Patterson House Paranormal Investigations

Patterson House Paranormal Investigations All proceeds from Paranormal Investigations goes directly back into The Patterson House restoration, upkeep, and property maintenance.

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A fun interview with the folks in Vegas from World Ghost Radio!   What paranormal experiences have you had at the Patter...
WORLD GHOST RADIO | LIVE | Shanni from the Haunted Patterson House

A fun interview with the folks in Vegas from World Ghost Radio! What paranormal experiences have you had at the Patterson House Museum? #Worldghost #PattersonHouse #Paranormal #iseedeadpeople

Shanni talks to Rahkee and Kim about the Haunted Patterson House

A neat video made by a team of investigators visiting the Patterson House!  Please note that we encourage any and all es...
Episode 41 – Patterson House with Steve Huff

A neat video made by a team of investigators visiting the Patterson House!

Please note that we encourage any and all established teams to visit and investigate with us, without bias. By sharing evidence videos we are not endorsing any particular group. Do you have a video or amazing photo evidence you'd like to share with us? Message us here on Facebook or just go ahead and post it! Thanks!!
-Admin Shanni Pance

Uncategorized  Episode 41 – Patterson House with Steve Huff September 9, 2019 keithweldon 0 Comment We travel to southern California to meet up with our friends Steve Huff, Debby, Rahkee, and the Kims. We are investigating the Patterson house located in Winchester, CA. We will be using several sp...

Brandon Alvis

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The hit series #ghosthunters is back! Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for an emotional case that I will never forget.

Patterson House Paranormal Investigations

Patterson House Paranormal Investigations

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🦃🍽️🥧

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🦃🍽️🥧

Thank you so much to the Police Academy for your awesome volunteer work today! The place looks AMAZING!!

Thank you so much to the Police Academy for your awesome volunteer work today! The place looks AMAZING!!

Check out our friend's first season on Amazon!!  They have a spectacular line up for season 2, which begins filming in t...
Watch The Paranormal Journey:Into the Unknown Season 1 - Prime Video

Check out our friend's first season on Amazon!! They have a spectacular line up for season 2, which begins filming in the fall! Great job guys!!
-Admin Shanni

Join Gavin Kelly, Paula Purcell, and their Special guest to seek out the existence of Life after death by going to numerous Haunted locations such as jails, hospitals, Battlefields, and museums. Collecting compelling evidence by means of Video, Photography, and EVP's. In this season the crew investi...

Cemetery Park

Let's Support Brandon Alvis and his production team's amazing documentary :) great work, guys and best wishes from the Patterson House Family!!

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December 3, 1964 marks a dark stain in the history of the city of San Buenaventura. Over 3,000 Pioneer, Immigrants and Veterans graves were desecrated by the city council. In the years to follow and after a grand jury investigation, one man stands up for the families of the voiceless. Over a span of 14 years the illegalities, misconduct and those responsible would be exposed in hope of restoring St. Mary's cemetery to its former state. The revelations discovered during the making of this documentary rewrite the history of this iconic beach town in Southern California.

Fun little Saturday giggle :)

Fun little Saturday giggle :)



Happy Monday, Patterson House friends and family!! Please read this entire post for an important announcement at the end! Our tour season is soon coming to a close! Groups interested in booking an investigation should contact us by message here on facebook for details! The summer months are entirely too hot to make an investigation enjoyable and we typically reopen around Labor day weekend in the fall. Here is a list of our remaining available tour dates:


You'll notice that we've added a couple of additional Friday dates, due to high interest this season and a shift in schedules by our curator and volunteers. A typical group is $20 per person, with a minimum of a $100 commitment. If you have less than 5 people in your group, that's ok, but the donation will be $100 to cover the cost of staffing, security, electricity and other miscellaneous expenses to accommodate your visit. Groups that are "approved" visitors, and have held prior investigations with us are exempt from this minimum. The minimum is just, groups over 5 are still $20 per person. Please feel free to message us with any questions. Make sure that you check this post frequently, as we will be updating as groups claim dates.

BIG NEWS!! We will be applying for a grant this year from Well's Fargo. We don't know what the exact timeline will be, should we receive it, but that plan is to restore the property to it's original glory. There's a chance that this is the last time to investigate the museum in it's raw state, with so few rules and such a reasonable cost. Also of note, it is unclear at this time that there will even be a tour season next year if restoration is in progress. We look forward to hearing from you!!

-Admin Shanni

We have reached 500 likes! Thank you, everyone! 🎉🎉🎉
Patterson House Paranormal Investigations

We have reached 500 likes! Thank you, everyone! 🎉🎉🎉

All proceeds from Paranormal Investigations goes directly back into The Patterson House restoration, upkeep, and property maintenance.


Teams interested in investigating the Patterson House Museum should contact this page via Facebook message. Circumventing the contact system in any way only delays our ability to accommodate you, as you will be directed right back here. If you've previously been banned or not asked to return for reasons of poor conduct, you will be found out, and still not allowed to return. There is no way around me. Please do not ask the museum curator for information. You will be redirected to me. Have a great evening and happy ghost hunting :)


Can't wait to see you all today!!!


We are now scheduling for Paranormal Investigations! Text or message to schedule.

3AM Paranormal

Demons, Demons Everywhere!

Demons, Demons Everywhere
by Joe Mendoza - 3AM Paranormal

One of the constant returning issues to the paranormal community has decided to raise its ugly head again. Someone scratched me during an investigation, I heard what I thought was a growl, someone saw a dark figure in the corner, look at this orb in my picture it has horns… well the obvious explanation for these experiences is yes you guessed it, it’s a demon, when all else fails go straight to demon. It’s even become somewhat of a running joke between investigators. If someone drops their hat or passes gas, it’s a demon.

Now let me start off by explaining my position, certainly I believe in the existence of ‘demons’ along with a plethora of other entities, whether Judea Christian based or other. I also believe in the interaction between civilian and demonic is actually quite rare. And furthermore the interaction between investigators/demon hunters/demon slayers etc. is even more rare. But there seems to be a segment of the paranormal community that is obsessed with the idea that everything is a demon.

Years ago I decided to do a survey. I went to a group that described them selves as ghost hunters and asked them how many cases they had that year. They told me that had 10 cases. I asked them out of those 10 cases how did they breakdown the types of entities they came into contact with. 10 out of 10 they believed were ghosts. Then I contacted a group that specialized in angelic communication. And asked them the same question. Again the majority if not all their cases were angelic. And as you can probably surmise by now the demon hunters cases were all demonic.

So who is really harming whom you might ask if we are sitting in the dark speaking to ourselves of what we believe is a ghost or what we believe is a demon. Well no one really if we kept within our circles. Ah, but here is the rub, we do not. We interact with the public when we do residential cases, when we do radio interviews, when we do TV appearances and that’s where things can get a little concerning.

Well, you know the type, black baseball caps, tattoos, arms crossed, half-stance, and no one is smiling. Why these people can’t be happy just being an investigator is beyond me. I guess its somewhat human nature to try and add things more then they really are. If a title like demon hunter is not enough they actually have enough balls to go to the point of calling themselves demonologists. Never mind the fact that people have dedicated their entire life to the pursuit of achieving this position. Not because of ego, but because of service and a calling they believe from God. Putting them selves selflessly in danger to help others. Receiving no acknowledgement.

But our would-be demonologist is just the opposite. Look at me, look at me, I just banished Mammon. They blatantly go into residential homes scaring the living sh*t out of homeowners to the point where I’ve heard people wanting to move out. Some would-be demonologist would rid people’s homes of pesky demons free of charge of course, but a $300 tip would be appreciated. This sh*t has to stop period. We need to start policing ourselves. We need to get this message over to the new groups that are starting out. This is not acceptable.

Not only do these people give us a bad name, but also they could be putting the homeowners in unnecessary alarm, they could be putting themselves and their teammates in real danger in the unlikely event they actually bump into a real demon. And that is not even mentioning their families, friends and pets.


Help volunteer at a local haunted historic house! We are looking to clean up the grounds and need your help! While your helping, you'll enjoy hearing plenty of ghost stories from previous investigations as well as being able to freely tour the haunted house. Read below for more info...

Ok the seasons rains brought us an abundance of long dormant weeds. We need to do some serious weed removal so looking for volunteers to bring weed eaters and lawn mowers to help us out.
April 2, 2017
9:00 AM
28030 Patterson Ave., Winchester, Ca.

Who says you can't get a free lunch
Come volunteer at the snack bar. we volunteer at every Saturday and get a free lunch. Hours are from 9 AM til about 2 PM. Call Gregg at 951-294-0899 if you would like to help


Tonight, Paranormal West is hosting a group investigation here at the Patterson House! Excited to see what they will capture 😉


Please help me in welcoming the ineffable Mendy Baker to the Patterson House Museum family. Her contributions to our project have been a blessing to us all. We look forward to a bright and exciting future with her :)


Patterson House Wind storm aftermath cleanup Sunday 5/4/14 at 11am. Bring your gloves!!


Tour Dates available! Get them before it gets too hot, literally! Tour vouchers make for GREAT gifts! Message us for details!


Hey friends! The Patterson House Museum is in need of about $100 to make some ends meet! We are throwing away day time historical and evening paranormal tours for the low low price of whatever you can afford! Even $5 isn't too little! Contact us on facebook or email us at [email protected] for more details! Some restrictions and availability apply.


Tour dates available for December are as follows: 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd and 30th. Book in advance for first pick!


Tour dates still available for November are as follows: 18th and 19th. Please let us know a week in advance. If you need a week day or would like an "early" investigation, these are also available!


28030 Patterson Ave
Wi******er, CA

Opening Hours

Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 7pm - 11:30pm


(951) 305-0755


Please contact us via Facebook Messenger or call and leave a detailed message for pricing and to book your investigation. Investigations take place on Friday or Saturday nights in groups ranging between 2 to 10 attendees. All attendees will need to attend a very brief safety and rule session before your investigation, as well as sign a liability waiver.
Attendees must be 18 years of age to participate at this time. No such age requirement exists for the day time Historical Tours offered by appointment with the Curator, Gregg Cowdery (951)294-0899.


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