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HB Historical Society - your resource for historic education and preservation in Huntington Beach. We are primarily focused on public outreach events, facilitating research, and promoting historic preservation. President - Darrell Rivers
Vice President - Kelly Rivers
2nd Vice President - Patrick Kreeger
Treasurer - Cindy Carr
Recording Secretary - Stephanie Tiedt
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31 Days of : Huntington Beach Central Library opened in April 1975. The original building designed by Richard and Dion Neutra was expanded in 1994 with the addition of a childrens' wing, theater and meeting rooms. More details at


Looking forward to some of our new programs!

The 97th Regiment of US Colored Troops will be giving a talk on African American service in the Civil War on both Saturday & Sunday!


One week away!



It was time to step back from 12 & 13 February 2022 to the winter of 1777, in the middle of the American Revolution!As the Continental Forces prepared to mee...




We have seen comments on other pages that the six structures at Historic Wintersburg are not local or historic landmarks. They actually have a higher designation than a "local landmark."

During a citywide historic resources survey, each of the six structures at Historic Wintersburg were provided the designation of "eligible for the National Register of Historic Places." The survey and this official designation are included in the City of Huntington Beach General Plan historic and cultural element.

Per the outside expert consultant hired by the City of Huntington Beach to conduct the survey, GPA Consulting:
"Properties that are formally determined eligible for the National Register of Historic Places are automatically listed on the California Register of Historical Resources. Furthermore, properties listed on a local inventory of historic resources are presumed to be historically significant under CEQA. Therefore, under the California Code, the subject properties are historical resources for the purposes of CEQA and should be treated as historical resources for all local, state and federal laws."

The image provided here are directly from the City of Huntington Beach historic resources survey, a public document. The Historic Wintersburg structures are within the red box. The three (3) structures for the Wintersburg Japanese Mission are circled in green. The second page showing the 1947 Furuta ranch house will be added to the comments section.

Source: City of Huntington Beach


ABOVE: The 1910 Manse (parsonage) of the Wintersburg Japanese Mission, in 2014 just prior to the purchase of Rainbow Environmental by Rep...


ABOVE: What remains of the 1910 Wintersburg Japanese Mission and the 1910 Manse (parsonage). The Manse was on fire, however the Mission bu...


Welcome to Women's History Month!

Front and center in this image from the Cole Ranch, circa 1915, is Yukiko Yajima Furuta (left) and her sister, Masuko Yajima Akiyama, at right. Masuko's body language tells a story. These were strong women, who came to a new country to create a new life.

Yukiko's husband, Charles Mitsuji Furuta, is at left holding their first child, Raymond. Masuko's husband and fellow goldfish farmer, Henry Akiyama is at right holding their child.

The Cole Ranch was located where Oceanview High School is today, off Warner Avenue and roughly two blocks from Historic Wintersburg in Huntington Beach.

Photo: Courtesy of the Furuta family © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


ABOVE: On the morning of February 25 just before 9 a.m., fire destroyed the 1910 Wintersburg Japanese Mission manse (parsonage), one of si...


On February 12th and 13th, 2022, The Huntington Beach Historical Society hosted a reenactment of the American Revolutionary War at Huntington Beach Central P...


We are a month out!

Loyal citizens are enjoined to distribute this proclamation to shew their support for the King!

Reminder that tonight is our Newland Holiday Open House!Friday, December 3rd, 5PM to 8PMJoin us at the Newland House Mus...

Reminder that tonight is our Newland Holiday Open House!

Friday, December 3rd, 5PM to 8PM

Join us at the Newland House Museum for a Victorian Christmas!

Santa will be here tonight for photos!
Light refreshments will be served.
Our events are always free to the public.


Honest Abe says "When you are attending the Civil War Event in Huntington Central Park this weekend don't forget to visit the Secret Garden".

A week away!

A week away!


A discussion between General Grant and his Chief of Staff Brigadier General Rawlins about the campaigns in the Western Theatre of the American Civil War star...


Sadly HB Civil War Days will not be held this year due to ongoing concerns with Covid-19. Thank you for all the dedication and support of all of our volunteers, living historians, patrons, and visitors over the last twenty eight years.

We encourage everyone to post their favourite memories of our past events and to share stories of bringing history to life with us.

We’re hoping to work with a number of living historians to put on some online content around Labour Day to continue our work telling those stories yet untold.

We are looking forward to hosting The Revolution again on Presidents Day Weekend in February 2021 and Civil War Days on Labour Day Weekend in 2021.


Tamura set a new precedent for Asian Americans in OC.


How Civil War Veterans created Memorial Day- Memorial Day in the US began as Decoration Day, a holiday commemorated by the Grand Army of the Republic, the fr...

Together we will see it through.

Together we will see it through.


Our sincere gratitude to all those who attended and participated in this year’s Revolution in Huntington Beach!

The Continental Colours c. 1776, photo by Michael Chas Williams


A Proclamation 🇬🇧


Our very own Lexington Green


The General - come meet His Excellency and join in the cause of Liberty!

Happy Holidays from 1899

Happy Holidays from 1899

A Victorian Christmas at the NewlandIn the frame is a 1929 invitation to the wedding of Bernice Newland to... Jack Frost...

A Victorian Christmas at the Newland

In the frame is a 1929 invitation to the wedding of Bernice Newland to... Jack Frost! ❄️


On the battlefields of the Crimean War, William Howard Russell described the new weapon in the hands of British troops -- the rifle-musket -- as "the Destroying Angel" that swept away their Russian foes. In a response to the popular belief among current historians that the rifle-musket's impact o...


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Will you HELP this Earth Day? Join us this Friday, April 22nd in Huntington Beach (WE WILL BE SET UP AT THE HB PIER PLAZA) with our friends Municipal Water District of Orange County for a fun beach clean up and mural dedication.
We will be getting on the sand from 8am to 11am then hanging at the Pier Plaza for the City of Huntington Beach - Government unveiling of three Stella Murals featuring the artwork of community artists, Rick Blake Laura Svette and Sharon Frances!
At 3pm, we will head over to Pacific City for an art lesson and unveiling with Melissa A Murphy Paintings! There is even a rumor that the HB Mermaids will be there!

It will be a fun day celebrating our planet, oceans, and artwork.

We hope you will join us!

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Huntington Beach hosts one of the finest American Civil War reenactments. Every year a local gentleman recites the Gettysburg Address. You may find this article interesting.

Myths and mysteries about the Gettysburg Address
November 19, 2021
Source: National Constitution Center

On this day in 1863, Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address, widely considered one of the greatest speeches in American history. But even today, there are still a few points about the speech that are misunderstood.

For example, some people think that President Lincoln took little time to prepare the speech for November 19, 1863, an assumption based on decades of rumors and folklore. And there are some other more legitimate disputes, such as the exact location of where the speech was given.

Here's a review of seven myths and mysteries about the Address.

1. Lincoln wrote the speech on the back of an envelope
This is perhaps the biggest myth about the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln started working on his remarks shortly after the battle was fought in July 1863, according to Lincoln experts. Several drafts of the speech also exist that were written before November 19, 1863.

2. Lincoln wrote the speech on the train ride from Washington to Gettysburg
That’s another big myth that is easy to debunk. The draft copies of the speech are in Lincoln’s normal, steady handwriting. Given the bumpy nature of train travel in 1863, at least one of the drafts would have uneven handwriting. What is known is that Lincoln didn’t have a final version of the speech done until he arrived in Gettysburg.

3. Lincoln omitted the words “under God” from the original speech
We’ve reported on this story before and it is true the two early drafts of the speech don’t have the words “under God” in the copy. But at least four newspaper accounts, written by reporters in the audience, include the words in the transcript of the live speech, and they were in three additional versions of the speech written by Lincoln after the event.

4. Where exactly did Lincoln give the speech?
That is a point that is still contested. Of course, the speech was in Gettysburg, but the question is where was the location of the speakers’ platform? One modern theory is that the speech was given from a platform inside Evergreen Cemetery, which was next to the Soldiers National Cemetery that was being dedicated.

5. How many known photographs are there of Lincoln giving the speech?
There are no pictures of Lincoln giving the speech and there is one confirmed picture of him at the event called the Bachrach photo (below). There may be a second picture, based on recent claims about another photo that contains the image of a man with a beard and a stovetop hat in the crowd near the platform.

6. Did Lincoln give the “real” Gettysburg Address?
Technically, famed orator Edward Everett was the featured speaker of the day and he spoke for about two hours before Lincoln made his brief “dedicatory remarks.”

7. Did everyone love the speech after Lincoln gave it?
Everett certainly liked it and he told Lincoln, "I should be glad, if I could flatter myself that I came as near to the central idea of the occasion, in two hours, as you did in two minutes." Pro-Union newspapers praised it.

The speech was interrupted by applause, but how much applause and when it happened is still a subject of debate. But Democrats quickly criticized the speech, since they were Lincoln’s avowed opponents north of the Mason-Dixon line. A correspondent for the Times of London called the speech “dull and commonplace.” The Chicago Times claimed Lincoln insulted the fallen soldiers the ceremony was supposed to honor. Another critic, a Harrisburg newspaper, had harsher comments (and just apologized for them in 2013).

Does anyone know where this place was?
NEW episode of Hidden Huntington Beach - featuring the massive downtown tent camp from more than 100 years ago - and watch after the credits for some bonus material :)
The Huntington Beach Historical Society hosts a reenactment of the American Revolution in Huntington Beach Central Park, behind the library, every year.

All these events are absolutely free to the public. For more information, visit