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Good evening all. A wet Sunday up at Shed47 today but that didn't stop the work getting done.  Dave was in on Saturday a...

Good evening all.

A wet Sunday up at Shed47 today but that didn't stop the work getting done.

Dave was in on Saturday and got the rear buffer end of MOD 236 primed then today he got a nice coat of black on the steps and the last remaining sander.

Jim was doing a couple of wee bits and pieces including a bit of lock picking and ended the day in the NG shed starting to strip down a gearbox for one of the NG locos.

Grant and Aiden were busy again in the portacabin lining out where the door once was to fit a window. This has now been fitted and will be tidied up next time. It has been left secure.

Norrie and Andy were no busy in the shed straightening brake handles and linkages for the dubbie Pug and cleaning them ready for paint. The longer pieces were managed to be done with just the application of some heat but one piece had to be grooved out to make it straight again before Mark could lay down a root weld and another 3-4 layers before finishing it with a flap wheel.

Jan was also in on Saturday and he and Dave got some NG track lifted that had massive hump in it. Jan gave it a rough level with the mini digger. So today Robin got on the digger and finalized the level before Mark in his JCB brought the new point over that was to get fitted. With the Orange army on the case a bit of fettling needed done to get the box to fit as the points were originally custom made to fit a specific application elsewhere.
With that done it was jacked,fish plates fitted,connecting rod connected and packed all round.
There will be a bit of finishing to be done by the NG crew on Wednesday.

Mark and Robin then moved Marks S&T box from the toilet block round to the signal box ready to worked on.

Today also Grant brought in a piece of 200year old fish bellied rail that was part of the Elgin waggonway.

Well that's it for this time.
Thanks for being patient 😁

Cheers the Shed47 team πŸ‘πŸ»

Good evening everybody, tonight we have something new, and a bit different! We are proud to unveil our new online shop, ...
Lathalmond Railway Museum

Good evening everybody, tonight we have something new, and a bit different! We are proud to unveil our new online shop, stocked with some very nice new items. All profits raised go directly to help keep the Shed47 project alive, and we have to say a big Thank You! to Aidan Robertson who has designed all the artwork & set up the shop for us. More items will be added as time goes by, feel free to browse at

Shed47 Railway Restoration Group started the project in 1997, housed in the original WWII Royal Navy loco shed. Over the past 23 years, we have been rebuilding a small section of the once vast railway system in the former RNSD Lathalmond site.

Good Evening folks, time again for the midweek update,Yet another busy and fruitfull day at shed 47,Dave got more primer...

Good Evening folks, time again for the midweek update,

Yet another busy and fruitfull day at shed 47,
Dave got more primer on the front of ARMY 236 and she is really taking shape now, hw continued work on the frames getting the right hand side under the cab into primer also.
Kyle got on with the task of keying the first coat of green to allow the second some grip which dave duly applied, they started off with the back of the loco and then worked there way round the left hand side of the cab,
Kyle was then given the side rods to needle gun to get them ready for the primer, he got both rods stripped and back in the shed before close of play.
once finished with the side rods he was applying the first coat of green to the areas down the right hand side that had been primed on Sunday.

we received a huge donation of machine and hand tools today from one of our volunteers family members it included a small pillar drill which has already found it's new home in the wood shop, there is also a bench grinder of the same type as we have which is great as they dont make them anymore so we will hold it in reserve for when our own eventually dies, there is a huge selection of spanners and sockets, files, scapers and chissels etc all of which will be put to good use.

Andy and Norrie were back at the Dubbies frames re-fitting the coupling hook to the rear buffer beam, it's has been cleaned up and primed and had the kink removed, it is now bolted back in position and ready for paint.
Mark and Jim were also working on the frames and with andys help removed all of the old cab floor rivets, this involved the burning gear to remove the tops and then a big hammer and smithys punch to drive them out. with that done our attention turned to the floor on the right of the cab which was also cut and removed, we are now almost ready to start fitting the new flooring plates.

The brake gear for the Dubbie was also removed and taken into the workshop for a full going over unfortunatley we are missing some components and could use our followers help in sourcing some of the parts we need, we are looking for the nut that runs on the handbrake lever and the linkage that connects the nut to the pivot bar that controls the brake shoes. if anyone can help please drop the page a message.

Thats the lot for tonight folks but keep an eye out for some exciting news being announced tommorow on the page, it's something fresh and new we are sure you will like.

Cheers, The Shed 47 Team.

the new build narrow gauge wheels hot off the press...

the new build narrow gauge wheels hot off the press...

Sipat 3 wheels machined ready to assemble .

Good evening all πŸ‘‹πŸ»Bit of a wet one today so it was indoors jobs on the go. First up though the fire πŸ”₯It was kept going ...

Good evening all πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Bit of a wet one today so it was indoors jobs on the go.

First up though the fire πŸ”₯
It was kept going all day with lots of wood we have collected throughout the season πŸ˜‚

We did plan first thing on reassembling the coupling hook for the dubbie Pug as it was dry for about half an hour first thing.
All the parts were looked out and The big nut was screwed on and off the hook a few times with some cutting compound to try and ease up some stiffness that's there but we think that the threads have been stretched a bit over time.
It will go back on no problem ,but one things for sure it'll no be coming off again for a long time coming.

Andy was manufacturing some new needle gun parts in the form of needle holders. Nuggets cut from some round stock then pin punched and drilled before Andy and Norrie gave them a bit of heat treating and an oil bath to temper them.
Norrie also brought in from home a nice selection of larger reamers that will definitely come in handy around the workshop.

Dave was in on Saturday and needle gunned all of the rear buffer beam of MOD 236. This will get wire wheeled the same as the front end before going in primer mode.
He also removes the vacuum hoses cleaned them up and are now sitting in primer ready for top coat.
Staying with 236 Mark was going to try and level off the step plate on the side of the cab as it's tilting a bit,but after some paint removal and finding it is plug welded in several areas it was going to be easier just to leave as is.
The gain from repositioning it would be minimal and it leaves so.e original character on the loco.

Before the side gets needle gunned, Robin marked out the OG lettering and spacing measurements of the ARMY 236. So we have a record when time comes to get them redone.

Jim was back in action on the dubbie water tank and I am pleased to inform that all the nastiness is gone and now we can proceed with getting replacement pieces marked out ready for welding.

Jim P was also in today and got to work fitting the channels for the sliding window on the Fowler doors. Hopefully we can soon get the doors treated and refitted to the cab.

Grant was in the portacabin beavering away getting the stud wall constructed and the door frame. He has also added a wooden frame round the window that is going in where there is currently a door.
Work is progressing well πŸ‘πŸ»

Back in the shed Robin was back working on the 7ΒΌ HST. It has now been stripped of everything that needs to come off.
The metal work has begun with the removal of the top rails that were originally just folded over sheet metal. This part will be getting replaced with some 25x25mm box tube which will hopefully help strengthen the frame. Once that is done focus will be on the rotted out lower sections.

Ok then. That's all your getting tonight so have a great night and join us again soon.
Thanks the Shed47 team πŸ‘πŸ»

Shed47 Railway Restoration Group

Shed47 Railway Restoration Group

Good evening folks and welcome to the midweek update,The welding repairs to the bottom of the cab on ARMY236 are now com...

Good evening folks and welcome to the midweek update,

The welding repairs to the bottom of the cab on ARMY236 are now complete and ready for primer, after some buffing scraping and grinding the new metal was let into place and tacked up before being fully welded, the new metal was first seam welded in along the joint before being plug welded to the backing strap, this allowed the steel to shrink back when cooled. some fancy clamps were made to push the section of plate in under the door to ensure it was flush before plug welding.

Jan the man was getting more of the new buildings steel work sorted out.
he cleaned and primed another of the steel H beams that make up part of the buildings frame, cleaning was done via a flapper wheel on a grinder followed by a wire wheel, then a coat of primer was applied to keep the weather at bay.

We took delivery of a load of timber from MGM which is destined to become a stud wall in the new museum building, along with some framing for a new window and some sheets of ply for boarding up old doorways,

Tony was in today and made a start on trimming down the new door for the multi use room in the museum, the doors are ones donated by Jim at redwells joinery and are proving to be just the job for the new building, not only are they decent quality but they look great too. once the door was trimmed the material for the door standards was cut and is now ready to be fitted.

Dave was busy with the engine covers for 236 again today, following on from the work they did on sunday flatening the first coat of gloss down, dave started applying the second coat today, the doors are looking great and will soon be ready to be refitted to the loco.

Jim was back at the water tank again and after a bit of work with a pair of jacks to get the tank raised a bit higher for ease of access he got on with more of the grinding to remove the snot left by the plasma cutter and prep the edges for welding, it's is most definatley not the best job in the world but it needs doing and a little bit of time spent on this now should make fitting up of the plates a lot easier.

Andy was working with the lathe today to manufacture some needle holders for the larger needle guns we use on site, as you all know they are an essential tool in our restoration tool box and are well used,
after cutting some stock to lenghth he machined it down to size and then using the old one as a guide drilled out the holes for the needles.

After lunch dave was out with the needle gun getting some of the scale removed form No29 (43) frames, the area around the inside of the rear buffer is being cleaned and repainted prior to the floor being fitted which will block access to the area form above and would make the job harder than needs be. the coupling hook and pads were wire wheeled then given a decent coat of oil based primer before being hung up to dry.

Norrie finnished off the front buffer beam of ARMY 236 with a wire wheel to remove all of the little bits the needle gun misses, it is now back to bare metal and ready to be put into primer, whilst norrie was busy with that Dave gave the last sander a coat of grey primer which will eventually see gloss black before being refitted.

And that is where we leave you for tonight, as always we hope you enjoy the pics and if you wish to support us whether it be by volunteering or financially please visit our website for more details.

Cheers, The Shed 47 Team.

Good evening all. Welcome to November 😲First up, fire was lit to warm the cockles. First job of the day was to get the c...

Good evening all. Welcome to November 😲

First up, fire was lit to warm the cockles.

First job of the day was to get the coupling hook removed from the rear of the dubbie Pug.
Norrie,Jim,Andy and Robin with help from a big spanner and looooong piece of square tube soon managed to wind the nut off.
The spacer and spring were removed along with the hook.
Next the grinder came into play to flatten off the remaining rivit holding the cover plate on.
After more perseverance with a smaller grinder,pinch bar and BFH it was soon set free.
All the parts are now in the workshop for cleaning. The hook has a slight bend in it that we might try to remove but it's no biggy.

Dave was in on Saturday and got the right hand side of MOD236 in primer. Today he then moved on to the buffer beam with the needle gun.
This is now completely stripped of paint and just needs wire wheeled to clean it up before primer being applied.

Norrie was also cleaning up the remaining sander of MOD236. The sander pipe has had its threads cleaned up and is now ready for paint.

Grant was beavering away in the museum knocking up a frame to fit one of the old door openings. This now just needs boarded over.
The door to left will also be getting partly blocked and a window fitted to let more natural light in.
Andy was working on the Lathe also turning a new thread. I honestly can't remember what for though πŸ€”

The SVBM were down our neck of the woods today having a shuffle round of stock in Shed17(the barn).
Mark in the JCB and Robin gave a helping hand to get things moving to start with. What needed to be moved around is now done and locked away securely.

The trestle bench was cleared ready for the 7ΒΌ HST being brought into the shed for the body to be worked on. Robin,Jim and Dave carried it in from outside to its new resting place.
Robin then proceeded to start removing the parts that need to come off including the seats and windows ready for going into surgery.

Well I think that's it for today. Hope you all have a great night and join us again on Wednesday for the next installment.

Thanks the Shed47 team πŸ‘πŸ»

Photos in no particular order.


D2650 out on shunting duties in the yard.

Good Evening folks, here goes with the midweek no particular order....Grant has donated some doors and a frame...

Good Evening folks, here goes with the midweek update.
in no particular order....

Grant has donated some doors and a frame work that will be used to create hidden storage in the new museum building, these will be fitted once the multi use room at one end of the cabin has been created.
Tony was busy working away on the doorway for the multi use room, he stripped out the old door standard and has tidied up the area around the main museum door filling in holes etc, it's all comming together and will look great when complete.

The JCB was out and about, it's first task was to lift the steam brake cylinder into place on The Dubbie Pug, this was done and the guys got it bolted into place, next on the work list for Dubbie was to remove the reverser so Mark can get the rest of the rotten floor cut away and start fitting the new plate.
this was quickly done before moving onto the final job for the day which is to remove the rear coupling hook, rust has built up behind it and pushed it off of the buffer beam, so it was out with the hot spanner and a rather large peice of box section for leverage to get the nut moving, this job will be continued on sunday weather permitting but the nut is on the move.

after the lifting job the JCB was on bin duties and took a trip along to the SVBM skips with our monthly rubbish.

The enginge covers for 236 are looking fantastic in there fresh paint, we are looking at applying another top coat just to make sure they last. we cant wait to see her back together and out shopped.

more needle gunning on 236 today with the right hand side being stripped back to bare metal prior to priming, the frame and wheels were getting Daves attention and he is making short work of them,
Mark was busy round this side of the loco cutting the repair plates for the bottom of the cab, the first one was cut and drilled to pick up the rivets which it will be plug welded too, the second was cut but not drilled as we ran out of time so more to follow on sunday.

One of our hunslets 251 was struggling to start and this was eventually traced back to a bad battery, so after ordering up a replacement it was fitted today and the loco is once again starting on the button.

Jim was assisting everyone with there jobs today but still found time to get somemore weld prep in on the Dubbies water tank, the tank is not far away from seeing the first of the repair sections being fitted to the sides.

I think thats it for today folks so enjoy the pics and we will see you on sunday for the next working update.

Cheers, The Shed 47 Team.

Good evening one and all. It's time to sit back and relax for 5mins and look over what we've been up to once again. Quit...

Good evening one and all.

It's time to sit back and relax for 5mins and look over what we've been up to once again.

Quite a nice day today so no fire needing lit πŸ”₯

Grant was in the museum portacabin measuring up for a partion wall to separate the museum from the proposed classroom/activity area. And for the meantime we shall be using it as a second bothy also so nobody is sitting out in the cold.

Wee had a bit of a mess to clear up down the west end so the JCB and mini digger were deployed and all the rubbish was soon cleared up by Mark and Robin then given a sweep up by Grant.

Mark brought in the part for the 7ΒΌ gauge that he took home to fix for Robin. A suitable candidate was chosen to replace the broken thread and the rest as they say was history.
Robin then straightened out the bar before refitting it back onto the bogie.
Robin then slinked off to the paint store where the engine cover got a nice thick coat of black paint.

Norrie and Andy were busy as ever doing bits and pieces to progress the work on the pug.
The paint at the rear where the brake servo goes has been stripped and primered ready for final coat.
They also started to tackle the rear hook but as with everything else it doesn't want to give in without a battle. This will probably be looked at again on Wednesday.
Norrie was also cleaning up part of one of the pullers that had been donated to us.

Jim was at work again on the dubbie's tank grinding off the plasma slag ready for new metal to go in after a dressing. Mark,Robin and Jim them manouvered a bit steel sheet from the metal store into the shed ready to be marked out.

Dave was putting more primer down on MOD236 after Mark had made a wee repair to the front corner.
Mark and Jim also started cutting out some grot at the rear of 236 ready for some patchwork.

We also took the opportunity today to do some loco driver training/refresher from our qualified driver, Dave, so we are not rusty for the following season.

Just about forgot LOL. I always do.
Jan managed to pop in for a while and he and David A headed into the barn to tidy up some more metal work and paint protect it for the winter months.

Well I think I've about covered everything,maybe πŸ˜‚

Have a great night
Cheers the Shed47 team πŸ‘πŸ»


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