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New Moment Gallery The NEW MOMENT Gallery has long been a cult location on the cultural map of Belgrade. That is another step towards the presence of visual magic.

Its creative, innovative and visual identity has been particularly prominent in the fields of contemporary design, advertising and communications. Dragan Sakan, a man of ideas and visions, founded the Gallery in 1995 as part of his New Moment advertising agency, daring to believe that advertising should be transformed into ARTvertising. Convinced that “ideas are all around us”, he created the Gall

ery as a place of inspiration. The fact that his creative dreamers infused new energy into considerable expansion of their activities in the field of visual arts is the best evidence that the Gallery, thanks to innovative ideas, has become a contemporary institution that is in constant motion and on a perpetual upswing. Now, building on the existing creative content and consistently exciting happenings,they want to constantly change and advance, to meet the challenge of new subjects and new projects. Fortunately, these are not the kind of cultural workers beset by apathy as a result of exhausting their energy before running the lap of their desires. The desires of the protagonists of this Gallery are pulsating with untamable imagination and powerful inspiration. That’s how the new permanent visual collection came into being, enlivening the idea about the enduring presence of art works which embody high artistic values. The artists are represented through exceptional individual talent and refined sensibility. In the midst of a banal reality, the works of visual artists on display will present an alternative to the type of creation that leaves the aesthetic sphere and betrays aesthetic values. Furthermore, this alternative confirms such values and pushes the envelope far behond the superficial level and above the dark horizon of reality. The permanent collection is conceived as far more than the conventional imprimatur for superior artwork bogged down in its own static conservatism. To avoid this scenario, the Gallery will be improved and enlarged until it reaches a convincing and relevant balance. In this way, an open-minded attitude and critical selection will enable the presence of the most valuable achievements of visual art, which will be far removed from fashionable trends. Thus the cultural scene in Belgrade will be enriched by those values that produce a strong creative impulse and help embody active communication. Visual artists, as the wizards and most vital element of urban sensibility, will find a safe haven and inner peace in this Gallery. In this way downtown Belgrade will gain a place of magnetism, where encounters with artistic whispers of freedom are possible, empowering an essential format of artistic existence. The intention to host at least four original exhibitions by local and foreign visual artists every year, as well as the planned publication of monographs for remarkable contemporary artists, should be taken as signs of a firm resolution to follow the creative undertakings of key artists and make public the exploratory insights that can become important material for understanding current trends in the visual arts. The Friends of the Gallery club, its friends, advisors, critics and collectors, should be recognized as a warm current of art lovers who are doing everything in their power to defend the dignity of artistic values, as well as the style of human existence. Frequent professional debates can improve the level of understanding of all human values. Annual auctions of just ten or twenty pieces of high art should be seen, more than anything, as being an act of artistic influence, rather than being directed towards lucrative arrangements. In this way, the Gallery will stand in stark contrast to those institutions that reside far from any kind of business strategy, entrepreneur spirit, pluralistic openness and new techniques for communication. It would be useful to recruit traditional media as indispensible partners of the Gallery, in addition to online communication, because the media hold a lot of sway in terms of shaping the public image of the Gallery and relaying its mission to the public. For this reason, it would be desirable and appropriate to have a public relations professional from the Gallery liaise with journalists active in this sub-field of creative work. Most importantly, it can be expected that no one will ever leave the Gallery without experiencing an inner transformation, without feeling creative fulfillment. This is a sure-fire way of turning events in the Gallery into unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.



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