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Wroxham Signalbox Trust The Wroxham Signalbox Trust was formed in 2002 with the aim of preserving and restoring Wroxham Sign


Unfortunately, due to staff sickness the signalbox open day for tomorrow, 29th May has had to be cancelled.

A sad day...

A sad day...

The new and the old.

The new and the old.


Volunteers are always needed to help man the signalbox, no special skills required, other than enjoyment of meeting people and an interest in Railway signalling.

Membership of our Joint Friends is required which will allow you admission to our Sister organisation the Barton House Railway and volunteering opportunities there.



First time I've seen this operating!


Wroxham Signalbox will be open tomorrow, with no major trees nearby and a building that has stood solidly for 119 years, we don't anticipate any issues with the high winds.

Please drive carefully on the roads, though.


We just reached 100 likes, thank you everyone!

Another signalbox hopefully to be saved.

Another signalbox hopefully to be saved.


The signalbox will be open both Saturday and Sunday of this weekend, so why not pop in and see this example of a building that is vanishing from Norfolk's railways. Admission free, donations welcome.

An historic day!

An historic day!

81 years ago today LNER A4 class locomotive no. 4468 Mallard set a new world speed record for steam powered locomotives which stands to this day. In the Dynamometer car behind the engine was a team which included Christopher Jarvis based at Darlington (pictured). He was also involved with testing Flying Scotsman in 1931. Earlier this week we were able to add a set of his original tools to the collection to help tell the story of this record-breaking speed run.


It's International Level Crossing Awareness Day...and yet, here are some drivers who were clearly *less* than aware... Everyone must stop for red lights at l...

Wet and misty morning at the signal box this morning, but the stove is lit, so it's nice and cozy.

Wet and misty morning at the signal box this morning, but the stove is lit, so it's nice and cozy.

The film that Wroxham Signal Box, was filmed for last year.

The film that Wroxham Signal Box, was filmed for last year.

A new short film shot entirely in Norfolk is inspired by the infamous Black Shuck who is a legendary figure in East Anglian folklore.

Another signalbox being made redundant (in fact quite a few of them) 😪

Another signalbox being made redundant (in fact quite a few of them) 😪


The volunteers of Wroxham Signal Box wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope you'll visit us for Bure Valley's Mince Pie Specials on 27th-31st December, the Box will be open.


If you're coming to visit us today, take care if you're passing under the railway bridge, it's developed a "water feature"!


How does a Boat Ride, Train Ride, Mince Pie, Individually Named Present and Traditional 2 Course Christmas Dinner sound? Book first class on our Santa Special and this is yours.


Alternatively if you don’t want the dinner, go Third Class for just £9 a person.


Come and see Santa and his Elf in his own Railway Grotto on Sunday 16th December.

Download a booking form from

There will be no spaces on the day. All visits must be pre booked.

WROXHAM SIGNALBOXIt's "Line Clear"The Block Shelf has now come a step forward by the introduction of two wonderfully res...

It's "Line Clear"

The Block Shelf has now come a step forward by the introduction of two wonderfully restored Great Eastern's version of Tyer's One-Wire Two Position Instrument, one for trains to and from Worstead and one for trains to and from Salhouse both with the appropriate brass label and complete with the individual bell plunger below. Another addition is a track diagram (although yet to be framed) but can be referenced to the temporary lever plate labels which are in position. A permanent set of labels with respective lever colours are in the process of being produced and should be completed in the near future. A working G.E.R. clock is also now another fine feature. The Signalbox is rapidly becoming more and more of a living memory to be proud of.


The signalbox will be open today and tomorrow, for the Bure Valley Railway Strawberries & Steam event. 10am until 5pm

We have 1900's air-conditioning (we will have the windows open) and the height tends to secure a nice cooling breeze!


Saturday 19th. May was not only a Royal Wedding Day it was a special day at Wroxham Signalbox too.

Josh Trett with his brother Matthew chose this venue wanting a different setting for certain scenes during the course of the making of a short film relating to Black Shuck starring Rebecca Grant.

Trett Films is an independent video and film production company based in Norwich. Running for over 5 years and aims to produce professional content ranging from short personal films to professional corporate videos.

Trett Films has worked across a spectrum of industry including commercials, events, documentaries and many more. Some recent work includes working with the likes of Veon, The English Experience, UEA, Norwich University of the Arts and many more.

Black Shuck is the name given to a legendary ghostly black dog said to roam the coastline and countryside of East Anglia. According to folklore, the beast varies in size and stature from that of simply a large dog to being the size of a calf or even a horse. Sometimes Black Shuck is recorded as having appeared headless, and at other times as floating on a carpet of mist.

The short film is scheduled to be released in October. Filming clips took most of the afternoon and a generous donation to the trust had been negotiated for the privilege of facilities afforded. Lawrence Hassall was on duty to give any support needed but NO did NOT get a part. (see www.trettfilms.com)


Strumpshaw Steam Rally near Brundall is this weekend Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Barton House Railway will have our portable BHR2 there. Train rides will be £1 an adult and 50p a child. Under 5s Travel free but must be accompanied by an adult.

We will be running from 9-5 with an earlier finish on Monday.

Engines ‘Jake Afford’ and ‘Paul Bower’ will be the locos in service


Interested in learning more about the restoration of the Wroxham signalbox? Here are the dates when volunteers from the Wroxham Signal Box Trust will be opening the signalbox in May 2018!

The signalbox will be open from 10am to 4:30pm on:

Saturday 5th May
Sunday 6th May
Saturday 26th May
Sunday 27th May
Monday 28th May

It's a 3-minute walk away from the Sheringham-bound platform of Hoveton & Wroxham station on the . The "Nature By Rail" event on the Bure Valley Railway takes place on the 5th-6th May and "Everything Goes" event takes place on 26th-28th May too.

Entry to the signalbox is free and donations towards the costs of running the box are very welcome. Take the train to & station, pick up some local history and enjoy a beautiful day out on the !




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