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One Thousand Word-Arts I make and sell one of a kind word art. Whether it's nerdy or historical you will hopefully enjoy it


Hello minions of mine... long time no see. I just wanted to say hi and I am about to start an amazing Word-Art and to be on the lookout for it by Wednesday. Happy weekend and possible snow day

Brandon Farris

So minions I sent sir Brandon Farris some art and he opened it… second gift… if you have never watched him please enjoy


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I have a business email for business things! [email protected]

Also I live somewhere and if you want to send me something to the somewhere I am you can send something to this somewhere!

Brandon Farris
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Love y'all!


The road so far

by OneThousandWordArts

Hello, hello, hello my minions.

I have missed you guys. I just wanted to let y'all know there are new items on my Etsy as well as new prices on everything!!! Please check it out.

You searched for: OneThousandWordArts! Discover the unique items that OneThousandWordArts creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting OneThousandWordArts, you’re supporting a sma...

by OneThousandWordArts

Hello my minions, for the Christmas season you can get 15% off all of my artwork if you buy now. Hurry over and buy your friend or family member something as unique as they are. Love yins

You searched for: OneThousandWordArts! Discover the unique items that OneThousandWordArts creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting OneThousandWordArts, you’re supporting a sma...


“Live Long and Prosper” my Minions. I had a LOT of fun doing this one. Mostly quotes from the original show with a few from Next Gen. and a few from the reboot movies. Love y’all.


Hello my minions here is my latest word art “Fairytale” enjoy


Working on “The Forgotten Stanza” it is compiled of only third stanzas of hymns now they don’t feel quite as left out. Love y’all minions


Soooo I finally got the cards done 🤗 the 10 people who won them will receive them within the next week hopefully


I have made my first card 😱 and I quite like it


Hey minions I am going to try and make my art into cards so what I need from you are some topic ideas… have fun thinking. First ten ideas will get a free box of ten cards


Welcome to “Under the Sea” quotes about Mermaids and songs from “The Little Mermaid” just need a frame


Hello Minions… I remembered at like 01:00 that I was supposed to do a drawing for a free Word-Art yesterday… however I have decided to lengthen this promotion till the 23rd so please share pictures and like my page and pm done… love ya minions


MINIONS I have only 2 applicants to the competition… if you want a free DeWitt original please share a piece of my art, old or new, like my page if you have not yet and pm me done. Y’all only have till Saturday which is less than 5 days away now. Love yins


Hello my little minions... in an attempt to find more minions for myself I will be doing a week long "recruitment" competition, all you need to do is 3 little things... 1) share your FAVORITE piece of art (and if you are not yet my minion become one)... 2) write on your post something about how awesome the art is "Look at this cool handwritten piece of art check it out" something like that... and 3) pm me the word DONE so I can put your name in a drawing, next Saturday at 12 I will draw a name from a hat and that lucky person will be able to request a special made word-art of their choosing... LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!


Custom made for my aunt for a birthday present


Last but certainly not least is “Avengers Assemble” it has quotes from all the avengers movies and the multicolored inside is each of the infinity stone colors and quotes on what each of them are,(soul, time, space, power, reality, mind), let’s hope Thanos doesn’t destroy it 😬


New art numero dos is titled “Always in Our Thoughts” this is my second piece on the twin towers and lists even more names of those who lost their lives in that terrible attack. I started this one around the time I first started doing these and I made a LOT of errors on it but I am pleased now with how it came out, hope you are too.


This is new piece numero uno that I call “He Is Risen!!” I started this in April planning to finish it before Easter but life kept getting in the way. Hope you enjoy


Well I now have not 1 not 2 but 3 new word arts I am sooooooooo excited to share with all my minions out there 😀. Pictures to come


Avengers Assemble!!! For this AWESOME word art


Working on a belated Easter Word Art and eating candy 😀.


Hey guys exciting news!!! I just joined Instagram and Twitter!!! cone check me out on there and follow me on there as well as here!! Love Y'all


Anyone needing a last minute Valentine’s Day present for your significant other? Hope you enjoy. For sale price is $40 dollars no frame $65 with frame. Love y’all


Finished part 1/5 so happy with it. Share with all your Potter-heads


Short time lapse of me doing part of my sorting hat Word-Art


Hey guys, I am starting a 5 part Harry Potter Word-Art tomorrow... and I plan on either live streaming part/all of it or posting a time lapse when its all done... let me know which you would prefer. Love y'all


Just finished my newest piece titled “King of Pop” please tag any friends or family who are fans of the King of Pop. Love y’all


Hello my minions. I am desiring to re-name my page and my Etsy shop as it is hard for even me to remember what it is, so I implore that you type out your suggestion on what my new page/Etsy shop name should be. Thank you and good night!!!


Guys this Saturday this piece of art will be auctioned off at the Reins of Life fundraiser. The title of this piece is "Saddle Up". There will be many other awesome items for auction so come see what you can find.


Here is my most recent piece I am calling it "Always Remember"


Okay guys.... I know I keep promising new word arts and not delivering but that is all about to change... I will be working tirelessly this week and will have a few new ones after friday... please if you want to see a particular show or concept done pm me or comment below and i will do my best to create one :) have an awesome day/week


Hey all long time no talk I know but I'm ready to get back to work, I just need suggestions for what you would like to see next. Share this with your friends and let's see how many suggestions we can get the ones I like most will be created and posted on here and on my etsy account to be sold


Hey all, I know I haven't posted anything in a while and I'm sorry, I've been real busy. But in the next few days I hop to be able to post a new Wordart. Can't wait for you to see it. Happy Hump Day!!!






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