WildDaisy Paint....Craft....Write poetry.....do body work....auto upholstery.....garden......build..... Use natural materials as much as possible.

I try to see the art in everyday objects....making junk live again.




Cinnamon Swirl Apple Fritter Bread ❤️
1/3 cup light brown sugar
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
2 medium Granny Smith apples, peeled…
Must express something to keep getting my recipes... Thank you.
First r.e.p.l.y for recipe

Everyone deserves this

Everyone deserves this




She had the Soul of an Artist...gentle and easily wounded
She had the Spirit of a Warrior...strong and independant
She had the heart of a Child...believing in all the good things
She belonged to all the things that never happened
She belonged to all the people who never came


As we wait in the longest darkest night we prepare for the arrival of Winter Solstice and the rebirth of the light. With its arrival I pray that hope will be rekindled in the hearts of all upon Mother Earth at this sacred time. May the dark shadow of war and greed be lifted and those who have fed the shadow in this the longest darkest night before the return of the light be awakened to the error of their ways. May our world be restored to a place of balance and may all those still feeding the Shadow be freed to awaken from the darkness of their fear. May the return of the Light push back the Shadow of corruption and greed to restore the balance of Peace and Harmony in our world. May all those who are suffering at this time be illuminated supported and blessed in the healing light of renewed hope. May Light Peace and Hope prevail on earth for all. SOLSTICE BLESSINGS Dermot 🙏


“It’s like there is this predator energy on this planet, and this predator energy feeds on the essence of the spirit.

Protect your spirit, because you are in the place where spirits get eaten.”

-John Trudell


Iron bars
Made of pain
Locked by isolation
Turning inward
Wanting out
Desperately seeking
Wanting free
Waiting ..
c.2023 PC

Hints of fall

Hints of fall


"If you begin with hatred for an oppressor, revolution will bring you around to a new oppressor, and nothing is gained. Instead of revolution, we should seek liberation from a sick value system. W*p*po can’t heal themselves by imitating Native American spirituality. They need to explore their ancestry, and learn about their tribal origins. They need to remember who they are, and reconnect with their ancestral culture, and this is a lifelong learning process. But most of them don’t want to know about their past. Most of them know nothing about their great grandparents. They prefer to pursue spiritual shortcuts, because shortcuts take far less effort than walking the long and difficult path to genuine understanding, to remembering, to healing. Protecting the Earth is at the core of what we must do. We are what power is truly about. “We have to assume our responsibilities as power, as individuals, as spirit, as people.” But first, we’ve got to like ourselves, accept ourselves. “We are the Human Beings. We are the land.”
-John Trudell


So I changed who can comment on my posts because Ive been having to block scammers the last couple weeks. Really get tired of stupid s**t like that.

Wide open space

Wide open space


Citizens of Maine now have a Constitutional right to grow, raise, process, barter, trade and sell their own food without government interference The State of Maine just took cottage food laws to the next level. In addition to being allowed to sell non-perishable jellies, candies and baked goods prep...


"There is no hope for the American political system. The ruling class, the exploitative one percent who control world economics today, are not going to change under the existing political rules. They are going to lie to us and they are going to create the illusion of "changes," and they are going to push one face after another in front of us, making promises. We have to understand our role as a natural power. We have to understand that when our oppressor treats us this way and do these things to us, we allow him to do it so long as we accept his lies. As long as we make excuses for his lies, as long as we tolerate his brutality, then we allow him to mistreat us. We have been allowing it too long. That's genocide. "
-John Trudell



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