Scotland's Secret Bunker

Scotland's Secret Bunker A Scottish tourist attrraction with a Cold War chest full of secret stories to tell....

Hidden 100 feet beneath an innocent Scottish Farmhouse, a tunnel leads to Scotland’s Secret Bunker: 24,000 square feet of Secret accommodation, the size of two football pitches and the command centre for a Nuclear War..... Discover the reality of Cold War strategy and the survival plans in place to protect mankind from total nuclear annihilation.

'A Bridge Too Far' paratrooper dies at 97
'A Bridge Too Far' paratrooper dies at 97

'A Bridge Too Far' paratrooper dies at 97

Footage of Sandy Cortmann's parachute jump for the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden went viral last year.

Welcome to Fife

Welcome to Fife

How cool is this shot! 😍👌

📍 Forth Bridge

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The Forth Bridges

Association of Dunkirk Little Ships (official)

Today the ADLS FLeet should be returning to Dunkirk to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the evacuation of the BEF from occupied France. The miracle that is Dunkirk saved a third of a million lives. Due to the current world situation, we cannot commemorate in our usual way this year, instead, we have a video of each of those little ships which would have crossed the English Channel today in honour of those brave men and women who did so much to save the country from invasion by rescuing our troops.

Photos from Scotland's Secret Bunker's post

Photos from Scotland's Secret Bunker's post

Welcome to Fife

Welcome to Fife

Beautiful bridges ❤️❤️

📍 Forth Bridges

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Coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it kills

Coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it kills

Joël Stoppels Battlefield Tours

On 4 July, General Dempsey launches operation Windsor. The first target is the Carpiquet airfield; it was one of the initial objectives set for the D-Day, like Caen, and that has been resisting since nearly a month. The Canadians of the 3rd Infantry division 8th Brigade, reinforced by the Royal Winnipeg Rifles, conquer the town of Carpiquet on 5 July. But it takes three more days of fierce fightings to take the airfield to the Hitlerjugend panzergrenadiers, who defend their trenches, for much, to the bitter end. The Canadians have to push back several counter-attacks of the Leibstandarte division units supported by tanks; but on 8 July, the Allied forces are at the gate of Caen.

The price of this partial victory had once more been high. The Winnipegs had 40 fatalities out of a total of 132 casualties; the North Shores reported 46 killed and 86 wounded. Carpiquet is still remembered as the graveyard of the North Shores because these were the heaviest losses it suffered during the entire campaign. "I am sure that at some time during the attack every man felt he could not go on", one of the North Shores recalled. "Men were being killed or wounded on all sides and the advance seemed pointless as well as hopeless. I never realized ... how far discipline, pride of unit, and above all, pride in oneself and family, can carry a man even when each step forward meant possible death." It had been another hard lesson for Canadian soldiers who were quickly becoming accustomed to such horrors.

Wings TV Channel

This is what makes Flying Legends Airshow at Duxford so special - the balbo, a magnificent formation of warbirds that closes the show.

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The Flying Legends Airshow IWM Duxford on the 11-12th July 2020
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Stichting 18 September

We'll Meet Again is een single van de Britse artieste Vera Lynn. De tekst en de muziek werden door Ross Parker en Hughie Charles geschreven.

We'll Meet Again wordt vaak met de Tweede Wereldoorlog geassocieerd. De titel betekent "Wij zullen elkaar weer zien", wat slaat op de mobilisatie en het vertrek van de soldaten naar het front. Hun families weten niet wanneer ze terugkeren - óf ze zelfs maar terugkeren, of elkaar pas in de hemel wederzien. Het lied werd vaak aan vertrekkende soldaten opgevoerd, zowel in het Verenigd Koninkrijk als in de Verenigde Staten.

We'll Meet Again komt ook in enkele films voor, zoals Dr. Strangelove van Stanley Kubrick en The Singing Detective van Dennis Potter. In 1943 werd er een musicalfilm uitgebracht die was vernoemd naar het lied, met Lynn in de hoofdrol. Er zijn ook vele covers uitgebracht, onder meer door Benny Goodman (1942), The Byrds (1965), Sandy Coast (1966), Rod Stewart en de Faces (1971-1974), Johnny Cash (American IV: The Man Comes Around, 2002) en Joe Henry (1999).

Tegenwoordig wordt We’ll Meet Again vaak op bevrijdingsfestivals opgevoerd. Daarnaast is het lied de traditionele afsluiting van het bevrijdingsconcert op de Amstel in Amsterdam.

We'll Meet Again is lang een van de favorieten geweest als begrafenismuziek; in 2006 stond de song op nummer 19 in de Uitvaart Top 50.

Op het Bevrijdingsplein in Ede is in een band van granieten tegels een fragment uit het lied op het plaveisel aangebracht.

In 2020 gebruikte Koningin Elizabeth II de titel van het lied in een televisietoespraak, die zij hield in verband met de coronacrisis in het Verenigd Koninkrijk.

Welcome to Fife

Welcome to Fife

If you're missing the #EastNeuk...this one's for you 💕

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Visit East Neuk

Hope.” — Leia Organa

Hope.” — Leia Organa

May the Forth be with you ❤️😜

📍 Forth Bridge

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The Household Cavalry

The Household Cavalry would like to say congratulations to Colonel Tom on his first century and appointment as Honorary Colonel of AFC Harrogate. For Captain Tom Moore a message from The Chief of the General Staff and an explanation of what AFC Harrogate does, in the words of the young soldiers. #CaptainTom100 #ColonelTomMoore #armyskills

Chernobyl Чернобыльской

Sergey Koshelev

December 1986, scientists began to examine the premises of the destroyed 4-th Chernobyl NPP Unit.
In the corridor of the subreactor room 217/2, a leak of fuel-containing materials was visually detected,
which, for its shape, was called “The Elephant Leg”. This is a huge outgrowth of black glassy mass,
consisting of melted sand, concrete and nuclear fuel. In 1986, sensors on its surface showed a dose of 14 .5 thousand Röntgen
per hour (145 Gray per hour). Surveys of this accumulation of fuel-containing materials were regularly conducted,
samples were taken for further radiochemical analysis. This video was shot during a 1996 survey.
Sensors recorded a dose of 500 Röntgen (5 Gray) per hour. Shooting by Sergey Koshelev.


Scotland’s Secret Bunker
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