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Mums of all ages Uncensored Welcome Mummy's & Daddy's! This page was created for other mums and dads to socialise, have a good bitch/rant and get some advice! All admins will be more than happy to help, give their thoughts on different subjects and just be there for a ear when use need to rant.

Use are more than welcome to ask questions as often as you want your not being a pest that's what this page is here for :)! it wont all be serious we will have wee games every so often to keep use all on your toes. x


Hey ladies!

How's it all been going? The page has been a little quiet but I'm hoping to get things going again!

What do you think of Psychics, Tarot the likes etc?

One of our admins is a Psychic medium and does Tarot etc. But recently she was on TV and faced a lot of criticism over her views and ethics in spirituality.

What's your opinion?



If you could warn your former self anything about having kids, what would you say🙈?

Lauren x


Craving lentil and tomato soup mixed together , surprised asda has any tins left ! What was everyone else's cravings during pregnancy?
Aj xx


So what's the age gap between everyone's kids? Mines are 2 years 3 months apart :) x


How many kids do you have ? & how old are they ♥️😀!


Afternoon mums!

What's everyone upto?

I'm at my sons autism group chilling while he has some fun 😌



Please remember everyone, inbox is always open for questions :) don't hesitate, I'm sure there will always be a member of admin to post your question ☺



One of the admins here Amy :-)

Mum of 3! Kitchen associate & at home I do Psychic readings / Tarot readings & have my own fb page / YouTube :)

Any questions give me a shout!

A x


Hey guys! Got made an admin.. I'm a mum of 2 kids a 2 year old boy and a 4 year old girl, my little girl has what's known as 'classic' autism, for those that don't know what that means it's the more sever case of autism.. I know it's coming to light a lot more these days and I remember being worried and not knowing what to think before a diagnose happened so the inbox is always open is you have any questions or post below :)



Hi Guys, I'm one of the new admins on this page and looking forward to getting to know everyone, i have 2 boys Brodie and Oliver ❤
Feel free to message me if you need to talk or want a private post, I'd be more than happy to help



Hi everyone I'm a new admin on this page and looking forward to getting to know everyone ! I'm not a mummy yet but I'm due my first baby in a couple of months and hoping to share this journey with you all aswell as getting and giving advice and having a safe place to have a Wee rant now and then ❤

Feel free to message me if you need to talk and don't want to post publicly , I'd be more than happy to help
Aj xx


Currently looking for admin.



wishing all of my admin and all of our fans a very Merry Christmas when it comes to you! hope everyone gets what they want and the kids have a great time!! ###xx - ljay!


RIDDLE TIME!!! haha LeaBx

A boy and a doctor were fishing, the boy was the doctors son but the doctor was not the boys father........Who was the doctor?????


Okay everyone!!!! Start uploading your cutest smile pics of your bubs winner will be picked after 2 days of likings good luck :D and incase you missed out winner gets there bubs pic as profile pic :)


today is a major day for scotland, today we vote for our independence!!



HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!! to my beautiful baby girl!! can't believe its been a year since you were brought into this world, i love you baby girl



my lo is almost 10months and we're having trouble getting him to sleep, he's falling asleep on my knee taken his bottle and then when he gets into the cot he's screaming and am having to lift him and take him back to the living room or into my bed to settle him tonight he took 30mins of twinkle twinkle in his cot, and my oh rubbing his back, He eventually went to sleep anyone got any tips? Xx

RP by -ljay!


my baby girls finally crawling at 11 months :D what new things has your kids done??



theres nothing more beautiful in this world than a babys laugh


Hiya, was wonderin if i could have a post plz. I have 3 kids already. 1 i dont see and another 2. Everyone round me is havin kids and i'm gettin really broody. Like its ridiculous how broody i am. Should i go for it or just try and get over it? X

RP by -ljay!


Ok guys I need your advice ! Mark took his nappy off and pood on the floor , is this a sign to start toilet training ? And if it is what do I do lol im clueless ! Hes 19 months - xtonix





whats your most favourite food in the world??

whats the worst food ?



if you found out this minute you were pregnant again, what would be your feelings? how would you tell your family ?




you've just had a twin girls... whats their names?


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