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Happy Birthday Huntingdon County!!! 🥳

Yesterday September 20, 2023 was Huntingdon County’s 236th Birthday!!!

To learn more out the amazing history and heritage that’s right here in you’re backyard visit the great museums, historical societies and sites around beautiful historic Huntingdon County PA!! 📜 🚂 🪦 🚃

You can see all the museums & historical societies on our website 💻

Raystown Lake Region
Huntingdon County Historical Society


Join us this Sunday February 6, 2022 from 2:00PM - 4:00PM for our Doll Exhibit in the former Bank Building at 402 Main Street, Alexandria PA 16611!

For our Doll Exhibit we are not limiting this to any one type of doll so there will be dolls from different eras and possibly some action figures as well.

The Hartslog Heritage Museum on the 2nd floor of the Alexandria Memorial Library will be open as well. The museum and exhibit are free and open to the public!


Don’t forget our Winter Lecture on “Rediscovering the Barree Forge and Furnace” is this Sunday January 30, 2022 at 2pm. This event is free and open to the public! Donations are greatly appreciated though.
Our lectures take place at our Exhibit Gallery 100 4th Street Huntingdon PA 16652

*This lecture was previously planned for January 16th but due to weather was rescheduled*

Happy Birthday Huntingdon County!

Happy Birthday Huntingdon County!

🎈🎉 Happy Birthday Huntingdon County!! 🎉🎈

Huntingdon County, PA was established on this day 234 years ago September 20, 1787. It formed from part of Bedford County and later in 1846 Blair was formed from Huntingdon County.

The county seat for the area is known as Huntingdon. It is located on the main line of the Norfolk Southern (formerly Pennsylvania) Railway, in an agricultural and outdoor recreational region with extensive forests and scattered deposits of ganister rock, coal, fire clay, and limestone.

Historically, the region surrounding Huntingdon was dotted with iron furnaces and forges, consuming limestone, iron ore and wood (for charcoal production) throughout the 19th century.

In 1768, Rev. Dr. William Smith D. D. began selling lots on the Standing Stone Tract along the Juniata River, land he had recently acquired. The tract's two prior owners had not attempted to lay out a town, thus Dr. Smith is considered to be the founder of Huntingdon.

The town of Huntingdon (the name by which Dr. Smith eventually called his town) sits today on a site where once corn fields previously had been cultivated. These fields were next to where Standing Stone Creek flows into the Juniata River. Huntingdon long served as the junction for the Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain Railroad as well as the Pennsylvania Railroad. The town was also an important port on the Main Line of Public Works of the Pennsylvania Canal.

Huntingdon County is home to so much rich history and heritage! We invite you to celebrate like it’s your birthday and explore beautiful historic Huntingdon County!

*Note- due to recent research, it is debatable that the information on the historical marker in front of the courthouse is accurate as to who Rev. William Smith named Huntingdon for.*


Summer Hours for the Museums, Historical Societies & Historic Sites in Huntingdon County!
Visit for more information about each place!

Make sure to check out their pages too!
🕰 Greenwood Furnace State Park
🕰 Isett Heritage Museum
🕰 Swigart Museum
🕰 East Broad Top Railroad
🕰 Rockhill Trolley Museum
🕰 Bricktown Museum
🕰 Huntingdon County Fair Farm Museum
🕰 Huntingdon County Historical Society
🕰 Three Springs/Saltillo area Historical Society
🕰 Hartslog Heritage Museum

Raystown Lake Region
Bricktown Model Railroaders Association
Kars & Koffee by Raystown Kruisers
Hartslog Day Heritage Festival
Huntingdon County Chamber of Commerce
Friends of the East Broad Top
Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau

*Other museums, historical societies and historic sites in the county are open by appointment*


HISTORY ON FRIDAYS – 3/5 – Women’s History Month – If you do an Internet search for Pennsylvania’s first female industrialist, you will return the name of Rebecca Lukens. She was an accomplished woman who in 1825 took over her newly deceased husband’s nearly bankrupt ironworks and turned it around and ran it until 1847. It is still in business today.

Few people, though, know right here in Huntingdon County, we had our own “Rebecca,” and her life story was very similar to her more famous compatriot. This is the story of Elizabeth Bartholomew Dorsey (1761 – 1833).

In 1796, Greenbury Dorsey and his wife Elizabeth moved to Huntingdon County, where Greenbury and father-in-law Edward Bartholomew established the Barree Forge. In 1807, Greenbury died suddenly, leaving the forge to his wife. As with Rebecca, the Dorsey estate was in a financial mess. Her courageous management soon turned the business around, and it became profitable again. As her children came to age, many joined her in the operation, and expanded the works. Following her death in 1833, the works remained in the family until 1864, when it finally passed to other owners. It would continue until it closed for good in 1883.

Even more remarkable is that Elizabeth accomplished her feat twenty years earlier than Rebecca, and ran her ironworks for five years longer. Yet Elizabeth remains unknown even today. Maybe she should be considered Pennsylvania’s true first female industrialist


The Swigart-Shedd Family Collection on Pennsylvania Iron Furnaces is the product of three generations of interest in the Juniata Valley iron industry and contains research material, published and unpublished papers, newspaper clippings, 21 folders relating to the National Register of Historic Places...


Huntingdon County Free Museum Day!!!

Saturday September 19, 2020 from 9am-3pm is Huntingdon County Free Museum Day!

To participate you must pre-register online by September 17, 2020. Click on the link for the registration form:
*Registration ends at 9PM on 9/17/2020.

Here is your chance to check out the following museums, historical societies and historic sites for FREE! We have 13 participating.

Swigart Museum
Isett Heritage Museum
Huntingdon County Historical Society
Bricktown Model Railroaders Association/Bricktown Museum
Mount Union Area Historical Society
Three Springs/Saltillo area Historical Society
Hartslog Heritage Museum
Rockhill Trolley Museum (*Full Capacity - Registration Closed for RTM*)
East Broad Top Railroad (*Full Capacity - Registration Closed for EBT*)
Broad Top Coal Miners Museum
Petersburg Heritage Museum
Greenwood Furnace State Park
Mapelton Union Area Historical Society

We hope to see you there!

Raystown Lake Region
Huntingdon County Chamber of Commerce
Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau
Uncovering PA
PA Discoveries


Rainy day at Raystown Lake? Looking for something to do? Why not check out some of our wonderful museums, historical societies and historic sites! For a list of all those places visit our website at *Please call ahead as most places are open by appointment or certain times.

Photo Credit: Jodi Norris Peachey


Teachers planning online lessons and Parents doing homeschooling activities- Have you thought about including Local History?

Our local history and heritage is so important and we have such great resources in Huntingdon County with our museums, historical societies, sites!
If you have questions about anything please reach out to them. All their contact information is on our website and most organizations have a page. See what they have on their website and page. They may be closed due to COVID-19 but they check messages, emails, voicemails and mail. There’s lots of local history books out there as well, some available free online.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

Please share with teachers and families!


Huntingdon County History and Heritage is a passport to exploring the historical heritage of Huntingdon County with the resouces all in one place.

Living History, Living Faith Camp!

Living History, Living Faith Camp!


A Word Cloud made up of all the names and places of the different organizations that make up the Huntingdon County History & Heritage Roundtable! As you can see by the word cloud History is the Heart of Huntingdon County! :)


This Tuesday April 12, 2016 at 6:00PM. We will meet at the end of the driveway by the white Barns and we will go to look at the furnace. Hope to see you then! Please feel free to share!


Make sure you get todays The Daily News for the article about the project and thank you to the Huntingdon County Historical Society for putting the info in your newsletter!


We are looking to form a committee to take care of the Barree Forge and Furnace so if anyone is interested please PM this page or you can email [email protected] or call (814)-386-3323. If you know of someone who would like to do it as their Boy/Eagle Scout Project or Graduation Community Service Hours/Project please let us know. Thanks and remember to Share and Like our Page!!


Hi all! We are looking to form a committee to take care of the Barree Forge and Furnace so if anyone is interested please PM this page or you can email [email protected] or call (814)-386-3323. If you know of someone who would like to do it as their Boy/Eagle Scout Project or Graduation Community Service Hours/Project please let us know. Thanks and remember to Share and Like our Page!!


Please like and share this page so we can let everyone know about the Barree Forge and Furnace. It is in need of clean up and maybe some repairs.


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