Old West Wagon Trains

Old West Wagon Trains Old West Wagon Trains are pulled behind riding lawn mowers either singly or with multiples for a wagon train. Isn't it time for a little old fashioned family fun?

A western covered wagon design to a trackless train allowing you to pull kids on flat level surfaces for a good time. Pulled by a 20 plus hp riding lawn mower and used either with only or a a whole wagon trainload of passengers.


Everything is on hold for while. I need to acquire a channel roller and set up for wooden spoked wheels. First build the pizza fire truck and then a few human powered amusement rides before getting back to the wagons. We still get them out out now and then and are a huge hit but I am so caught up in the human powered amusement park these just don't fit for it right now.


Can't wait till they are able to see how well showing three wagons on one tractor and one on another do for them!


Rocky Mount NC called to say they sold the forth of the test wagons for Tractor Supply and were have great interest with it. Oak Ridge is the last of the original 5 and one is going out to Anderson SC tomorrow. We hope to have some really exciting news later this week, stay tuned!


So there was this Manager for whom when I told him I would be bringing a wagon to his store said to me "what if I don't want it" Then when I got there he was a fussin about it being too much, too big yada yada yada, then he walked with me outside and turned to see it on the back of the the truck and said" hey that's really nice" He's going to be my best friend I am sure as he just sold his wagon from the Tractor Supply Store in Salisbury NC. Thanks Bob! We're getting there!


Sold our second one at Tractor Supply and now they want a replacement for that store.


Sold our first covered wagon through Tractor Supply on Saturday in Selma NC! Now to get the other five sold and see if we can fill the stores.


On the 16th of March we will finally be getting the first 5 wagons into 5 different stores of Tractor Supply Co. here in NC. If all goes well you might be seeing them in a store near you.


We are looking for retailer to carry our Old West Wagons.


We are now looking for retailers to carry our Old West Wagons.


How popular are pedal go kart tracks at farms?
What would you like to see different in the karts?
Who has the best tracks?


It is still fun when I can give rides locally. A special Birthday party today for Madison! Happy Eighth Birthday!!!!!!!!


Does your farm give tractor pulled rides?


Had fun yesterday giving rides at the Whittier Fall days festival. I think the train's guest were looking to ride on our wagon train as we past them as they were getting off.


Making product videos, realizing how good a face I have for Radio.


We are very excited as we just got confirmation that Tractor Supply C. to test our Wagons in 6 stores in North Carolina!!!


We have palletized the wagons for shipping and ships out on a standard 40x48 pallet sitting on it's nose. 450 pounds and ready to show or use in only 15 minutes.


Been so busy setting up the factory for production that I have not posted anything in a while. The covered wagon addition looks phenomenal and getting ready for initial launch soon.


New finish and beat up old look working out well, locally they can be seen at the Bryson City Christmas parade this Saturday.


We will be at the NC Mountain State Fair from the 9-18 starting this week end.
Get four Dollywood tickets with purchase of each of our wagons!!!


Many companies make train styled rides in all kinds of quality and prices. We are offering you an affordable completely delightful ride utilizing your 20 plus horse power lawn tractor and one to several of our Old West Wagons. No fiberglass cover up for the tractor as the tractor makes sense with the country styled wagons we make.


Whether you want just one to be the coolest dad or grand dad in the neighborhood or you need several for a wagon train ride you’re going to love our Trackless Train. A trackless Train involves an engine or power plant and cars that make up the train.


Looking to sell our Old West Wagon Trains at you location, think about the possibilities: Income from the sale of a unique product, they can be used as a store display for your other products, Utilized for events in the parking lot or on property to drive customers to you. Used at off property events to promote your business. You know your business better than we do and no doubt that you have already found many more ways to use this finely hand built icon of the Wild West.


Campgrounds love seeing happy campers that want to keep coming back and the Old West Wagon Trains make happy campers. Designed for kids but it can accommodate most adults to ride with them for a quick run around the parking lot or campsites.


Farms and agri-businesses will love the response from offering paid or free rides from their patrons. Christmas tree farm can take their customers up in fun style to choose their tree before hauling it back aboard the wagon train. Festivals are able to charge from 1 to 5 dollars a ride for their people to have a blast. Take that times a typical train of three wagons and 8 riders per car and you could make almost 1000.00 an hour with just a five minute ride.


The wagons themselves can be bought one at a time to grow as you grow or as you needs do. These are great for business to attract families and for special events. You can even rent out your services for parties and be the hit of town as the kids ride around in style “Old West Style”. Complete birthday packages can be put together to increase sales with hats, toy guns and even hobby horses when they are not riding to town.


Facebook fan page up, website to come later today.


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