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Photos from Ukrainian Sports Museum and Hall of Fame's post

Photos from Ukrainian Sports Museum and Hall of Fame's post


Modern Song about Ukrainian Sport Hall of Famer Bill Mosienko

Written and performed by Wordburglar / Beat Production by Savilion /
Turntablism by DJ Irate / Recorded and mixed by Timbuktu at FUN Studios, Toronto ON

From the album “Rapplicable Skills” by Wordburglar

Director of Photography: Danny Nash
Producer/Coach: Sandy Jobin-Bevans
Editor: Michelle Li
Mural footage: Mark Alberto

Famous Ukrainians

Famous Ukrainians

Ukrainian Alex Jesaulenko -(Mike Williamson described hundreds of matches of league football.)
But his call of “Jezza’’, Alex Jesaulenko, rising like a bird and riding the shoulder of Magpie Graeme “Jerker’’ Jenkin, reserves him a lasting place in football. He’s been told many times it’s an “immortal line’’.

Ukrainian Sport Hall of Famer 2016 class Oksana Bauil interview in English by a Russian reporter.
Oksana Baiul

Ukrainian Sport Hall of Famer 2016 class Oksana Bauil interview in English by a Russian reporter.

While I rarely agree to give an interview, when I was approached recently by respected sports journalist Elena Vaytsehovskaya I knew it would be direct, real and honest, so I said yes. Here is the interview...

Oksana Baiul: sometimes from the Olympic crown, legs weaken

Oksana Baiul
© Photo: Photo By Shea Roggio; Copyright BAIUL-FARINA, LTD.

Elena Vaytsehovskaya
R-Sport all materials

The champion of the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer, figure skater Oksana Baiul, whom RIA Novosti’s special correspondent Elena Vaitsekhovskaya found in Las Vegas, first frankly told how she nearly died in 2010, said that she had not suspected for many years how much she was being deceived those whom she considered her family, and explained why it is so important in life not to look at someone else's opinion.

Ordered to survive!
“The last time we saw you was when you lived in New Jersey and you didn’t have a family.”
“After I got married, we lived in the northern part of the east coast for a while.” We had a huge house, and this is not always easy, especially in winter. It is necessary to remove the leaves, and when the snow falls, remove the snow. All this my husband and I a little tired. And we started to think about moving - either to California or to Nevada. The choice fell on Las Vegas, which in some ways is symbolic for me: it was here that I flew in 1993 to my first American competition. That's how my life turned 360 degrees and looped, as it were.
- And now already daughter with might and main is chasing ice skating?
- Yes. My daughter was born in Las Vegas, now she is three years and nine months old. I myself began to ride, probably somewhere at the same age - Antonina Vasilievna Pashkovskaya. This is my first coach who accepted me into the group. She did not even have a group at the “Meteor” skating rink, from whose school many later strong athletes, including Tanya Navka and Tanya Volosozhar, later graduated from “Morozko”. Meteor was not even built at that time. And now - scary to think - 25 years have passed since my Olympiad won.

Oksana Baiul with her daughter
© Photo: Instagram by Oksana Baiul
Oksana Baiul with her daughter

- Were you sorry that you stopped performing so early?
- Honestly, no. Figure skating remains figure skating, regardless of whether you compete or ride a show. I skated until 2010. Then he started having health problems.
- How serious?
- Highly. You know, you are the first person with whom I share this. In 2003, I still practiced. She worked with her former coach, Valentina Nikolayeva, as if she did not leave the sport anywhere, with the maximum load that my body could withstand. But after the "bells" began. In 2010, when my husband Carlo appeared in my life, I was urgently taken to the hospital and placed in intensive care. They also diagnosed Crohn's disease.
I spent two and a half weeks in the hospital. Most experts insisted on the operation, because there was a terrible gastric bleeding that could not be stopped, but my doctor said that she would not let me cut. What you need to try to fight the disease by other methods. That doctor, in fact, saved me. She examined my entire stomach, my entire intestines, fumbled with me almost around the clock, and the disease quietly began to recede. Two years later, however, I again got into the hospital under an IV drip, but we managed to cope with this exacerbation without surgery.
- Many physicians tend to associate Crohn's disease with hereditary factors.
“I don’t remember my own childhood very well, but I have a feeling that my grandmother had something similar along my mother’s line. She also had very serious stomach problems. On the other hand, while I was being treated and listening to what the doctors say, I came to the conclusion that the doctors themselves do not understand too well why this disease occurs. Since 2012, everything was fine with me, but when I got pregnant and got pregnant myself, without any medical interventions, it was, frankly, an absolute miracle, completely unreal. From that moment on, I finally became convinced that there are people from somewhere above who help us. Some guardian angels. And all the same: I was so afraid that something might break in my life, that I hadn’t posted any of my photos on the Internet for the entire period of pregnancy. In the same way, we did not post photos of our daughter until she was two years old. I did not want to be jinxed. You can, of course, now laugh at my fears, but I believe in it.

Oksana Baiul with her daughter
© Photo: Instagram by Oksana Baiul
Oksana Baiul with her daughter

Curse of the Olympic Crown
- Have you ever crossed paths with Tara Lipinski?
- Yes of course. We know each other very well.
- The question is not really random. We once talked with Lipinski about a career, and Tara said that people are greatly mistaken, believing that everything is easy for an athlete in 15-16 years, including Olympic victories. What really is scary is when success strikes you, fame, human attention, and you don't know how to behave, how to resist this pressure. A few years later, I caught your eye on the phrase: "The Olympic crown is carried all my life. Sometimes the legs are broken."
- Well, so it really is. After all, if we count, there are not so many of us - Olympic champions, who are alive today. Therefore, there is always some responsibility for his title. When I was 16 and I won the World Cup in Prague, and a year later the Olympic Games in Lillehammer, the responsibility was different for how you ride. Just then a situation arose in my life for which I was completely unprepared.
- You mean moving to America?
- Yes. Immediately after the Olympic Games in Lillehammer, my coach Galina Zmiyevskaya signed a million contract, which, in fact, was offered to her under my name. At that time, I myself could not at all influence the process, since I was actually a minor. And the choice to go to the United States or not, I did not have in principle. Nobody even asked me whether I want to go there or not. Well, in America everything had to start from the very beginning. Learn the language, learn how to communicate with others, learn to behave in the business in which you find yourself. That is, on the one hand you are the Olympic champion, but you are not prepared at all for the post-Olympic life that is falling on you from all sides. Because life itself becomes completely different. Millions of fans are looking at you, you are becoming a role model, responsibility grows, grows, grows. No one thinks that 15-16 years is too young for a teenager to be able to take on such a large-scale responsibility. He simply does not have enough life experience to understand how to behave in certain situations. Nearby must be an adult who is able to help. Somewhere to stop, to keep from some steps, somewhere to push forward. Alas, there were no such people near me at that moment. Valentin Nikolaev moved to another city, Zmiyevskaya was mostly busy with her own problems, like Viktor Petrenko. Nearby must be an adult who is able to help. Somewhere to stop, to keep from some steps, somewhere to push forward. Alas, there were no such people near me at that moment. Valentin Nikolaev moved to another city, Zmiyevskaya was mostly busy with her own problems, like Viktor Petrenko. Nearby must be an adult who is able to help. Somewhere to stop, to keep from some steps, somewhere to push forward. Alas, there were no such people near me at that moment. Valentin Nikolaev moved to another city, Zmiyevskaya was mostly busy with her own problems, like Viktor Petrenko.

Oksana Baiul with her daughter and husband Carlo
© Photo: Photo By Denise Truscello; Copyright BAIUL-FARINA, LTD.
Oksana Baiul with her daughter and husband Carlo

- Do you communicate with Zmiyevskaya now?
- We have a very difficult relationship. Already after Carlo and I were married, he looked at some of my contracts, asked me a couple of questions, and it so happened that I could not answer them. For example, on what basis did Zmievskaya manage all of my money in America when we moved there? But the money was enormous - on the Tom Collins show alone, I then earned astronomical sums, but I didn’t even know about it, because I received quite different money on my accounts. The same thing happened when I took part in other commercial events, of which there were many prestigious television shows.
After that conversation with Carlo, I even called Zmiyevskaya and asked if I had ever officially adopted her, how exactly the guardianship was arranged, and are there any documents on this? Zmievskaya would not answer this question, but said that I need to talk to a man named Joseph Limir. With these questions he can answer me better.
- Is Limir a lawyer for your former coach?
- Not only. Galina met this man through Victor Petrenko, and he became involved in all finances, led all the related matters. That's when everything spun. It turned out, for example, that Limir was very strongly connected with people from the Ukrainian government and also for many years convinced all his partners in Ukraine that he absolutely represents my interests and under my name invested money in business: opened Oksana Bayul beauty salons organized other projects. For a long time, Limir could not get payments from the Ukrainian state, even sued him, and in the end, as we managed to find out, he was paid $ 12.5 million in court. It’s just that I didn’t even know about it for a very long time.
When I found out, I was shocked: why for many years no one on the Ukrainian side ever tried to contact me? What kind of person can I not find? How can an American citizen own a business in Ukraine without having a partner from Ukrainians? On the other hand, I understand the situation: those times allowed to turn and not such frauds. To fish in troubled waters, as they say, but there are really many questions. Therefore, we are still in the judicial process, we still deal with all this.

Scorpios do not need sympathy
- To what extent are you watching what happens in figure skating?
- I watch, of course. Olympiad always watch. World Championships are less interesting to me. They are held in our sport every year, and every year a new person comes to the champions, as a rule. This Olympic champion is once every four years, and this is not only about sports. In order for a person to win, he must not only be ready for this, but in a certain way also the stars should settle in the sky, as they say. How I did it: then it was the time when the Winter Olympics decided to breed with the summer ones, and the Games in Lillehammer moved two years earlier.

Oksana Baiul
© RIA News / RIA News
Oksana Baiul

- Regarding the women's single skating for many years there are discussions: why those girls who become Olympic champions, leave so quickly, why not continue to ride. Do you have an answer to this question?
- I don’t think there can be any general pattern here. I know that after the Olympics in Pkhenchkhane, the Russian press more than once compared me with Alina Zagitova. In the sense that she won just as hastily as I did in my time. Although there is a difference: in Lillehammer I acted in the status of the current world champion. I really like Alina, I love to watch her ride. When she and Yevgeny Medvedev performed at the Olympic Games in Pkhenchkhane, I, frankly, purely humanly sympathized with Gene. At the same time, I understood that Zagitova is riding better, softer, more emotionally. Although Zhenya, in my opinion, is more technically gifted.
When I began to speak myself, everything was a little different. Then they just canceled the school, there were eight obligatory elements in the short program, but they were not as difficult as they are now. Suppose the track of steps now takes about 50 seconds, and it took 15 seconds to reach my track in the Black Swan. The same with rotations. Accordingly, I had time to engage in choreography, to raise, as they say, the second assessment - to work on artistry. I won my Olympic gold not by technical evaluation, but by artistry. But just this style of riding turned out to be very much in demand in my entire future career in show business.
- I often think that the situation in which Zhenya Medvedeva now finds herself, having gone to train in Canada with Brian Orser, is in part similar to yours in terms of adaptation in a foreign country. With the only difference that Zhenya desperately wants to continue to compete.
- You know, after I won the Olympics and continued to skate in professional tournaments, my coach Valentin Nikolaev loved to repeat: my girl, I can bring you to the side, I can help you in training or advice, but you have to do all the work yourself . Since Zhenya made such a decision, it means that she really wants to perform, which means that she likes to compete, likes figure skating. The same can probably be said about Lisa Tuktamysheva. She, too, as they say, is far from being a young athlete, but once riding, it means she loves this business. From the height of the experience that I experienced myself, I can say: I must skate, first of all, for myself. Sporting life is short and you have to live it so that you do not turn around and not think that you have not done something in this life.
And for Medvedev just do not worry. While the Olympiad was going on, I read a little about it and was surprised to find that we were both with her by the sign of the zodiac Scorpios - were born with a difference of three days. Therefore, I am sure that everything will be fine with Zhenya, whatever she does.

Carry me a wave!
- Now in figure skating there is an opinion that the athlete should constantly grow in the conditions of the most severe competition and extremely tough attitude towards him on the part of the coach. How severe were the frames in which you were working under the leadership of Zmievskaya and Nikolaev?
- My main coach was Nikolaev, and he is the smartest specialist who not only taught me some technical things, but ingeniously could bring to the start. In those tournaments where it was not possible to worry too much about the occupied place, we tried some new elements, were not afraid to take risks and experiment, but where it was necessary to perform really well, I always performed well. At the same time, I never belonged to the number of athletes who, in training, could roll an arbitrary program after an arbitrary program countless times. Not only emotionality, but also the specifics of my elements interfered. I had huge jumps, the speed of calling on them was also huge. If a skater jumps, as we say, small, much less energy is spent on them than when they are huge, beautiful, and full of polpolyany.
In his youth, probably, every coach does some things that really seem to him to be right, and only when time passes do people begin to understand that it was in their work that they did not do it, why athletes had some kind of injury. Such errors, I think, should be on the conscience of the coach and remain, because, whatever one may say, it is for him to live with it.
- Do you agree with the point of view that only Japan is capable of stopping Russian dominance in women's single skating, where a whole galaxy of very powerful figure skaters is now formed?
- I would not agree with the fact that it happened just now. Didn't the Japanese win the 2006 Olympics? But Mao Asad, who competed in two Olympiads and won three world championships? Personally, I am very interested to look at the rivalry between Russia and Japan. These are two completely different temperaments, two completely different approaches to figure skating.
- Do you, as a spectator, not be annoyed that the female skating with its current complexity goes to becoming a product with a very short shelf life of top athletes?
- I would answer this question in this way. In our sports life, and not only sports, everything goes as if on the waves. One wave comes, behind it - the second, third ... Female figure skating is now at a stage where quadruple jumps and spins are at the forefront. I call it Cirque du Soleil. And it does not matter at all whether someone likes it or not, since it is impossible to control this process or somehow control it. He is not coming from you, not from me, and not even from your Russian coach, whose name I cannot pronounce. So, all we need to do is just to watch and see where the women's skating will eventually get out.

Oksana Baiul with her daughter
© Photo: Photo By Denise Truscello; Copyright BAIUL-FARINA, LTD.
Oksana Baiul with her daughter

- Would you like to see your daughter a professional athlete?
- I asked her about it.
- At the age of three?
- Somehow it happened from the very beginning that my husband and I are talking to the child, as with a full member of the family. In terms of education, we have always had a full understanding, because Carlo is also Scorpio, just like me. When we ask our daughter if she wants to go to the rink, she is always very excited. He says something like this: "I will put on my figure dress, I will push off and slide, push off and slide. And if Dad comes, I will show him all my tricks - all the elements that I can."
My daughter likes to watch old videos where I am 16 years old. He tries to repeat something on the floor: he becomes a swallow, lifts his leg, jumps. So funny to watch it, but also interesting. In general, I am a supporter of very carefully observing a child from a young age and trying to see exactly what the kid has an attachment to. My daughter loves to draw, loves music, especially classical and opera. If one of the opera singers starts singing, she even stops fiddling with her toys: throws them away, runs up to the TV and looks all eyes. We also take her to the ballet. That is, we try to develop in all possible directions.
- How often do you practice on the ice?
- Itself at the moment I do not train, but three pairs of skates in the car drive with me all the time. When there is time and desire, we simply come to the rink with our daughter, pay for the ice and ride there together.

Oksana Baiul
© Photo: Photo By Carlo J. Farina; Copyright BAIUL-FARINA, LTD.
Oksana Baiul

Project "Sonja Henie”
- Do you have the concept of your own business in your life, or are you mainly engaged in family?
- Business man in our family Carlo. He a investor and also Entertainment Producer. On me - the artistic side of things, let's say. We now have two projects that we are working on together. One of these projects is called Sonja Henie life movie. This is a great feature film where I play the main role.
- I remember when you won the Olympics, the entire American press constantly compared you with Henie.
- In fact, when I already matured, I realized what a great privilege it was to communicate with people who once made the history of your sport. These people for me have always been Dick Button, Tom Collins. Just at the age of 16, I did not understand how much these people did for the whole world of figure skating. How much did Henie do, which in fact was not only a great champion, but also a legislator of all ice shows. There are a lot of biographical films that are actually built on some fragmentary fragments from a person’s life. I also want our film to be non-standard. I want to show Sonja’s whole life from the moment she began to win her first medals, up to 57 years old, when in 1969 she died of leukemia. She flew to home in Norway, fell asleep on the plane and did not wake up.
- And what is your second project?
- This is a project related only to my programs. Live show, in which I will actively participate. There were a lot of programs over the years of performances, and most importantly, they were all completely diverse: classical, comic, oriental style, sometimes they were numbers of Broadway shows with very beautiful costumes. For one of the programs, I even had absolutely the same dress as the one in which Zagitova won the Olympics, dancing Kitri from Don Quixote. I even have this photo on my website. Just for now this project is in development at the budget and logistics stage.
- What do you think about when you turn on old videos and look at yourself at 16?
- The fact that if then I had the knowledge and life experience that is now, I would not prove anything to anyone. At all. I remember that on my very first tour in America - in the very one that was start in Vegas, I went out on a training session on the ice, made a “track”, stopped abruptly, and for some reason it happened that at that moment my knee turned out badly . May have been tired or too relaxed, failed to properly assemble. I was then taken to the hospital, underwent surgery. But everyone around is in a panic: the show start in three days, we must somehow speak, we need something, we need it. Understandably, my knee was bandaged, and three days after the operation I went to skate. Now I would never agree to this. And then, even after the Olympic gold medal, for some reason I considered that I had to constantly prove something to someone. Now it never occurs to me like that. I live in my pleasure. I do what I like to do, do what I think is right. Although I can not say that somehow greatly changed internally. People never change, rather, I just became best myself.


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