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What is Epoxy Resins?🔰Epoxy Resins💥Epoxy resins are a class of prepolymers and polymers that, when reacted with hardener...

What is Epoxy Resins?
🔰Epoxy Resins
💥Epoxy resins are a class of prepolymers and polymers that, when reacted with hardeners or curing agents, form a strong, durable substance used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.
🔰 Key Points/Overview
Renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, natural gas and new battery technologies, depend on epoxy technology innovations to help them become more efficient, affordable and scalable.
Epoxy resins used in building and construction applications can help increase the lifespan of buildings by improving the durability of the structural parts, engineering adhesives and paints.
Epoxy resins provide a protective layer that separates food and drinks from the metal used to make their cans. The epoxy resin coatings also help to minimize the corrosion of the metal, which could compromise the safety of the food or drink.
Epoxies have undergone extensive testing for health and environmental effects, and cured, hardened epoxy is inert and unlikely to pose health risks.


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