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Respectable Neutrals, Stop Neutrality,State is Bleeding.  By M Abdullah Hamid GulIndeed 9th May was the blackest day in ...

Respectable Neutrals, Stop Neutrality,State is Bleeding.
By M Abdullah Hamid Gul

Indeed 9th May was the blackest day in Pakistan's chequered history.What enemy could not achieve in 75 years, our dirty politics has done it by creating a wedge between people and the Armed forces, at the behest of RAW and MOSAD.This is hybrid or Fifth generation war, which is fought in brains and not with arms and ammunition. Aristotle about 2 thousands years ago said that if you want to defeat a country, create a wedge between its people and Army. Our irresponsible politicians seem to have achieved their henious designs against the State of Pakistan. From Hannibal Army to Ayub Khan, Army's External Threat perception has been the domain of Army. But from Ayub Khan onward both External and Internal Threat perception has been the domain of Armed Forces. Armed forces argument in support of Internal threat perception being its domain is that some time internal threat, if it crosses the red line, it could invite External threat.The case study of this argument is East Pakistan crisis in 1971. It was basically an internal threat, but it invited External threat from our billegrant neighbor India. Question is whether the present critical crisis situation gives an impression that System has collapsed in Pakistan. All organs of the State have collapsed, except the Armed forces. Red line has been crossed. Armed forces loyalty is with the State and constitutional relationship with the govt. If the State and the Constitution confront each other, with whom one should stand? If we stand with the Constitution and loose the State, that constitution would be thrown in the dustbin and if the we stand with the State and the constitution is held in abeyance, it could be restored, once State becomes Stable. Hence appeal to Neutrals,break Neutrality since the State is bleeding!

M Abdullah Hamid GulThird time elected PM NS was disqualified by the supreme court bench for life in July 2017, and then...

M Abdullah Hamid Gul

Third time elected PM NS was disqualified by the supreme court bench for life in July 2017, and then fined and jailed for 10 years in June 2018, which in practical terms is 5 years. He was also deprived of his seat of president of his party. The PTI leaders and supporters distributed sweets to celebrate his ouster.

Gilani was disqualified by the supreme court, fined and jailed for five years in 2011, in his bid to save Zardari from getting convicted in Swiss Bank 60 million dollars money laundering case.

IK has been disqualified by the Election Commission bench under Article 63- 1 P, either for 5 years, or till the completion of the tenure of the current national assembly, but will also be proceeded against in the trial court to decide the jail sentence and fine.

He stands deprived of his NA seat, he is no more Sadiq and Ameen as had been ruled by the former supreme court bench headed by CJ Saqib Nisar. He has been punished on account of not declaring the amount earned from the sale of gifts from Tosha Khana in the market in his IT return.

IK retains two options for relief from the IHC and the supreme court, and he is very hopeful for a favourable response. A petition has been filed in the IHC soon after the verdict. In anticipation of the verdict, IK had already moved a petition in the supreme court to remove the CEC Raja Sikandar, whom he had selected, alleging that he is biased.

While Gilani completed his jail term and is now a Senator, NS is yet to seek relief from the supreme court and is presently an absconder in London.

Radical amendments in the NAB laws have cleared the leading lights of the PPP and PML N including Zardari, SS, Maryam and others facing NAB corruption cases.

It has also paved the way for NS to get cleared, but for that he will have to return to Pakistan and appear before the court, as Ishaq Dar had done.

The PTI workers including the women are on the streets in major cities, and at places the roads have been blocked and the law enforcement agencies are deployed to control the mobsters.

This was probably preplanned and is not spontaneous. These tactics would continue to pressurise IHC, and could convert into PTI's plan B that was planned for the long march. There can be some arrests of the PTI leaders and the arrest of IK cannot be ruled out since arrest warrants have already been issued a week earlier.

The Interior Minister has given a call to his party workers and others to offer nawafil for getting rid of a Fitna and to pay compliments to the EC Bench for giving a merit based bold verdict in spite of the threats from the PTI.

Many are linking the verdict with the Makafat e Amal.

I reckon, the courts will not be in a hurry and will take their time to dispose off the petition of the PTI. Probably the cases of NS and IK would be heard and disposed off by the supreme court almost simultaneously.

Probably both would be granted relief so as to create a level playing field for next elections. Till then, the PTI workers and supporters would continue with their protests.

The other scenario is that the PTI might face another shock and gets disbanded in foreign funding case, the verdict of which can be announced anytime.

Now that the direction of the wind has started to blow in favour of the PML N, NS must be getting impatient to return to Pakistan. But he would be wishing for a grand reception and that is possible only at Lahore and nowhere else. The big hitch is that Punjab is ruled by PML Q and PTI govt.

The whole focus of the incumbent govt and PML N would be in getting rid of Pervez Elahi. A game plan could be in the cooking pot to move a vote of no confidence against the CM. Likewise, KP must also be a target, where the only way out could be imposition of a governor rule.

Gen Bajwa must also be keen to doff off his uniform on 29 Nov after the return of peaceful political conditions in the country.


افغانستان دریائے کابل میں جو اس وقت سیلاب چڑھا ہوا ہے اس نے دریاۓ سندھ میں آ کر شامل ہونا ہے۔ پختونخواہ میں جو طوفانی با...

افغانستان دریائے کابل میں جو اس وقت سیلاب چڑھا ہوا ہے اس نے دریاۓ سندھ میں آ کر شامل ہونا ہے۔ پختونخواہ میں جو طوفانی بارشیں اور سیلاب آیا ہے وہ پانی بھی دریاۓ سندھ میں آ کر شامل ہو گا۔ یہ جمع ہونے والا ریلہ ابھی کالاباغ کے مقام تک نہیں پہنچا لیکن جلد پہنچنے والا ہے۔ اس کے بعد میدانی علاقہ ہے او یہ بڑا ریلہ تب تک تباہی مچاتا رہے گا جب تک بحرہ عرب میں جا کر نہیں گر جاتا۔ کچے کا سارا علاقہ ڈوبے گا، ڈیرہ اسماعیل خان کے ساتھ ساتھ بھکر کا کچھ حصہ متاثر ہوگا، تباہی در تباہی ہو گی لیکن کسی قسم کی کوئی تیاری نہیں کی گئی ہے۔
کالاباغ ڈیم ہوتا تو یہ سارا پانی سٹور ہو جانا تھا لیکن ڈیم بن گئے تو بجلی کے “کارخانے” لگا کر حکمران تگڑا کمیشن کیسے کھائیں گے، سولر پلیٹ کیسے بیچیں گے؟

یہ سب میٹھا پانی ہے۔ اربوں ڈالر مالیت کا یہ میٹھا پانی اربوں ڈالر مالیت کی تباہی مچاتا ہوا سمندر میں جا گرے گا۔ چند ماہ بعد خشک سالی ہو گی۔
ستر سال سے اسی سیلاب اور خشک سالی کے درمیان جی رہے ہیں۔ ایک کالاباغ ڈیم اربوں ڈالر کا میٹھا پانی بچاۓ گا، اربوں ڈالر کا نقصان بچائے گا اور اربوں ڈالر کی سستی بجلی الگ سے فراہم کرے گا۔ جو قومیں فیصلے نہیں کرتیں ان کی قسمت میں بھوک، سیلاب اور خشک سالیاں ہوتی ہیں خوشحالیاں نہیں۔







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