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This stunning portrait of Paul Newman is from the Paul Newman Tribute page. Film scholars, note that early screen test f...

This stunning portrait of Paul Newman is from the Paul Newman Tribute page.

Film scholars, note that early screen test footage actually exists of Newman vying with James Dean, for ‘East of Eden (1955).’ Dean got the role, early death, the immortality of myth. Newman got the lengthy career, happy marriage and mere legend status.
He was the right stuff, with Yale Drama School and Actor’s Studio pedigree, stage and early TV experience. By 1956, Newman was an affecting Rocky Graziano in ‘Somebody Up There Likes Me (in arguably his most likable role).’
But the camera found in him a sexy opportunist, outsider-misfit characters, largely defined by uneasy relationships with women: ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,’ ‘The Left-Handed Gun,’ ‘The Long, Hot Summer (all 1958),’ ‘The Hustler (1961),’ ‘Sweet Bird of Youth (1962),’ and ‘Hud (1963).’ Although these represent his best work, it’s as if Newman himself noticed, flinched and withdrew.
He became distracted by racecar driving and interested in directing projects. Out of a respectable quintet of the latter, best was ‘Rachel, Rachel (968),’ starring his wife, Joanne Woodward (Newman won Best Director from the New York Film critics).
His legend status became inextricably cemented to buddy turns in ‘Cool Hand Luke (1967; expert, but the start of something), the dull ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1968),’ the slightly more entertaining ‘The Sting (1973)’ and ‘Slap Shot (1977).’
Having lost any number of years when actors find their richest roles, the senior Newman seemed to gauge his own diminished legacy; returning to anti-heroes, in ‘Absence of Malice (1981)’ and ‘The Verdict (1982),’ while finally winning Best Actor for ‘The Color of Money (1986).’ (He’d earned an honorary Oscar the year before.)
When Newman passed in 2008, audiences realized the measure of the man was better seen off set. Newman’s Own Foundation, begun in 1982, still donates 100% of its annual earnings to thousands of worthwhile charities. Profits now total over $525 million.
How many millionaires have generous instincts, anyway? Clearly, Newman was something lost between his bad boys and buddies: A truly rare man.

★ Paul Newman ★

Am proud of Miss Dolly's Grammy distinctions!The 1st ceremony (a Taurus, I am thrilled 2 report) was held in '59, but pu...

Am proud of Miss Dolly's Grammy distinctions!
The 1st ceremony (a Taurus, I am thrilled 2 report) was held in '59, but publicity is referring 2 the 2019's as the 61st.
Drake & Lamar lead the nominations; with appearances by Gaga (skipping the BAFTA film awards 4 this one), Chloe X Halle, Mark Ronson & Travis Scott (last seen holding the fort 4 that ghastly Stuporbowl show); and an all-stah tribute 2 Aunt Re!

"Come backstage. I'll show ya a couple of Golden Globes."--- Joan Crawford# GGNite

"Come backstage. I'll show ya a couple of Golden Globes."

--- Joan Crawford

# GGNite

A stellar yuletide season 2 all!!

A stellar yuletide season 2 all!!

Love finding things I've forgotten.Copy of a book about NYC curiosities, by Helen Hayes & Anita Loos. Hayes was the 1st ...

Love finding things I've forgotten.
Copy of a book about NYC curiosities, by Helen Hayes & Anita Loos.
Hayes was the 1st Lady of the American Theatre, an Oscar winner (twice), as well as recipient of a Tony, Emmy & Grammy (1 of 15 to win all), the wife of playwright Charles McArthur.
Loos was a scamp, a prolific writer & screenwriter, best known for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; as well as a noted producer.
The book is signed by both.
Inside, an original book launch luncheon program from Delmonico's, 46 years old to the day (!); & a first-class Atlanta boarding pass bookmark.

55th Anniversary of Monroe's passing. Interesting that someone presumed 2 b a dim bulb has survived n collective memory-...

55th Anniversary of Monroe's passing. Interesting that someone presumed 2 b a dim bulb has survived n collective memory---so much that they represent an industry more than any other star, past or present.
Yes, the depressed bombshell fascinates; as does the childhood, the glamour, the appeal 2 exceptional men, the mystery.
But also think a large part of it is visual beyond beauty, about a relationship not w/ the film camera, but the still camera.
There r many images of her I adore. This may b the favorite.

And on top of all that, the 70th Tony Awards are on CBS @ 8.

And on top of all that, the 70th Tony Awards are on CBS @ 8.

Sad 2 say, Star Museum is closed 4 good, but had a luminous run. For some reason, most likely this site's renowned softw...

Sad 2 say, Star Museum is closed 4 good, but had a luminous run.
For some reason, most likely this site's renowned software, am unable to retrieve messages here. Rather than leaving them here, hit my profile up if u will.
Here's one of my creative depictions.


@ TCM screens 'The Apartment,' at 8, a respite if u need a break from news. The film's alternately hard-boiled and tenderly bittersweet, a wry spring salute 2 love & its losses.
Here's 2 the losers!


Sure Beats a Trump Rally: Viva Las Vegas is coming on TCM - Turner Classic Movies, the only sizzling teaming of The Pelvis & The Kitten with a Whip.
U might as well finish blowing the day.
#stewedwitch #idondinkdisdaylitesavingtimewirk


The artist theme continues on @TCM, w/ the best one at 10:30: "Moulin Rouge," directed by John Huston: Jose Ferrer as Lautrec. An Oscar winner 4 art direction, sets & costumes, w/ a surprise walk-on by Zsa Zsa Gabor, as Jane Avril. A mesmerizing film, highly recommended.


@TCM is on artists 2nite, starting w/ Charlton Heston as Michelangleo, at 8, n "The Agony & the Ecstasy." With Rex Harrison, as wicked pontiff.
Pry the paint brush from Heston's cold, dead hands.

David Bowie- Young Americans

O I am heartsick over this one.

This is 4 Pie.

Bowie performing on Dick Cavett Show [4 of December 1974]

Having a tricky time accessing messages on this page. So if u have one 4 me, please send it 2 me through my profile page...

Having a tricky time accessing messages on this page. So if u have one 4 me, please send it 2 me through my profile page messages (i.e., Robert Weisfeld).
Just posting this so folks know messages here r not being ignored. Am more affable than rumor would have it!


Last night, the collective cast of 'The Wiz,' live on NBC, opened its exuberant, black, beautiful mouth, doing something two preceding white casts couldn't do: Soared.
It should b seen as a genuine triumph by the African-American community.
But by late last night, extremists were charging 'Wiz' casting as racist.
Wrong. Toto was clearly of fair coloring, providing the token casting folks of color have tolerated for ages.
I would've cast a black scottie.


The recording alert is for the next two.
For denizens of small Suh-thun towns, 'Flamingo Road,' at ten, is required viewing, based on a bestselling potboiler. @Joan Crawford has her Oscar director to helm, and a lulu of a role: A shady carny gal, stranded in Dixie, romancing a handsome but weak sheriff's deputy, and matching wits w/ her ultimate obstacle----not Bette Davis. It's behemoth Sydney Greenstreet, a specialist at malevolence, and when Crawford finally slaps his face on both sides, it's the fastest wallop ever captured on film!
'Possessed' is followed up by more delirium in 'The Damned Don't Cry.' Joan was having a fine old time, amidst an affair w/ her very married director, macho Vincent Sherman.
Re storyline, after her child's accidental death, Crawford walks out on her dead end marriage. She claws her way upward, getting torn between two hot thugs, learning the hard way that minks and drop dead couture can only partially guarantee happiness.
The guarantee?: It's a scream a minute, I promise u.

(This is for the impeccable viewing tastebuds of @Kathy Gibian, who's been yearning for more Weisfeld programming guides!)


August may b my favorite month on @TCM. That's because 'Summer Under the Stars,' is a star a day.
2nite, it's Our Lady of Perpetual Full Throttle, @Joan Crawford! At 8, she's 'Possessed.' Two years after her Oscar, she copped a third consecutive nomination, for this one---her personal favorite among her many strong performances.
She's a private nurse going crackers over a co-dependent relationship. An unrealized Method actress, Crawford did her homework at an institution. While it doesn't quite make sense that the object of obsession is the expert, if unattractive, Van Heflin, the film is certainly riveting.


2nite, @TCM is saluting the underrated, 4gottten Robert Walker, a talented, quick, sad comet whose streak was fast. He was too sensitive, and the sensitivity led 2 alcohol problems he couldn't overcome.
He was ordinary looking n a town of buffed beauties, married to Jennifer Jones, am ambitious actress swept up by the Selznick machinery. The boss had his personal eye on her, and cast young husband and wife cruelly n 'Since You Went Away'; w/ Walker playing the young soldier who doesn't make it back. The film has a painful train station farewell, symbolic of how Jones was torn away from Walker (she became the 2nd Mrs. Selznick). The producer made them repeat the scene again and again...
...Somehow, no one ever captured the longing of the American soldier better than Walker.
@6:15, u should put ur summer dogs up and watch a rare one, 'The Clock,' a small b&w film, innocent & dear. The plot is simple, about a romance between a soldier & working girl, which takes place over 24 hrs. time. It captures Golden Age NYC beautifully.
Because it's not a musical, ur forced to see Judy Garland's discreet expertise as an actress, and the film's fragile but great talents r gently handled by Liza's dad.
Sometimes I think---w/out knowing it---we miss innocence, sweetness, dearness, gentleness and sentiment n our abrasive world of posturing, bullying, drum-beating self-promotion. 'The Clock' is a welcome respite.
And if it's not enough evidence of Walker's talent, at 8, catch Hitchcock's 'Strangers on a Train,' wherein Walker plays a truly malevolent psycho, sweeping beautiful, gay Farley Granger n2 a vortex of murder.
Walker was coming to the end of his rope by this time, the year of his death (1951).
To combat the actor's highly agitated state one August night, his shrink administered amobarbital. Walker had apparently been drinking; his heart stopped and he could not b revived.
He was only 32 years of age.


If the heat got 'cha, there's a honey of a hipster flick on at 9:45 p.m., 1955's 'Kiss Me Deadly,' directed by Robert Aldrich ('Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?').
Fast, turgid, and violent, it's a dramatization of the Mike Hammer (!) detective series, & was a major influence on the French Wave films of the 60's.
W/ deadpan Ralph Meeker & Gaby Rodgers as the sexy detective team, wall-eyed Jack Elam, (real-life grisly suicide) Albert Dekker; & (the film debut of) Cloris Leachman, as the only desperate runaway.
Cooler than cool film noir, highly recommended.


And late night Tivo alert at 11:30, two pin-up goddesses for the price of one, Lana Turner & Hedy Lamarr, joined by goddess of musical genius Judy Garland.
Lamarr was the most beautiful face in the world, a woman who hypnotized the camera, one of those raven-haired beauties whose vogue peaked in the 1940's. Many are those who think she makes Elizabeth Taylor look cheap. It's appropriate at a time our dads & granddads were fighting Hitler, to know Hedy was an Austrian Jew.
Late n life, she received a Congressional honor 4 invention of technology which led to the internet!
Lana Turner leads the cast (opposite Jimmy Stewart), getting the big build-up here, n 'Ziegfeld Girl.' MGM had a way of signing sexy dames like Crawford, Harlow & Turner, then clipping their wings 2 make them ladylike. 'ZG' catches Turner as a redhead, not a blonde, capturing her essential appeal---being trouble. Had she stayed a redhead & worked at, say, rough house Warner Brothers, her career would've been far more interesting. This may b her best performance.
And there's Garland, beginning to look lovely, but straining to break out of the girl next door mode. Often, she looks fraught & nervous, but for chops, nobody like her.


Better is breathtaking redhead Rita Hayworth, the tragic lady at her dazzling peak, as 'Gilda,' at 9:30. Her cult think she eclipses all of them, even Monroe. At her finest, there's absolutely something to this. And 'Gilda' is peak film noir, a sexy S&M potboiler, w/ killer chemistry between Hayworth & studly Glenn Ford.
Hayworth's impact was so gr8, 'Gilda' led 2 her being named 'The Love Goddess.' A copy of the film went into a time capsule to be unearthed long after all of us are gone, when she'll b recognized as our Venus. Sadly, her portrait was also attached to the H-bomb dropped on Bikini Atoll, but one incident in a haunted life.
Highly recommended!


@TCM offers less a star of the month tonight, but a WWII phenomenon, the pin-up girls.
At 8, the #1 one, Betty Grable, n 'Pin-Up Girl.' Grable was a peaches & cream hash house type, "the enlisted man's girl." She was at Fox, & u watch her identikit musicals, & realize why Marilyn always kicked up such a fuss about material.
Grable liked drinking, dirty jokes & the racetrack. She didn't make stardom a chore or take it seriously until it began to dwindle. But she typifies the most important quality for WWII pin-up girl stardom: Being a good sport.


Gemini Connection: @Marilyn Monroe's 89th birthday is Monday. Her unstable mother's birthday was May 27th. May 29th was the anniversary of the suicide of her grandfather (the ironically named Marion Monroe) and the birthday of JFK. Like Gemini, the jury will likely always b divided about her life's mysteries.
Cashing n, Lifetime's 8p.m. 2-part miniseries, 'The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe,' begins 2night & concludes 2morrow. The jury is Gemini-divided as to whether Kelli Garner makes a convincing Monroe; & whether Susan Sarandon does justice or dishes ham, as her troubled mother. But the underrated Emily Watson is being touted for playing Monroe's guardian, Grace Goddard, who possibly influenced the child Monroe more than anyone.
And more than anyone, Monroe remains the nation's eternal flame, inspiring book after book, film after film. Waiting in the wings to play her, 4 good or ill, n an upcoming major motion picture: Jessica Chastain.
Clearly, the public Monroe persona was a role brilliantly played by an untutored, effervescent chameleon who has ended up having---the last, best laugh.

Likely only Nick 'Rebel w/out a Cause' Ray would have come up w/ this delicious, turgid, camp classic post-Freudian west...

Likely only Nick 'Rebel w/out a Cause' Ray would have come up w/ this delicious, turgid, camp classic post-Freudian western. On at 8 pm on @TCM, it's much beloved by...the French!
W/ star of the month Sterling Hayden, one of film's gr8 surly studs, trying 2 referee this lesbian national anthem landmark cat fight; between Joan Crawford & Mercedes McCambridge, who hated each other's guts.
It's filmed in Tru-Color, a blazing, short-lived process which heightens each grim recrimination, dirty look and implication of illicit pleasure.
With a wistfully rueful title song of sexual yearning, sung by the great Peggy Lee.
Nothing like it!


While ur counting the moments 'til the 'Mad Men' finale, the 2015 Billboard Music Awards red carpet's already on E!
Awards show airs at 8 p.m. E.T.; w/ Taylor leading the nomination pack, followed by Sam, Iggy & Meghan.


'Witness' is followed by a film noir classic, 'Laura': A gumshoe falls n love w/ a portrait of the victim whose death he's investigating. Otto Preminger directs dynamite cast of Dana Andrews, blue moon beauty Gene Tierney, the surprisingly gay Clifton Webb & Vincent Price, and Judith Anderson (who played @Barter Theatre).
Followed by Jane Fonda's Oscar-winning stalked hooker, n the chilling 'Klute.' Co-starring Donald Sutherland; w/ a nice, nasty 70's Fun City edge.
Good night 2 bunk n.


'Witness for the Prosecution,' arguably the best courtroom movie of all time, is just starting on @TCM.

Don't get me wrong. I adore winter!

Don't get me wrong. I adore winter!


They just announced Lady Gaga will sing n the salute 2 the 50th anniversary tribute 2 'The Sound of Music.' If she can nail jazz alongside Tony Bennett, I say why not?
Guess Carrie Underwood just threw a cocktail across the room at her giant screen!


Assuming ur already n red carpet couch tater mode 4 the 87th Oscar hysteria. If so u already saw Emma Stone looking like a blonde mill. I point her out because of the nominated films I managed 2 see, 'N2 the Woods,' 'Boyhood,' 'American Sniper' & 'Birdman,' I am rooting 4 the latter, which I adored!

The 21st SAG Awards air at 8 pm EST, on both TBS & TNT. These r the Screen Actors Guild Awards, somewhat more reliable t...

The 21st SAG Awards air at 8 pm EST, on both TBS & TNT. These r the Screen Actors Guild Awards, somewhat more reliable than the Globes as an Oscar precursor (because of how the latter divides categories).
They also allow the public 2 gauge how popular stars r amidst their own, since the SAGs r primarily actors voting 4 same.
'American Sniper' & 'Selma' r, however, out of the loop this time, as member screenings were not arranged n time 2 qualify. Wonder whose head rolled 4 that?
The SAGs also feature, like the Globes, TV.
I regretted missing 'Downton Abbey' on Globes night. But if u can keep rock 'n roll musician hours, u can watch the 1st hr. of the awards, switch 2 PBS 4 'DA,' & switch back at 10 pm 2 the re-airing of the awards. Just an idea!
The red carpet starts at 6 pm EST, on E!, if that interests u most of all. Although we personally already know that no one, but no one, will b able 2 match the regal authority & stellar incandescence of one (shown here) Honeylamb Sugarloaf!


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