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You think Lovage is just your ordinary kitchen herb? You bet! Lovage can do so much more than just taste like celery 🌿

Lovage is loaded with Vitamin C and Quercetin, which are both antioxidants and can help with ailments such as inflammation, indigestions and guess what?… help your skin glow ✨

Lovage can be used as a complexion aid. Washing your face with an infusion/strong tea of lovage leaves is cleansing and refreshing. Combined with the herb Rue, the tea is very effective in treating acne - either used internally or as an application.


Hey guys I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Friday is Cinco de Mayo, a Full Moon, and a Total Lunar Eclipse.
Best of Luck and May The Force Be With You.


April 22 is EARTH DAY! 🌎 🌱

An important day for all of us who live on Turtle Island. 🐢

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” - Indigenous proverb

Artwork: 'Turtle Island' by Jeffrey George, an Ojibway artist from the Kettle and Stoney Point First Nation, situated along the shores of Lake Huron.

The story of Turtle Island 🐢

Nanabush is half spirit half man, a mythical and cultural hero from the Anishinaabe. He found himself floating on a giant log, with a few animals. He called them to bring up a piece of soil from the depths of the water, so that the creator might remake the world. The greatest swimmers, the otter, the beaver, the loon took turns diving to the depths of the water. They tried and failed. In the end, only the tiny muskrat prevailed, floating to the surface with a tiny piece of earth in his paw. Nanabush placed it on the back of the turtle and the winds from the four directions began to blow the earth around on the turtles backing, it became covered and formed a new land, Turtle Island.

The seven trees on the turtles back represent the seven Grandfather Teachings that the creator gave to the first peoples of this land to live by. There is Truth, Honesty, Bravery, Respect, Humility, Wisdom and Love. The people were forgetting to live by these laws, they were fighting amongst one another and killing each other at times. The creator then decided to destroy the earth, by flooding it. A great flood, that terrified the world, came down in a great rain fall, and carried everything away with floods of water. Nanabush wouldn’t wash away, his human likeness power connected the people to the great spirit.

Turtle Island is now known as North America today.

Photo of artwork and story of Turtle Island courtesy of Museum of Ontario Archaeology

I was taught it was the suckered moon because this is the time to net them.  What is your April moon?

I was taught it was the suckered moon because this is the time to net them. What is your April moon?

The Pink Moon reaches full illumination tonight! This is the first full moon of spring. Learn more about the significance of this particular moon in the Farmer's Almanac below:

The Algonquin people call this moon Kàwàsikotòdj Kìzis or Breaking Ice Moon, as the ice and snow start to melt away, and new life starts popping up from the ground.

Photo Credit: CNN

[A photo of April's Pink Moon in the night sky from CNN]





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