Palmist Kanak Das & Henna Artist Nandarani

Palmist Kanak Das & Henna Artist Nandarani Pandit Kanak Das is a very famous Indian palmist. His wife is an expert in Henna Tattoo designer. F

Indian traditional Palm Readings and Henna Arts done here at Krishna Temple.


Gurumaharaj with his purva ashram family memebers

Advance Happy Christmas to all my friends!

Advance Happy Christmas to all my friends!


British PM Designate at ISKCON few days back.


Our road trip through Utah brought us to so many magnificent places and people including all those within the beautiful Krishna Temple of Spanish Fork. This was an impulse detour. The pull of Krishna. We were wonderfully greeted and ate from the spread upon the buffet. After the buffet and before the peacocks and parrots and llamas, we had our palms read for the very first time. It was a fun experience hanging out with the insightful Palmist. He reassured me of what I had chosen for my life. Always following Venus. A skill I have definitely fine tuned over the past couple years, post BA degree. What I had thought to be true, many things that I had felt would come to fruition in later years such as my children and the age of my financial success, he confirmed through the lines of my hand! Most importantly though, travel. He recognized something about me that is passionately dear to my heart, that is travel. He was so open about his sharings and techniques when he could see how interested I was.

Now, to keep bathing in the sun of the journey and see what is to blossom next!!! 🌱


Today, Lilly Anna and I had our palms read by Palmist Kanakdas. He described our personalities near perfectly, and gave us guidance on how to better ourselves. He knew Lilly was hardworking and intelligent, with not much desire for marriage as she had for education; as well as predicting a long life due to healthy eating (he predicted this without knowing she's vegetarian). He knew that I struggled with my ability to manage money, that I no longer was pursuing an education at the time, and that I desperately give love in hopes of it being returned. He even predicted my child due in 6 months will be a boy (let's hope so!). It was an eye opening and wonderful situation, which helped us understand ourselves and what direction we want to take in this life.

An old post!

An old post!


We had a wonderful experience and some great insights to our life paths. For anyone visiting the Spanish Fork area, you should stop in and have your palm read...


Kanak is a fantastic palm reader with a lot of accuracy. He could tell a lot of accurate things about my past and had some insight into my future. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to know what the unknown holds for them. 5 stars!

Palm Readings!

Palm Readings!


Mind. Blown!! I had my palm read by Kanak today. I was honestly, continuously, shocked and impressed. The things he got spot on about my past and my character and... just, wow! I would highly l recommend him to anyone! Great experience. And I certainly look forward to my bright future! ☀️

Margaret and her reading!! Loud and clear :-) Happiest person in the world...

Margaret and her reading!! Loud and clear :-) Happiest person in the world...

Palm reading for Margaret. She recognized what I read and was happy to learn more about herself.

Palm reading for Margaret. She recognized what I read and was happy to learn more about herself.


Iskcon Temple, 1505, McDwell Road Naperville, Illinois/60563
Naperville, IL


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