Gemstone Palace

Gemstone Palace A gathering point for many young individuals near and far.

A well-managed establishment to the core. Whether in times of despair, exhaustion, social prowess, or stark bliss a woman or a man can find The Gemstone Palace to be her/his venue!

Mission: Stand firm amongst your brothers and challenge the world to know wrong from right, evil from good, and deterioration from progress.


The Palace will shut its doors forever tomorrow.

Thanks to all who made it what it was: fun, dramatic, humorous, scary, loving, and heart-warming.

No regrets.



well. we had a good run at it boys and girls... but we just didnt make the team.
The staff is excited to see some class and some ass coming from the 2nd Annual Black Tie Affair hosted by Tara Herrman!




here and now, but act fast... limited time remains...


The Staff brings all the boys to the yard
and theyre like lets rake these leaves
damn right, rake those leaves
if ya dont... you lose hella steeze.


The past two days have been dreary for some or one of the tenants, but he should manage just fine, considering the excellent support of the GP fans!

Both of the sleep/nighttime activity rooms have been slightly renovated to adjust to new the feelings and motivations of The Staff. They allow more floor space and access by more people... gigidy?

The staff was asked twice today about the upcoming stretch of parties at the GP. It is always fulfilling to hear people that look forward to events held here. Warms our hearts, and boy do we need some warmth in there.

The end of October generally puts the GP on the market for Halloween costume parties... However, The Staff will all be gone getting wild and crazy at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Minneapolis, Minn on the 30th. The GP accountant states, "It would be a fiscal wrongdoing to throw a party the day after you partied til your brain fell out of you ass"

Look to November. Potentially, unofficially, yes, the first GP party in months... allegedly. BTAII. Epic on many levels.



is occupied by some awesome hotties and Lee Gullickson...


For reasons left unannounced to you... A GP black list has been created. D= It pains The GP Staff to have to do such a thing, but people need to behave in order for things to run smoothly here on earth.

Some people can not behave.

Don't even bother trying if you know you are on the list.


What a weird friday night... lots of GP members visited. Also, a few non-members...

Saturday - Make-it-Matter day




The GP is proud to announce it's participation in the 2nd Annual "Black Tie Affair"... The Staff has come together and brainstormed the pros and cons, ups and downs, and the goods and the bads of the theme-party stretch that spanned the 2011-2012 party season.

The New Year's party kicked off last season with a free keg, too many tag-a-longs, and too many: "I-don't-think-I've-seen-you-around-before-but-at-any-rate-I'm-pretty-sure-you're-eighteen-so-sure-ill-grind-to-this-Skrillex-song-with-you" situations. Loved it, maybe a little too crazy/hardcore.

The BTA was ruled a great success, and remains the #1 talked about theme party to date. This year should top that. No Doubt.

Classy attire = Classy behavior RIGHT?????



A couple of friends of the GP brought this matter to FM's attention...

Where in the world is Mikey Hutt?

"most-liked" comment on that question wins a dollar (a crowd amplification stimulant procedure)


Go to Tara Herrmann and Lauren Logan's "Blacklight Black-out Shenanigans Party" tonight!!!! Their residence will be transformed into a Euro-trance-dance, glow-stick-rave, party-tron-like-Donkey-Kong celebration!! Let's get faced!!!!


Bruce vs 10 goldfish.

Taking all bets now.


You'd think that if a certain girl is sweet on a boy for about ten seconds then turns around and is sweet on a second boy in the exact manner, she may be spreading it her "love" a little thin... This cycle was repeated again and again... the boys didn't catch on. Everyone high-fived. Idiots.

Gemstone Drama o_0


"I bench 290" ~ Lee Gullickson


The dual 42" tv setup is in full swing... what is one of the first multi-television functions that The Staff tried out? Two different episodes of Shin Chan on two different screens at the same time. Mind-numbing...

Its Saturday. Everybody in the world should be on their best behavior, right? Even Santa Claus keeps tabs on Saturdays... but the GP guys sure as hell wont say anything =]

Stop on by, anytime. Unless you're the annoying college 19-yr-old that just walked by on 16th street with a bottle of Crown at noon. If you're that guy, you're not cool.


August 22nd, 2012:
Several dudes chilled and ate pizza.
A fish was also present.
Everything went swimmingly.


The boys across the hall from Jock-Master-Huge(Mack) and Giant-Thunder-Starship(Lee) seem to have been inviting whoever they want to come live with them. Well now that one of those people turned-out to be a homeless 23-yr-old who was piss drunk at 630am in the wrong building yelling at a fragile lady, maybe they should twice... I'm not saying its the good-christian-complex....but... dont fill my buildings with scum....


Cant we all just play fair and safe? Be careful and remember to watch your step... You could come crashing down to Earth once you realize that youre hurting yourself more than your enemy!

GP: Open tonight, Closed tomorrow.


Individuals may or may not be headed to the GP @ 10:30pm. Unofficially of course... C=

Call me maybe?


The GP will be silent tonight, Lee will be working and Mack will be "working" the karaoke machine.

I heard a rumor that The GP Staff was allegedly confirmed to obliging a birthday girl and her wish to attend ladies night at The Hub...

[][][][] SQUASH [][][][]
A. We don't attend The Hub.
B. We don't attend ladies night. Do we look like ladies?
C. We have a resistant stubbornness when it comes to being counted-in without our verbal consent.

How do you like them apples?


Bruce the piranha was offered a nice chicken lunch today... He didn't like the audience that formed. Luckily, we survived.


The GP staff was extremely pleased with the number of Palace Patrons that checked out the Monthly Medical Concern (MMC). For those of you that read the column, you now know the risks of SEH and how to treat it (for more info, please refer to the Aug. 11 post).

In other news... the staff here at the GP has been asked/told/yelled at many times recently about the famous theme parties that used to be held on the last Saturday of each month. We would love to start this tradition again, and are seeking your input!

Let's hear your favorite themes from the past, your ideas for themes in the future, and any other tidbits that you deem necessary to advocate! Thanks! Keep on rocking! ~GP


The Gemstone Palace's medical concern of the month is Severe Epididymal Hypertension. This is a very serious problem for males and, to a lesser extent, females (just called

The cause is well known, dilated arteries cause blood flow to the area to increase during "certain times" while veins constrict blood from leaving. The result is a high local blood pressure to ensure the proper sustainment in hardness of a certain body part. Failure to "relieve" said body part will cause the veins and arteries to remain constricting and dilated, respectively.

Symptoms of SEH include, but are not limited to: swelling/extreme tenderness of the local epididymis region, abdominal pain/discomfort, mild headache, swollen neck glands, shortness of breath/chest pain, and sometimes mood swings/harshness of character.

Symptoms USUALLY last for about a hour after onset, but about 1 in 144 cases were shown to last 12 hours or more. Older men see conditions that tend to last longer.

There is one sure-fire way (my best pun of the year) to take care of this condition... =} However, there are several remedies that have been discussed and tried throughout the world: elevate the area as a way to decrease blood flow, icing the area or taking a cold shower can alleviate pain as well as constrict blood flow to the area, ibuprofen; pseudoephedrine; or other anti-inflammatory drugs can prove helpful, or laying flat on one's back can more properly disperse blood flow. It is most socially and medically prefered to have yourself (or with the help of a buddy) expel, evacuate, or empty your vas deferens and regulate the flow of blood back to normal levels.

This is real. A tenant of the GP said his pain reached approximately 6-7 out of 10 when experiencing SEH. He was quoted saying, "My 'boys' are super-tender, I got a headache and chest ache, and I've been walking funny for hours... this sucks!"

Please spread the awareness of Severe Epididymal Hypertension. Thank you for your glances.


It was discovered that two self-filtering water pitchers had been obtained by the tenants of the Gemstone Palace... It was decided that vodka could occupy one of the containers, since its so nice to have crisp and clean hard spirits. Also, it was agreed labeling and a disclaimer were in order:


Thanks for reading [-=

Andrew moved in!

Andrew moved in!

The Gemstone Palace was very excited when we heard Andrew Overby was moving in, and we knew good drinkin was in store for all.
But, like all good things, Andrew's drinkin at the Gemstone Palace came to an end almost as soon as it started. Drinkin.

Bruce the Piranha

Bruce the Piranha

Bruce the Piranha joined "Predatory Row" He is a 3-year-old red-bellied piranha and he originates from the Amazon River. He is super-B.A. Its amusing to watch him devour his prey.

Tarantina the Rose-Haired Tarantula

Tarantina the Rose-Haired Tarantula

Tarantina is a 4-year-old female Rose-haired tarantula. Her diet is mainly crickets, but her species is known to strike and eat small rodents, small birds, and other larger insects. She has fangs and poison but lacks the ability to pierce human flesh effectively enough to inject her venom. She is safe to the touch, but be leery of flinchers! Her abdomen is soft and may rupture if dropped improperly from a mere 30cm height.

Sam Schultz, a former roommate of Mack's at the mysterious Kingswood Palace, moved to UND in Grand Forks, where they allow zero forms of pets... Sam asked Mack to list the arachnid on Craigslist because it is against ND commerce policy to sell or buy "large or small arachnids and insects" and Petco could not accept it. Mack said "Well, could I just take her in?... I've been looking for a South-American, predatory, web-discharging invertebrate". Sam accepted the terms of 0 dollars and 0 cents graciously. He also threw in a signed original Samuel Alexander Schultz clip n' paste/oil on canvas piece, which most would consider one of his more exotic works. We shook hands and he drove to GF.


the Gemstone Palace is gaining a little well-deserved steam!!!
Now what was with that cop rumor? There has been 0 police officers in the palace for at least 2 1\2 years, the whole time Ive been here. Its true tho that sometimes cops are allowed to drive on city streets with their vehicles... whats this world coming to?

Gemstone Palace's cover photo

Gemstone Palace's cover photo

Gemstone Palace

Gemstone Palace

Lee moved in.

Lee moved in.

Lee was all like "yo, s'goin on". And then Mack was like "say whaa, brohamski?". Lee replied with cunning, "hell yeah" All Mack could muster was "damn dude, fo real tho"

Since that eventful day the two have called each other, among other things (buddy, douchebag, ball sack, etc...), roommate.

Any and all days are available for both of these gentlemen to, at the very least, hear out a lady caller, but availability for business lads or rebellious nasty men may be restricted to a higher degree in the wee hours and on sunday fundays.

Both fellas enjoy the company of good people, and have confirmed the motion of a gathering in the honor of this bond, which was a by-product of this mighty alliance.

Look for details.


Aint no party like a Gemstone party


1033 16th St N
Fargo, ND

If you want to be here, you'll find a way.

General information

Show respect. Privileges are non-verbally given, and also non-verbally taken away. You will know when it happens, in both instances. Please try not to make a mess. This may sound strange, but dirty dishes go in the dishwasher. There is a Britta water pitcher, fill it if you use it. Remind Mack to quit being anxious so he leaves for stuff on time. Those are the simplified rules of The Gemstone Palace.


(701) 866-6651


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