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Art Walk, Shows, Events Information Huntington Beach Downtown Art Walk Looking for established and emerging artists to show their work inside a host business every 3rd Wednesday.

We have spaces for artists with as little as three pieces and up. Space and venue is negotiable. Please invite your family and friends. Great networking opportunity for artists of all levels.


I made this plastic frenchie from used bottles 😄👍🏼 It's a great idea 😇


What an incredible art.

Sculpture from tree branches.


This drawing is by Anja Rozen, a 13-year-old primary school student in Slovenia. She was chosen from 600,000 children around the world to create a piece of art to show what peace looks like.

She is the winner of the international Plakat Miru competition.
"My drawing represents the land that binds us and unites us."

"Humans are woven together. If someone gives up, others fall. We are all connected to our planet and to each other, but unfortunately we are little aware of it. We are woven together. Other people weave alongside me my own story; and I weave theirs," said the young designer.


Christmas Card by Salvador Dali, 1958 ✨


I don't know why this hasn't received more publicity, but this fifty-foot sculpture was unveiled recently in South Dakota.
It's called 'Dignity' and was done by artist Dale Lamphere to honor the women of the Sioux Nation.


Alexander Mijares :

Le peintre et sculpteur Alexander Mijares est solidement établi parmi les meilleurs talents artistiques du sud de la Floride. L'artiste autodidacte né à Miami a créé des pièces personnalisées pour Justin Bieber, Pharrell, Tori Kelly et Alejandro Sanz, en s'inspirant de son héritage cubain et espagnol. Ici, Mijares parle du message et du processus derrière sa nouvelle collection « Backstage » inspirée des ballerines.


«Dès mon plus jeune âge, j'ai été exposé au ballet. Ma mère m'emmenait au studio et je m'asseyais et regardais avec admiration les danseurs s'entraîner pendant des heures et des heures. J’ai été séduite par la beauté du corps féminin, les mouvements, l’équilibre et, plus que tout, l’engagement qu’il faut pour devenir une ballerine à succès.

« J’ai aussi vu la frustration, les larmes, l’anxiété, la joie et bien d’autres émotions qui s’affichent en coulisses. En repensant à cette époque, j'avais besoin de retirer cette collection de mon système. « Backstage » est une célébration des femmes, de leur force, de leur persévérance et de leur beauté.


«Lors de la création de cette collection et de cette sculpture, de nombreuses pensées et émotions m'ont traversé la tête. Un thème récurrent était le parallèle entre « Backstage » et l’ère des médias sociaux dans laquelle nous vivons aujourd’hui. Tout comme les ballerines qui cachent la douleur, l’anxiété et les larmes sur scène, de nombreuses personnes décrivent une vie parfaite sur les réseaux sociaux, mais à huis clos, elles font face aux problèmes de la vie.


More magic from Vietnam today.
Ladies collecting water lilies and washing them in the Mekong river delta to sell later at the market.


In 1956, Emilio Pucci designed the bikini, inspired by the Roman mosaics at Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily, Italy.

Emilio Pucci is a famous Italian fashion designer of the 20th century. He has earned recognition for his unique graphic prints and innovative approaches to fashion.

Villa Romana del Casale is an ancient Roman estate in Sicily, famous for its stunning mosaics. One of the most famous mosaics depicts girls playing sports, dressed in outfits reminiscent of modern bikinis.

This mosaic is important evidence that this kind of swimsuit existed long before the 20th century. Inspired by this mosaic, Emilio Pucci developed his bikini design in 1956, recreating the atmosphere of Ancient Rome in modern fashion.


Beautiful sculpture in Serravalle Designer Outlet, Italy


Gorgeous sculpture in Serraville Scrivia, Italy


“No one but myself knows the anxiety I go through and the trouble I give myself.”
― Claude Monet


Save the Date!

Saturday May 6th


Hope to see you all at our Canyon Artists Studio Tour!


.Recycled cardboard orangutans by artist Josh Gluckstein.


Mona Lisa made fluffy. Creatively placed fur to recreate the legendary Mona Lisa painting, exquisitely created with artistic influence. All artworks come ready to hang on the wall. Sizes 80cm X 54cm / 31.5" X 21.3" 120cm X 80cm / 47.2" X 31.5" Pile Length: 50mm Material: Faux Fur


90 year-old artist..

Share your work with us in our Official Group The Wonderful World


Heaven on Earth 🤩
Serravalle Designer Outlet, Italy


A salvage crew from Provenance in Philadelphia works to remove a stained glass window from an abandoned church

As always, you can view dozens of abandoned places on my website, Abandoned America:


Don’t miss our pop up charity event this Saturday. Fun apparel items for the entire family!


Huntington Beach, CA



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