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Rova Farms Historic District Association The Rova Farms Historic District Association (RFHDA) is a charitable non-profit organization engaged in community building and advocacy.

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The Rova Farms Historic District Association was founded to continue the work of community building and community advocacy on the behalf of the larger Russian-American community, in the best traditions of the organization formerly known to its members by its acronym in the Russian language, РООВА — Русское Объединенное Общество Взаимопомощи в Америке, otherwise known as ROOVA — the Russian Consolidated Mutual Aid Society of America (RCMASA).
ROOVA was founded by Russian immigrants as a financial and social institution to act for the benefit of its members, as well as to contribute to the preservation of Russian cultural, religious and spiritual heritage. It came into being in 1926 as the result of a merger of five other Russian organizations: the Russian Orthodox National Aid Society of New York, the Russian National Mutual Aid Society of New York, the Russian Consolidated Aid Society of Philadelphia, the Federation of Progressive Mutual Aid Societies of New York, and the Russian National Mutual Aid Society of Pittsburgh. Organized into local units known as branches, and existing primarily in New York and Philadelphia, but also in other states, ROOVA offered the Russian-American community insurance policies, financial assistance for the disabled, low-cost mortgages, and shelters for the homeless and aged. It also organized many social and sporting events throughout the year.
In 1932, ROOVA established ROVA Farms Resort, Inc., in Cassville, Jack¬son Township, New Jersey, as a Russian-American cultural and social center, as well as to give Russian immigrants the opportunity to cultivate the land, grow vegetables, and raise livestock on their lands. Within a few years, ROOVA had also established several other religious, cultural, and philanthropic institutions in Cassville: St Vladimir’s Memorial Church to commemorate the 950th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus’; St Vladimir’s Orthodox Cemetery; St Mary’s Russian Orthodox Church; the A. S. Pushkin Memorial Home for Aged Russian People; and the Pushkin Memorial Park. At the Memorial Park, a monument dedicated to the Russian poet, national genius and creator of the Russian literary language, Alexander S. Pushkin, was erected. Two other monuments were also built: the first, to the thousands of Carpatho-Rusyn and Lemko martyrs who perished in the Talerhof concentration camp near Graz, Austria, as victims of reprisals carried out by the Austro-Hungarian authorities in Galicia and Bukovina during World War I; and the second in honor of Russian-American soldiers who gave their lives in World War II. The Leo Tolstoy Memorial Library devoted to the history and archives of Russian immigration in America and a Summer Camp for Children were also established, but have not survived to the present day.
During World War II, ROOVA established and maintained the Russian-American Central Committee for Aiding Russians. Through the committee $5,000 worth of medical equipment was sent to Russian War Relief, Inc. by immigrants from Russia.
In 1965, ROOVA merged its insurance operations with another Russian beneficial organization, The Russian Brotherhood Organization (RBO) of Philadelphia, and ceased to exist. ROVA Farms, Inc., as well as the other ROOVA-founded institutions, were not included in the merger with RBO, and have continued their autonomous operations to this day.


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The Rova Farms Historic District Association is composed of persons and organizations which share, support and further the core values, purposes, goals, objectives and aims of the Association, including, but not limited to, members of the former Russian Consolidated Mutual Aid Society of America (ROOVA) and its former Branches; shareholders of the Rova Farms Resort, Inc.; and such other persons which meet the stated criteria for membership.


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My Uncle Bernard worked and lived at Rova Farms for many years. Glad it has been preserved!
Христос поднялся
One of the first children to play amongst the lilac bushes and to sit on the striped ball on the White House lawn has died. RIP Irene Winslow Mangano, November 2017.
I'm not sure whether anyone has previously posted this, but I found this Washington Post article about Rova from 1977. Quite interesting. Some familiar names, including Nick Zill and Tanya Sawyer (my godmother!).
I have some items (a large amount) that I came across during a recent cleanout that was once known as The Russian Consolidated Mutual Aid Society on Spring Garden St in Philadelphia PA. I have not gone through all of the items because there were 30 plus boxes. *There are a lot of hand written letters and pictures addressed to RCMAS from Europe in a different language possibly Russian/German. *Lists consisting of Records of Construction of Monument of Warriors/Alexander S Pushkin. *A lot of boxes of papers from 315 East 10th St New York NY *Boxes of Russian Orthodox Journals/Russian Harold *Death Certificates *10 year Anniversary ROOVA books from 1926-1936 along with boxes of printing blocks. *A lot of items from 1926-1930s consisting of statements/Consul General of The Republic of Poland *Certificates of membership *Correspondances/Contract of merger between the RCMAS of America and The Russian Orthodox Peoples Mutual Benefit Association *Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of North America *Federated Russian Orthodox Clubs Conventions. *Letters and pictures from Displaced Persons Act *Item dates ranging from mid 1920s to mid 1950s This is just to name a few items that were found when we were removing items from the old boxes and putting them in new boxes. This would be excellent for historians or someone looking into their family history. Looking to sell all items as a lot if you know of anyone who would be interested could you point me in the right direction. Thank you for your time!
I just visited Rova Farms with my wife, who is Russian. I am saddened to imform all the people visiting this page that the church and grounds are in need of serious attention. It is quite frandly, RUN DOWN and in need of much, much work and attention. The church outside needs grooming and weeding and also maintenance, The parking lot is overgrown with weeds and not maintanied at all. The old restaurant is boarded up as well as the outside facilities overgrown with gigantic weed trees and not maintained in years. If you are RUSSIAN descent, its time to organize are bring ROVA FARMS back to its glory days. Perhaps all the Russian groups will read this and begin this new effort. The Russian immigrants have so much to be thankful and every ethnic group has its annual picnics and get togethers. Please heed this message. Rova Farms may someday lose its purpose in New Jersey and a developer may tear it down and build homes. Don't let this happen, take action before its too late...........