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Operating as usual


Congratulations to Rose & her team at Collydean Community Centre for winning the Kingdom FM Award.


First, a huge thank you to all for your messages of support. Almost 7,000 have viewed my last post and many of you responded.

Please note that the Heritage Centre is closed. I am not there on a daily basis to pick up e-mails or post so should you wish to contact me please leave a message here and I will get back to you. This might answer some of the immediate questions.

1. Although the Heritage Centre is closing, G&AHC Trust will remain.

2. I hope to be in negotiations with appropriate bodies with regards housing parts of our main exhibitions within the next weeks. Glenrothes and Glenrothes linked exhibits will remain in Glenrothes permanently for public viewing.

3. Physical & photographic archives of permanently donated items will be offered for accession with the appropriate museums etc. Please advise if interested.

4. G&AHC Assets eg: furniture & fittings, display materials etc., will be made available for sale or reasonable donation. All monies raised will be held (under Section: Wind-up of physical Heritage Centre) as per the rules & regulations of our Constitution. Monies held by G&AHC Trust to benefit the wider community (clubs & societies) with a link to history and heritage within the Glenrothes area on an application basis.

I am particularly hopeful that the churches and organisations within the towns and villages covered by G&AHC may be interested in securing some of the exhibition boards and display photographs for their own use. If so, please leave a message.

Linda Ballingall
Founder & Chair.


The End of an Era

Almost 13yrs ago, my friend Mike Delaney (Glenrothes Gazette) asked me to spearhead a campaign for a Heritage Centre for Glenrothes. It wasn’t the first time the idea had been considered. Indeed, In the 1980’s, this idea was researched and decided upon by the GDC Board. The intention being to create space within the planned Rothes Halls complex to highlight the history of the founding and development of one of Scotland’s most successful New Towns. However, come wind-up and handover to KDC (thereafter renamed Fife Council) that plan was shelved.

Taking up the challenge some 25yrs later, I founded Glenrothes & Area Heritage Centre and set it up as a registered charity, sourced premises, furniture & fittings, funding etc. With our first exhibition attracting 11,500 visitors in its first month, I knew G&AHC was going to be a winner!

Over the past 12yrs G&AHC has provided a first-class heritage venue from where the cultural & social history of not only Glenrothes could be viewed, but that also of Thornton, Kinglassie, Leslie, Coaltown of Balgonie and Markinch. This was achieved at no cost to the public purse. All monies raised has come through business sponsorship, exhibitions, visitor donations and the income derived from Friends of G&AHC events.

Alongside major exhibitions eg: our Titanic 100yrs exhibition, linked to Noel, Countess of Rothes, was the largest exhibition within the UK, second only to Belfast. Quite a feat for a small charity. We were also responsible for organising key events, most recently Glenrothes 70th Birthday Party at the Scottish Parliament. I could never have imagined as a 12yr old, coming to Glenrothes in 1959, that I’d one day be giving a speech in Holyrood. But then, I never dreamt either that I’d work and represent my hometown in so many ways, at home and abroad, for almost 50yrs.

G&AHC now boasts a 3*VisitScotland Accreditation; is a financially successful charity with great potential to be developed even further. However, due to COVID-19 we have been closed to the public for most of 2020 and as all our Trustees and volunteers fall within the at risk age group, do not foresee opening anytime soon, therefore no funds being raised,

Throughout these unprecedented circumstances, the business has still had to bear the costs of monthly overheads etc., and, although we are financially viable, it was never our intention that our hard-earned funds be spent on lining the pockets of companies such as British Telecom who have made no concessions of any kind during these dire times. I add that our major sponsor, The Kingdom Shopping Centre, does not come into this category. They have been very supportive.

Ironically, 2020 marks our 10th year within fixed premises! After a lot of soul-searching, our decision therefore is to close the doors of the heritage hub permanently. Now, the work of dismantling 13yrs of work begins. This will be carried out within the Rules & Regulations of our Constitution and as stipulated by OSCR.

My personal thanks to our wonderful volunteers, past and present, for all their help and support over the years. To David Brown, Vce-Chair, for his commitment and contribution. To our major sponsors, The Kingdom Shopping Centre and Clan Leslie Charitable Trust. To the Friends of G&AHC committee and membership for their unstinting support and to the thousands of visitors who made it all worthwhile.

Thank You.

Linda Ballingall
Founder & Chair
Glenrothes & Area Heritage Centre

It’s now a full month since we went into lockdown. Our plan was to work behind the scenes on our 10th Anniversary Exhibi...

It’s now a full month since we went into lockdown. Our plan was to work behind the scenes on our 10th Anniversary Exhibition but these plans had to be abandoned. I’m sending our Best Wishes to all our volunteers, members and visitors and hope you are all well.

Keep safe everyone,
Best regards



In light of the current public health crisis and the fact that all the G&AHC Trustees and volunteers fall into the vulnerable and higher ‘at risk’ categories because of pre-existing health conditions, we have decided to close the Heritage Centre to the public from 3.30pm today Saturday 14th March, until such times as things improve.

This decision was not lightly made. As a charity we depend on visitor donations to keep afloat financially. We are not funded from the public purse, nor do any of the Trustees or volunteers receive payment for the work they do.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Although closed to the public, it will still be business as usual, as we work behind the scenes on the following:

1. Totally redesign the exhibition area.
2. Design and set-up our new Website
3. Refresh and update the data-base for the photographic and artefacts archive.
4. Create new PowerPoint presentations for the Outreach Programme of talks.

Linda Ballingall
Founder & Chair



Please note, that through our Health & Safety procedures we are taking every possible precaution within the Heritage Centre at this time to minimise the risk of infection to visitors and volunteers alike.

Although we absolutely depend on our visitors support financially, can I ask you please Not to visit if you have any cold or flu symptoms. All of our volunteers are within the ‘vulnerable’ age range.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Linda Ballingall
Founder & Chair.


Thank You to everyone who supported our efforts by purchasing Tombola tickets today.

Next Tuesday at 2pm we have the last public event for 2019 - The Christmas Quiz! Thanks again to our Friends of G&AHC committee for all their hard work.


There’s going to be a fabulous Tombola available in the Heritage Centre tomorrow (Saturday)

The Heritage Centre depends entirely on public support. Many Thanks!


Next Friends of G&AHC event is on 17th October at 2pm. Speaker Joe Fitzpatrick from The Living Lomonds Heritage Site.


Hi everyone, I know it’s been sometime since I last posted, but as some of you may know I had a bereavement recently.

In answer to Alan’s question our next Friends event is on Thursday 17th August at 2pm. The speaker is Joe Fitzpatrick of East Lomond Discoveries. Joe was on BBC TV only yesterday talking about their ongoing work.

Glenrothes & Area Heritage Centre has also been awarded a 3 Star accreditation from Visit Scotland, putting us firmly on the ‘places to visit’ map in Fife.

Our weekly visitor figures have continued to rise since moving from Lyon Way - so satisfying to see we are contributing to the local tourism economy.

HALFERS LOTTERY! The Winner of the first draw of the Halfers Lottery was Mr. William Armstrong from Glenrothes. We’d raised £110 and so was pleased to hand over £55.Thank you to all who supported.

The tickets are £1 each, you can enter as many times as you like! The next draw will take place on 1st December.

The Friends of G&AHC committee are running a fabulous Tombola on Saturdays 23rd and 28th November.

The Friends have also organised an amazing Prize Draw with fantastic prizes. Tickets are £1 available now.

We appreciate your support.



Please be aware that abuse of Copyright can result in Fines exceeding many thousands of £pounds. Recently, commercially profitable photographic images still under copyright protection, have appeared on Facebook without the permission of the copyright holders.

Images taken from the G&AHC archive and used without permission will result in legal action.

Please Facebook users, be careful where you source material and check that whoever is sharing with you has a legal right to do so, it could result in a hefty fine or court action.


Over the past nine years the G&AHC archive has accepted guardianship and responsibility of cataloguing some of the areas most iconic photographic images, on photographic paper, slides, DVD and video.

It includes those of Glenrothes pioneering town artists eg: David Harding and Malcolm Robertson.
The Glenrothes Development Corporation archive includes film footage of many early town events eg:
BBC Antiques Road Show from F.I.P.R.E. (renamed the Michael Woods Centre)
Glenrothes Hot Air Balloon Rally in Riverside Park.
Glenrothes Highland Games and Football at Warout Stadium,
Glenrothes Marathon,
Glenrothes Olympiads,
Glenrothes Twin-town events
Royal Visits.

In addition G&AHC hold the Glenrothes Gazette archive, Tullis Russell (Papermakers) Ltd., Clan Leslie Charitable Trust plus original 1912 vintage film of the fated last voyage of the Titanic.

We are Trustees of hundreds of photographs from the general public’s private collections depicting social changes over the decades.

So many reasons to visit and support your local heritage hub.

G&AHC is a registered charity run by volunteers that depends on your financial support through its donations box. On behalf of the community we carry out time consuming important work voluntarily to protect and promote the cultural and social history of Glenrothes and our neighbouring towns and villages.

All the exhibition work is created in-house from the printing off the images to mounting on to board.

G&AHC’s major in-kind sponsor is The Kingdom Shopping Centre.


Reference the posts and photographs currently on Facebook with regards the Titanic & Countess of Rothes. The original artefacts and photographs together with the No.8 plaque made by Able Seaman Jones and gifted to the Countess are on view within Glenrothes & Area Heritage Centre, 6-8 Marchmont Gate, Kingdom Shopping Centre, Glenrothes.
G&AHC is part-sponsored by Clan Leslie Charitable Trust and is the official holder of the Leslie-Rothes family archive from where to view the family history.


A huge thanks to Malcolm Robertson, the official GDC Glenrothes Town Artist for almost two decades, who gave a fascinating talk today to a packed audience at the Heritage Centre. Malcolm succeeded David Harding as Town Artist in the late 70's. His award winning works from 'The Hands' (modelled on his own hands), the 'Birds' sculpture at Fife House to the inspirational Giant Irises, created specifically for the Glenrothes stand at the Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988. Malcolm went on to donate hundreds of photographic slides of the amazing works he created throughout Glenrothes over the years to the Heritage Centre.


A fantastic start to our 2019 season of Friends of G&AHC events in our new premises. Thank you to everyone who attended today's 'just for fun Quiz'. Many thanks also to Irene Campbell who prepared the quiz and acted as question master. Photographs to follow.


Welcome All!
The Heritage Centre re-opens on Saturday 23rd February. 11am to 3.30pm.

~ oOo ~


Public Notice:
The Heritage Centre will close at 3.30pm on Saturday 20th December until Friday 22nd February 2019 - reopening to the public on Saturday 23rd February 2019 at 11am.


Hurrah! We're Ready!!

The Heritage Centre will re-open at
6-8 Marchmont Gate
Kingdom Shopping Centre
Saturday, 17th November 2018

Please remember to Donate
We depend on it.

Thank You.


Although it's been relentless hard work over the past 8 months, ( I haven't even had a holiday this year) there was so much to do.....but I must admit to feeling a frisson of pride in what we've achieved as the first of the window vinyls were put in place today. As we work on a shoestring budget, We can't afford to contract out therefore everything we do is created, designed and written in-house, from displays to window design. Today was special seeing the beginnings of it all coming together.


Saturday 17th November will see the re-opening of the Heritage Centre at our new premises. I am looking for seven people, one from each decade 1948, 1958, 1968, 1978, 1988, 1998, 2008 and 2018, whose birthdays were on 30th June to be VIP guests.

Please submit via the page with your contact details and proof of date of birth and year......or contact me by e-mail: [email protected]

Names will be drawn and notified.

New House

I'm pleased to say that after yet another week of hard work we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! We've taken delivery of the special bookcase commissioned to display the Glenrothes Gazette leather bound archive volumes. It was made for G&AHC by the craftsmen at The Glenrothes Men's Shed. It looks terrific, so thanks to all for their hardwork. Many thanks too, to Norman from Methil Heritage Centre for coming to my rescue while I was setting up the computers! It saved my sanity!

We were delighted also to donate our large Kingdom Centre Hippo to St.Margarets Church plus provide a display for St. Margaret's special 70th Anniversary service held on Sunday. Thanks to the gents from the Men's Shed for delivering it.

Our Archivist, Gary Nurse, has started work on setting up the Archive in the new premises. Thanks Gary.

It would be remiss of me not to make special mention of volunteer Peter Bouchar, who has worked tirelessly alongside me and my vice-chair since March. The move has been exhaustingly hard physical work and Peter's input has been over & above what we could have expected from a volunteer.

This week will see the specially designed vinyls going onto the Windows.


Days 5 & 6 of our move to new premises have gone by in a bit of a blur....and the hard work of moving & unpacking scores of heavy boxes still isn't finished. The phones/broadband won't be activated until Friday evening -just in case anyone has been trying to make contact.

I'm delighted to welcome onto the team Gary Nurse from Methil Heritage as our resident archivist. Gary brings years of experience to the post and we're looking forward to working with him.

As yet, the GDC flag is still 'missing' but I'm grateful for the amount of 'shares' there's been to highlight the theft.


Day 3: Another very busy but fruitful day as the transfer to our new premises proceed. You may detect a less light-hearted 'note' in this report. That is due to the fact that a very important Glenrothes artefact was 'taken' during Wednesdays removal. It looks like an opportunist thief removed the very large GDC flag, symbolic of the period 1948 to 1996 in the town's history, from the back door of our premises in Lyon Square.

I hope this report renders it completely useless to them. They have taken an important item representing the town's history. In itself, it has no commercial value and due to its size and distinctive heraldic design will be instantly recognised when seen. I would urge whoever responsible to return it to avoid prosecution. Nothing would please me more than to report it 'found'!

Linda Ballingall
Founder & Chair
Glenrothes & Area Heritage Centre


Day 2 : A stressful day as we had to tackle yesterday's 'guddle' as the removal team made a start on moving in the offices, design studio and large archive. Stressful because the archive contains items, some of which are extremely fragile, as in hundreds of years old and totally irreplaceable! It was a race against time before the next delivery arrived....and as none of us are twenty anymore, the creaking, ouch's, groans and grunts got louder as the day progressed! By 2pm, we were kn*******d! Time for a cuppa & a Cafe Alfresco doughnut! Memo to self: get a daybed in my office for an afternoon nap! Zzzzzz!


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