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Did Ancient Egyptians have glasses just like ours? 👓

Curator Dr Campbell Price’s favourite object from the Golden Mummies of Egypt gives an insight into the technological capabilities of Egyptians from the Graeco-Roman Period, 2,000 years ago.

Come along and discover the lens - or find your own favourite object - in the popular exhibition this January. We've extended its run until 14 April.

Or join Campbell on a video highlights tour. 👇

As you settle down for a cosy Christmas evening, enjoy these decorations.They were made by University of Manchester’s Po...

As you settle down for a cosy Christmas evening, enjoy these decorations.

They were made by University of Manchester’s Postgraduate Researchers, Parents, Carers & Guardians Network with their children & families.

Merry Christmas! 🎅🎄☃️


Day 12: our final 12 days of Christmas video! 🎄

Did you know, the T-Rex grew up to 12 metres long?

I think… it sounds about right. Let’s not fact check it today, it’s Christmas, I couldn’t think of anything for day 12 🎅

Merry Christmas from everyone at Manchester Museum! 🦖

Can’t believe nobody got this, you’re going to kick yourself it’s so obvious…One of the first every documentations of wa...

Can’t believe nobody got this, you’re going to kick yourself it’s so obvious…

One of the first every documentations of warfare in human history from 1800 BCE.

That’s right, Dr Who on the Stela of Sobek-Khu.

You’ve heard of elf on a shelf, now get ready for…

You’ve heard of elf on a shelf, now get ready for…

You’ve heard of elf on a shelf, now get ready for…

Have a lovely winter break! We'd love to be part of your festive plans. Here are our openings times to help you plan you...

Have a lovely winter break! We'd love to be part of your festive plans. Here are our openings times to help you plan your visit:

Sunday 24 December: Closed
Monday 25 December: Closed
Tuesday 26 December: Closed
Wednesday 27 December: Open 10am-5pm (no late opening)
Thursday 28 December: Open 10am-5pm
Friday 29 December: Open 10am-5pm
Saturday 30 December: Open 10am-5pm (no early opening)
Sunday 31 December: Open 10am-5pm
Monday 1 January: Closed
Tuesday 2 January: Open 10am-5pm


Day 11: Did you know we have Parakeets in Manchester? Originally from the Himalayan Mountains, UK weather doesn’t bother them 🦜

Some say they escaped from the set of 1950s film ‘The African Queen’, or were released by Jimmy Hendrix in the 60s!

How do you think they got here?

Learn more about our Belonging Gallery here 👉


Day 10: Who is getting a model making kit for Christmas?

These models were found in the tomb of Khnum-nakht. Boats were the main mode of transportation in Ancient Egypt, & models enabled the deceased to travel in the afterlife, in particular to the sacred site of Abydos ⛵️

Safe travels, Khnum-nakht!


Day9: ‘Ammonite’ comes from the Latin Ammonis coruna which translates as ‘horns of Ammon’. The term references the ancient Egyptian god Ammon (or Amun) who is often depicted as wearing ram’s horns 🐏

Learn about ammonite folklore here 👉


Meet the Maker | Michelle Olivier

In the latest edition of our Meet the Maker series, we spotlight Michelle Olivier, a Manchester-based artist whose work can be split into two categories - art exploring how mixed-race people and relationships are represented, and art inspired by the natural world.

Michelle’s work can be found in our shop, which is open until Saturday for any last minute gift needs.

Head to the link below for the full film.


Day 8: The rickshaw was a major form of transportation in many countries in Asia, & were often brightly decorated 🎨🖌️

Have you seen the artwork on our rickshaw? You can find something new every time you look!

Learn about our South Asia Gallery here 👉


Day 7: The Milu Deer was nearly hunted to extinction during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900, but luckily there were some in European zoos to reintroduce it to China.

Have you seen the Milu Deer in our Chinese Culture Gallery? 🦌

Learn more about it here 👉


Day 6: This piece of hexagonal basalt we have on display is from the famous Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland!

Basalt formed 60 million years ago when Europe & North America began to tear apart. Many minerals are found in volcanoes where heat & water concentrate them 🪨


Day 5: Nature can be full of beautiful (or scary) sights, smells & sounds.

Our ‘Experience’ case in Living Worlds explores how we are affected by our environment…

Including the terror our Visitor Team felt when somebody left a spider at reception 👉


Day 4: These Neotropical Giant Green Anoles were bred right here in the museum!

They have sticky feet which makes them great at climbing, you can often see them hanging out on the glass🦎

Here’s a video with Herpetologist Matt when they were just babies:


Day 3: Frederick Pearcey (1855-1927) was a crew member on the Challenger Expedition ⚓️

After assisting scientists by preserving specimens, he became an expert himself & even worked at Manchester Museum from 1889-98.

His work is still on show in our Living Worlds gallery 🐙🪸🦑


Day 2: During the Carboniferous Period 299-359 million years ago Manchester was covered in swampy forests and ferns.

This means places like Rochdale were once inhabited by big creepy crawlies!🦂

Our fossil expert Nathan knows how to find local fossils 👉


Day 1: Our 12 days of Christmas begins with this terracotta figure from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) on loan from

These objects were placed in tombs because it was believed they would be useful to the dead person in the afterlife 🦆

You can learn more about our Chinese Culture Gallery here:

🗒️GIFT LIST 2023🗒️Novelty socks✅Vouchers✅Tie and cuff links✅Statement mug✅Photo frame✅Or you could break the mould and p...

🗒️GIFT LIST 2023🗒️

Novelty socks✅
Tie and cuff links✅
Statement mug✅
Photo frame✅

Or you could break the mould and pick up something from the selection lovingly curated by the team at .

We’ve got unique gifts from talented makers and creators, including and , Stan plushies, gorgeous jewellery, books and much more, with options from 50p upwards.

Shop online via the link below (last shipping day 18 December) or come and pay us a visit up until Saturday 23 December.

Beautiful music tonight from the wonderful Olympias Music Foundation

Beautiful music tonight from the wonderful Olympias Music Foundation

We hid the ✨golden✨ tickets too well, still two left to find!!

We hid the ✨golden✨ tickets too well, still two left to find!!

Can you find our ✨GOLDEN✨ tickets?Tonight 5 lucky winners will win a ticket for two for a special tour during closing ho...

Can you find our ✨GOLDEN✨ tickets?

Tonight 5 lucky winners will win a ticket for two for a special tour during closing hours & tea party with the dinosaurs! ☕️🦖

Treat yourself or pass them on for the perfect gift.

Find them hidden somewhere in the museum tonight, 4pm-8pm. Tea party at 10am on December 18.


Keep those donations coming in for Stan's Secret Santa. 🦖

You've got until Friday to drop by the Museum and give to our gift appeal. Stanta Claws is waiting for you there.

One of the amazing charities you'll be supporting is Mustard Tree, who are working incredibly hard to meet a huge increase in demand for their services.

Watch the full film at the link below.



We’re recruiting 4 positions in our Visitor Team!

Want to work in a large team, working together to ensure everyone who visits feels welcome, safe & inspired?

Go to: & search 'Cultural Institutions'.

Applications close 12 December


There’s no risk of this Santa tumbling down your chimney.

Stanta Claws has come to town and you’ll be able to visit him in his grotto (the Fossils gallery) at the Museum from tomorrow.

Our beloved Tyrannosaurus rex has really got into the spirit of giving and agreed to dress up for our Christmas gift appeal.

Stan’s Secret Santa will see us work with Barnabus and Mustard Tree to deliver festive gifts to people experiencing homelessness and poverty across Manchester.

So we’d love it if you could drop in between tomorrow (5 December) and Friday 8 December to leave donations with Stan and his team of elves.

We’re looking for donations of new, unwrapped festive gifts and new, non-perishable seasonal food items, as well as wrapping paper and Christmas cards. Head to the link below for the full list of desired donations.




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