iconic Photographer's
Nov 7, 2014 - Feb 7, 2015
By appointment only.


When you see it, it gets you to the core. Ocean wave by Ran Ortner.

New York artist Ran Ortner paints a particular kind of sea.

Not a boat, not a rock, not a headland, a lighthouse or a human being to be seen.

His ocean is a turbulent place, its surface dented and buckled into complex troughs and peaks, the surface smeared with foam. Ortner’s images convey weight and movement, the physics of water’s behaviour under massive forces. Sometimes, it’s as though a giant wave has passed through, moments before Ortner’s moment, leaving the surface of the sea exhausted.

Such is the visceral realism of Ortner’s work that the paintings arrayed round the walls of his studio look like windows onto a livid sea outside the room.

This is a unique and unforgettable feature. For the full spread of Ran Ortner’s amazing works, and Mick Sowry’s accompanying words, be sure to find yourself a copy of Great Ocean Quarterly Volume 1:4, on sale everywhere 30 October. Photograph David Oglesby


Walk on the wild side


I know what you did last summer.... "Helmut Newton The Private Reserve Collection"

【Exhibition】「轉生湖」 許唐瑋個展 | 許唐瑋 作品集官方網站 | Portfolio of Hsu Tang-Wei

Tang-Wei Hsu's upcoming solo show in Taipei.

【Exhibition】「轉生湖」 許唐瑋個展 / 2014/10/07 / hsu.tangwei 「轉生湖」 許唐瑋個展 展期:2014/10/18-12/08 開幕:10/18 下午3點-5點 展覽地點:非畫廊 台北市長安東路一段4-1號1樓 開放時間:星期一至星期六 11:00am~7:00pm “A Pattern of Reincarnation" Hsu Tang Wei Solo Exhibition Date: 10/18/2014-12/08/2014 Opening Reception: 10/18 3:00pm-5:00pm Location: Beyond…


New York, NY


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