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Old Amesbury-Natives (History of Amesbury, Ma 01913-Give it TLC and it will give you its story.) If you want to help Ames Amesbury was settled in the year 1642. It helps this site.

Welcome, I started this page Old Amesbury-Natives as a Historic Public Awareness site. It was initially recognized as "Salisbury New Town" until 1666, when it formally separated from Salisbury. The Powwow River originally formed the boundary between Amesbury and Salisbury. The area was incorporated as "Amesbury" in the year 1668. It was named after Amesbury in Wiltshire, England. It began as a mod

est farming community and later developed to form an aggressive maritime and industrial economy. Shipbuilding, shipping and fishing have traditionally been important occupations for the people of Amesbury. I do believe our history is our future. It is what made us Amesbury, Ma 01913. The history of this town put us in the books and on the maps. Our town History is beautiful. We have done too much to our town and by doing so we have lost a lot of our roots and beautiful history. Amesbury can keep up the streets, signs, buildings, parks, and its rich history all at the same time. We just need to Preserve it as in not redevelop it. There have always been two sides on keeping our towns history alive or just remembering it. We have a golden town and we shouldn’t just remember it but embrace it. Look at the historic photos from our towns past think of them with paved roads nothing else missing or added. That would be a beautiful balance of our past while being in the now. Some of the residents of Amesbury have been living here for multiple years, even generations, where residents knew each other by name. Others are new to the area And The town has begun making permanent changes. These changes are not necessary. The mills turned into condos only contribute to over population and stress the locals and schools to a point of over capacity. We did not need to change the streets in to one ways. How many rotaries does one small Town need? The town parks and the pines have been a part of Amesbury for many generations. I understand updates that are necessary to fix it but not changing the appearance and remodeling. How many new changes can we make and still say we LOVE this old town for what it is and not what it has become? This is a good time to save the history of Amesbury, Ma. Is Amesbury still the old town we love and want to spend the rest of our lives raising our children and grandchildren in as we have done for so many years? We should be a town not a city. Think of the founders of this town. Shame on us for changing everything and anything they made this town to be originally. Join us today and we will build a voice as a community to not support the changes in OLD AMESBURY. There is a lot going on now that is about our history as well. So you will be seeing both on said page. If you want to messages me I’ll reply back. I do my best not to take off anything you add to this site. Just keep it about Amesbury please. There’s a lot of Amesbury history here. I hope you all enjoy it. If you can, come to Old Amesbury-Natives weekly. Like, post, comment, share, add photos, see links, etc. Old Amesbury-Natives is the FB page to be at for all you want to know about Amesbury History. Thank you all for liking this page for your time and help. I’m also on twitter.


We are so proud of Rap n Tap Alumni, Hanna Scotch! She just announced her first international tour, Sister Act! We love watching our alumni follow their dreams💗


Wherever you are today take some time to see the history.

Local artists!

Local artists!

Amesbury Massachusetts, Artist, Carriage Maker, Chicago Art, Francis Kimball, J T Clarkson, John Greenleaf Whittier, Mary Kane Jewett, Nouvart Dzeron, Ralph Elmer Clarkson,

We may not be having fireworks in Amesbury this year on July 4, 2023 to celebrate our Declaration of Independence so I t...

We may not be having fireworks in Amesbury this year on July 4, 2023 to celebrate our Declaration of Independence so I thought I'd share something from Josiah Bartlett who is from here said about this day 247 years ago.


Will this be the first time in Amesbury Days history we don't have Fireworks?


Everyone in 50 years from now
Remember that time in history when history was changed or erased?!

🎆 POSTPONED 🎆No Fireworks in Amesbury on July 4, 2023!

No Fireworks in Amesbury on July 4, 2023!

Make this make sense!

Make this make sense!



AMESBURY — More than 300 years after she was tried, convicted and executed, Susannah Martin is not remembered as a witch. Today, she is recognized as, “A martyr of superstition.”



New England outdoes the South when it comes to high school football rivalries. Dozens go back a century and are still played on Thanksgiving. Here are the fiercest and oldest rivalries.

Keep our mascot!

Keep our mascot!

AMESBURY — The search for Amesbury High School’s new mascot will reach another milestone when a final survey is sent to the community on Halloween.

This is your reminder Amesbury trick or treat is on Halloween night as it's always been...And why not it's Halloween!🎃

This is your reminder Amesbury trick or treat is on Halloween night as it's always been...
And why not it's Halloween!🎃


Iconic Amesbury Property

AMESBURY, MA: Janet Faulkner, Faulkner Commercial Group and KW Commercial are pleased to announce the sale of 87 Elm Street in Amesbury, MA, an iconic Amesbury property known by all as Drew's Tire & Auto Center.

Steve Cavanaugh, Commercial Advisor with Faulkner Commercial Group represented the buyer, Alphonse Overhead Door, LLC, and Janet Faulkner of Faulkner Commercial Group represented the sellers, Bill and Beverly Drew.

Faulkner Commercial Group is a full-service team of Commercial Real Estate Advisors, offering Seller/ Landlord Representation, Buyer/ Tenant Representation, Business Brokerage, and Investment Advisory Services, and operates in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Florida.

How can we help YOU with commercial real estate today?
[email protected]

Amesbury Chamber of Commerce

Amesbury days looks very different this year than ever!

Amesbury days looks very different this year than ever!

Just over 5 weeks until Amesbury Days 2022 and we can’t wait! Here is some of the fun we have planned to kick off summer with you all. Tickets for Beer and Music Walk and Comedy Night will go on sale soon, and we’ll be adding more information in the days to come so be sure to like and follow us on Facebook for the most up to date information.

RIP Sgt. Lee Frost! 💔

RIP Sgt. Lee Frost! 💔

Dishonoring our mascot and our history

Dishonoring our mascot and our history

AMESBURY — The superintendent of schools is preparing to start the process of retiring the Amesbury High School Indian mascot.


Good afternoon and Happy Easter weekend to those Amesbury residents and families who celebrate.

As the multiple levels of the NHL Boston Bruins seasons quickly come to a close, Mark Allred will be shifting his passion for hockey and research to gather more information about the Amesbury Maples during the off-seasons.

Joining Mark in this research project is a video specialist and former Amesbury teacher Frank Gurczak. I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Frank a few weeks ago, and going to collaborate to spread the message about honoring this team for the 100th anniversary in two years.
Please reach out if anyone would like to be a part of this mission to get this team to a more prominent online presence with audio, written, and video productions.

We're looking for former players or family members who want to tell their stories about being on the ice or someone they knew that dawned the Kelly Green and White jerseys.

We also have a mission to get this team a shrine at the United States Hockey Hall of Fame in Eveleth, Minnesota, so any info, images, and video donations will be accepted.

Please send me an email if you want to be interviewed for audio, written, and video content. We know some old-time players return to this area during the summers to visit families and would love to take advantage of personal interviews as they become more available.

We can also accommodate the former players or family members from afar using a laptop with a quality audio microphone and we**am access. All content is good content when it comes to hockey, especially the lineage when it comes to the sport in our hometown.

We hope folks get involved, but regardless, please be safe, and thanks for the time reading this community post.


See us on TV this Sunday at 1130 on WBZ channel 4 Boston

Happy Easter Amesbury peeps!

Happy Easter Amesbury peeps!

Happy Spring day!🐦🌷

Happy Spring day!🐦🌷


Just got news that my next This Old House segment will air 3/31/22 The episode title is "A Match Made Perfect" (TOH 4323) and no, it's not just about me and Kevin.


Amesbury Educational Foundation, Inc. has selected three outstanding Amesbury High School alumni to induct into the 19th Annual Hall of Honor on May 6, 2022.

Dr. JESSICA CASSAVAUGH, MD.,PhD. has been selected as the Former Student, Class of 2000. Dr. Cassavaugh is a physician at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center as well as a published researcher.

JASON REGIS, the owner of Hodgie’s, will be inducted as the Friend of Education, and

BILLE McLANE, a retired teacher at Amesbury Elementary School, will be honored as the Former Educator.

The public will meet these three Amesbury Famous people at the Hall of Honor reception and program on May 6 which will be held at Amesbury High School from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.



Today our City Clerk sent off the certified election results for our City Charter amendments that required a vote. Last November residents voted to change the Mayor's term from 2 years to 4 years (going into effect after the next election) and to allow the School Committee to select their own Chair.

Our updated Charter is going through its final readings with the State Senate, you can follow along here: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/192/S2448


“I was born and raised in Amesbury. In 1998-1999 I was an intern with the department while in High School. I left Amesbury for the USMC and then landed in Baltimore County Fire. I had the pleasure of getting to meet up with one of my mentors from 23 years ago.”

Amesbury Lt Bateman and FADO Earl Day at the memorial for the three Baltimore City Firefighters who lost their lives last week.


The CITY of Amesbury, MA is not my homeTOWN!

One of these is not like the others!

One of these is not like the others!

If you don't like the new logo please call and email the City of Amesbury and let Amesbury Mayor Kassandra Gove know.

If you don't like the new logo please call and email the City of Amesbury and let Amesbury Mayor Kassandra Gove know.

A nearly 300-year-old cemetery in Kingston, New Hampshire, that’s the final resting place of Amesbury's Josiah Bartlett ...

A nearly 300-year-old cemetery in Kingston, New Hampshire, that’s the final resting place of Amesbury's Josiah Bartlett and signer of the Declaration of Independence has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The second signer of the Declaration of Independence, Josiah Bartlett, is buried there.

Happy New Year Amesbury!Be safe and if you're out call a cab tonight.Port Taxi 1-(978)-465-2333

Happy New Year Amesbury!
Be safe and if you're out call a cab tonight.
Port Taxi 1-(978)-465-2333



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Would anyone happen to know the history of the little red house on 19 Chase Street in Amesbury? Or where, or who might know? It appears occupied, but out of respect to whom lived there I refrained from knocking on their. Any knowledge or advice on where to ask, I would be grateful for.
Q: Redford’s History of Amesbury mentions the relocation in 1761 of a church from near Martin Road to “the small triangular spot now known as Huntington Park on Haverhill Road opposite the northwestern end of Union Cemetery.” (Pg 27) Is this what is currently signed as “Memorial Park” at the intersection of Highland and Rt. 110/Haverhill Road? Any help appreciated, thanks.
Amesbury lost one of its finest former teachers on Thanksgiving. If you were students at AHS in the 1950s-60, you might have had classes with Bert Fecteau - or you were coached by him in track and field sports. He was one of my favorite teachers - made mathematics come alive.

Join us on August 17th at the Museum of Old Newbury in Newburyport for a wonderful discussion on weatherizing your windows!
I worked at Henschel Corporation and when the Merrimac Hat was auctioned off, I bought all copies of the Merrimac Hat Quarterly from 1939 to 1948. Here is a picture of the plant.
I have the full set ending in January 1949. Many photos of Amesbury men and women serving during WW2 and hundreds of other photos.
Hi folks, I wanted to ask a favor. My Dad (David Shaw) and my Mom (Ruth Shaw) were both long time educators in the Amesbury school system (70s-early 90s). Dad taught at the Middle School first, eventually became principal at the Elementary School and Horace Mann. Mom taught at the Middle School as an almost daily substitute. They are in their 80s now. I was wondering if any of you who are former students of theirs might share some stories about them. I'd like to copy and print the posts to give them as interesting reading material. As an educator myself, I've learned that we don't always know whether or how we've impacted students until much later. Thank you.
Haverhill Gazette 1939 This was the back of an old article from my Grandmothers high school graduation, interesting! Maybe someone will recognize some names!
Here is a photo someone on ancestry.com shared with me today. Many of their descendants still live in Amesbury, Mass. The oldest lady is my great-grandmother Emilia (Guimond) Jacques (1872-1919). She was born in Quebec province. She married Henry Jacques in Newburyport, Mass., in 1894. She later ran a boarding house on Water Street in Amesbury. My grandmother was Mary Jane (Jacques) Grinnell, who married Edward Joseph Grinnell in the 1910's. First row Elz/Blanche/Rose. Second row Mary Jane/Laura/ Mrs. Amelia (Guimond) Jacques.
Amesbury wins the Thanksgiving Day 2018 game.
8 - 0
Hoping to display my Amesbury made 1896 bicycle from eastern cycle manufacturing co. Sometime this weekend .