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John Higgins - Film Review A all-new Film review and comment resource with my own personal reflections on the movies that shape our world Due to many people commenting on my passion and incredible knowledge of Film and Film-Making, JOHN HIGGINS - FILM REVIEW was launched in November 2015 as a resource for updates, news and reviews.

Operating as usual

Check out for upcoming updates regarding the festival, for whom Film and TV Now are the Official P...
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Check out for upcoming updates regarding the festival, for whom Film and TV Now are the Official Partners.

Recent announcements include the added Jury Members of Carrie Annie Bernans and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter for SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, Jeff Arch.

Read all my articles, interviews and reviews to date at

The Los Angeles International Film Festival is in its' inaugural year and I was honoured to review the twelve films in c...
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The Los Angeles International Film Festival is in its' inaugural year and I was honoured to review the twelve films in contention via Film and TV Now.

Check out the reviews here and click on the links below each review to book tickets to view the films in the online arena.

Some great documentaries, dramas and some amazing films that were shot for very low-budgets.

Some good feedback has already come through from various sources on the social media feeds.

Support the festival, support the film-makers, support film overall at a time of great need :-) out this indie gem - such a surprise - not going to reveal what it is here. ...
THE TENT - Film and TV Now

Check out this indie gem - such a surprise - not going to reveal what it is here. Starts out as a genre film, then surprises towards the end...

Welcome to yet another QUIET PLACE as a pair of lone survivors avoid the gaze of a few deadly things outside THE TENT – but before you groan and wonder, stick with it because this is not what it seems. A post-apocalyptic event called ‘The Crisis’ has hit mankind – and on the outskirts of [.....

Joel Schumacher dies at 80 after year-long battle with cancer

RIP Joel Schumacher.

A talent who had a filmography to die for with classics like ST. ELMO'S FIRE, THE LOST BOYS, FALLING DOWN and BATMAN FOREVER, plus two John Grisham adaptations, A TIME TO KILL and THE CLIENT, which were among the best of the films offered.

Recently, a season of his films played in rep through The Celluloid Sorceress SCHUMACH-ATAK season which demonstrated how memorable some of these films were.

He will be missed

Schumacher - who directed Batman Forever among many other films - died in New York City on Monday morning, after a suffering year-long battle with cancer.



Carlito's Way



This haunting Main Theme from the 1992 gangster film starring Al Pacino is one of my all-time favourites. Fond memories of watching this at the old Empire Leicester Square in London....

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Carlito's Way · Patrick Doyle Carlito's Way ℗ 1993 Universal City Studios, Inc., Under Exclusive License to Vare...

The Hunt for Red October Theme (Official Soundtrack) (HD)


Been a while since I posted.

Another of my favourite composers is Basil Poledouris. His soundtrack to the 1982 version of CONAN THE BARBARIAN is fantastic.

Here is another brilliant theme, capturing the essence of the sea-faring thrills of the 1990 adaptation of the Tom Clancy novel...

The theme song from the famous action and suspense movie: The Hunt For the Red October. "The Hymn for the Red October"

Nice to be endorsed by one of the film-makers whose film I reviewed.TRAIN RIDE is a terrific independent film which has ...
TRAIN RIDE - Film and TV Now

Nice to be endorsed by one of the film-makers whose film I reviewed.

TRAIN RIDE is a terrific independent film which has relevance today two decades after its' original release. A college drama about a dark night that affects students at an all-Black American college, it is a triumph of diverse film-making and a poignant and sobering view.

A ‘train ride’ in street slang is a sexual threesome – and the impact of its’ consequences on some college students is devastating with the twentieth anniversary re-issue in time for ‘Black History Month’ of Rel Dowdell’s 2000 film TRAIN RIDE. Amidst the hustle and bustle of an all-bla...

Go West - King Of Wishful Thinking (Official Music Video)




In the Spring of 1990, a talented actress elevated to superstardom on the back end of two enjoyable ensemble dramas - MYSTIC PIZZA and STEEL MAGNOLIAS.

Nominated for an Oscar for the latter, she followed up with one for Best Actress, although she lost out to Kathy Bates for MISERY.

Yep, PRETTY WOMAN and the birth of Julia Roberts as a superstar is 30 years old.

With the musical hitting London on stage at the Piccadilly Theatre this month, it is time once again to go BIG, BIG, HUGE :-)

Listen to Go West: Follow Chrysalis Records; Subscribe - Spotify - Facebo...

Vialucci Podcast Episode #68 Gangster Films with John Higgins
Vialucci Podcast Episode #68 Gangster Films with John Higgins

Vialucci Podcast Episode #68 Gangster Films with John Higgins

This week, Andrew and Theo welcome back the Vialucci Podcast's resident film critic John Higgins. John makes us an offer we can't refuse: the chance to find out what his favourite gangster films are proud that film-maker Yves Piat got ...
Interview Special: Yves Piat: 'Nefta Football Club' - Film and TV Now

Really proud that film-maker Yves Piat got nominated in the Best Live Action Short category for NEFTA FOOTBALL CLUB.

Here is my interview with the director about the film, published a while back...

If you ever get a chance, see this wonderful short about two brothers who discover a donkey with a valuable package - the pay-off is very funny :-)

Really proud moment for me this week.I interviewed Meryam Joobeur for Film and TV Now about the short BROTHERHOOD.This w...
Interview Special: Meryam Joobeur: 'Brotherhood' - Film and TV Now

Really proud moment for me this week.

I interviewed Meryam Joobeur for Film and TV Now about the short BROTHERHOOD.

This week, the film was nominated in the Best Live Action Short category.

Read the full article here:

With so much conflict impacting across the world, film-maker Meryam Joobeur turns to the issue of radicalization and the deep wounds that affect a Tunisian family when one of their number goes off to fight and returns home in her new short BROTHERHOOD, which was produced by the Oscar-nominated Maria...

Dune Trailer (1984)

36 years ago, despite a troubled shoot at Mexico's Churubusco Studios, which also housed ROMANCING THE STONE and LICENCE TO KILL (1989), David Lynch's version of DUNE opened in cinemas.

Now BLADE RUNNER 2049 / PRISONERS / SICARIO director Denis Villeneuve will premiere a brand-new version of Frank Herbert's complex novel of two bickering houses on fair Dune where they lay their scene (effectively, my understanding of a book I have never read but know of is that it is ROMEO AND JULIET in Outer Space).

We hope it is less convoluted than Lynch's troubled production, which starred Sting and Kyle Mclauchlan. Original trailer for Dune (1984) In the distant future, a man appears who may be the prophet that a long-suffering galaxy has been wai...


So it looks like GRANTCHESTER'S James Norton is the front-runner to take over from Daniel Craig as 007.

Always interesting to see the reaction to a new actor in the role, but I am sure if it is Mr. Norton, he will carry it off - Eon know what they are doing..... :-)



Well, with THE RISE OF SKYWALKER finally arriving in cinemas, it is good to look back on 42 years and my own connection to this very influential story that effectively got me hooked on film in the first place.

In 1978, I was 9 years old and still very wet behind the ears in terms of watching films (my family were a little resistant to me going to cinemas because I couldn't sit still, prompting one ejection by my mother during a double-bill of 101 DALMATIONS (1961) / RIDE A WILD PONY.

An interest in Astronomy, plus the viewing of three classic 1950s sci-fi films, WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, THIS ISLAND EARTH and CONQUEST OF SPACE, turned the corner for me.

My father mentioned in the Autumn of 1977 that a brand-new space film called STAR WARS was on the way.

Although, like most fans I can name key facts now, the truth is that I didn't see the original 1977 version of the blockbuster until about February 1978, a good six weeks after its' debut on December 27th, 1977 in the UK where, like in the US, it played to packed houses, including the Dominion, Tottenham Court Road, in London, UK when it showed in 70mm..

So, what was my first impression?

Well, it moved and prompted me to watch it again a further three times in 1978-79. The climactic attack on the Death Star got really intense for me as Luke battled Darth Vader.

I was there at my local cinema on opening day, June 15th, 1980 (opening day at my local cinema, that is, as the film was released about two weeks after its' London premiere there)

Although it's regarded as the best now, I do remember critics and fans not as keen on EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, although it still was pretty good to watch. It does have the best score though.

Back to STAR WARS and when the film debuted in October 1982 on ITV, we taped it and held it on a VHS for about a year, from which I absorbed the film in various places particularly the climax.

It remains today a motivational film in terms of making me in the film creative I am :-)

Top Gun: Maverick (2020) – New Trailer - Paramount Pictures

Here's the latest trailer to the very eagerly-anticipated sequel to TOP GUN, MAVERICK.

Now, I have to confess that I am not the greatest fan of the original film, as it does tend to be a sentimental film and hasn't aged as well as some 1980s classic. However, the soundtrack is a redeeming factor, as are some of the flying sequences.

MAVERICK looks like it will more than eclipse the original in terms of thrills - and it also has Jennifer Connelly in another role....

Check out the trailer here :-

Watch the NEW trailer for #TopGun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise - In theatres June 26, 2020. After more than thirty years of service as one of the Navy’s top...



After three non James Cameron sequels, RISE OF THE MACHINES, SALVATION and GENYSIS, Cameron produces what is meant to be a direct follow-up to T2, the blockbuster sequel from 1991.

Here, Sarah Connor and our favourite cyborg team up with a new genetically-modified good Terminator to thwart another attempt by evil machines (Skynet is not here, but another evil AI faction called 'Legion) to kill a Mexican girl who holds the key to the future of humanity.

DARK FATE is not a bad sequel by any means and it does have its' moments when it comes to spectacle, but ultimately it falls a little short of the first two films. Even back in 1991 and T2, the story seemed a little stretched and we sense that maybe this is time for Arnie to hang up his clothes, his boots and his motorcycle for good like Stallone has done with RAMBO: LAST BLOOD.

Crowd-pleasing fun all the same....

Well, this has made my day.My collaborator, David Fussell, on the upcoming short film TORCH HEAD has just won an award f...
The Homeless Film Director

Well, this has made my day.

My collaborator, David Fussell, on the upcoming short film TORCH HEAD has just won an award for THE HOMELESS FILM DIRECTOR, about him

Check out the documentary free online....

2019 Lovies Silver Award for Documentary goes to VICE UK for "The Homeless Film Director" out my Film and TV Now review for the brand-new RAMBO film.....

Check out my Film and TV Now review for the brand-new RAMBO film.....

Sylvester Stallone continues to defy convention – and the cinema – as he continues to embark on an amazing career that has taken him from Hell’s Kitchen, New York, through the hell of both the boxing ring and war zone through ROCKY and RAMBO, to re-inventing himself as an elder action statesma...

The Warriors Full Theme Song


To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of one of my favourite movies, here is Barry DeVorzon's dynamic synth-based theme from THE WARRIORS.

Controversial on its' original release in 1979, prompting fatalities in the US at screenings, it has become a true cult classic, based on Homer's THE ODYSSEY and a book by Sol Yurick, Walter Hill's tale of The Warriors, wrongly accused of killing a top gang leader in a meeting in The Bronx, who have to fight both cop and gang members to reach their home in Coney Island, New York remains one of the most energetically and exciting films of all time....


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