Writers' Museum Edinburgh

Writers' Museum Edinburgh Located within the 17th century Lady Stair’s House, the
Writers' Museum is dedicated to the lives and work of
Scotland’s great literary figures.

Particular attention is given to Robert Burns,
Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson.

Operating as usual

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Encompassing 13 varied and fascinating venues across the city, Museums & Galleries Edinburgh offer a unique glimpse of Edinburgh’s world-famous history, architecture and its people throughout the years to surprise both residents and visitors alike.

Writers' Museum Edinburgh's cover photo

Writers' Museum Edinburgh's cover photo

Writers' Museum Edinburgh's cover photo

Writers' Museum Edinburgh's cover photo

Writers' Museum Edinburgh's cover photo

Writers' Museum Edinburgh's cover photo

Museums & Galleries Edinburgh

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Encompassing 13 varied and fascinating venues across the city, Museums & Galleries Edinburgh offer a unique glimpse of Edinburgh’s world-famous history, architecture and its people throughout the years to surprise both residents and visitors alike.

Oh our very special building!

Oh our very special building!

Have YOU found this gem tucked away down Lady Stairs Close? 🙋😍

📍 The Writers Museum, Edinburgh
📷 Instagram.com/myedinburgh

Dark Edinburgh

Dark Edinburgh

“This is a city of shifting light, of changing skies, of sudden vistas. A city so beautiful it breaks the heart again and again.”
- Alexander McCall Smith

Sir Walter Scott's childhood home at 25 George Square. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was to live only a couple of doors away a ...

Sir Walter Scott's childhood home at 25 George Square. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was to live only a couple of doors away a century later. #WritersMuseum #LiteraryEdinburgh 📷John Welsh


‘We stand in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter. We recognise the urgency for action and that we need to play our part in that change. We have a duty to examine our collections and ourselves so that we can stand up to racism. Not just today, but in the future’


Lady Stair's House, Lady Stair's Close, Lawnmarket

Lothian buses numbers 23 24 27 41 42 45 67 to the mound then a two minute walk. Trains to Waverley Station (named after Sir Walter Scott's iconic novel) then a six minute walk.

Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 17:00
Thursday 10:00 - 17:00
Friday 10:00 - 17:00
Saturday 10:00 - 17:00


0131 529 4901


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Strangers 1 While waiting for a bus, I saw a man-or should i say a weird man, he’s dancing like a robot and he really doesn’t care about other people laughing at him. He just disregard every thing around him despite his cranky actions, but he do has a solace aura that made him a little human. I walk towards him and asked, “Why are you dancing HERE?” He stopped and just looked at me and seconds later, he danced once again. “Ugh, Is he some kind of an alien?” I whispered, the bus stopped then i started to go inside. I chose the one that has two seats at the very back of the bus and sit beside the window. I was about to close my eyes when- “Excuse me miss, mind if i sleep with you?” Ugh, It’s the weird dancing guy at the bus stop. I was in total shock when he asked THAT. When i came back to my senses, I faced the man and look at those two blank eyes of him “What did you just said? Sleep? Hah! are you out of your mind?” I bursted out but he just chuckled and sit beside me. What he did made me furious like I really wanted to slap, punch, kick and everything just to release this raging heat inside of me. I was about to utter a word when he put his index finger onto my lips to shut me up and said something that made my body frozen “Shhh, stop the nonsense you’re talking about miss, I’m not like the other guys who would rape someone in the bus, ok?” he chuckled once again “And just to clear things up with you, I’M NOT AN ALIEN.” He said those words while slowly approaching his head onto mine that made my eyes widened. “Don’t make your eyes too wide open coz you look like a monster” Is it just me or I’m just damn paranoid because he’s really creepy now. “Wait! Wait! Wait! , why are talking to me now? Why didn’t you answer my question when you’re dancing at the bus stop? And what’s with the sleep-with-me thing you’re talking about earlier? If you’re not an alien then what are you? Some kind of a weird psycho dancing robot construction thing?” He smiled “Ah that..” he smiled as If reminiscing the moment, i want to asked him why made that face but i remained silent instead “I thought you’re going to sleep here because you’re about to close your eyes, so to make it fun i asked that question instead of asking if i can sit with you..” he chuckled, AGAIN. “And I didn’t fail, thanks to your funny reactions” I smiled, he’s a nice guy after all but he’s still weird. “I asked many but you only answered one question. Why?” He just smiled and answered. “You don’t have to know everything” And as the bus stop, he stand up and started to walk leaving me dumbfounded. Those words may be creepy but those words made my frozen heart beat again.
If You Dare Don’t venture into this town at night if you wish to make it to morn’, ghosts lurking on every corner will look at you with great scorn. For this is Edinburgh’s Royal Mile scary stories are told by the dozen, go and visit the many locations of your mind they will leave you frozen. What about dear little Annie still mourned in Mary King’s Close, living her life in such squalor life was anything but grandiose. Don’t go down to Niddry Street you’ll see ghosts of Burke and Hare, their reputation so unspeakable you may wish to say a prayer. The pinnacle at the top of the Mile is of course the ancient Castle, don’t think you’ll be safe in there this place may cause you much hassle. If you do venture onto the Mile at night best visit St Giles Cathedral, at least you will be on holy ground consecrated, but quite medieval. Lorraine Gilmour Lorraine’s poems Photograph taken by Glenn McNaughton The Land Called Scotland Title - Dark Mile Edinburgh
The Writers' Museum is one of my favourite places in Edinburgh. The beautiful architecture tells such a great story. My acrylic painting is for sale with free delivery in Edinburgh! Message for enquiries.
January sunshine.
This weekend, Roslin Glen plays host to Robert Burns, recounting his tale of Tam O'Shanter and his miraculous escape from Auld Nick and a coven of witches, who he encounters on his way home from the Inn. https://www.facebook.com/pg/esotericaphotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1626481254153342
Very interesting.
https://www.theedinburghreporter.co.uk/2019/02/new-print-studio-for-edinburgh-printmakers-at-castle-mills/ National Library of Scotland Edinburgh Central Library Edinburgh World Heritage
https://www.facebook.com/413532898775878/posts/1870285406433946/ 125 years ago today, S.R.Crockett was giving The Immortal Memory at Scottish Metropolitan Club Burns Supper... here's an excerpt.. (Galloway Raiders members can read the whole thing) www.gallowayraiders.co.uk
Detective Trickier's Oratorio Gain'star's Dark Hip-Hop CiRCuS _Word Art that includes Boxers. For Boxers and Writers Only. & CLownS ...This goes along with any of my post most popular about.. Peculiarly: The Ulliuer's Lists of the Earlier's Rest in&of PhysiCs, Optic's and/or Tricks-with/noSignS-of-Tracks! (?}{YPno/Ts¡ks?)(4Demini.Thus4.) ...I don't mind critics, They are like- 'HouR' lettuce... ash 'Nd' + aas n ol' cLoWn saying goes... ... Im still an excellent: (single headed Ringleader Detective CLoWN that looks like I have 3 heads due to my maniacle personality)- I'm a Ringleader 1st- I'm also a detective named TrickiEr. nicknamed: (RicHocHeTTe _WyNd-Up) becuZ- IT ALWAYS LOOKS LIKE MY HEAD IS BEING SLOWED DOWN BETwEEN A PING PONG table and the PaddLe (MINUS the ping pong stuff: just MY head) (always carrying on a great - three/one- sided_conversation with myself at all Times) even while speaking to others and always having a great conversation. 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