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Clark's Elioak Farm

Clark's Elioak Farm

It's here! 🎉 Our countdown to opening for 2021 is here!! 🏰🤠 We can't wait to see you on the farm starting April 1st!
31 days until we open for the season!!

Howard County Historical Society

Howard County Historical Society

By Shawn Gladden, Executive Director

Some pieces from our Stained-Glass Restoration project have started returning from the shop to the Museum of HC History. We are documenting this process for our records and we anticipate completion this Summer. Thanks to Len and Sherry from Great Panes for their incredible work in managing and overseeing this important restoration project in the former First Presbyterian Church of Howard County (1894).

Ellicott City Partnership

Ellicott City Partnership

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Howard County Historical Society

Howard County Historical Society

Black History Month is a time to focus on the accomplishments, achievements, and struggles of African Americans in our country's history. Here in Howard County, we have a rich and storied Black History. Thanks to historians like the dearly departed Wylene Burch and her team at the Howard County Center of African American Culture, community leaders like Bessie Bordenave who is overseeing the restoration of the Harriet Tubman School, and Joan Carter who is working hard with us to document Guilford's Black History, we have been able to document and tell amazing stories, Legacies - if you will - of the Black History of Howard County. Thanks to Bessie Bordenave and the Harriet Tubman Council for this list of "Firsts in Howard County Black History".

Throughout the month of February, we will share stories from our archives to celebrate Black History in Howard County. These stories will be compiled and presented in a new exhibit at the Harriet Tubman School, scheduled to open in 2022.

Evan Arthur, First Black elected to the HC Democratic Central Committee

Calvin Ball, First Black HC County Executive

Edgar D Barksdale, Sr., First Black in HoCo to obtain liquor license to own and operate a tavern and later a grocery on U.S Route 1, Jessup, MD

Suzanne Barksdale, among the first Black students - from Tubman HS - to appear on ‘The Buddy Dean Show’

Maggie Brown, First Black President, Columbia Association

Karen Burnett, First Black Female employee of HC Police Department

Kevin Burnett, First Black Major, HC Police Department

John Butler, First Black Chief, HC Department of Fire & Rescue Services

Dora Carter, First Black Owner of Music Studio and Beautician in HC

Roger Carter, First Black Owner of a fleet of school buses & School Bus Contractor in HC. The Roger Carter Recreation Center was named in his honor in 2013.

Walter Carter, First Black Owner of a Bar & Taxi Company in HC

Herman Charity, First Black Police Cadet, Officer & Sergeant, HC Police Department

Alice Gale Clark, First Black District Court Judge in HC

Joanie Cook, longest serving secretary to the HC Chief of Police (1968-2018)

Sydney Cousins, First Black Superintendent of HC Public School System

Silas Craft, First Black Vice Principal of all-Black High School in HC, Harriet Tubman School, when the state approved an all-Black High School(the first in HC with a program through 12th grade) & Organized First Black countywide PTA

Leola M. Dorsey, First Black Female President, HC NAACP & Vice Chair, HC Republican Central Committee, candidate for HC County Council, and member of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee to the HC Board of Education

Mavis Ellis, First Black Chair, HC Board of Education

Rachel Fuller, First Black operator of a private milk route in HC, she then opened her own business selling ice cream. In 1913, she operated the first taxi in Ellicott City and later started a junk business

Elhart E. Flurry, First Black Vice Principal (after integration) in HC

Richard Gibson, First Black HC State’s Attorney

Patricia Gordon, First Black Female HC Board of Education Member

C. Vernon Gray, First Black HC County Council Member

Carlos Hale, First Black MD State Trooper from HC, Cooksville

Richard Hall, First Black Lieutenant, HC Police Department

Marcus Harris, First Black HC Sheriff

Samuel Henson, First Black to own a home in Ellicott City, first Black moving-company owner, and first Black to work for the C&P Telephone Company - in Ellicott City.

John Holland, First Black to run for a countywide
office (County Council)

Rev. Roland L. Howard, Sr., First Black President of the HC Board of Election Supervisors

Ruth James, First Black Appointee to the HoCo Board of Education and Board of Trustees of Howard Community College

Laura Johnson, First Black Owner of First Pressing Shop in HC

Lewis T. Kelly, First Black Mail Carrier in HC

Robert Lee Kelly, First Black School Trash Contractor in HC

Madeline & William Lamb, First couple wed in the first county community center in Columbia, MD, and first interracial couple married in Columbia, MD

Phillip Lomax, First Black from Laurel (HC) to drive for the Carter Bus Co, transporting Black students from Huilford, Jessup, Laurel, and other areas to the Harriet Tubman School

Howard Lyles, First Black Warden for the Maryland House of Correction & Maryland State Penitentiary

William Manning, First Black elected to the HC Board of Education

Dottie Moore, First Black Deputy Director and Director, HC Community Action Agency

Rev. Aileen Moore, First Black minister in HC

Susie Moore, First Black Director, HC Head Start

Alonzo Myers, bought a portable gasoline engine and built it up as a tractor out of scrap machinery in the late 1920’s - the first to be operated in the county. He also owned/operated a store.

Lisa Myers, First Black Chief, HC Police Department

Tara Nelson, First Black Female Captain, HC Police Department

Joseph R. Phillips, worked on the first manned lunar-landing project

Lonnie Robbins, First Black HC County Administrator

Frank Scott, First Black barber-shop owner on Main Street in Ellicott City

Geraldine “Gear” Sims, First Black Female to hold a position in the office of the HC Chief of Police

Kevin Simmons, First Black Deputy Chief, HC Police Department

George Russell Snowden, Founder, First Black-owned Funeral Home in Montgomery & Howard Counties

Donna Hill Staton, First Black Female Circuit Court Judge in HC

James H. Taylor, First Black Circuit Court Judge in HC

Milton S. Taylor, First Black MD State Trooper. In 2019, the Captain Milton Taylor Humanitarian Award was created in his honor.

Hattie Thomas, Owner Brookside Restaurant/Log Cabin

Jean Toomer, First Black Department Manager, Columbia Association & First Black Female Administrator, HC Office of Human Rights

Del. Frank Turner, First Black Member of the HC General Assembly Delegation

William Tucker, First Black Male Circuit Court Judge in HC

Julius Warren, Sr., Owner, Sebetta Warren Barber/Beauty Shop in “One Spot”

Fred Weaver, First Black appointed to the HC Personnel Board

Robert L. Williams, First Black Blacksmith in HC

Geneva Williams, First Black Female to compete in the Outlaw 10.5 series (Auto Racing)

Mildred Woodson, Involved in Girl Scouts in HC

Morris Woodson, First Black HCPSS Supervisor (fulltime), Elementary and High Schools, as Supervisor of Integrated Schools, Assistant Director & Director, Elementary Schools, and Supervisor, Pupil Personnel for Black schools.

Emma (Mott) Young, First Black Female hired by the HC Police Department

Ellicott Mills Children's Museum

Ellicott Mills Children's Museum

Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area
Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area

Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area

Maryland's Civil War Trails Base Camp. Visit the battlefields & sites of Antietam, Gettysburg, Monocacy, South Mountain, Harpers Ferry, Baltimore & Washington, DC.

AAIC Visual Perceptions

AAIC Visual Perceptions

One of our favorite projects from last year was shooting snaps of George Ellicott around his hometown of Ellicott City for EC250. George was a real trooper, enduring the summer heat while dressed in the latest fashions from Baltimore.

We're dedicated to the filming and production of aerial and ground cinematic and photographic pictures and movies. We cater to a wide variety of small and medium sized clients including non-profits, private and commercial property builders, museums and documentary film makers.Contact us today to see how we can help you with your project !

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Ellicott Mills Children's Museum

Like our new page for updates on the new Children's Museum!

The Ellicott Mills Children's Museum will be an interactive, hands-on educational center focusing on the History and Culture of those who lived and worked in a 19th Century Mill town and will open open as a part of the EC250 celebration in April, 2022.

Ellicott Mills Children's Museum

Ellicott Mills Children's Museum

The Ellicott Mills Children's Museum will be an interactive, hands-on educational center focusing on the History and Culture of those who lived and worked in a 19th Century Mill town and will open open as a part of the EC250 celebration in April, 2022.

Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services

Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services

On this day in 1953:

Our department lost two heroes: Captain Charles Ditch and Lieutenant Joseph Stigler.

On Christmas Eve 1953, two Howard County police officers were on patrol when they noticed smoke coming from a home in the 4000 block of Old Columbia Pike. Units from Ellicott City and surrounding stations were dispatched to the fire scene. The fire was being brought under control when the water supply system failed and the units were forced to shuttle water from a hydrant on Main Street.

By 3:45 am on Christmas Day, the fire was out and the large 18-room home had been reduced to a mere shell. As crews began cleaning up their equipment, the chimney suddenly collapsed without warning. It buried four Ellicott City firemen; Firefighters Charles Ash and Charles Massey were severely injured but survived the collapse. Captain Charles Ditch and Lieutenant Joseph Stigler suffered fatal injuries.

Charles Ditch was 44 years old at the time of his death. He joined the department in June 1931 and rose the rank of Captain. He left behind a wife and young daughter, Beverly, who went on to serve more than 25 years as the department’s Administrative Services Officer.

Joseph Stigler was 34 years old when he died in the line of duty. He joined the department in December of 1937 and rose to the rank of Lieutenant. Lt. Stigler left behind a wife and three small children including his son, Joseph Junior, who was born just a few days after his father was killed.

Breaking Down Trego's March to Valley Forge Painting
Breaking Down Trego's March to Valley Forge Painting

Breaking Down Trego's March to Valley Forge Painting

The March to Valley Forge, December 19, 1777 is one of the most iconic paintings of the Revolutionary War. Painted by Philadelphia artist William B. T. Trego in 1883, the scene shows the Continental Army limping into their winter encampment at Valley Forge. Follow the details below to learn more ab....

Howard County Historical Society

Howard County Historical Society

The Jones Sisters were a talented trio from Sykesville who produced iconic images of Carroll and Howard County Landmarks. The sisters are profiled this year as a part of HCHS's Year of the Howard County Woman,

This clip is part of the Virtual Holiday House and History Tour which includes an Interactive Website with Videos, 360 Degree Photography, Images, and Audio clips. The Interactive Site Launches on Sunday Dec. 20th.

Howard County Historical Society

Howard County Historical Society

As a part of a research effort by our treasured research volunteer Dan Materazzi earlier this year, we were looking at Howard County voting records for 1st Women Voters in 1920 and 1st African American Voters in the 19th Century. We did compile a list that was supposed to be posted earlier this year. We apologize for the delay!

These are all the African American Male Voters registered in Howard County from 1885-1889.

Adams, Dennis
Adams, Edmund

Barnes, James E.
Brown, Charleston
Bacon, Cortus
Butler, William
Butler, Charles
Boston. John
Barnes, John
Barnes, George
Brown, Andrew
Burton, Edward
Barnes, Thomas
Brewer, William H.
Baldwin, Joseph
Bragden, James
Barnes, James
Barnes, Henry
Blackstone, ###
Brown, Charleston
Brown, John
Barnes, George

Collins, James
Clark, Isaac
Clark, William
Crowner, John
Conaway, George
Crowner, Eljah
Chambers, Isaac
Chambers, William
Calwell, Creed
Conaway, John
Crumbell, John
Carter, Henry
Clark, Richard
Cole, William

Dorsey, Richard
Dyson, Samuel
Daly, Richard
Dent, James H.
Dalay, John
Daley, Lewis
Dorsey, Moses
Dailey, John R.

Eglan, Henry

Fields, Robert
Fuller, Isaac
Frost, Charles

Gaither, James
Gardner, John
Green, Dennis
Gorden, Phillips
Gaither, Richard E.
Govens, Charles
Green, George W.
Gaither, WIlliams
Gaither, James

Holland, John H.
Hawkins, Richard
Hammond, Mathais
Harris, Peter
Holland, Daniel
Howard, Hamlin
Howard, William H.
Hawkins, Joseph
Hebrum, Robert
Henry, Joseph
Holland, John H.
Hampton. William H.
Hawkins, Samuel
Harris, Herty
Hawkins, John
Harris, John
Holland, Daniel
Holland, William
Inis, Isaac

Jones, Thomas
Johnson, James
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, William H.
Johnson, Jacob
Johnson, Daniel
Jones, William
Jackson, Alfred
Jackson, William H.
Jones, Andrew
Johnson, Thomas
Jones, William
Jones, Joseph
Jackson, William H.
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Samuel P.
Jackson, John
Jones, John F.
Jackson. Milburn
Johnson, Howard
Johnson, George
Johnson, William H.
Jackson, Milburn
Jones, William H.
Johnson, William H.
Johnson, Howard M.

King, Jacob

Mack, Augustus
Mars, James H.
Moore, Mathew
Mosbey, William
Mars, William
Madden, John
Madden, James
Mars, George W.
Mathews, Abram
Mathews, Charles
Mars, William R.
Mathews, Joseph P.
Mears, Alexander H.
Madden, Solomon
Miller, William P.
Mills, George H.
Madden, George

Nelson, Henry
Nicholson, Oliver

Powel, Samuel
Page, Thomas
Penition, Warren
Porter, Edward
Powell, Lewis

Russell, Hamilton
Ruebottom, George W.W.H.
Richardson, William T.
Rollins, Andrew
Rollins, Perry
Richardson, Charles
Rollins, Richard

Sparrow, Martin
Sims, Henry
Smith, Nathaniel
Short, William
Sanders, Sylvester
Snell, John W.
Snell, Nathaniel
Short, Fredrick
Smith, George W.
Sims, Nicholas
Sims. Daniel
Simms, Charles
Smith, John

Turner, David
Turner, Edward
Turner, Charles
Thomas, Benjamin
Thomas, William H.
Thomas, William
Tabbs, James E.
Tawbs, William
Turner, Philip D.
Thornton, Beverly D.
Tinsey, Peter
Turner, James E.
Turner, Daniel

Wesley, John
Waters, Thomas W.
Wheeler, Thomas
Walker, William H.
Waters, William
Windfield, Isaac
White, James H.
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, George
Williams, William H.
Waters, William T.
Wilson, John W.
Waters, Andrew
Wesley, Elijah
Williams, Loyld
Waters, Thomas W.
Warters, Charles T.
White, George
Wesley, William T.
Walker, William H.
Wesley, John H.
Wesley, Charles E.
Williams, Lewis H.
White, George

190 Listed as voters in the 1885-1889 Book, District 1

Thanks to the generous donations of hundreds of visitors to the museum, of members of the Howard County Historical Socie...

Thanks to the generous donations of hundreds of visitors to the museum, of members of the Howard County Historical Society and countless others, we have begun the delicate and painstaking work restoring our beautiful 1894 stained glass windows, originally made by the Atlanta Art Glass Company for Ellicott City's First Presbyterian Church, now the Museum of Howard County History.

Thank you for your patience while we undergo this worthwhile project.


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The Museum of Howard County History is CLOSED THROUGH JANUARY 27, 2017 FOR MAINTENANCE. Please email [email protected] for more information.

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