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The "Akron Sound" Museum Our ongoing mission at the "Akron Sound" museum is to foster new artists and continue to keep alive a vital part of Akron's musical legacy.

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The “Summer of Doing Stuff” is well underway, and the return of the Kent Blues Fest is just two weeks away. Twenty three venues will feature blues, roots rock, Americana, and more. You can plan the acts you want to see by visiting our website. Have a great and safe holiday weekend!


Tune in to for a special FRIDAY (1/29) livestream with #AkronSound up-and-comers Detention Live! Live from our stage to your couch at 7:30PM! #TGIF

very cool early Devo image

very cool early Devo image

DEVO at Pirate’s Cove, Cleveland, Ohio, 1977 (Credit Bobbie Watson Whitaker).

MAGNET Magazine

MAGNET Magazine

Brand-new Q&A with #ChrisButler (The Waitresses). “The best I can come up with is that ‘Christmas Wrapping’ reminds people that there just might be a force for good working in the background around this time of year that gets into our collective hearts and makes everything all right, if only for a few weeks”:

buzz Clic posted some great pics today

buzz Clic posted some great pics today

Here ya go... from Don Adkins Photography! (check him out on F/B!!) these are pics from Madame Wongs in LA - from the photos I can tell you these shots were taken before we signed to Capitol maybe '79

Well Look What I Found in Today's Mail. How can everyone buy a copy Buzz Clic?

Well Look What I Found in Today's Mail. How can everyone buy a copy Buzz Clic?

Tune in for a couple of Akron Centric Holiday streaming Shows
HO HO HO!! Jilly's Holiday Streams & SALE!

Tune in for a couple of Akron Centric Holiday streaming Shows

#HOLIDAYSTREAMING F 12/18 | THE 12th ANNUAL RYAN HUMBERT HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA Together with many of our regional venue friends, we are pleased to broadcast The 12th Annual Ryan Humbert Holiday Extrava

Buzz Clic Adventure

Buzz Clic Adventure

OK kids here's the new cd!! It should be available for download next week "BIGGEST HITS & GREATEST MISSES" I have cd's available as well...

CouchRokr 2020 Detention Live form Annabelles Akron Ohio
CouchRokr 2020 Detention Live form Annabelles Akron Ohio

CouchRokr 2020 Detention Live form Annabelles Akron Ohio

Detention live from Annabelles in Akron Ohio. This years version of PorchRokr 2020 went virtual due to Covid-19. Now the event is called CouchRokr. Sit back ...

An Akron group getting major props on the national level!!!!!

An Akron group getting major props on the national level!!!!!

NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY has this lovely review of our boys from Ohio, LIBRARIANS WITH HICKEYS, and their new record "Long Overdue" (out at now) and it's got some gratifying comparisons to the likes of The Church (more than once!) and Herman's Hermits... that's a win all around! "Akron, Ohio band Librarians with Hickeys play expertly crafted, catchy, 1979-style powerpop. They jangle and clang, they like layers of guitars, cool keyboard accents and vocal harmonies. And they would have been huge if they’d been around back four decades ago (that’s a compliment)... Singalong hooks, expert craftsmanship, no wasted notes: what more could you want from guitars, bass and drums?" The full review is here:

Tomorrow Night
Jilly!s Music Room | Music! Drinks! Food! Fun.

Tomorrow Night

AKRON’S BEST NIGHT OUT OPEN: W & TH 5PM – CLOSE | F 5PM – 1AM | S 11AM – 1AM | S & SU 11AM – 3PM FOR BRUNCH | CLOSED M & T NO COVER unless noted. Coming up:Current MonthTEMPORARILY CLOSED IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19 01aprallday31augalldayTEMPORARILY CLOSED IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19 Event Details...

Harvey Gold - "Lazy Boy"

Some new music from Harvey Gold

Lazy Boy From the album, “It’s Messy Vol. 1” by Harvey Gold (video by Krystyna Olsiewicz-footage via Prelinger Archives) Smog Veil Records LLC © Tin Huey Mus...

Thursday's Lounge

Great Akron Bar. I spent a lot of time in the 1980s.

Dearly Beloved,

37 years ago (almost to the date) a small little college hangout was about to be transformed into an alternative music institution for almost 4 decades. The Zip’s Varsity Bar was bought by Fred and Barb Nemr in 1983 and the name Thursday’s Lounge was chosen. Many good things just so happened on Thursday’s for Fred and Barb. They met on a Tuesday and married that Thursday. It would become a household name in Northeast Ohio for many years.
The early years were very up and down at Thursday’s. There were regular college kids (1983-1985) and then that crowd was followed by rough and tough bikers (1985-1987). In 1987, alternative music known as Punk, New Wave, and Industrial were brought in to revolutionize the dance club industry forever. From this point forward there was no looking back. These genres were not well known to mainstream crowds in the 80s. Therefore, Thursday’s was labeled a “freak” bar for many years after. Fred and Barb loved the “freaks.” It was an open community of many walks of life who could be themselves in one place. Everyone from gay, straight, black, white, jocks, preps, punks, and goths were all welcomed there.

Most nightclubs in the 80s and 90s would not last 6 months. Thursday’s Lounge held the top spot in Akron for over three more decades. Thursday’s expanded three times. Thousands of crazy nights, crazier people, marriages, divorces, children, and friendships all happened at 306 E Exchange St over the last 37 years. Fred and Barb’s three children all worked at the club and were raised there in some fashion. Many amazing and longtime employees helped shape the club and kept the place going for an eternity of bar years. These employees became part of our family and are some of the greatest people we have ever known.

However, the time has come for someone else to create the same magic in that building that the Nemr family created almost 40 years ago. There is no argument that times have changed in the nightclub and music venue business. There is a lot of uncertainty in today’s business world. Bars have suffered a tremendous amount just in the last 6 months. The truth is, we do not really see the bar business (as we are used to) get any better, any time soon. Therefore, August 29th will be Thursday’s Lounge last day of operation. Forever.
We would like to thank the countless patrons and employees that made and kept Thursday’s what it’s been for so long. There are just too many people to list. Without all of you Thursday’s would not have made more than a couple years.

With all the Covid-19 stuff going on in the world, we are unable to have a regular series of “goodbye” or “farewell” parties. We will have an “open-house” style of get togethers every Saturday (8/15, 8/22, 8/29) from 12pm to 11pm (a schedule will be released via FB and Instagram) for those of you who’d wish to celebrate one last round at one of Akron’s oldest and longest running establishments. Of course, masks are required, and social distancing will be enforced (it is a big place). Who knows, maybe Barb will sell you a stool or something? If you have any pictures you’d like to share, post on our Instagram or FB page.

Once again, thanks again to everyone who ever stepped foot in there (even if you hated it because you sucked).

Barb, Monique, Mark, & Mario.

Rubber City Jazz & Blues Fest | New Signup
Rubber City Jazz & Blues Fest | New Signup

Rubber City Jazz & Blues Fest | New Signup

Don't miss out on your chance to order! Ordering is simple - just find the style you like, select your size, then check out (you can use your credit card, Venmo or PayPal)!* Double check that your email address is correct to ensure you receive all updates along the way, including your tracking numbe...

At 5pm, on their New Music Showcase, the Listen Project will be playing Some Librarian WIth Hickeys, Wild Giraffes and T...
Listen Project Radio - Free Internet Radio - Live365

At 5pm, on their New Music Showcase, the Listen Project will be playing Some Librarian WIth Hickeys, Wild Giraffes and Tracey Thomas. Listen In

Great music deserves to be heard. From power pop, straight ahead rock and folk to punk and post punk, electronic, avant-garde, the NE Ohio music scene (Cleveland, Akron and Kent) from 1975 to the early 21st century thrived and while there were varying levels of “success,” what really developed w...

Big Stir Records

Big Stir Records

LIBRARIANS WITH HICKEYS invite you to check the first single from their just-announced debut album LONG OVERDUE before the CD is released. It's a pair of unique sides that make up the next Big Stir Digital Single, out Friday July 31 at and available for pre-order now. The A-side is “That Time Is Now” featuring LISA MYCHOLS, and the B-side is an exclusive, brand-new non-album track whereupon the LWH cover no less than THE BANANA SPLITS on “I Enjoy Being A Boy (In Love With You)” in grand psychedelic style, making this an essential companion piece to the forthcoming album.

This is the third Big Stir single from Akron, Ohio's finest guitar pop combo. They've all led up to the August 14 release of the cleverly-titled LONG OVERDUE, an album that stands among the classic power pop debut records of the late '70s and early '80s (think The Records, The Knack, Paul Collins' Beat, and 20/20) as a stack of nothing but should-be-hit singles. As such, a duet is all but inevitable, and LA's own LISA MYCHOLS – whose solo records and work with The Masticators and most recently The Seven And Six have earned her a place in the Southern California pop pantheon – does the honors on “That Time Is Now”. It's a ringing triumph of a radio-ready single and sure to be the highlight of the summer: a hopeful and jangling anthem of empowerment that is, if anything, more needed this year than ever.

The absolutely delightful B-side, specially recorded for this release, is another animal altogether. It launches from the already surprisingly psychedelic blueprint of the original version of “I Enjoy Being A Boy (In Love With You)” by The Banana Splits, the titular fictional funny-animal-costumed band from the late-60s Hanna-Barbera/Sid & Marty Krofft kids' variety show. We recommend you hit YouTube for a reminder of just how trippy this tune already was before hitting play on the Librarians' version, which takes its hypnotic swirl to an even deeper and more mesmerizing place and sets a new benchmark of sugary heaviness for the band itself!

The best news, aside from the impending release of the album itself, is that even in these pandemic-challenged times, LIBRARIANS WITH HICKEYS are already looking forward and producing new music beyond what's on their sterling debut (we've heard some of it and it's all up to the standard set by LONG OVERDUE). And they've always been a great live band, so it's to be hoped that with these inspiring tracks seeing release and a growing catalog of fine originals, the band will not only be recording new material but back on stage, and even on the road, as soon as safely possible. In the meantime, they're offering up some of the most exciting recordings of the year, and we at Big Stir are thrilled to be bringing them to you!


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Sounds like the elusive Bowling Balls From Hell ha e been unearthed!
Trudee, aka Tony B. At J.B.s down 1982
Found this album in a thrift store a while ago, and somehow was still sealed, so I was able to get a pretty clean transfer off of it! Anyone know how this record came to be? John and Tony from STRiP are in this band
I need your dropbox address for the Tony B. audio files from J.B.s down 1982
Found some of my 45s tucked away.
I am researching a band my grandfather played in popular in Akron area in the 1920’s. Szeyller’s band and orchestra. If you have any records of this band I would love any information thanks.
Tomorrow, Monday May 4, 2020 at noon, tune into Listen Project Radio for a tribute to the Kent music scene spanning from the late 1960's through the early 2000's featuring music from the James Gang, Devo, 1-60-75, F-Models, The Party of Helicopters and others.
Found some more!
Found this when cleaning out the attic.😀