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He Xiangning Art Museum Founded in 1997, He Xiangning Art Museum is dedicated to the preservation, study and exhibition of a

He Xiangning Art Museum stands as China’s first national art museum that is named solely in honor of an individual. Approved by the Central Government of China, the construction project of the He Xiangning Art Museum was launched in Shenzhen on May 13th, 1995. The museum had its official opening on April 18th, 1997, with its title inscribed by Mr. Jiang Zemin, who was then the General Secretary of

the Chinese Communist Party and the President of China. The primary mission of the He Xiangning Art Museum is to support the collecting, exhibiting and research activities of He Xiangning's art and relevant documents. It also pay attention to the creation of overseas Chinese artists, women artists as well as emerging young artists. In addition, the museum focuses on preserving and cataloging important art historical documents, and it is committed to creating a platform upon which the exchanges between contemporary art worlds in China and outside as well as the development of art theories are enabled. Since its establishment, the He Xiangning Art Museum has made its name as a leading art institution in China with its core programs such as the He Xiangning Art Museum Academic Forum and the Voice of Humanities: Academic Lecture at the He Xiangning Art Museum; ground-breaking exhibitions such as the Thematic Exhibition of He Xiangning's Art, the Tour Exhibition of Selected Works by He Xiangning, the Shenzhen International Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture, the Annual Exhibition of Dissertation Works in Painting From National Art Academies Across China, Across-strait Four-Region Artistic Exchange Project and the Overseas Chinese Invitational Exhibition. He Xiangning Art Museum set up OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT) in 2005, which integrates national and international resources for contemporary art and serves as a space where contemporary art from China meets contemporary art from the world. From 2005 to 2012, He Xiangning Art Museum has supported OCAT with its academic endeavor. The He Xiangning Art Museum has been actively operating as an important art institution in China's frontier special zone of reform and open-door policies with its great contributions to promoting the art of He Xiangning, Chinese contemporary art and dialogues between Chinese and international art. With its great endeavors over the past decade, the He Xiangning Art Museum has built great influence in China's art world, academia and society, and has created a new image and model of art museum that is remarkable for its emphasis on contemporaneity, scholarship and knowledge. Its influence is gradually reaching the international world of art museums.

The museum is expecting its return in November. Stay tuned!

The museum is expecting its return in November. Stay tuned!

He Xiangning Art Museum has been temporary closed since March, 2015 for renovations. We will be receiving you with a bra...

He Xiangning Art Museum has been temporary closed since March, 2015 for renovations. We will be receiving you with a brand new appearance in 2016! Thank you for your support in the past and the future!

Opening and Lecture Retro (2014.4.27-28)

Opening and Lecture Retro (2014.4.27-28)

"Dutch Photography: The Space Between Us" Opening Reception April 26, 2014.

"Dutch Photography: The Space Between Us" Opening Reception April 26, 2014.


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Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District

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Embark on an exotic and romantic journey with “Heavenly Bodies in the South” by Qin Qi and Rodel Tapaya at the He Xiangning Art Museum. The show is currently on view until 5 July.⁣

“Award-winning Filipino artist Rodel Tapaya draws on the myths and legends of his country, finding power in folk tales and natural landscapes, responding to reality, and illuminating the circumstances and social affairs in the Philippines.⁣

“The Comedy, Parody and Tragedy,” his largest work at the exhibition, depicts the slums’ daily life, with chaos, drunkards and gangs. The painting also depicts people dressed in different costumes like those of a comedy.” – Cao Zhen, Shenzhen Daily⁣

Image: details of Rodel Tapaya, The Comedy, Parody and Tragedy (2018). Image credit: the artist, He Xiangning Art Museum, Tang Contemporary Art.⁣

He Xiangning Art Museum
On View | Qin Qi and Rodel Tapaya are having a joint exhibition at He Xiang Ning Art Museum, Shenzhen until 5 July. Visit the amazing “Heavenly Bodies In The South” before it ends!

“Qin Qi is a post-modernist. Boundaries and rules cannot prohibit him from freely utilizing all painting styles and languages. The unwieldy forms of figures and unstable composition make his work fascinating in a way different from the Western historical paintings.” – curator Cui Cancan.

Image: installation view of “Heavenly Bodies In The South” (2020). Image credit: the artists, He Xiangning Art Museum, Tang Contemporary Art.

He Xiangning Art Museum
Cancelled last month, on again this month, the Maud Lewis/Terroir Exhibition is to be hosted at the Guangdong Museum in China later this month. That's great, we're glad to see that diplomats have been able to iron this out, however there's no mention in any of the articles nor press releases from the NS Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage is who the "six other contemporary female artists" are who are accompanying the cultural trade mission to China.
The exhibition will move to the Coast Art Museum in the city of Zhuhai 珠海 in June. The exhibition will then be shown at the He Xiangning Art Museum in Shenzhen before returning to Nova Scotia.
The great artist and great museum, the proud of Shenzhen
It was an absolute pleasure hosting the UK's stage of the Independent Art Spaces Forum organised by our friends at He Xiangning Art Museum

Photos courtesy of Arthur Siuksta
He Xiangning Art Museum presents International forum:
Survival Strategies of Independent Art Spaces

He Xiangning Art Museum is pleased to present Survival Strategies of Independent Art Spaces, an international forum hosted by the He Xiangning Art Museum in collaboration with the Shenzhen Fine Art Institute, the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art and the Manchester Center for Chinese Contemporary Art. Curated by Feng Boyi, Fang Lihua, Wang D**g and Yan Liemin, it will be held at Centre for Chinese Contemporary Manchester Art on December 2 and at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art on December 19.

Our basic definition of independent art spaces is as follows: they are non-profit or not-for-profit, and provide free opportunities for independent, experimental and creative artists or artistic practices. In other words, they exist independently of art museums, galleries and art districts, and are alternative, folk-based and wild self-organizing art spaces. Finally, they serve as an important counterbalancing force against the increasingly commercial, official and mainstream trends in the contemporary art ecosystem.

This Wednesday CFCCA will be hosting the international 'independent art spaces' forum next Wednesday on behalf of He Xiangning Art Museum

Part of an international tour, the symposium looks at the role of independent art spaces in the larger cultural ecosystem.

The event is free and perfect for academics, curators and specialists working in the field of independent art spaces. - only 6 places left so book now!
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