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Mike’s babies.


The Old Saint Peter the Apostle Metropolitan Cathedral, Circa 1920-1940.

Picture from Herencia del Filipinas

A pose with Octogenarian, Paulino S. Maribbay,  now  us citizen, with my brother Jun and Uncle Abraham. Earlier, I prese...

A pose with Octogenarian, Paulino S. Maribbay, now us citizen, with my brother Jun and Uncle Abraham. Earlier, I presented my humble present, a book, 'Friendship Book', albeit an interesting book, cannot be more inspiring than his gift of family, of children and grandchildren, a decent society, nay country, can be so proud of. I'm glad you had to "fight" for your education then, remember? And the rest is history, as we say. Thanks Mrs Sofie Iringan for being the perfect partner of our cousin, Paling. Good bless and more blessings for the Glory of our race!


Dear Councilors,

Again and again.

1. Approval from committee hearings are not approval during sessions assembled. By the way, sa letter ni vice mayor, sabi the committee report was deferred. Anu ba talaga? Approved or deferred? Also, kahit pa pirmahan ninyong lahat ang committee report if this was not reported out, adopted and approved by the majority, its not approved. Ang labo po ninyo. Which is which please

2. You only get to claim you exceeded something when the funding is already spent. As the committee report in itself states, the 550k plus (excess funds -according to you- you also misled me here at first pati ako nalito, upon closer look natuklasan ko na) shall not be charged to the ibanag cultural heritage fund, instead this shall be charged from the trade fair funding. Which is a separate funding also included and found in the annual appropriations ordinance. The only reason this was submitted to you was for TRANSPARENCY, which this administration believes in deeply. Hence, the whole list and amount of activities given to you for review.

The approval of the list of activities and not the funding is what is being sought from you. This should be made very very very clear to obe and all.

For clarification, the P12 million budget for all cultural activities for the year 2023 HAS NOT been exceeded as you falsely claim. It is well within the approved appropriation for cultural activities.

Please also show me where in the 2023 appropriation ordinance does it state that a particular amount should be spent for the City Charter? It is part of the activities THAT CAN BE FUNDED. The operative word CAN and is not the word SHALL.

3. The approval of the list of the activities is not an assurance that all those stated in the programs of work will be exhausted. Hindi ibig sabihin uubusin at tatapusin ang pera dahil lang nilagay na yun ang amount na estimated.

The “VARIABLES” here is the number of participants and the bidding of the materials as well other factors, rentals, honorariums etc. If these changes, so do the costing. Simple lang diba? Naglagay ng LIMIT at CAP na PWEDENG GASTUSIN. Hindi ibig sabhin na hindi pedeng bumaba ang gastusin or walang matipid at matira.

Pinagralan sa NEO ang planning at budgeting, maging sa DAP na pinuntahan ninyo at sa PALAWAN, BORACAY at iba pang seminar na binayaran ng Gobyerno para matuto kayo.

Remind ko lang sa mga baguhang konsehal pati na din sa mga nakalimot na three termer councilors (LABANG, CALLANGAN, GAUANI, MGA ex-Officio ABC NA SINA TAGUINOD at PAGULAYAN) who are about to graduate, EVEN BAYONA WHO SERVED 9 YEARS AND IS BACK AS COMMITTEE CHAIR ON FINANCE, Kaya nga diba sa budget taon taon, may savings na tinatawag. The Past admin was able to have more than 5 supplemental budgets in a year because of this. I never heard any of you, say bawal huminge ang MAyor ng supplemental budget. Why is he different from me in your eyes? Same functions and rights under the local government code for this position.

Again, these are PROPOSALS, again, ESTIMATES of the PROBABLE COST to each activity. Gets nyu po ba?

For the information of the City Council, your very own Dr. Joel Egipto, the Secretary to the Council, program manager of the cheerdance activity, one who did the budget proposal, which is to be spearheaded by the councilors, has informed us before the session last tuesday that their event only has two participants, because school is already out- bakasyon na po, these means that the cost for that particular event will go down and accrue to the savings. This will either push thru depending on the decision of the steering committee or be transferred to the Cityhood celebration. Dito palang BAWAS NA ang gagastusin thats around 300k plus. Bumaba na agad ito to P11.7m more or less. Bakit hindi ninyo alam? Sa inyo naka assign ang activity na iyan? Why are you CLUELESS?

The same can be said of other events that are on the list. Mahirap po bang intindihin un. Or sadyang ayaw intindihin.

Councilor Charo, this should have been explained or taught to you by those who have been in the council far longer than you have been or even by simply asking your staff, edeliza, a former staff of mine who knows about these things, or rather should know about it by now, as well as simply asking anyone in your circle of family and close friends, some of whom served under your fathers administration for 9 years and went thru budgeting cycles and defending this year after year after year.

4. COMPARISONS will be made because Claire Callangan herself, made one. To Quote “the most expensive opening program in the history of the City”. Implying that these activities are lavish and that these events are to the detriment of the people and the government. Comparisons are made because during your fathers term, the very same councilors beside you now, making it difficult for our preparations, did not raise questions repeatedly and unfairly, Did not tell your father that he COULD NOT ask for Supplemental budgets.

I have not spoken against you in any way. But comparisons to my father for the past decade even while in session during my time as councilor was aplenty and until now are being done, by people associated with your team. I have never heard any of your people tell them to stop or refrain because just like you, i was a daughter, who had no participation in the past governance whether it be my brothers or fathers.

Why was i being made to endure the innuendos and the intrigues of other people who had not proven anything against any of our family members. They are not convicted of anything. Alam kong matalino ka and i hope you give the people beside you the advise that they should just serve and support the government as long as there is no proof of wrongdoing and stop being malicious and obstructionists. You are being lumped together because the councils action is the action of all. Why follow after those who mean to be destructive to the plans and programs of the current administration, be different.

5. May committe report na kayo, 2x na nagmeet. Sabi nyu approved and yet, you are now asking again for another meeting? Another set of program of works. Why did you not do it and demand this during the initial committee hearings, right from the start. Why take several weeks knowing of the time constraint?

6. The letter of the Vice Mayor below indicates NO REQUEST for REVISIONS as you stated in your post. Ilan beses po ba na kailangan tawagin ang mga department heads who also have other duties to fulfill even beyond working hours, just to satisfy a council who has been hearing this for several weeks now? Mahirap ba intindihin ang variables?

7. The Baramgay night has been transferred to the City Charter day celebration and in its stead is the CSO night. Its the same only the participnts are gloing to be different.

8. Your Approval of the Authority to solicit is nowhere in sight, much like the approved list of activities. Now the letter below states submission of sponsors inclusion in the updated budgetary requirements, AKALA KO BA APPROVED NA? ANung SPONSORS WHEN I HAVE NOT SOLICITED FROM ANYONE DUE TO THE ABSENCE OF ANY AUTHORITY.

9. Lest WE Forget, the only question that the other members of the council have with your report is that of the condition imposing and removing the MAYORS RIGHT TO ASK FOR A SUPPLEMENTAL BUDGET. A Supplemental budget WE HAVE NOT ASKED FOR.

Kayo po ang may problema sa committee report, then kayo magsolusyon. Why will we set donation expectations? These are given freely, any amount will be appreciated and recorded for proper accounting. Enough of wasting the time of pur department heads who still do other important work for the people. Uulitin ko, kayo anv may problema, kayo ang magsolusyon nito.

You do not want to be branded as OBSTRUCTIONISTS. Then STOP BEING ONE. Your actions imply otherwise.

Salamat dahil kahit papano, nasabi mong gusto nyung suportahan ito. The way callangan and bayona are acting, this is not so. Walk your talk.


Ina ng Bayan

More and closer look at the Kapas Sanglay or Daddal, the snow white bedecked tree and the fluffy cotton extracts ready f...

More and closer look at the Kapas Sanglay or Daddal, the snow white bedecked tree and the fluffy cotton extracts ready for stuffing. In Panacal, Tanza. Happy fiesta Tanza sa May 4-5.

More,  and closer look, at the 'Kapas Sanglay,'  'Daddal', the tree ablaze with snow white cotton fruits and a close-up ...

More, and closer look, at the 'Kapas Sanglay,' 'Daddal', the tree ablaze with snow white cotton fruits and a close-up at the fluffy cotton extracts ready for stuffing! In Panacal, Tanza.


Kahit man lang sa araw ng Pasko🎄





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