Apartment 22 Museum of Awkward Art

Apartment 22 Museum of Awkward Art These walls, exhibits, and such speak volumes about the artist's journey. Or maybe it's just the high caffeine content of this water talking...

The Bravado is compensation for all the melancholy disbelief. The Vibrato is for the forcefulness of a voice once silenced. The Vibrator... wait, you didn't see that. That was supposed to be a surprise...

Operating as usual


My quest in life: find all of the negative space in my art, and fill it with snarky meta-commentary.

Light sensitive paper. This is one of the coolest ways to photograph things I've seen yet.

Light sensitive paper. This is one of the coolest ways to photograph things I've seen yet.


Is it weird that when I see a Rorschach blot test, I don't automatically start "seeing" things in it? I mean, I guess my abstract reasoning just sees a pretty pattern first, and then I finally force myself into seeing concrete images.

Ransom Notes And Other Tedious Tasks

Ransom Notes And Other Tedious Tasks

Silhouette (Disambiguation)

Silhouette (Disambiguation)


Vaulted ceilings: for someone who has a vast collection of art, posters, and random collages = heaven. For someone who has all these things, but no step ladder to speak of = a heaven I might risk breaking my neck to attain.


The museum is packed up once again to chart out more interesting locations. While the archives were being put into storage, someone made a joke about the leg lamp. They were almost neutralized in the name of artistic freedom.

Apartment 22 Museum of Awkward Art's cover photo

Apartment 22 Museum of Awkward Art's cover photo


Last night's event met with lots of wine, and exclaimations of "Oh my god, you have a leg lamp! I didn't know you had a leg lamp!". Needless to say, we were a smash.


The location has officially moved! Everything is still in archives, but we have added an open studio space, and a couple of new cool pieces. I'll keep you posted!


So, the location of our collection is moving within the next month, and I was warned that posting art in a house full of bachelor patrons is a sure way to get pussy. I don't pussy, and I don't want grown men using MY talents to get laid, so parts of our more, um, exotic collections will be put into storage until further notice. So, this means that this might be your last chance to view some great art before it goes back into the archives.

Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice!


I added a face to the collage vortex currently taking shape in the back room. Maybe next time I shouldn't anthropomorphize my art so quickly.


I had an ingenious, yet simple, solution for making more masks from the mold I have. Oh, and the Hugemongous "History of Art" mural should be finished sometime tonight. Maybe.


Indianapolis, IN

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