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Art Bronze Sculptures Shop Here you will find a huge selection of sculptures, busts and bronze figures. We offer everything sta Bronze is a simple material with simple elegance.

Create ambiance with bronze figures
Anyone who wants to decorate his own living room, his house or his office with decorative art subjects needs to make the right decision about these subjects. We know how difficult it is making the right decision and finding the right works of art, but we also afford the answer of that question. We offer everything starting with Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Erotica and

ending with Modern Art. Our fine selection includes every kind of bronze sculptures at an affordable price. But depending the way of its manufacture it can become an extravagant and extraordinary material. Nothing is impossible to manufacture and so everybody will find the perfect bronze sculpture. Nowadays the bronze sculpture is as famous as it has been in the past and the making of bronze sculptures has a long history. Even the Greeks knew about the beauty of bronze. Bronze sculptures are all in all timeless beautiful and therefore popular. There is a special lost wax method to produce finest bronze sculptures. A first step is the modeling of a figure by an artist. Therefore the term assembly line production is the wrong term, if someone talks about the manufacturing of bronze sculptures. Only the artist is able to produce filigree and affectionate figures. Silicon covers the model during a next step. Using silicon means becoming a very exact copy of the model made by the artist. As soon as the silicon is dry, the model is covered with cast and sisal, depending of the size also with iron. During the next step wax will be poured inside the mold. The top covering wax coating needs to be formed with care because later on, this will be the facing of the bronze sculpture. Then, the wax model will be placed on fire clay and the wax will melt and run out because of the high temperatures inside the oven. The result is a detailed copy of the form of the model and now bronze can be filled in the mold. After heating the bronze, it will cool down. Finally the bronze figure is taken off its shell. The last step is the handling of the sculpture to become the best possible result. Bronze sculptures are a great accessory.

Walking Panther 1904 - bronze statue on green marble - Rembrandt Bugatti

Walking Panther 1904 - bronze statue on green marble - Rembrandt Bugatti

Limited bronze statue - Gorilla - Rembrandt Bugatti

Limited bronze statue - Gorilla - Rembrandt Bugatti


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