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also at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf for Akademie der Avantgarde #5: Pizzacon: NUANS on Pizza and Omniscience and their Self-Taught Musical in conversation with Konstanze Schütze.

"HAYY – A Self-Taught Musical" is based on Ibn-Tufail´s novel "Hayy ibn Yaqzhan / The Self-Taught Philosopher" – a classic of medieval Islamic philosophy, which had a significant influence on Arabic, Persian and European literature. In the context of the story, the pizza serves as an image of abundance, contrasting with omniscience with the other forms of knowledge, especially the figure of "tabula rasa" of the autodidact and the perfection of the expert.


NUANS sind Anna Heidenhain, Elmar Hermann und Hugo Holger ­Schneider. Ausstellungen und Projekte fanden ­bisher statt u. a. in der Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Kunstverein Bonn, Villa Romana Florenz, Goethe Institut Mumbai, alti aylik, Istanbul, ISCP New York, Konnoh ­Hachiman Shrine, Tokyo und WIELS Brüssel.

NUANS ist eine international tätige Künstlerinitiative, die stets neue Kollaborationen an unterschiedlichen ­Orten eingeht.

Pizza Parlance (1)- First Time

Tomorrow at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, ... Mezzo-soprano Julia Mintzer's comedic opera performance Pizza Parlance will be performed in variation with Charles Ogilvie for Akademie der Avantgarde #5: Pizzacon. Introduction by Hilary Galbreaith:

Pizza Parlance took place for the first time on May 7, 2015, at the opening of the Pizza Pavillion in Venice. The four-hour long collaboration between Mintzer and multimedia artist Charles Ogilvie induced a smile of surprise from visitors to the Pavillion throughout the duration of the performance.

zoom in: https://soundcloud.com/s-t-o-r-e/pizza-parlance-1-first-time

The Grand Opening of Pizza Pavilion on May 7, 2015, at Campo Santa Margherita in Venice – attended by a never-ending stream of visitors ordering Pizza until 3 o’clock in the morning – was accompanied


so great to see - congrats to all of you,
Joseph Hernandez

tonight is the night! GANZ LEISE KOMMT DIE NACHT// world premiere here at The Joyce Theater! the heart is full. Thank you Dresden SemperOper Ballett for supporting my work these past years and to my wonderfully heartbreaking cast : Francesco Ricci, Ayaha Tsunaki, Aidan Gibson, and Jon Vallejo. Toi Toi Toi //


Ying Colosseum

The "spectacle" was be held in an abandoned guard house cm skateboard park - organised by Store Contemporary at Trinitatisplatz, Dresden.

Artists involved: Stefan Ruderisch, Duncan Passmore, Ana Andra, Jonas Schoeneberg, Claude Eigan, Layla Nabi, Ruth Unger, Nadja Kurz, Philipp Putzer, Michael Broschmann, Miriam Schröder, Anne Lippert, Carolin Richter, Tobi Keck, Dominik Schäfer

This Ying was part of “ROOM E10 27 AT CENTER S T O R E CAVE3000 MAVRA YOUTUBE MI SPIEGELMUND JMDC YING” running from June 24 – July 2, 2017

Photo Credits Paul Barsch

Hernandez Theatre Group

Joseph_Hernandez!!! and his team are rocking NYC soon. CONGRATULTIONS to our regular resident.

Tickets are on sale in NYC! so proud to be sharing a bill with these inspiring dancemakers!


S T O R E's cover photo


Kursangebot für HfBK Studenten!!!

ACHTUNG es sind noch PLÄTZE FREI für den ANIMATIONSFILMKURS vom 26.6.-29.6. !!!

Wer spontan noch einen Kurs machen will, der kann sich direkt bei mir melden! [email protected] (Fachbereich 1 oder 2/Grundstudium, Hauptstudium ist egal, keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich)
— Der 4 tägige Kurs vermittelt die Grundlagen des Animationsfilms und ermöglicht die Nutzung des Animationsstudios der HfBK (Brühl Raum 125)—

Hernandez Theatre Group

Congratulations Joseph Hernandez! premiering w/ Dresden SemperOper Ballett this fall ... 💆💃👄💅🤖😻🍒🍭🍾🥂

and hopefully back with us and Nielsson one day > http://storecontemporary.com/artist/nielsson-collective/

happy to announce a new creation for the Semperoper Ballett! The new piece will premiere during the company's tour to New York City in the fall.


so art peeps .. time to check out what's going on when art enthusiasti, music aficionadi and brains come together in a club that's not like a regular techno club but a club that is a techno club with a huges collective brain and always loaded energy bar, a club that encourages thinking in a hedonist magical way. Along with Stephanie Comilang film we will be discussing technology, spectatorship, care work, intimacy, critical practice and ways of understanding the situations we find ourselves in. we couldn't be more excited. w/ Kyle Van Horn, Anja Kaiser, Thomas Dumke, Ulla Heinrich, Franz Xaver, and all of awesomeness at Institut fuer Zukunft and Dgtlfmnsm


Virginia Kimey Pflücke vom feministischen Theorie- und Lieblingsmagazin 'Outside the Box' wird zum Filmgespräch mit der Künstlerin Stephanie Comilang und dgtl fmnsm-brain Konstanze Schütze hinzukommen. Virginia Kimey Pflücke hat u.a. diesen tollen Artikel als Teil des Editorials zur Ausgabe geschrieben. Deshalb sind wir sehr gespannt auf ihren input im Kontext des Films LUMAPIT SA AKIN, PARAISO (COME TO ME, PARADISE).


Last Chance to see Ullrich Kloses FROZEN CORE 2day!
Finisage 20-22h!!!


Ullrich Klose - Frozen Core


when not at S T O R E – other stuff (in other remote places) is made happen: Paul Barsch and "Paintings Roughly Reflecting On Humans And Other Habits, But Mostly Viewed By Cows" online and offline with Art Safiental / Alps Art Academy

"Paintings Reflecting On Humans And Human Habits, But Mostly Viewed By Cows" shows again that everything is possible and that there are a lot of young talented painters. Thanks to Paul Barsch for the great exhibition and the exclusive video

Hirn in der Hand

join us at Hellerau - Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden with CYNETART and Dgtl fmnsm festival for Helen Hester (Sat 5 pm)

"Beim Xenofeminismus geht es gegen die technologische Verschlafenheit der feministischen Linken im Allgemeinen und ihre grassierende Lifestyle-Variante im Speziellen."


Shaun Motsi, NÜ SENSITIVITY opens today

New Scenario

our homies Paul Barsch and Tilman Hornig with Berlin Biennale, CURA., KubaParis, The Creators Project, et. all:
amongst other things ... "normalize and de-stigmatize our bodies" (!)

Bruno Zhu, Yves Scherer, Clemence de La TourduPin, Rachel De Joode, Débora Delmar, Antoine Renard, Jake Kent, Stephan Ruderisch, Emmy Skensved, Grégoire Blunt Latulippe, Edward Marshall Shenk, Pakui Hardware, Burkhard Beschow, Anne Fellner, Joey Holder, BB5000, Tak Lok, Antoine Donzeaud, Silas Inoue, Viktor Fordell, Christopher LG Hill, Sol Hashemi, Martijn Hendriks, Adam Cruces, Rasmus Høj Mygind, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Anna Sagström, Enrico Sutter, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Bradford Kessler, Michele Gabriele, Jesse Darling, Mikkel Carl, Sandra Vaka Olsen, Dorota Gaweda, Egle Kulbokaite
Hana Earles, Ulli Klose, Caspar Jade Heinemann

Hot New World Views

w/ Georges Jacotey, Jennifer Chan, Kimmo Modig, Shawné Michaelain Holloway: Everything is so profoundly transactional. You deserve worse, and you are literally worth less. But consider this: give fewer f***s about stuff that people with high power jobs in institutions impose on you. Don't look at paintings, look at your money. You make spending time matter, and it's your feet that can get you out of a hopeless artist talk.

How can you imagine an end to wage inequality if you can’t even finish your artist statement?


if you are in Copenhagen today: go see Paul Barsch vs. Kåre Leander Ringling Frang at Future Suburban Contemporary with some FUZZ

BATTLE #4 - GARDEN FUZZ Paul Barsch VS Kåre Leander Ringling Frang @ Future Suburban Contemporary, Brønshøj, Copenhagen, Denmark Opening 11th…


early this year with Jennifer Chan, Georges Jacotey, Shawné Michaelain Holloway and in a place so small and a time too short

Thanx AQNB again for the nice review!!!

Hot New World Viewz (2016) documentation

Thanx AQNB again for the nice review!!!

Hot New World Viewz is a show by Jen Chans (Jennifer Chan), Pappa Modig (Kimmo Modig), Goran Jacotey (Georges Jacotey) and Svea Holloway (Shawné Michaelain Holloway). Its work has been spread light…

No Need to Hunt @ S T O R E (2015) exhibition photos

Thx AQNB for this nice review!

Group exhibition, No Need to Hunt – We Just Wait for the Roadkill curated by Paul Barsch brought together the work of eight artists at Dresden’s S T O R E from September 26 to October 1…

Berlin Biennale

get a head start on 2016 ...

Yay in Frankfurt! This Friday DIS participate at Städelschule's Public Lectures to give an overview of their general working practice as well as insights into what the 9th Berlin Biennale may or may not be.

(Image: DIS: Younger Than Rihanna, HD Video, 00’ 55”, 2013)

Video Games

GOD! go see this show HOT NEW WORLD VIEWS S T O R E with Modig, Shawné Michaelain Holloway, Jennifer Chan, Georges Jacotey



Have Shawné Michaelain Holloway soon with us! and make her bring Kimmo Modig, Jennifer Chan, and George Jacotey to S T O R E

Curated by Devin Kenny and Lucas G Pinheiro, Real Live Online is a web-based exhibition that brings together new works of live and documented net performance by eight artists and collectives.

No Need to Hunt | We Just Wait for the Roadkill

No Need to Hunt | We Just Wait for the Roadkill

Alexander Endrullat, Burkhard Beschow, Camilla Steinum, Dorota Gaweda & Eglé Kulbokaité, Jake Kent, Kai Hügel, Michele Gabriele Curated by: Paul Barsch It was not meant as a statement. Not at all. They just took it, mixed it, altered and extended it. They did not even care. Artifacts. Cultural objec…

Amici | STORE contemporary

Documentation of 'Amici' online!

Amici - Anna Margrethe Pedersen, Merete Vyff Slyngborg 09.07.2015 - 07.08.2015 organized by Anna Frost In a recent conversation my friend Honza Hoeck made this statement: “I do administration 90% of the time. Either you settle for making art 10% of the time or you make art out of the administration”…


14 Pulsnitzer Straße


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