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S.A. Mojavari گالری مجاوری برلین Koppenplatz.2 10115 Berlin Mitte Germany [email protected] 0049-(0)30-84712757 0049-(0)15156811 895 Vita I was born 1968 in Lahidjan, north of Iran. At the age of fourteen I set out to Teheran to study at an Art School for boys. After I was instructed there in sculpture, drawing, painting and art history, I returned to my home region for attending the grammar school in Rascht with the main focus on subjects related to art, where I also received the public school-leaving exam and university entrance qualification in 1988 with graphic art as major subject. From 1989 to 1994 I studied free pictorial art and film at Teheran University, receiving a Master of Arts degree in 1994. I always appreciated the media film and started producing and directing short films in 1988. My film “Ghalb” (“The heart”) was nominated in 1992 at the French International Film Festival of Cannes. From 1994 to 1996, I worked at the educational department of the Teheran Art College and as a lector at Rascht University, where I taught free pictorial art and art history. In 1997 I took up residency in Cologne, Germany. For the first years I worked at advertising agencies and film producing companies. From 2000 to 2011 I ran the Mojavari Gallery which was located at Cologne’s art centre & Berlin Koppenplatz .2 .

You are kindly invited to the Opening of the current group exhibition: Opening on 7th of August 2015 at 7pm of the group exhibition "Identity" Who determines our identity? Diversity of perspectives to respond to these questions will be shown in the group exhibition Identity opening on August 7th 2015 in Berlin. The artists of Kajo Collection will be exhibited at Mojavari Gallery. Part of the group exhibition are: Guy Brown, Fabian Pfleger, Carolin Mojavari, Saeid Mojavari & Birgit Wolfram. Opening 7.8.2015, 7 pm Mojavari Gallery K o p p e n p l a t z 2 1 0 1 1 5 Berlin Mitte G e r m a n y

Mojavari Gallery Berlin 2020

Mojavari Gallery Berlin 2020

Saeid Mojavari Artwoorks 2002 -2010 سعید مجا وری

Saeid Mojavari Artwoorks 2002 -2010 سعید مجا وری

Migle gray 2002 -2010 kreishausgalerie köln / Light as Form / Acrylic on canvas 120 x 140 cm این کار اول ابسترکت بود یک روز دوستی‌ آمد و گفت بیا از من طراحی ...

Saeid MojavariLight as Form 2006 -2009 سعید مجا وری

Saeid MojavariLight as Form 2006 -2009 سعید مجا وری

Light as Form (Moniq 3) 2006 - 2009 Oil on canvas 90 x 200 cm Gallery Koppewnplatz 2 Berlin 10115 سال‌های قهوه‌ای ، همه در تعقیب هم و مشغول پاپوش درست کردن. ...

Saeid Mojavari Light as Form سعید مجا وری 2010- 2001

Saeid Mojavari Light as Form سعید مجا وری 2010- 2001

Marathon - Man - Light as Form / Oil on Canvas 140 x 200 cm - Gallery Koppenplatz 2 Berlin اولین مارتون من، ترکیبی از عکس و کار رنگ روغن بود ۱۶۰ -۳۰۰ سانتیمت...

Saeid Mojavari Free Painting Figurative 2013 سعید مجا وری

Saeid Mojavari Free Painting Figurative 2013 سعید مجا وری

Free Painting Figurative 2013( Unser Leben ) / Oil on canvas 100 x 200 cm Gallery koppenplatz 2 Berlin10115 این آثار مراحل مختلف به وجود آمدن یک آثر از مجموع...


Light as Form figurative 2018- 2019 Oil on canvas 80 x 200 cm
Gallery Koppenplatz 2 Berlin 10115


Kopenplatz 2



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