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Seven Star Gallery Berlin All pictures are black & white silver gelatin prints in large format, only available in editions of one to nine. Still there is more to be discovered. Murnau.


SevenStar Gallery owned by artist / mime / dancer Thorsten Heinze presents photography featuring contemporary works from the gallery's private collection by Will McBride, Donata Wenders, Joachim Baldauf, Peter Brüchmann, Jürgen Loevenich, Helga Kneidl, Peter Nuremberg and young talents such as Peter Lorenz. Their pictures show private, non-public moments of great pop and cinema i

cons from the past 30 years like Klaus Kinski, Hildegars Knef, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Sharon Tate, Jimi Hendrix, Claudia Schiffer and many others. A SevenStar Gallery picture is made in museum quality meeting Zeitgeist and moreover it veils and reveals both - The visible refers to the invisible. Not only within the pictures but also in the gallery itself. Introducing Gallery Owner Thorsten Heinze:

Making the invisible visible; for Thorsten Heinze, photography is the ideal medium to capture and display the unknown. He considers himself to be a sculptor who molds with light and focuses through simplicity on the essential. He has created unusual images that open worlds invisible in every day life. In this visual vocabulary he can express things that are unique to him, yet somehow incomprehensible. The magic swap between plus and minus, performer and observer and between object and photographer – the things that miraculously happen in between are to Heinze “the unknown”, the uncharted, the incredible, the indescribable – and ultimately that is what he aims to capture. As a child, he was fascinated and influenced by the expressionistic films of the silent era, such as the films by Fritz Lang and F.W. He trained at a young age as a mime and soon attended world-famous schools. In 1991, he graduated the master class of Marcel Marceau’s with honors. He has been a member of Marceau’s compagnie ever since and performs its tours around the globe. He works as a choreographer and director and regularly teaches an acting class specifically designed around body language. A universal language that speaks louder than words, mysteriously communicates and tells silent tales – that in Thorsten’s mind equals both the art of mime and photography. Marcel Marceau, Klaus Kinski, Robert Wilson, Michael Jackson – working with these distinguished artists allowed Thorsten to experience the magic of the unknown. However, the magical moment within the art of mime is fleeting and cannot be captured; it passes throughout time. A photograph however isolates that moment and therefore makes it visible in all perpetuity. Meeting the great photographer Herb Ritts, who after watching a theatrical performance of Marcel Marceau’s and Thorsten Heinze’s in Hollywood came backstage to arrange for a photo shoot, became a trigger for Thorsten to delve further into the art of photography: Herb Ritts, a fan of mime himself, planned to capture the magic moments in his chosen medium and esthetic style. The resulting friendship and visit to Herb Ritt’s studio represented an important and energetic push for Thorsten Heinze. Ultimately, a collaboration between the two was not to occur, as Herb Ritts unfortunately passed away shortly after. Thorsten’s portfolio encompasses work in the following categories: Portrait, beauty and documentary. Amongst the many artists photographed by him are: Marcel Marceau, Sandra Bullock, HR Giger, Michael Jackson, Elijah Wood, Snoop Dogg, Nina Petri, Brad Pitt and Francis Ford Coppola

Thorsten Heinze was born in Hamburg and currently resides in Berlin.


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