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National Museum of the Marine Corps - Final Phase Welcome to the site created to gather ideas about the Final Phase of the National Museum of the Marine Corps. This phase covers the years 1976-2013.

Let us know your suggestions for good stories, personalities, quotes, imagery, and objects. This page will be active until 10 November 2019.



This page was set up to identify and gather potential stories to highlight in the new galleries. It has largely served that purpose: the designs are complete; artifact selection is complete; and we're just waiting on funding to fabricate and install the new exhibits. Our funding was diverted to help rebuild Camp Lejeune after it was clobbered by a hurricane. So your patience is greatly appreciated.

I've also used it to keep interested parties apprised of our progress. My retirement nears and it's time to shut down this page. I strongly urge you to follow the Museum's progress at National Museum of the Marine Corps, which is managed by Angie McCrary.

Thanks for everyone's interest and support over the past few years. We could not have accomplished our mission without your input, stories, and objects. I hope you're able to visit the new galleries when they open.

Many thanks, Semper Fi, and God Speed



Museum staff:

I passed this via text earlier tonight.

ALCON: MCBQ is Code Blue, with a 3-hour delay, opening at 1000. Essential personnel required to report on time.

NMMC will open to the public at 1000.

However, Scott Yost will be on-site to deal with visitors who show up early, particularly Fred Smith.

Scott Lusby is sure our plaza and parking will be treated. That said, the mag becomes less effective under 23/24 degrees. Be careful and watch your step.


General update: we finished the second week of videotaping oral histories. Bob Sullivan, the curator who gathered together all of the interviewees, did a great job. The MAGTF was well represented, as were key points in Marine Corps history from 1976 to present. Here's an abbreviated list of topics covered during the 60 interviews:

1. Marines and a Corpsman who served in Beirut before, during, and after the barracks bombing.
2. RadBn Marine and an artilleryman spoke about operations on Grenada.
3. Cannoneers, pilots, and a tanker spoke about Desert Storm.
4. Marines in Somalia.
5. A pilot and two maintainers spoke about taking care of and flying the FA-18A that's on display in the Museum, which flew Civil Air Patrols in response to the terrorist attack on the Pentagon.
6. Marines who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, including the Marines' first mission in Afghanistan, the march to Baghdad, flying combat missions in support of Marines in contact with the enemy, the first and second battles of Fallujah, and the events that went on in the Hell House where then-1stSgt Brad Kasal earned the Navy Cross, and much, much more.

Additionally, our curators started staging the small artifacts so that the mount makers can begin to do their work.

Semper Fi

Do you know anyone who would like to work at the National Museum of the Marine Corps?  We're looking to hire a new exhib...

Do you know anyone who would like to work at the National Museum of the Marine Corps? We're looking to hire a new exhibit specialist at the GS-5/7 level, with promotion potential to GS9.

Please feel free to share this with anyone you think would be interested and qualified.

Note that applications MUST be submitted via

You will serve as an EXHIBITS SPECIALIST (GALLERY MAINTENANCE) in the MARINE CORPS UNIVERSITY, NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE MARINE CORPS of TRAINING AND EDUCATION COMMAND, Quantico, VA. This is a RE-ADVERTISEMENT of Announcement Number DE-10303168-18-MDA Applicants that have previously applied NE...


AV Media Update: We finally have a media vendor onboard. The kickoff meeting went well. We’re very excited to start this ball rolling again.

Semper Fi


If you were planning to visit the Museum tomorrow, you’ll need to reschedule. We will be closed during the government shutdown.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Semper Fi


General update: The lighting contractors are moving along at a great pace. They'll have the lighting grid installed in the historical galleries that cover 1976-Present before the end of December. The lighting fixtures are on order and being fabricated, and we expect that they will be installed in those galleries before the end of March. Once the lighting crew clears the space, the Exhibit Fabrication vendor is standing by to start work. The macro artifacts are on location, the riggers have designed the mounts, etc.

Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Great New Year.

Semper Fi!


The Children's Gallery opened on schedule, with over 800 kiddos enjoying the space on opening day. Laura Hockensmith led the team of educators who planned the event, which was very well managed and executed. Anthony Espree and other artists drew ~80 caricatures for the kids. All in all, it was a great day at the Museum.

Work continues on the historical galleries. Alice Webb is doing great work on the cast figure front. The Restoration Team is wrapping up the UH-1N Huey, which will be installed in the FARP scene along the Road to Baghdad.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Semper Fi


The fire marshal is here in force, conducting the final inspection before we receive the certificate of occupancy. Our exhibit lighting contractors and exhibit fabrication vendors are chomping at the bit to get started.

There's an electricity in the air.

The Art Gallery opens in June. The Children's Gallery opens in November. The big historical galleries open in 2018. And there's something additional every year through 2021.

Semper Fi


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