Milton Keynes Museum celebrates the 1940's Event

Milton Keynes Museum celebrates the 1940's Event We are proud to present our 1940s weekend. This will be our 6th wartime weekend and we are looking forward to another super event.

Enjoy the songs, dances and re-enactors of that fascinating era. See how people dressed, the food they ate, and life in general on THE HOME FRONT. Browse through the street of shops, but have you got your ration book? NO Rations at the Tea Rooms though with a lovely cup of rosie lee and Diane's delicious cakes. Don't 'KEEP MUM' about this event, it will be a blast!!!

Mission: To provide a really authentic 1940's weekend that young and old alike will enjoy

Not this year, but here is the date for next year 4/5 September 2021

Not this year, but here is the date for next year 4/5 September 2021

These lovely pictures were taken back in 2018 at our 1940s weekend - thanks to Clare Shuffill for sending them to us.
She said: "You guys really know how to do it!
I have been several times now. Wonderful memories."
There will be more memories made in the future too. We can't wait!
> Don't forget to inbox us with pictures of your visit to the museum - they cheer us up no end! :)


We have today made the decision to CANCEL this years 1940's event due to the pandemic. We are already planning 2021.




The infamous, lovely, funny Peggy Skivvy, a memory from 2018. We look forward to welcoming her here again soon, place is filthy without her๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

one can take this lady anywhere once !!


Looks like not many watching this page, I will just up date when I know if we can have an event this year. Hopefully will have an answer by mid July .


"We'll meet again don't know where don't know when" yet! So in the mean time let's see some of your VE Day pictures on here.

Milton Keynes Museum

Milton Keynes Museum

Caption contest for fun...
Whats going on here then?! The camera caught a great moment at one of our 1940s events. Saves time shining your own shoes, I guess! Let's have your captions - comment below and make us smile :)


Half. Way through week 4 of lockdown. We still have fingers crossed that we may be back in the museum by September



Bomber Arthur  Harris at his best!!!

Bomber Arthur Harris at his best!!!

We asked you to send pictures from your memorable visits to the museum to cheer us all while our doors are closed, and you have obliged.
Today's choices are from Denis, taken at one of our many themed events - thank you!
If you've visited the museum, please message us with your pictures and we'll share them on our social media channels in the coming days and weeks.


While nearly everyone is at home how about sharing some of your pictures from MK Museum 1940's event last year. I have some great ones sent to me by Paddy White unfortunatly they are all locked up at the museum, but I will share some at a later date. Look forward to seeing yours.


Hi all, I wouldn't normally be sharing this just yet, but everyone needs cheering up right now. We very much hope that things may have settled by September and that our event will be going ahead. I have just heard from our friends at BBMF and........drum roll......we are going to see the Spitfire on Saturday 5 th September. Cameras at the ready.


I have just shared the museum's post re current closure, please keep an eye on this page for updates, hope fully by September everything will be back to normal.

Milton Keynes Museum

Milton Keynes Museum

In light of the current situation, we have taken the decision to close the museum until further notice.
The health and safety of our customers, volunteers and staff must come first. Thank you for understanding.

Lola Lamour

Lola Lamour

Always a wonderful event at Milton Keynes Museum with a feel good factor! Get it in your diaries folks! :) x

Milton Keynes Museum

Milton Keynes Museum

It's Valentine's Day, and we wanted to use the occasion to say thanks to our army of supporters. We love your passion for the museum and your continued support means everything. A huge thanks to all of you from all of us :)


Message from admin. This page is to keep you up to date with our 1940's event or anything relevant to. If you have comments about the museum generally please go to their page, as they will be deleted from here. Thank you.

September 2020 is a long way off but if anyone would be interested in volunteering to  help us with the many things we h...

September 2020 is a long way off but if anyone would be interested in volunteering to help us with the many things we have to do before and during the event. Please get in touch.


Hi all. This post is not about our 1940's, but I thought you may like to know what else goes on at the museum during the year. We have a 50's and 60's event in july the date for 2020 is 18/19, and we have the fabulous Miss Lola Lamour joining us , as you know she is very versatile and her 50's and 60's show is brilliant, we have other acts too. But if she is a favourite you may like to pop the date in your diary And come along to see us.

The tea room girls 2019

The tea room girls 2019

Look who came to see us at the museum today๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Look who came to see us at the museum today๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Milton Keynes Museum

2019 our 10 th year and everyone's still enjoying it.

Some of our visitors getting into the swing of things at our 1940s event yesterday. We had a fabulous time and hope you did too. Join us from 11am today when we'll be doing it all over again...


a little survey, please answer yes or no. Do you find it useful that we have the off site free car parking and free minin bus service? The local scouts kindly lent us and ran the bus for us this year, and the local Health Centre kindly waver car parking charges for us. It has come to my notice some folk don't like parking off site ( all though we only have limited space) if it's not popular I will not approach the scouts or HC for 2020.


Its great that we have had so many likes on this page now, there will not be another 40's event at the museum until September 2020. I will post some photos soon from 2019 but other than that I will be a bit quiet as I move on to organizing Victorian Christmas. Please keep telling your friends and family about us, the museum is a great place to visit all year round with lots of events. There is a page for the Christmas event and also one for our summertime 50-60's event which we have a great line up for including Lola Lamour. Take a look at them.


One of our lovely re enactors ladies, lost a pair of gloves at the weekend. I have them safely at home if they are yours please let me know and I will arrange to get them back to you.

Lola Lamour

Lola Lamour

What a fab weekend at Milton Keynes Museum. I have never done another event with such a feel good factor as our lovely tea room here. Lovely folk and a super atmosphere. Thanks to Martin Littlejohn for these pics and to the tea room girls and of course Mick (Norman Wisdom!!!) :) x

Milton Keynes Museum

Milton Keynes Museum

To everyone who supported our 1940s weekend and made it such a fantastic event, thank you.

South Staffs Living History Group

South Staffs Living History Group

Men of the South Staffs 32nd Battalion like coiled springs ready for action at Milton Keynes Museum 1940s 1st September 2019.


That's day one! We are all exhastusted, but didn't we have fun? Even the shower of rain didn't dampen spirits. We will be doing it all over again tomorrow, are you coming??


PRICES AGAIN. Tickets are annual, ยฃ10 for adult ยฃ7 for child 5-16. ยฃ8 for senior. ( it's worth it!)


Sorry folk I'm off to the museum now for final bit of setting up. If you have any questions I will check this page much later tonight or you can call the museum 0190831622 2. But they will be very busy.


WEEKEND PARKING, there are two car parks to the front of the museum, another down McConnel Drive on the left towards Tesco. The new car park off Millers Way and the Wolverton Health Centre ,Gloucester Road,( available after 11 am) the latter two will have a mini bus service to bring you up to the museum and back to your car later. See you tomorrow.

Lola Lamour at Milton Keynes 2011 - Rum and Coke

This was at the beginning a cold weekend, and before the telephone gallery was completed so we were able to use it for the show. We have so much fun.

Milton Keynes 40s weekend September 2011. Lola Lamour sings Rum And Coke a cola


IMPORTANT INFORMATION. it has been bought to my attention one of the EVENT POSTS is showing the wrong times.
THEY ARE: Saturday 31 st August 11-4.30
Sunday 1 st September 11.4.30.


Milton Keynes Museum McConnell Drive
MK12 5EL

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The Museum is located in the peaceful surroundings of Stacey Hill Farm. Stacey Hill Farm was built early in the Victorian era as a model farm. It was located on the the outskirts of Wolverton, one of the UK's original "railway towns". Today the buildings overlook the "new city" of Milton Keynes but when they were built they were in the middle of the countryside. Our extensive displays portray the history and development of the North Buckinghamshire and South Northamptonshire area. The area has changed greatly over the years, culminating in 1960s with the creation of Milton Keynes, the UK's largest and last "new city".


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We had a fabulous day out here at the 1940s event with our bike. We met lovely people and to see the Lancaster was just awesome, Hope we can do it again next year ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Hi all, could anyone tell me how much tickets are for this event? Please. :)
is there any space for Traders?
New NAFFI signs on the mobile Canteen ,painted for us by John Tibbetts. The NAAFI will be selling hot and cold drinks, Sandwiches of course spam and Corn Beef , Homity Pie and Vegetable Slice, and a selection of cakes.
Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur " Bomber " Harris looking forward to seeing everyone at Milton Keynes Museum 1940s event
Things are coming together nicely for September, we have more shopping for you this year,as well as our usual selection from Beryl China to uniforms and collectibles, clothing coupons at the ready ladies we have more clothing, hats, bags, and shoes ,as we welcome some new dealers.