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SIA NY Gallery The Space In Art New York (SIA NY), in collaboration with the community, provides exhibitions, cultu

The Space In Art New York (SIA NY) strives to unveil novel arts in our everyday lives by shining a new light on the mundane; organizing diverse art exhibitions, cultural activities and educational programs; encouraging a community passion for the arts; partnering and collaborating with others committed to the arts; supporting the artists and the communities; and ensuring access to the arts

for the public. Mission
The Space In Art New York (SIA NY), in collaboration with the community, enhances the quality of our everyday life by providing exhibitions, cultural activities, and educational programs in New York metro area. The SIA NY also promotes artists and guides advancement of their works. The Space In Art New York (SIA NY) is developing the partnership with the public venues (i.e., civic halls, public universities, etc.).

Upcoming Show!SIA NY Gallery is pleased to present The Field featuring Myung-Shik Cho’s solo exhibition.  The opening re...

Upcoming Show!

SIA NY Gallery is pleased to present The Field featuring Myung-Shik Cho’s solo exhibition.

The opening reception is on Thursday, June 16, 2016 from 6-8pm at 511 W. 20th St., 2N, New York, NY 10011.

The exhibition is from June 15 to June 28, 2016.
Myung-Shik Cho’s artworks focus on interactions with objects and nature and uncover what is underneath the surface of these interactions. He delineates the preciousness of life found from nature and expresses them on canvas. He throws himself and listens carefully to the mind and body of the circular flow of environment and the movements from the nature and approaches what is innate in the order of nature and the essence of life. Furthermore, he emphasizes that this approach of connection is the essence of his artwork.

Myung-Shik Cho is currently a professor of arts at Kookmin University. He is the recipient of the 1st Public Contest for New Artist by Art-World and a grand prizewinner of Chang-Jark Fine Art Association. He is a graduate of M.F.A. from Seoul National University in painting.

Upcoming show!

Upcoming show!

Make Your Own Imagination ( HuNoo Solo Show)SIA NY Gallery (511 W. 20th St., 2nd Fl., NY, NY 10011) is pleased to presen...

Make Your Own Imagination ( HuNoo Solo Show)

SIA NY Gallery (511 W. 20th St., 2nd Fl., NY, NY 10011) is pleased to present Nostalgia Through the Eyes, the solo exhibition of HuNoo from May 18 to May 24. The opening reception is on Thursday, May 19th, from 6pm to 8pm.

HuNoo uses the shape of 'Eyes' as visual stimulus to reveal his childhood memories to his artworks. In this exhibition the audience will have a closer look into his theme of 'Eyes' from the mutual interaction he brings to his work. Therefore, this will be an opportunity for the audience to vicariously experience his childhood and the unique memories of them as presented through the 'Eyes'.

UPCOMING SCOPE NY See you Then.VIP OPENING SCHEDULEPlatinum First ViewThursday | Mar 3 | 2PM - 4PMVIP | Press PreviewThu...


Platinum First View
Thursday | Mar 3 | 2PM - 4PM

VIP | Press Preview
Thursday | Mar 3 | 4PM - 6PM

Thursday | Mar 3 | 6PM - 10PM
Friday | Mar 4 | 11AM – 8PM
Saturday | Mar 5 | 11AM – 8PM
Sunday | Mar 6 | 11AM – 8PM

639 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

Seung Lee: “CIRCULATION III; Trees of Understanding”Seung Lee, a Korean-born artist working in the New York City area, p...

Seung Lee: “CIRCULATION III; Trees of Understanding”

Seung Lee, a Korean-born artist working in the New York City area, paints trees in a manner that communicates a strong familiarity with New York School practices and esthetics. His mixed-media trees combine verisimilitude with abstraction in a marvelously satisfying variety, so that the forms and colors shift as they engage his audience. Interestingly, Lee’s work in this series shows small Asian influence; instead, the artist has transformed his vision into something more international, more oriented toward the West. Often superimposing grid-like patterns on top of other imagery, such as the tree trunk itself, Lee uses these overlays to set up an experience that is formally exciting and spiritually aware. As a result, the mix of non-objective and figurative imagery close together to construct an art experience that is powerful and long lasting.

In Tree of Soul (2016), Lee shows us how a tree trunk, composed of curling multicolored lines, rises up across the composition. On top of it, he has imposed a blue grid made up of straight lines and drips. On either edge of the painting, we see a yellowish green that descends as a narrow grid down the length of the composition. In the background is a large field of red. Tree of Soul is a powerful, transparent vision that uses the contemporary medium of the grid to center and contextualize a radiant tree that serves as an emblem of spiritual awareness. This is Lee’s great strength: the portrayal of nature as an inspired blend of figuration and abstraction. In Tree of Passion (2016), something similar to Tree of Soul takes place; a transparent tree, made from gridded brown lines, occurs in front of lyrical blue-green imagery that could either be non-objective or representational as foliage. Lee consistently meets the viewer with an intuitive perception addressing the evanescent even as it is rooted in real life. It is a large achievement.


Due to inclement weather our gallery will be closed today.

The Sculptor SIA NYJan 20th –Feb 2nd 2016Opening Jan 28th 6pm-8pm The Sculptor SIA NYEvery Thursday gallery openings tak...

The Sculptor SIA NY
Jan 20th –Feb 2nd 2016
Opening Jan 28th 6pm-8pm

The Sculptor SIA NY
Every Thursday gallery openings take place in Chelsea, the center of world’s art scene filled with high quality exhibitions. However, it is not easy to find a good sculpture show. Most of these exhibitions focus on paintings. Therefore, SIA NY Gallery presents a sculpture exhibition that is entwined with passion and spirits to elevate the quality of sculpture as a public art. SIA NY has selected five best sculptors working in Korea and will bring their work to New York, the capital of contemporary art world. It will be a rare exhibition highlighting the genre of sculpture.

The participating artists are Hee Kyung Kim, Tae Hoon Choi, Byung Jin Kim, Jong Jun Son, and Hyun Woo Son


We are Back SIA NY!

We will be back!

We will be back!

We will be back

We will be back

Scope Miami Beach 2015 Participant Artists:HanhoInyoung SeoungTae-Hoon ChoiJinhong KimByungjin KimSchedule:Platinum Firs...

Scope Miami Beach 2015 Participant Artists:

Inyoung Seoung
Tae-Hoon Choi
Jinhong Kim
Byungjin Kim

Platinum First View
Hosted by VICTOR Private Jet Charters
Tue | Dec 1 | 12:00PM - 4:00PM
Invitation or Platinum VIP card for entry

VIP | Press Preview
Tue | Dec 1 | 4:00PM - 8:00PM
VIP card holders and Press only

VH1 Reception
Tue | Dec 1 | 8:00PM - 9:00PM
For VIP, Press, and Invited Guests

Wed | Dec 2 | 11:00AM - 8:00PM
Thu | Dec 3 | 11:00AM - 8:00PM
Fri | Dec 4 | 11:00AM - 8:00PM
Sat | Dec 5 | 11:00AM - 8:00PM
Sun | Dec 6 | 11:00AM - 8:00PM

Congratulations to our amazing artist Hee Beom Park for being selected at Miami Beach Scope 2015!!! We will see you ther...

Congratulations to our amazing artist Hee Beom Park for being selected at Miami Beach Scope 2015!!! We will see you there!!! And thanks for your solo exhibition with our gallery in October!!!

Thank you For Coming In SIA NY

Thank you For Coming In SIA NY

Upcoming Show!Title: "SIA NY Spirit"Artists:RYAN SESLOW, ALEX KUKAI . Date & Time11. 4-11. 14  2015 (opening 11.5th 6pm-...

Upcoming Show!

Title: "SIA NY Spirit"

Date & Time
11. 4-11. 14 2015 (opening 11.5th 6pm-8pm)

SIA NY Spirit

11. 4-11. 14 2015 (opening 11.5th 6pm-8pm)

SIA NY will celebrate the gallery’s one year anniversary from November 4th to 14th, featuring Ryan Seslow and Alex Kukai with the gallery theme “Spirit.”
Since the gallery’s opening in 2014, SIA NY has aimed to kill two birds at once: featuring artists of expansive variety and unique artists.
One year has been a short time, but passion and blossoming energy served as the heart of the exhibitions and art fairs.

We are pleased to present Manhattan’s famous artists, Ryan Seslow and Alex Kukai to show SIA NY’s core of passion and blossoming energy on the opening night of our anniversary exhibition. SIA NY’s curator strived to select the artists that match the gallery’s celebration of its foundational values. Much excitement awaits on opening night.

Ryan Seslow teaches at a NY CUNY college while productively and energetically creating art and showcasing his works in a variety of exhibitions. In addition, his paintings, sculptures, media arts, installation, and graffiti reveal his suitability in the contemporary art field. It is a rare and special opportunity to see his confident expression of individuality through his art in Chelsea, Manhattan.

Alex Kukai, originally from Japan, majored in fine arts at Rhode Island School of Design. His powerful energy reveals him as a skillful artist who uses unique drawing and painting techniques. His drawings are like croquis in that the fleeting moment is captured in its essence, and the audience can take a glimpse at his focus and soul in the object of his art, critics say. He is based in Brooklyn and he is aiming to broaden his area to reach across the states.

11. 4-11. 14 2015 (opening 11.5th 6pm-8pm)

Translation: Haeun Kim


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