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Inspiral Art and recording  Studio Inspiral Art Studio.Suzzy Murphy is a festival and benefit promoter. Also commissions taken for pain The artist enjoys Roy Marsden's work.

Suzzy Murphy

The artist's influences include Giacometti, Maria Abramovic, Martha Rosler. The artist studied at Wolverhampton Fine Art at degree level. Whilst at university the artwork became very political and massive installations/sculptures of protector defences were erected in the university, as well as performance art pieces along with some feminist writings. The art expresses the energy inna

te in living forms of n**e females and flowers, using bold and diverse colours in sweeping brush strokes, which become alive and dance on the canvas. A feeling of depth and space is created by a strong contrast between light and dark shades, and a build up of marks on the canvas over time; the forms described within the frame are undeniably three dimensional. The forms are 'larger than life'; that is, what is depicted on canvas/board communicates a range of spectrum beyond what is normally seen by the naked eye, informed by the emotion of the artist while viewing the subject and also by the personality of the subject. The paintings repay prolonged attention; when stared at other interpretations and expressions are formed by the viewer; the paintings abstract and begin to be viewed as a relationship between energies rather than a physical object, hinting at the energetic nature of all life. The art is created intuitively but is tempered by an intellectual understanding of composition, relationships between colour and form. Oils and acrylics are used in the paintings, there are some workings in clay. They accomplish a feeling of escape into nature and being free from life and its social constructs. This realisation comes from the innate nature of unwillingness of the artist to be leashed.





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