Old Line Museum

Old Line Museum The Old Line Museum is dedicated to the rich local history of the area, as well as the preservation of historical artifacts and landmarks.

The Old Line Museum in Delta is great way to discover the history of Pennsylvania and Maryland. The museum was founded in the 1970's. The Old Line Museum is open Sunday afternoons. May through September from 1:30 pm until 4:00 pm. Appointments can also be made.


Thanks to the generosity of the family of Jim and Bev Wilson, the museum was allowed to make early purchase of many local history items.
If you are interested in antique dishware and numerous household items, crafts and supplies, it’s a great sale. It also has many books and Lincoln memorabilia. Jim was a descendant of a member of the Lincoln family. (Not from Abe. No survivors for him)There are some tools and outside equipment too. Everything is tagged. Bev had a new, unopened sewing embroidery machine for $800.
It’s on Norris Rd off of 74, North of Delta.


Thanks to Steve for his recent donation.

Not sure how I will lace them but check out the shoes I found for Roaring into the 20’s with Dragon Fire! The event is o...

Not sure how I will lace them but check out the shoes I found for Roaring into the 20’s with Dragon Fire! The event is on Sat. April 25 from 6-9 at Slate Farm Brewery. Hope you are planning for fun and to help out the restoration of the Welsh Cottages.

The shoes were found at Community Aid. Since I’m over the hill and it was Tuesday, they were $3.

On Wednesday almost all items are 50% off for everyone. You can come casual to the event but if you want to Roar, this place might be a good place to find something for just a few dollars.


Thanks to Hogan for working part of two days on a Ma & Pa Railroad project.


Thanks for todays donation from Mary Archer Stewart.

Mark your calendars! Bring your friends for a fun adult evening!

Mark your calendars! Bring your friends for a fun adult evening!

Don't forget to PURCHASE your Dragonfire 2020 tickets now! We only have a limited amount, so please message us or email ...

Don't forget to PURCHASE your Dragonfire 2020 tickets now! We only have a limited amount, so please message us or email [email protected] to pay online!


RIP our Santa of the past


Thanks so much to the hero that plowed the museum. It’s great! Please let me know who helped! Thanks. I had only done a meager walkway.


Sending 😍 to the plow driver that cleaned off the museum drive and sidewalk!! Many thanks!!

Pssst...We are working on an AWESOME event on April 25th 2020 at Slate Farm Brewery- a Roaring 20’s party! Tickets will ...

We are working on an AWESOME event on April 25th 2020 at Slate Farm Brewery- a Roaring 20’s party! Tickets will be $28- includes dinner, 2 drinks, music, and an awesome time!
Benefits the Old Line Museum and their Coulsontown Cottages project! Stay tuned and get tickets as soon as they go live because we have a limited amount!


Thanks to Virginia Buckingham for your generous donation to the museum.


Thanks to Mr and Mrs Richard Magnifico for the donation of cookies yesterday.


The staff at the museum wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Many of you have visited, volunteered or supported our fundraisers. We appreciate all of you.

We are closed for the season but we will be open on Saturday, Dec. 21st, from 2-4 pm. Stop by to say hi, have a cookie and check out Bill’s Plasticville train garden. We will also have December 1919 microfilm set up for you to view.

Other times are available by appointment.


Hopefully a discussion starter!!
While seeing the volunteers, including one of my college friends, place Wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery, I thought of our Veterans. Pretty sure Wreaths across America might not hit all of the small cemeteries.

Do you know that our local cemeteries have heroes from all US involved wars , etc.?

I know there is a Mr Lee that was in the Revolutionary War and I think the War of 1812.

A Mr McConkey was at the Battle of Baltimore. That was known as the War Of 1812. (!Well it lasted more than one year.) I consider it our second Revolutionary War since the British had never completely given up from the first. They still stole our ships and conscripted any prior British on board. The decisive battle was fought in Baltimore at Ft McHenry. Hopefully you all know that story.
Well we have at least one local hero from that battle, Mr Mc Conley. He’s at Slateville Cemetery. I wish I knew of others.

If you ever visit our cemeteries, take a moment to remember our heroes as well as many others, military and others, that have helped to keep us free and sacrificed to make our country and community what it is today.


Thanks to JoAnn Britton for her donation in memory of Marian “ Boots” Scarborough, her mother and one of my dearest friends.


Due to another commitment, Donnie will not be able to man the Welsh cottage today. We are sorry for any inconvenience!


Thanks to Jennifer Satterfield for making some cookies for us for the Tree lighting ceremony and for cake for the Christmas Fair table!! Greatly appreciated!!!


I need to finish getting the museum ready but since it’s messy outside, I’ll put it off for awhile.

While I’m trying to figure out my next recipe for Saturday goodies...I remember a conversation from last night.

I was asked “ what about the history of Green Marble?” I provided as much of an answer as possible but while tossing and turning last night, I tend to agree that we don’t promote it enough. For those that don’t know about Maryland Green Marble, it’s mostly located in Cardiff, Maryland. This is Delta’s sister town, now known to newcomers and the post office as Whiteford. It was originally South Delta and Whiteford was Cambria but that’s another story.

Green Marble is officially known as Serpentinite Verde, a volcanic stone that resembles green snake skin. We had a volcano? Crazy I know but apparently a few years prior to all of us, there was deep volcanic activity in the neighborhood.
The outcropping of this activity could be found in Cardiff and even up on Slate Ridge Cemetery and property near there. There is another outcropping at the Boy Scout property. The color there is lighter green.

We have many natural wonders in our area. The Susquehanna River, Peach Bottom Slate and Maryland Green Marble. The museum has some history on this. One of the past managers made a photo album and we have some donations including a lift belt on display.(Thanks Rob)! I remember seeing the saws run. It took 24 hours to cut a block. Years ago there was a building and road collapse there. Gary Thompson was generous enough to donate a great slab of slate to us which we used for the school sign at Delta-Peach Bottom Elementary School.

The museum also has some Green Marble terrazzo flooring and a Green Marble counter.

Mr Cliff Thompson, from Ady Rd., purchased most of the equipment and made some marble pieces. He has since passed and I’m unsure of the equipments location.

There was a man from the mid-west that rented the shop for a time and made some jewelry and small items. I think this was in the 70’s.

More recently a man tried to get the gang saw working thru portable generators. We were invited to witness it. The property was then sold and is now used for recycling.

I know more but have to get to work. Sorry! I’ll add to this as time permits but I’m hoping some knowledgeable people will also chime in.


Special thanks to those that volunteered or provided other support or donations yesterday. It was greatly appreciated.
Thanks to Gladys Jones, Susan Miller, Sue Ann Dillport, Kim Maglaughlin, Cindy Abbott, Shawn Britton, Roxanne DeRan, Jean Berk and Donna Kearns. Also thanks to Gizz Davis that always finds cute things that I can use for museum displays.


Today is Giving Tuesday. The Old Line Museum has a display that is set-up in the gym at the Peach Bottom Rec Center( Community Hall).
Please stop to say hi and chat about history with Gladys, or Susan and then Ruth Ann.

We have albums of old newspapers and historic items of interest, along with some goodies for your shopping pleasure.

Ask about things that have happened at the cottages this year. There is a list of things about the museum also. It was done from memory so there are many other events, etc that might have been omitted.

Feel free to grab a miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter cup. Well as long as they last.

Also visit us at the museum from 6:30-8 on Friday and from 1:30-4 on Sunday. On Saturday we will have a display back at the gym for the Senior Center’s Christmas Craft Show from 9-2.

The middle Welsh Cottage will be open from 10-4 on Saturday and Sunday.

Almost all of our gift items are for those on the nice list, but we do have a tiny item for that really naughty friend! We will keep them in our prayers!


Just a reminder..to our friends and supporters!

We will have a display at the Peach Bottom Rec Center Gym from 10-3 on Giving Tuesday..December 3.

Stop by to say hi or offer support. Mrs Jones will man the stand from 10-12. Mrs Miller will be there from 12-1:15, when I will hopefully return from an appointment in York.

Learn about some projects from the past and some planned for the future.

Donnie has been busy at the Welsh Cottages and the middle one of three will be open on Saturday and Sunday of the Christmas Fair from 10-4. Cider and cookies will be available. Parking is also available.

The museum will be open on Friday evening from 6:30-8 pm for the tree lighting. Bill Buckingham will have his Plasticville Train Garden display and there will be a display of photos from the first 40 years of Delta Peach Bottom Elementary School. There will also be cider and cookies available. Information brochures for weekend events will also be available.

Visit us on Saturday from 9-2 at the Senior Center Christmas Craft Show. We will have a history display along with baked goods and craft delights for your shopping and gift-giving enjoyment.

Sunday afternoon the museum will be open from 1:30-4. We will also have cider and cookies.
There is no admission charge but donations are greatly appreciated.

Plan for a big future event!! We will have Roaring 20’s Dragon Fire on April 25, 2020 at Slate Farm Brewery, Whiteford, Maryland. Featured entertainment will be the Boys from Innesfree, an Irish-pub style band from Lancaster, Co. Dress casual or come in Roaring 20’s retro attire, and bring your smiles for a fun night! The event will be held from 6-9 pm. Get your ROAR on!!


I was pleased to assist a college student today and proud that she chose local history for her pre-thesis type project.

I just saw a post from Whiteford Fire Co about the passing of Jim Wilson. I am very sad to have to say goodbye to “our” ...

I just saw a post from Whiteford Fire Co about the passing of Jim Wilson. I am very sad to have to say goodbye to “our” Abe. He was a great friend and gentleman to all! He and Bev are reunited. My sympathy to Gerry, Lisa, Robin and families!


We have another upcoming event: Dragon Fire. It will be held on Saturday, April 25 from 6-9pm and will be held at Slate Farm Brewery.


The staff wishes to thank Mary Kilgore for her generous donation. It will be assembled and filled soon.

The staff will have a table at Fawn Grove’s Fire Co tomorrow. It’s their annual Christmas at the Fire House. We will have the River and the Ridge, along with other history items and crafts. Stop by to say hi in the Santa room.

On Dec. 3 the staff will have a small display at the senior center for Giving Tuesday. We hope to have tea cakes and other treats along with our history items.

On December 6, the museum will be open from 6:30 to 8 pm for the annual tree lighting.
On Saturday the staff will be at the Senior Center Craft Show and they will be back to the museum on Sunday from 1:30-4pm. We hope that Engineer Bill will set up his great Plasticville Train Garden.


The Old Line Museum will be open for the Tree Lighting, Friday December 6th.

We will be closed Saturday, visit the staff at the Delta Senior Center Craft show. We will have shirts, crafts, baked goods, post cards and more! For all your Christmas shopping needs.

The museum will be open Sunday from 1-4pm. We will be drawing the raffle at 4.


We have an ongoing raffle until December 8th (Last day of the Christmas Fair) continued to April 25.

Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5

Lots of items;

*Framed Mill photograph by Joe Sabolefsky( Professional Harford Co Photographer)
*Large Gift basket from Miller & Sons Inc.
*PA House of Reps pitcher and glasses from Rep Stan Saylor
*Framed gold finch print by Bob Jones from Lisa Fifer
*Handquilted and pieced lap quilt from Burman Family
*Handpainted raccoon on animal skin stretcher board by Bob Jones
*Seasonal gift basket from Jodi Heffner
*Personal care basket from Lisa Fifer

Send us a message if you are interested in tickets! These will make GREAT Christmas gifts!

T-Shirts make a great gift! We have some left from the "Booze, Babes, and Bullets" Heritage Festival.Sm-XL $15###L $18Pl...

T-Shirts make a great gift! We have some left from the "Booze, Babes, and Bullets" Heritage Festival.

Sm-XL $15
###L $18

Please send us a message if you'd like one!


A big shout out to Holbrooks for their excellent service!

Today I did discover that there was trash, nail polish, CD’s and broken glass by our basement steps when I opened for Mr Holbrook.

While at the festival I had been told that two neighborhood boys had been throwing rocks at each other and that neighbors across the street then heard a crash with the sound of broken glass. They also said that their was immediate yelling, cursing and running.

I had to leave the festival to go to the museum to make sure all was ok. I walked around twice and all windows seemed ok..so today when coming out of the basement to open the door, I stepped on big pieces of glass. Later I found a half broken bottle.
I’m getting fed up with these juveniles! It would be nice if the parents could fix it!!

If the parents are missing any CD’s, nail polish or jars, I placed most of it by the basement fence!


It takes almost a week to set up the festival. Many car loads come from the museum. It takes a big crew of helpers. I’m pleased to say that the gym is almost ready for Men’s Basketball tonight. Now I’d love a trip to the beach but it’s not in the cards.


Congratulations to Marley Kurek for winning the Fairie House and to Bob Smith for winning the raffle.
A 9 item raffle will be drawn during the Christmas Fair.

Thanks to everyone that supported the festival in any way: volunteering, encouragement, vending, visiting, donating to u...

Thanks to everyone that supported the festival in any way: volunteering, encouragement, vending, visiting, donating to us or the Mason-Dixon Food Locker, supporting our churches, vendors and our community groups.

Special thanks to the slate splitters, the Delta-Cardiff Vol. Fire Co and Fire Police, the posters for signage and parking, Southern York EMS, Fire Prevention and History Display, our fire truck slide helpers, to volunteers from Trinity AME and to my museum craft ladies that help with our handmade projects along with my 90 year old teacher that is helping me mortar the stone wall joints!!

I hope all of you and anyone I missed know how important you are in our quest to preserve local history!!
Below is our annual festival dedication. I couldn’t do it without everyone’s help!


We are in need of a few more donated items for our peddlers table. This is a table containing items that you no longer treasure but are new or have great life left for others. So far we have some Ravens items, a large (almost new) suitcase, a couple of decorator items, etc. To buy an item from this table, you make a reasonable offer, pay and it’s yours then and there.😉 no waiting!
We also have a fantastic silent auction with themed groupings. Martha, Sharon, Patty and Lisa have worked very hard at collecting and tastefully grouping these treasures. Bidding ends at 2 on Saturday.

The photo is from last year but they return on Saturday.

The photo is from last year but they return on Saturday.


Thanks for all of the behind the scenes volunteers that help put the festival together. Many have spent hours so far in order to make this a unique event.

There will be food and fun for all. The fire co will have a history display and fire prevention games/display. Southern York EMS will have a display.
Rick, one of our volunteers will have a inflatable fire truck? slide.

This week is Fire Prevention Week. It was established many years ago after Mrs. O’leary’s cow kicked over a lantern causing a fire that destroyed much of old Chicago.

Please stop by to see the displays and have fun. It would also be great if you would give a donation to our fire company!

We do ask that you bring a non-perishable food item or personal care item to donate to the Mason-Dixon Services. If you forget, we’ll forgive you. They would also appreciate cash.

There will also be other games for our children along with a Fairie display. Thanks to Martha Parthree we discovered that Williams Bros. Store once sold and gave away fairies.

We hope to see you on Saturday. We do still have a couple of vendor spots available inside and on the grounds.


We were told a few hours ago that the Mason -Dixon Lions Club can’t attend the festival on Saturday due to not enough help. If you know anyone that does French fries, please let me know. Thanks.


The museum is closed for the season. We will not be available for tours until after the festival. We are busy getting our display and sales items prepared.

Thanks to everyone for the support this year. Some of you visited and some rolled up their sleeves and pitched in some help. Others donated treasures or cash to help with our expenses. Many donated on Giving Tuesday or with the York Co Giving day. Some of you mulched and planted flowers.

One special volunteer, Bill Ailes has come out of retirement to help and to teach me how to repair stone walls, set in windows, etc. I wish I had stock in Aleve as the ladder isn’t always my friend.

We have also had some minor issues with our local youth. Parents please teach your children about respect for others and properties!

After the festival is over and things have gotten back in place, please remember we will be open by appointment. We also open one of the cottages by appointment.

The museum will also be open Friday night and Sunday afternoon for the Christmas Fair Weekend. ( Dec. 6-8). Saturday we will have a display along with sale items and baked goods at the Senior Center Craft Show.

Please know that all of the support is appreciated.


602 Main Street
Delta, PA


(717) 456-7124



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Ruth Ann Robinson
We are participating in Give Local York this year! Please spread the word!
We are participating in Give Local York this year! https://www.givelocalyork.org/organizations/old-line-museum Please spread the word and share!
Anyone ever see one of these?
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