Noman's Land Rune Stone Recovery Project

Noman's Land Rune Stone Recovery Project We are group of history buff that are trying to recover a Rune Stone just off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. We are a group of history buffs that wish to confirm or dismiss the origins of the carvings on the Stone.

No matter what our findings will reveal the Stone will be placed at either a museum or educational facility for the public to view, study or their own theories as to the origin of the Stone's carvings.

Mission: To recover the Nomans Land Rune Stone in an attempt to determine its place in American and Norse History.

Operating as usual


Unfortunately ☚ī¸ the project is on hold due to the fact that Travel Channel has declined another season of AU. This project will get done. Just not this year. We hope you are all Covid-19 safe and thanks for your support.


Finally the news everyone has been waiting for: Noman's Recovery WILL take place very very soon. Also, it will appear as an episode of America Unearthed. AU has just been picked up by The Travel Channel with new episodes airing in April/May. The Recovery Project was started after AU's episode of: Vikings in America.😀😀😀

A meeting of the minds in Boston tonight. This is just a few of the people involved with this project. The nice lady on ...

A meeting of the minds in Boston tonight. This is just a few of the people involved with this project. The nice lady on the end is Janet Wolter, Scott's wife. Great things on the horizon.😀😀😀😀😀


Spoke with project leader. The project just took a HUGE step forward. Details will be fourth coming. Possibly as early as Nov.


A question has come up a few times in the last year so here we go. The address listed on the FB page is not a physical museum, it is my (Barry's) house for mailing purposes. If you want to mail us something please use this address. Ty and have a great day.


I know you've heard me refer to this archeology project as a marathon. I have very recently spoken with our team leader and he assured me the finish line is in sight. There are things we can't speak of yet due to logistical or legal reasons, but, we are soo freakin' close I can almost taste it. Stay tuned 😀


Our project just entered the next phase. VERY exciting news very soon.


Great things are on the horizon.


I apologise to all our followers. I haven't been able to post in quite some time due to an illness that nearly turned fatal. I am now back in the saddle. I will be getting together our team lead soon for some updates (I hope). As he put it "A project this big is a marathon, not a sprint."


Sorry for delay, but still in holding pattern for financial backing, but we are still here. Once we get the backing BIG NEWS will follow.


Greetings everyone. We are VERY close to launch on this project. BIG news coming soon.


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. For those who may not know, planning a project like this takes time. With that being said, the project is still in the critical stage. We are currently in talks with some financiers. I cant say who, but we are now in that phase. 😀


The meeting in April was great. Made some connections to help. Project has just entered a very critical phase. Details to follow.


A lot of emails and a meeting of the leaders of this project. Project should be gaining momentum in the next few months.


Sorry it has been awhile since we've posted. Issues with our media partner has not helped to move this project. The FANTASTIC news is all 4 of the project managers will be meeting in Massachusetts in late April. I will keep you updated and I hope to have pics of our meeting. Stay Tuned.


Was told a decision will be made this month. Can't wait.


The project is progressing. It is a bit like a marathon. We are climbing Heartbreak Hill (Boston reference). But the finish line is in sight. More information coming by the end of the year.


A little know fact is that there is a difference between Vikings and Norsemen. Although they are from the same time period, which is referred to as the Viking Age, Vikings raped, pillaged and murdered people and they Norsemen were explorers. There are stories of the Norsemen violence, but it was almost always when their lives were threatened.

The Norsemen were mostly of Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish and Germanic lineages.

Annie Wood's Book.  Great reading.

Annie Wood's Book. Great reading.

Nomans Land circa 1920's

Nomans Land circa 1920's


I am sorry there hasn't been any posts in awhile. To bring you up to date, we are currently in talks with different groups down on Cape Cod to allow us to move forward. If these groups decline our request were dead in the water (pun intended). It does look good so the group is not worried. Once these groups agree we can begin the process of the State's permitting process. We are still hopeful we can do the recovery this year.
There have been a question of the integrity of the carvings. Scott, our geologist, believes that the barnicles and periwinkles that currently cover most of the carvings are slowing down the erosion process due to the protection they provide keeping sand and other erosion agents off the carvings.


Their have been other attempts in the past that ran into problems. Our group, which consists of a forensic geologist and an archeaology diver, are better suited for this attempt to proceed. For more information please watch America Unearthed: Vikings in America.

Noman's Land Rune Stone Recovery Project

Noman's Land Rune Stone Recovery Project

The Stone circa 1920's

The Stone circa 1920's


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Wondering if anyone is active on this page ?
The Science Channel has been running episodes of "America's Lost Vikings". The last one I saw on Sunday, March 17, at 10 pm chronicled the team's exploration from Maine down the east coast to No Man's Land. They were taken to the island by Capt. Buddy Vanderhoop and found the Rune stone, but had to abort the mission because of the incoming tide and heavy wave activity.
Good luck with your recovery Project :) We recovering our runic inscription as well :)